residential institution

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"their ignorance and superstitions" and "their more rebellious members" are still pretty racist ways of talking about black people. we can be pro-choice/ reproductive justice and still talk about the history of eugenics in white feminism. while abortion access has been a huge issue for many women, women of color have just as often been persecuted by sterilization, experimental birth control (Puerto Rico esp.) & the loss of their children to slavery, residential schools, and state institutions.

I agree with this. Sanger was unfortunately a product of her time. She said a lot of things and had a lot of beliefs that would have no place in society today. I’ve always agreed with this, and I do think it’s important to remember these things about her when she’s being discussed.

I just get angry when pro lifers try to paint her as someone who wanted to exterminate black people, or was working with the KKK. It’s like when they spread the lie about Planned Parenthood targeting black communities. They don’t care about black people, they just want to use them as pawns to demonize PP. They don’t actually give a shit if Sanger was a full-blown hood wearing klan member (she provably was not), they just want to trick black people into being on their side. That’s what bothers me so much about about them making these things up.

Thank you for your input :) I am white and I am a feminist, but I’m trying my best not to be a White Feminist. I’m probably always gonna be working on improving but discussions like this help me get there.