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“Germany lost the second world war. Fascism won it.” -George Carlin #quote #ows

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Shame the NYC Dictator, Mike Bloomberg, into Quitting.
Sign the petition here: #RESIGNBloomberg!!! 

Goal: 100,000 signatures


#OWSLibrary Destroyed 11-15-2011 #OWS #ResignBloomberg

Outraged yet? Want to fight back?

Sign the petition:  #RESIGNBloomberg!!! for starters…

3 Steps to Using the Destruction of the @OWSLibrary to Destroy Mike Bloomberg

1.) Tear out all the pages from those destroyed #OWSLibrary books that were “recovered” from the sanitation department.

2.) On each page print, stamp, or write:

Mike Bloomberg Destroyed this Book.

on one side, and on the other side print, stamp, or write: :

When Mike Bloomberg Destroyed Our Library #OWS

3.) Hand these pages out as flyers .. in The Village .. and in SoHo. 

Enjoy the Fall of Mayor Mike Bloomberg.