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New pieces! These accessories have the glowing crystals trapped inside resin - they are super durable which lets me make keychains too! Hope you like them - come grab one or two! …or twenty!

Ok, I don’t actually have twenty :’)

Photography by pixel-flux

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I love Monster Clay but I can’t ever get it smooth, so I cast it in resin and sanded the crap out of Garnet, then cleaned it up with epoxy clay. A little more sanding to go and I can cast the final piece! I’m amazed I got such a top-heavy figure to stand on her own feet without needing wire support in a base. *pats self*


Lapis Lazuli gem commission for the lovely blessyoupineapple

I was really excited to work on this gem! we made the decision to make the color lighter then her canological blue that way when it is placed against the skin it will be the perfect deep blue. we also mixed 2 different shades of blue in the mix giving it a almost ocean pattern as you can see in the color test


Used the last of my silicone to put together a kaukau kanohi mold.

I’ve learned quite a bit since I started doing this! The mask came out near-flawless, save for some errors on the back part of the mold due to bubbles, but I know exactly how to fix them.

I think I’ve more or less gotten the method down for duplicating a mask from start to finish. At least with opaque plastic. Going to do some saving and eventually buy some translucent resin, and see how that goes.