residential schools an act of genocide

Ms. Beyak attempts to shift responsibility away and place it on the victims. Instead of requiring the people and the institutions committing and propagating racist genocidal acts to change, she attempts to  silence the people harmed in order to absolve Canada of its responsibility. Given that Canada has a post-apology, post-TRC political reality and a government that has stated its commitment to a relationship with Indigenous Peoples based on a recognition of rights, respect, co-operation and partnerships, Ms. Beyak has no place sitting in the Senate if she continues to shamelessly espouse racist, ignorant, and genocidal views.

Immediate action is required.

I ask that, in your capacity as interim leader for the Conservative Party of Canada, you remove Senator Beyak from the Indigenous People committee in the Senate and then remove her from the Conservative Party caucus altogether.

Furthermore, I also ask that you support my call for Senator Beyak to resign her seat in the Senate.

Excerpt from a letter from Residential School Survivor and Member of Parliament, Romeo Saganash, asking Rona Ambrose to remove Lynn Beyak from the Indigenous People Committee, to remove her from the Conservative Caucus and to call for her resignation from the Senate, based on her comments defending the Residential School system.

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