Weißt du, manchmal werden Menschen einfach still. Sie hören auf, über die wirklich wichtigen Dinge zu reden, einfach aus dem Grund weil sie es nicht mehr können. Sie werden still, weil sie das Vertrauen in alles verloren haben und sich schon lange nicht mehr verstanden fühlen. Diese Menschen verschließen sich mit der Zeit immer mehr und distanzieren sich auch emotional von ihren Bezugspersonen, auch wenn sie das gar nicht wollen. Am liebsten würden sie mit jemandem reden, damit sie sich nicht mehr so verdammt alleine fühlen müssen, doch es geht einfach nicht. Sie haben sich selbst verschlossen und das traurige daran ist, dass andere Menschen zwar versuchen, an sie ran zu kommen und die Mauer zu durchbrechen, aber dass fast jeder irgendwann aufhört, es zu versuchen. Dass jeder irgendwann resigniert und es sein lässt. Das ist das schlimmste, dass sie einfach aufgeben, denn damit geben sie auch diese Menschen auf. Also bitte tu nicht das gleiche. Bitte lass mich nicht alleine. Bitte gib mich nicht auf.
—  Mitternachts Gedanken

Sean Spicer resigned as White House press secretary this morning. 

Resignation came less than two hours after President Donald Trump offered Anthony Scaramucci the job of communications director, according to the New York Times and the Associated Press — a decision Spicer opposed. 

Spicer began to move away from serving as the president’s daily spokesperson in June. The last time he was on the podium was July 17th. 


KW’s MicroWhump: Facing Emma in 5x03 “Siege Perilous”

He tries to meet Emma halfway. He tries to talk to her, to get her to open up, to be honest with him… but she’s playing mind games with him and he knows it. He may not know exactly what she’s after (the cutlass he held at Rumple’s throat on their first meeting), but he knows she’s after something. She asks him if he loves her. “I loved you,” he responds, bracing himself for a wrathful response.
Michael Flynn, Trump’s embattled national security adviser, resigns amid controversy over communication with Russian ambassador
The resignation, which was confirmed by a White House official, comes after reports that Flynn had misled the vice president by saying he did not discuss sanctions with the Russian ambassador. The Justice Department had warned the Trump administration that the situation left Flynn potentially vulnerable to blackmail, current and former U.S. officials said. This […]

Barely 3 weeks in, and the Trump administration already has its first resignation. I’m sure it’s not going to be the last.

Lord Dampnut made national security a centerpiece of his campaign, and he picked an Islamophobic demagogue who flat-out lied to the country about his ties to Russia. But Hilllary’s emails totally disqualified her from being president.

Please fire me. We have a serious troublemaker, “Molly”, on the payroll. She’s a low-level employee, but management will not discipline her. In HR we have 11 resignation letters which name Molly as the main reason for leaving the company. The smarter, more hard-working, and more talented an employee, the more aggressively Molly will go after them. The newest hire she’s been bullying snapped and drove her car into Molly’s house. I realize the new hire is dangerous and needs to go, but I really want to throw her a party.