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justplainscott  asked:

I saw the Praz-de-fort post you reblogged - I guess I missed it the first time - and it's beautiful. I see lots of innovative houses like it on Dwell. I'm curious though: are there examples like it built around the US? They always seem to be abroad: Scandinavia, South America, Europe...

I agree the Paz-de-Fort is a very cool adaptive reuse project, it is very specific to Europe and the inventory of older wood structures that exist in this part of the world. In the US you will find a different version of adaptive reuse, some are similarly rustic while others are more modern, but none are going to be as old as the oldest structures in Europe or for that matter South America.

Check some examples of US residential renovations or adaptive reuse projects:

House Renovation in Boston Intadesign

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