Galaxy Mushrooms are now available - (link in profile) $25 per pack of 5. I have 20 packs available in total, 10 of each color group. Buy two packs, and get a few bonus “miscast” shrooms that didn’t make the final cut due to small flaws. ALL International orders get bonus shrooms because shipping costs suck! #galaxy #mushroom #garden #glitter #resin #stars #nature #sculpture #art #shrooms

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New Etsy listing: Humpback Fluke Necklace!

Drew inspiration from one whale in particular- Rocky Balboa! I had an awesome encounter (peduncle throws, swimming right under the boat checking us out and stuff) earlier this summer with Newport Coastal Adventure. I got some awesome ID shots during which (one of them is in this post) and submitted them to Happy Whale, which I then discovered that this individual had been hanging around the Balboa peninsula on nearly a daily basis. I suggested the name “Rocky Balboa” since A. is has “Balboa” in it B. I just thought it would sound p badass, and it seems to have stuck. :)

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And find my fluke necklace here!

I love how these holographic resin charms turned out 🌈💗 #kawaii #cute #hologram #holographic #laser #charms #resin #resincharm #resincharms #seashell #star #stars #seashells #diy #oak #pastelgoth #pastel #pastels #fairykei #decora #glitter #zefora #zeforacreations

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Peter Zimmermann flooded the Freiburg museum with glossy pools of resin.

“The museum’s floor becomes a canvas for colorful and glossy pools of resin that cover nearly 425 square meters, weaving through the rooms as abstract, fluid shapes. visitors are invited to participate and activate the work by simply sitting, standing or walking through the vast and dreamy expanse. the spacial relationship between the epoxy floor piece and a new series of oil paintings — shown for the first time in this grouping — forms the centerpiece of the show.”



Round Two of the TranspArt contest has come to a close. We had to work with a medium sheet each of Worbla and Transpart as well as two colors of iDye Poly (I got red and blue), and the theme “Out of This World”.

I decided to go back to my roots and remade one of my first ever props–the Sword of Fire and Ice from Magic: the Gathering.

Both blades were made from a base of Transpart that was heat welded together. The ice blade was filled with resin, and the fire blade was covered with dyed transpart to look like fire. Also I added a strand of 36 Neopixels and programmed an Arduino to add a flickering fire LED effect.

Constructed & Photographed | @valkyriestudios​ | FB | IG | TW

You can see work in progress photos of this build here.