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BREXIT: what the heck does it all mean?

A lot of people have no clue why Europe is currently in a state of uproar and the only word people seem to be saying is “Brexit” so here’s a not-so-quick and easy-breezy explanation on the past 24 hours of CHAOS that has ensued:

The European Union (EU): an organisation of European countries that follows similar laws, allows for freedom of movement/labour, easy travelling (@people who planned on doing Eurotrips, not sure if you can count the UK in that anymore!) and trade with each other. The EU is important because before it was formed, the European continent was ravaged by 2 world wars, and a division because of the Cold War. This organisation has provided all the stability we’ve seen in the past 20-odd years.

So what the heck is a “Brexit”? Basically, the UK has just voted to leave the EU. 52/48 majority. Now this doesn’t seem like a TERRIBLE thing, but there are some serious immediate political and economic consequences.

Economic implications:

- The British pound crashed from 1.5 to 1.3 in 6 hours, the lowest value in 30 years, which in turn affected the US dollar which affects all other global currencies. I wish I was joking but I’m not: South Africa, Poland, Norway, Mexico. Hungary, Australia, Switzerland all saw their currencies plummet. Countries that don’t rely on exports as their means of production cannot have a devalued currency. IT’s not good. The Japanese Yen which has been strengthening reached an all-time high which is terrible because Japan is trying to reverse its deflationary state. The Bank of Japan is now out of options and Japan literally STOPPED TRADING IN BRITISH STOCKS/INVESTMENTS.

- A devalued GBP could cause the BoE to implement quantitative easing by lowering interest rates, leading to other countries around the world doing the same. this could potentially loop back into a recession though.

- The UK leaving the EU means its market has gone down a LOT in size making them a less attractive destination for trade partners/investors. They’re going to have to draw up new trade agreements with basically the whole world since all their trade was previously tied to the EU. This will be tricky because countries liked having a market with a population of ~500 million compared to the UK’s size of ~50 million.

- GDP will go down. Retirement income will go down. The British economy is currently in a state of panic. The global economy is basically, fucked. For now at least.

The thing is, given the precarious nature of the economy right now with markets out of control and stagnant growth practically everywhere, it was a really really bad time to have this referendum - a lot of countries have been banking on a “Bremain” before making their next move when it comes to monetary/fiscal policy. The IMF has predicted that 2016/2017 will see the worst years for growth, but we might see upward growth trends from 2018 onwards.

- Scotland showed an overwhelming majority of votes to remain in the EU. It’s likely that they’re going to call for a referendum (again) to leave the UK.

- Northern Ireland also wanted to stay in the EU.

- Wales voted Leave but with a slim majority. 

UPDATE: Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said her parliament should have the right to hold another vote “if Scotland faces the prospect of being taken out of Europe, effectively against our will.” Sinn Fein called for a referendum to reunify Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

So how does it get worse?

- David Cameron has just announced that he will be resigning in 3 months which means that extreme conservatives who managed to sway the vote in favour of Leave could come to power. That’s right. We’ll be stuck to suffer with the likes of Johnson. 

- Brexit triggered a lot of nationalist/extreme right-wing movements in the rest of Europe. Some leaders already calling for referendums for “Frexit” (France), “Itexit” (Italy) and ”Nexit” (Netherlands). We may see more in the next few days. A disintegration of Europe is risky business because Europe has not been able to remain stable until the EU was formed. This could give way for an assertive Russia too, who is, as most countries would be, looking to gain more power over weak/vulnerable European states. This will trigger US skepticism and we all know how that goes. 


Basically David Cameron only backed the idea of the referendum because he was desperate to gain support from anti-EU parties like UKIP during the general elections last year. Except now he’s resigning. So. 

During the campaign, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson (conservatives) and Nigel Farage (UKIP) stressed on tightening immigration laws if the UK leaves the EU because “immigration/refugees have been a big problem for the UK as its reducing jobs being given to UK locals/residents” and they think the UK is becoming “overcrowded” so the Leave campaign was like WE WILL TIGHTEN OUR BORDERS! YEAH! Except now they’ve likely displaced millions of UK citizens living/working in the rest of the EU. Also there is a possibility that lots of jobs have been moved too. Let’s see how they figure that one out.

Additionally, they talked about the economic benefits because if the UK were to leave, they would be able to allot the money that goes to the EU to other things like the NHS (national healthcare) etc. The Leave campaign went on about how the UK spends 350 million pounds a week on the EU but actually it spends less than half of that, so really, their campaign was built on scaremongering and lies. EDIT: Farage has announced the 350mil will NOT be spent on the NHS.

EDIT: more Brexit arguments included EU regulations/fees/etc that they believed were restricting Britain and weren’t allowing Britain to flourish independently

EDIT: People have mentioned the fact that unstable EU economies were relying on capital inflow the “Big 3″ (UK, France, Germany). This is true and this was being used as an argument - however, leaving is a Pyrrhic Victory! the UK will most likely have to spend MORE rebuilding its independent economy. However, once markets stabilise, we will see.

Article 50, aka the means of exiting will be triggered in 3 months when the new Prime Minister is announced (most likely one of the extreme conservatives who are riding high on their “Independence Day” fuckery which is even more proof of xenophobic, colonialist bullshit) after which the UK will have 2 years to complete its official withdrawal so hopefully that will provide short-term stability.

updateeee here’s a quick summary of brexit consequences published by TIME magazine – again don’t take it at face value

UPDATE:: this is a really good bloomberg article that’s concise and very quickly sums up what the immediate consequences were:

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You know, I wouldn't care so much about the keikaku doori thing, if it wasn't so blatant that Asagiri will throw everyone and everything under the bus in this manga to make Dazai look extra-badass. For example if he hadn't spent so much pagetime in that fake out last chapter ( which in itself was a rehash from Q first appearance), to make more extra the reveal that Dazai knows everything (which, we know, thank you very much), maybe she could have made this chapter feel less rushed. (1)

And honestly I didn’t need another instance in which Dazai is God, when she could have spent maybe some time on more undeveloped characters (why the hell was Soseki even there, if you are gonna give him only a panel to cheerlead, or Kunikida and the murdered children, or, gasp, even Yosano and Kenji (and I say this as someone who finds Kenji boring), or at least explain why Fukuzawa is even still alive, what with the carotid sliced). (2)            

It feels like Asagiri loves Dazai the best among his characters, and the writing warps around him to let us know that, but that’s not good writing in the long run. Do you think it’s a thing that will change in some new arc or do we have to resign ourselves? (3)            

Thank you very much for sending these messages, I very much agree with most of your points! A lot of my thoughts about this chapter can be read here actually. As for Asagiri loving Dazai the best, I’ve always thought their favorite was Odasaku because they kept mentioning him on twitter and he is the character in their DP. Plus, Asagiri isn’t a bad artist and even showed their drawings of 4 characters on twitter: Dazai, Atsushi, Yosano and Odasaku. Only those 4. So while as a creator they probably like all characters from BSD, it is my strong suspicion they like those 4 the best.

But going back. The Dazai Ex Machina case… Let’s see, yes, it’s troubling at this point, especially to people who don’t really care for him as a character. There are many ways to make a character OP without having them come across as suffocating: for example, Saitama from One Punch Man can KO anyone and anything in one punch, yet people still cheer him on as if he was an underdog. Come to think of it, Dazai is second only to Tanizaki when it comes to polarizing opinions. Sometimes I even feel that it’s up to the ones who like him to craft explanations that fleshes him out and makes him more nuanced, believable and real compared to his canon self.

(cr: @dazaiscans)

Maybe we’ll be less conflicted if he were given more stories which revolved around moral dilemmas and concepts, essentially things that he can’t just solve with that brilliant mind of his. Actions must have consequences, and for every misstep he makes, he can take those as learning experiences to grow and be, well, human. We saw that in Dark Era, but since we are reading from Odasaku’s POV, we don’t exactly know how Dazai acted and felt for much of the story. Even now, we’re only following Atsushi and, arguably, Akutagawa’s growth. Dazai? He feels more like some powerful sorcerer behind the scenes, with everything going always according to his plans. This was why I was skeptical that he made a mistake last chapter; as it turned out, I was right to think he was acting all along.

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Will Trump resign?

The London bookies have him at 4/3 to resign or be impeached this year. This is up from 7/1 in January. If he does resign it won’t be because of the Russia collusion. It will be because of his financial dealings with Russia including paying bribes to Russian mobsters. Trump’s legal team has hired a lawyer who specializes in this field. Once he is out we will see a lot of people headed to jail. Donald Trump will go down in history as the worst president since Andrew Johnson.


Today in TTOI History: A Three for One Special

Rise of the Nutters Day 5

AND Spinners and Losers Day 1

 AND Opposition Extra Day 1

Because they all take place on the SAME day and sometimes happen at the SAME time. 

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there is a criminal lack of Adrien X Nino in this fandom.

I’m gonna try and fix it, by writing some cheesy stuff with my favorite boys.

EDIT: I’ve written one Adrienino fic and it’s here

EDIT 2:  a new, longer fic is up!

EDIT 3: I’ve resigned myself to writing the majority of fic of this tag.

EDIT 4: I’ve added some angst to the tag:

Lallybroch Nights

For @iwanttodriveyouthroughthenight <3

 It had been almost four months since Claire and Jamie had returned to the Highlands. Four months since the tragedies of Paris had threatened to cripple them completely. But Scotland - and Lallybroch - had been restorative. The pace of life in the Highlands had given them a chance to slowly heal the gaping wounds left by the loss of Faith. Everything from the air, to Jenny and Ian’s understanding, to Murtagh’s gruff affection, to wee Fergus adjusting to a quiet, more homely atmosphere among family, helping tend even his more darker memories.

Intimacy had slowly made its way back into their bed as well. They didn’t rush or force it, only let it develop naturally between them once more. Long Lallybroch nights that turned words into quiet exchanges of touches and caresses. One night, two months after returning, those small touches and caresses became more. They’d turned wordlessly to one another in the hushed stillness of a warm summer night, finding again what they once feared had been lost to them forever. A connection that only forged itself from their intense coupling, a soul-deep connection stronger than even the darkest dungeons of Wentworth or the devastation of the loss of their blood. A connection that was their sanctuary. Through tenderness and later, raw, blinding passion, Claire and Jamie found themselves once again in one another.

Most evenings were spent with Jenny reading to them all by firelight. Claire and Jamie cuddled on the settee, drowsily passing the time relearning the shape of each other’s fingers and hands, exploring the tiny changes that came with working long hours with their hands in the fields or tending patients. One night - while looking for something she hadn’t read before - Jenny had found in amongst the old musty books in the library, one of Jamie’s books from the Université. A collection of poems both in Latin and English, that she said had been frightfully dull for her, and given it back to Jamie - who looked as though he could barely control his excitement. That night, as they readied themselves for bed, Claire took the book from him as she lay back against the pillows and opened it at random. Jamie took his time undressing.

“You’ve read this in both languages, I take it,” Claire said, scanning the pages.

“Aye,” Jamie replied as he slipped his shirt off over his head, watching her. “I quite enjoyed it actually, committed most of them to memory.”

“To regale all the dainty young French lasses, nay doubt,” Claire teased. “Nothing more erotic than a dashing young man who can pull Catullus out of thin air.” She glanced at him as he unbuckled his belt. He snorted.

“Och aye! Nothing like regaling lasses that hardly spoke neither Latin nor English enough to understand yon dashing lad! Falling a little on deaf ears, no?” He looked up at her then, a cheeky smirk lining every inch of his face. She laughed and went back to skimming the pages, then paused, intent, as a passage caught her eye.

“This is quite lovely,” she said quietly. He smiled, seeing her eyes light up as her smile touched them. He thought he knew which passage she read, but asked anyway. She settled more comfortably, angling herself so the candle by the bed illuminated the page better and began reciting; he could hear the grin plastered on her face clearly in her voice.

“Come and let us live my Dear, Let us love and never fear, What the sowrest Fathers say, brightest Sol that dyes today. Lives again as blithe tomorrow, But if we dark sons of sorrow, Set then how long a Night, shuts the eyes of our short light!”

Just as she was about to go on, she felt Jamie slide into bed behind her, naked, his arms coming around her body, thighs fitting neatly behind her own and his hoarse voice muffled in the clouds of her hair, as he continued - from memory - where she’d left off.

“Then let amorous kisses dwell, on our lips, begin and tell, a Thousand and a Hundred score, a Hundred and a Thousand more…”

He moved her hair off her shoulder, placing a tender, lingering kiss in its place. For some inexplicable reason, Claire found her eyes brimming with tears, emotion catching in her throat. It took a couple tries to swallow them away, even then, when again she spoke, her voice croaked and cracked. ““Da mi basia mille…”” she turned her head, pressing her cheek to his forehead.

Jamie’s arms tightened about her, pressing her back to him, his lips still on her shoulder. Then his hand slid down her body, pulling her leg back onto his. ““…Deinde centum…”” he replied, so faint she’d felt the vibration in his chest rather than heard the words themselves. He shifted then, gliding gently home.

[LYRICS | TRANS] Jenissi - Hallelujah




다 뻐끔 잘 될 준비 되있어
Everything is cracked, I’m ready to do well
sex 장했지 성장했지
Sex was great, I’ve grown
꼰대 다 fuck you
All stereotypists, fuck you
좃밥들 다 fuck you
All you weak pieces of shit, fuck you
지랄 지랄 지랄 마
Don’t fucking complain, complain and complain
내가 하는 그 순간
The moment I do it
그게 정답이 되있어
It becomes the right answer
어느새 king 되있었지
Suddenly I became a king
내 기분이 표현 못할
정도로 높아 졌어 (so high)
I became so high to the point I couldn’t describe it (so high)
내 이름 새겨놓고 (jenissi)
Stamped with my name (jenissi)
팬들이 길 가를 막 걸어 다니고
Fans walk on the side of the road
성령 성령 춤을 춰
Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, dance
하나 하나 둘씩 가르 쳐
Teach me one by one
fuck you 꼰대 너도 fuck you
Fuck you stereotypists, you too, fuck you
돈 벌 준비 됐지 Do that shit
I’m ready to make money, do that shit

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Alright. Assassin AU where Petra has to disguise herself herself as a man and she's out to murder Erwin Smith. But along the way (while dressed as a man), she meets Levi Ackerman, who's gay. She doesn't think much of him until she realizes Levi is a close acquaintance to Erwin, so she uses him. So they both talk, and they both eventually fall in love w/ each other. Then Petra reveals herself to be a woman, but Levi's feelings don't change.

This Is Who I Am

Petra accepts the token in her hand without any questions; questions will only make them doubt her abilities and she’s not about to let some pompous pig’s mouth run loose.

“Make sure the money comes in on time,” is all she demands before disappearing behind the shadows, without a sound, without a face.


Petra decides Levi Ackerman is an asshole upon their first meeting but Peter deems him as a pathway to their goal so he smiles politely, making sure his grip on their handshake is firm but not overbearing.

“Nice to meet you, Mr Ackerman.”

Levi gives no greeting, his mind calculating the amount of shitty papers he has to burn today, and what hair spray Peter is using; there’s a hint of flora yet a tinge of spice lingering, how interesting. He decides Peter is an OK guy; his dressing is impeccable though not as smart as his, hair handsomely styled, he does have a cute face, and best of all, Peter’s shorter. Extra thousand points.


“Still breathing?”

“Fortunately,” Peter says sacarstically, hands still furiously typing away because time waits for no one when Levi Ackerman is the one in-charge of the department. The fucker dumped a month’s worth of shit on his desk before leaving for that conference trip with Erwin, and he’s back already, looking like he went for a vacation trip instead.

“Good, because I have more stuff for you to do.”

Petra considers the amount of backlashes if she backs out of this job and bites her tongue, figuratively.

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Always Remember:

By the end of the first Zootopia movie, Judy already known Nick for about ONE YEAR.

1 week since her graduation to her first day.

1-2 weeks since her first day to her resignation.

2.5-3 months since her resignation to the Making Up scene. [R]

9 months for Nick to train in the Police Academy and graduated. [R]


Enough time for them to see each other as more than “just best friends”.

[R] Straight outta Rich himself.

How To Quit A Job With Class

Even if you hate your boss and can’t stand your colleagues, you’ll be wise to leave on good terms:

1)  Well before you resign, start preparing.

2) Take stuff home before you announce your resignation.

3) Set a time to talk to your boss.

4) Keep it short and sweet.

5) Even if you hate your boss, when you impart the news, pay her some compliments, and make them specific.

6) Offer to help with the transition. Train your replacement, if someone is promoted or hired into your position before you leave.

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  • leave voters: but we made that decision democratically!
  • me: you ruined a perfectly good country is what you did. look at it. it's got a currency that's at its lowest worth since 1985, japan stopped trading in british stocks/investments, their market has gone down in size (making them a lot less attractive for trade partners/investors) scotland, northern ireland and wales are likely to leave the uk (and then rejoin the eu) as independent countries, david cameron will be resigning in about 3 months, meaning conservative / right-wing parties may come to power, and the 16 and 17-year-olds who weren't allowed to vote might've been able to prevent all of this.