My journey with Coca-Cola started 5 years (and a few months) ago when a friend told me that Coke was looking for a graphic artist. I remember thinking, “Yeah, ok. Whatever. I won’t get the job anyway” – little did I know that this would be the start of the best 5 years of my life. 

Since I am terribly bad with goodbyes (plus, I don’t want to ugly cry in the office), I decided to write this entry for my Coca-Cola family.

It breaks my heart that today, I have officially ended this chapter of my life to pursue something different. I have always thought that this would be my first and last job. But of course, the only thing constant in this world is change. Change is good. It means something is happening with your life, right? It is better to live knowing you tried than living in so much regret.

Today, I came in as an employee, and went home a ‘visitor’. Today, I said goodbye – not to my officemates, but to people I consider and can proudly call my second family. I don’t know if I have somehow – even just a little, touched their lives but they have surely graced mine with wonderful memories. Memories the (old and senile) mind might one day forget, but never the heart. 

It is so sad to think that I will no longer be part of their journey and growth. How I will no longer play a part in making the visuals, etc. and how I will no longer be present in events and launches. I am not sure if the pain will ever be truly gone but I guess that’s just how it is. The more you love something, the more it hurts to let go. 

To my dear Coke-kada (and those who have left before me), thank you and I will miss you dearly. All your ‘good morning’ greetings and your lovely smiles. Our lunch, merienda breaks, and even just our short trips to 7-11 and the vendo. 

I feel extremely blessed and lucky to have been part of the Coca-Cola family. I will not be the person I am today if it weren’t for them. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for believing in me and making me a part of your family. I will never forget. 

I will work hard and make you proud! I will continue to share happiness! #Coca-ColaGirlForever 

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”

Crissey Si – signing off.

PS: Please invite me to lanches, I’m a blogger naman :( HA HA HA. 

August 8, 1974:  President Nixon Announces His Resignation

On this day in 1974, Richard Nixon announced that he was resigning as President of the United States. In a radio and television broadcast from the Oval Office, Nixon became the first president in American history to resign.

This historic decision arose from the near-certain threat of impeachment following the highly publicized Watergate Scandal.

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Photo: President Richard Nixon delivers remarks to the White House staff on his final day in office. From left to right are David Eisenhower, Julie Nixon Eisenhower, the president, First Lady Pat Nixon, Tricia Nixon Cox, and Ed Cox, 9 August 1974 (National Archives). 

anonymous asked:

I have been at a job for about 5 weeks and I'm still in training. My question is do I have to give a two weeks notice before I leave or can I just let them know I resign? Btw I really don't want to work another two weeks because I hate the job.

You don’t necessarily have to give two weeks’ notice, but you definitely have to give notice. Let your manager know that you’re resigning before they spend any more time on the training process. That way they’re not wasting the time of their trainers and they can start right away on hiring someone else (they should even still have the applicants from 5 weeks ago).

If you’re still in training, your boss probably won’t make you work any longer. If you’re still technically in training, but have been working shifts on your own, they might want you to work a few extra days until they can get someone else to cover the hours, but that’s entirely up to your manager.