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Something I like about the Souls series is the recurring characters or character archetypes and how each game handles each one differently. Solaire/Lucatiel/Anri, Lautrec/Creighton/Leonhard, Siegmeyer/Siegward, Patches/Pate, etc. But my favorite is also the simplest, and one of the first characters most players meet in each game.

In Demon’s Souls, this character debuts as the Crestfallen Warrior. Like the player character, the unnamed warrior had died and was brought to the Nexus as a spirit. He resents your host, the Monumental, for bringing him there, and offers basic guidance and background on characters and quests early in the game. The warrior is growing increasingly cynical and depressed as you speak with him, and when you give him news that his wife and daughter have been killed, he falls into despair, stops talking, and eventually fades away into nothingness.

This character archetype next appears in Dark Souls as the still-unnamed Crestfallen Knight. The knight, who like you is undead but has long since given up trying to fight his curse, informs you of what to do to progress in the early game and offers his opinions on other characters who have gathered in Firelink Shrine. As you bring more NPCs to Firelink, the knight starts to think the place is crowded and grows angrier at his own unsatisfactory situation. Finally he leaves, and when next you see him, in New Londo, the knight has given into his curse and become a ravening Hollow whom you are forced to kill.

In Dark Souls II, he becomes Crestfallen Saulden. Saulden tells you about Majula, the ramshackle community in which you find yourself, and points you toward the major bosses, but like past incarnations, he is sullen and is giving into despair. However, as new NPCs begin to populate Majula, Saulden starts to appreciate their company. In the end, he’s still depressed, but your actions inspire him to go on living. He is the only version of this character to survive.

Finally he becomes Hawkwood the Deserter in Dark Souls III. No longer crestfallen but still just as acrid, Hawkwood is a deserter from Farron’s Undead Legion who has taken up residence in this game’s Firelink Shrine. As before he drops hints about upcoming bosses and snarks about fellow Firelink Residents, but now he has an actual questline you can follow. A worshiper of dragons, Hawkwood requires your help on his pilgrimage to Archdragon Peak. Afterwards, he leaves a message for you to meet him in the Legion’s former base of operations. There, Hawkwood duels you for a dragon relic, and dies fighting for a cause he believes in.

What I love about this character(s) is how each game incrementally advances their development. He first gives into despair and fades into nothingness in Demon’s Souls, then loses his mind but retains his body in Dark Souls, finds a reason to live in Dark Souls II, and finally finds direction in life and dies with his mind intact in Dark Souls III. It’s a story of hope and redemption, and although it’s spread across four games and told through a background character, it’s one of the more uplifting stories in the whole Souls series.

it’s okay, that’s love 01

➾ water polo player!jimin x psychiatrist!reader
ft the rest of bangtan

requested by this anon 

➾ warnings: mentions of mental illnesses (depression, anxiety, ocd, split personality disorder etc), self harm, angst, fluff, smut 

➾ word count: 8.3k

➾ Summary: People are constantly making some kind of connection with each other- be it friendship or romance. But human bonds always lead to messy complications; commitment, sharing, driving people to the airport, letting them get up close and personal with the darkest parts of ourselves. And sure- it’s scary as hell to watch them cross those boundaries you’ve so meticulously drawn, but it’s okay, because that’s love.

➾ disclaimer: this is purely a work of fiction and i do not claim to be a qualified mental health professional. this work is not intended to provide any medical advice of any sort, please consult a licensed physician instead. 

a/n: so this is it! my attempt at starting a series that deals with slightly more touchy and sensitive topics. please do not ask me when the next update will be out, check my updates page instead!!
 tagging my favourite people to scream with @blueagust and @yoongihime and @jheartseok thank you for being so lovely and enduring supporting me no matter how much i rant to you <3 

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London fire: Muslims up early for Ramadan may have saved Grenfell Tower residents' lives

Muslims awake for Ramadan might have helped save lives after noticing the horrific blaze at Grenfell Tower.

Residents have told of how they didn’t hear alarms as the fire swept through the 24-storey tower block in West London. But they were instead alerted to the blaze by fellow residents, some of whom may have been Muslim people who were awake early in the morning because of Ramadan and were among the first to notice the fire.

The fire broke out not long after midnight and when many people living inside the tower block were asleep.

Muslims were among the first people on the scene as people were evacuated from Grenville Tower.

Andre Barroso, 33, told The Independent: “Muslims played a big part in getting a lot of people out.

"Most of the people I could see were Muslim. They have also been providing food and clothes.”

He said lots of people were still searching for friends and relatives who lived inside the tower.

Many people have donated water, food and clothing to the nearby St Clement church, where locals have taken refuge. Others are distributing water bottles to those waiting outside.

“Everybody was hands on. It was wonderful to see everyone come together.”

Where does Chihaya’s and Taichi’s relationship stand, as of now?

An anon asked me a similar question very, very long time ago and I have been meaning to answer it. I’m seriously terrible at giving prompt replies, gomen. But there was another reason as to why I didn’t reply immediately. At that point of time, the manga was still focused on the team matches and we hadn’t seen proper interaction between Chihaya and Taichi after the incident in Chapter 138. I say proper because I do not really count Chapter 164 and 165. Taichi and Chihaya barely exchanged any words and those chapters were more in relation to his disappearance and apologies to his teammates. In that sense, I couldn’t really figure out how Chihaya and Taichi would act around each other. However, with the latest chapters, specifically 174 and 175, I have been able to get a better grasp as to how they are now.  

I think what is clear to everyone is that they are no longer the same as they were before. In fact, after Taichi’s confession, this was one of the first things that I expected. That there was no way they could revert to the way they were before, even if they reconciled and started talking to each other again. Taichi’s confession would be one of the major turning points in the manga. A lot of things decisively changed, ended, began after it, and it is undeniably shown in the narrative. Taichi’s and Chihaya’s relationship would be one of it. I believe that this is precisely why Taichi was so afraid to confess to Chihaya in the first place. Because he, too, knew of the consequences if the confession turned on its head. Which it did, of course. So, what exactly is their relationship now? Is there any way to term it? The way their relationship is being depicted now, in my opinion, can mean two things. And that will be analysed in the bulk of this post.

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anonymous asked:

What sorts of things tend to get applicants denied from med school? From what I've heard, it's easy and not easy to get into medical school, but is there anything (even minor) that would cause a rejection? It seems like things like GPA (as long as you meet the criteria) and MCAT are nothing in the process, but people focus on them so heavily.

Hi anon! 

It’s never one minor thing, it’s usually a build up of many little things or one big thing. You are correct in your observation of GPA and MCAT as well; usually once those numbers are to the snuff of the school in question, where the rejections and acceptances begin are the personal statement, the way you answer subsequent short answer questions, letters of rec, and the interview.

I found that usually for me, the red flags went off during the essays or the interviews. Essays that were very angry (I’m applying because doctors failed my my family members/loved ones/friends and I can do better!! Doctors are terrible these days, I will change the entire medical culture!!!) and those that didn’t demonstrate a love for something, anything concerned me. The angry ones concerned me yes, medicine is flawed, but no profession is perfect. If there isn’t something you like about the profession and only hate it, it tells me that you haven’t thought or considered the profession as a nuanced, flawed human creation and that black and white, immature thinking is not going to fare well for the patients or your peers. 

The dispassionate ones concerned me because medicine is going to push every emotional, psychological, spiritual button you have. Without emotional maturity, the tenacity and spirit to love something very much, and the ability to demonstrate reflection, you will be EXTREMELY unhappy in medicine and unable to adapt to the stress and frequent changes. Also, burnout is real in medicine right now. I need to know that you’re coming in with a few emotional resilience skills. I *like* reading about people who sought therapists, who worked hard at something they maybe sucked at and still sucked at it but gave a shit. I like people who give a shit. Feeling nothing about everything is something that every physician wishes they could do sometimes, but something we desperately need to avoid. 

Now for the interview bit, which is where people usually got dinged. These are the things that have thrown red flags:

-people who tell me they have NEVER EVER EVER thought of any other profession other than medicine. We all ‘think’, but we may not act upon those thoughts. In that vein, people who tell me they wanted to be doctors since they were like two years old who have NEVER DOUBTED and have NEVER BEEN DISSUADED. We’ve all faced obstacles that have shaken us. That’s part of life and growing. People who say that don’t demonstrate enough personal reflection for me.

-Tell me a racist/sexist joke and expect me to laugh with you. Bruh.

-Don’t smack talk people, places, or issues. Be fair but discerning. I didn’t ask you to read your undergrad institute or drag any colleagues or mentors with whom you had issues. If you talk like that in front of me, your evaluator, I’ll have concerns that you’ll do the same to your residents, fellows, attendings, or speak unprofessionally to your patients. Listen, we all do it, but do it with your friends in a casual, safe space. 

-mansplain your interviewer. You don’t even have to be a man to mansplain, just don’t try to explain something your interviewer knows more about than you: how med school works, physician burnout, physician suicide, etc. Or speak condescendingly to your interviewer. Because although it’s annoying for me, what I’ll be envisioning is you, talking like that to patients, residents, fellows, attendings, nurses, and basically anyone you work with and NO ONE likes that.

-hit on your interviewer. Didn’t happen to me during med school interviews, but I had an idiot do that during his residency interview. Beyond unprofessional. 

be my love (baekhyun)
word count: 1330 w.
genre: fluff, unfair performance au
summary:  baekhyun creates havoc in the doctor’s lounge when he wore a stethoscope, scrubs, and a doctor’s coat.

A short beep sounded from your coat’s pocket. You scrabbled your pocket to get your phone. A message notification showed on the screen.

Watch Music Core today~ ^^

You rolled your eyes and went back to work.

“Please don’t leave. It’s boring in the hospital but it’s fun when you’re around, noona!” Jisung pleaded, his grip tightening around your wrist. You chuckled as you lowered down to his level.

“I’ll be doing my rounds later at six. Don’t worry, you’ll see me again.” You gave him a warm smile before ruffling his hair.

“You promise?” He asked. The sparkle in the boy’s eyes made you want to say ‘yes’ even if you’re probably a little busy come six in the evening.

“I promise.” Jisung wrapped his tiny arms around your neck. You were careful not to tangle the tube of his IV.

When you closed the door to his room, the head nurse popped her head from the common room. She waved her hand signaling you to come quickly. “You’re gonna miss their performance! Run!”

You walked briskly because running on the halls of the hospital would deem unprofessional as a medical resident. That would exclude those assigned at the emergency room, of course. When you arrived, your hair was disheveled, sticking out at different directions. All the nurses circled the flat screen TV. They flashed a smile of mischief when you sat on your desk.

“What’s all the fuss about?” You tried to catch your breath. You looked at the TV only to find Music Core on the channel.

Just when you were about to complain why they made you hurry, an unfamiliar tune started playing. Your eyes caught the song’s title named, “Unfair”.

“Where are the other four members?” One of the nurses questioned, her hands fanning her face when Jongin appeared on the screen. She turned to you, a playful smirk placed on her face. “Where’s Baekhyun?”

“B-Baekhyun who?” You averted your eyes on the ground.

The head nurse nudged your side. “Oh, you know. The Baekhyun who keeps on visiting you when he has the time away from his idol activities. The one who keeps joining you for coffee everyday with a mask on his face even if you didn’t ask.”

You felt heat creep to your cheeks at the thought of Baekhyun’s persistence on catching your heart.

“Speaking of Baekhyun,” the head nurse turned her head back to the TV the exact moment Baekhyun started singing his line.

If you already know, please stop playing around. I’m getting more and more lost in you.

You can’t believe Baekhyun sported the whole doctor attire for this stage. From the bluish purple scrubs to the stethoscope. On the side of that, his golden brown hair stuck out in different directions as well. You found it completely irresistible when Baekhyun looked up and patted his face with the stethoscope.

“OH MY GOD” The head nurse covered her mouth with her hands. Girly screams sounded all over the common room because Byun Baekhyun was in freaking scrubs and a doctor suit all because of you.

Am I being selfish? Your eyes, your nose, your lips, I want to be the only one that looks at you. Am I being too greedy?

You were pretty sure your heart was about to escape out of your chest. You placed a hand over your chest. You weren’t sure if the song was for you because you didn’t want to assume. Maybe it was just another EXO love song everyone seems to love.

“Is he confessing on live TV?!” Your attending physician, the one in charge of you, popped her head through the door.

You sighed, “You too, Dr. Kwon?”

“It’s seldom we get some medical romance here, alright? Let me have my fun.” She said before joining the rest of the nurses in watching EXO’s performance.

“The song couldn’t be about me, okay. I’m sure this is another song to have women like you swoon over them. It’s a media tactic.” You said, matter-of-factly.

Girl, girl, be my love. We drank coffee everyday.

“Are you sure it ain’t about you?” One of the nurses questioned, arms crossed over her chest. “I beg to differ.”

Girl, girl, be my love. We talked for a long time on the phone every night.

Your fellow resident clasped her hands together as if she connected two and two together. “So that’s why when I sleep at the doctor’s quarters at midnight, there’s always someone whispering and giggling on the top deck.”

“C'mon, you two are perfect for each other. The boy’s obviously head over heels for you. He’s been courting you for almost a year and you still won’t answer him.” Your attending physician said as she leaned back on the chair.

A series of ’yeah’ and ’why won’t you answer him’ filled the room. You honestly don’t know why as well. It’s just that balancing your profession and relationships were a difficult task to do. Plus, he’s an idol and you weren’t sure if it would work out. You explained these bothering thoughts to the rest of them for them to understand your part.

“I’m sure Baekhyun has a good explanation why they performed this today. I’ll call him later when he’s done with his schedule.” You said before grabbing your clipboard and poked a pen to your chest pocket.

“Or we could talk about it right now.”

When you turned around, you were taken aback when Baekhyun stood there right in the flesh. In his hand was a bouquet of carnations and blue roses. You couldn’t take your eyes off Baekhyun in scrubs. It looked absolutely perfect on him. If only he were a doctor, he’d share the same worries.

“I thought you were live? How did you get here so fast?”

Baekhyun replied. “It was pre-recorded, sweetheart.”

“Well,” the attending physician continued, “We should go back to work. Let’s go everyone. We need to, um, save lives. I’ll see you later!”

You chuckled when she pumped her fists and mouthed to Baekhyun, ‘Go get her!’

The moment you heard the door click, you initiated the conversation. “So what do you want to talk about, Baekhyun?”

“Us,” he responded. You shrugged, “What about it?”

“Look, I really really really like you. This is not an idol stunt I’m pulling. Think about it. Why am I spending my time with you in the hospital during my day offs when I could have used it to rest?”

You were caught speechless. It all made sense and you were scared to admit it. “Why do I check on you every other hour during your shifts? Why do I fetch you just to take you home safely at four in the morning?”

“I should say I love you but I guess that’s too fast for your liking. But, I really like you,” Baekhyun took a step closer. He set down the flowers on the table before rubbing your sides.

“And if that song that I wrote with Chanyeol and Dean didn’t prove enough then…”

You cupped your hands on his cheeks. Baekhyun pouted. You leaned in and placed a kiss on his cheek. “Byun Baekhyun. EXO’s lead vocalist and the most adorable puppy I’ve ever met. You have won a place in my heart. I like you, too.”

“And, no, it’s not too fast for my liking. I think it’s about damn time.” You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him down until your lips are a few centimeters away from each other. You stared into his deep brown orbs swirling with adoration.

“I love you, Baekhyun.”

note: not really a valentines day gift for yall but it’s almost valentines so let’s just call it that lmao i’ll be writing for the rest of the members so stay tuned 💕 | masterlist

I think I understand what happened, now:

It was all a dream, i.e. a “parallel identity crisis” (see: Lost Highway) / fugue state suffered by “Dale Bartholomew Cooper”, which I suspect isn’t even his real name, now. Maybe he really is “Richard”; maybe his unconscious chose a new name reflective of the infamous and mysterious “D.B. Cooper” of true crime lore. Dale/Richard suffered a tragedy involving someone named Judy and is probably institutionalized, now, and doesn’t want to “talk about Judy” (an incident he regards as an ”extreme negative force”; his psyche shrouds the memory in an invented mythology) with his psychiatrist. Instead, he imagines a world in which he is out solving crimes and trying to make things right. He goes so deep into this fantasy that it becomes his only reality; he is “like the dreamer who dreams, and then lives inside the dream.” When we hear Dale whisper Judy’s name in TP:FWWM (some have mistaken this for a repetition of Jeffries, but listen again: that’s Kyle MacLachlan’s voice), there is an image of a monkey’s face onscreen (a primate, perhaps alluding to the primal/instinctual brain, or the primal fear associated with the buried memory of Judy) immediately following the creamed corn scene (consumption of “garmonbozia”/“Pain and sorrow”). Judy is Cooper/Richard’s deepest pain and sorrow; his “garmonbozia”/what his demons feed off of, fueling his unending fever dream. Her story is being retold and reimagined through the Laura Palmer character; it’s “the story of the little girl who lived down the lane,” and the story is being rewritten again and again by a tormented, broken soul who can’t figure out how to fix it in a way that his fractured psyche will accept.

When Dale/Richard becomes Dougie!Coop, he might have just underwent shock treatment (electricity), or have been given a stronger dose of psych meds. The treatment is partially successful, getting him out of the “lodge” (i.e. mental incapacity), but he doesn’t emerge from the resulting stupor until even stronger treatment is administered. Still, the delusions and psychogenic amnesia persist. We know that Dale is canonically wary of doctors… Is Diane his therapist? Does he fantasize about a romance with her?

Bear with me here – but I think Audrey might be a woman he met inside the psychiatric facility (another patient), and maybe she got drawn into the fantasy world along with him. Perhaps all the residents of Twin Peaks and beyond are based off of fellow residents at the facility, their visiting family members, staff, etc (it’s not hard to imagine that’s where Nadine came from), in a Wizard of Oz-esque, epic dream scenario. This would also explain the dreamlike tone of the original series and the bizarre behavior of the characters. I haven’t checked out the other theories that are going around yet and this was probably better articulated by somebody else already*, but wanted to write it down before other ideas could influence my own.

(*EDIT: apparently I’m the only one who has postulated this so far? So I went ahead and expanded this theory in three parts: 1, 2 and 3)

“City” and “Home”

The word home comes from the Old English hām, meaning “home”, “house”, “property”, “estate”.  This, in turn, derives from the Proto-Germanic *haimaz, meaning “home”, “house”, “village”.  The “village” meaning survives in the word hamlet, a borrowing from Old French, who had borrowed it from a Frankish word descended from the same root.  Most modern Germanic languages have specialized the “home” meaning, though the Icelandic heimur has gone the opposite direction, coming to mean “world”.

*Haimaz comes from Proto-Indo-European *ḱóy-mos, a derivative of the o-grade form of the stem *ḱey, “to be lying down”, “to settle”.  Another derivative, *ḱey-w-is, became Latin cīvis “citizen”, i.e., a fellow resident of a settlement.  With the abstract noun suffix -tās, the noun cīvitās, “citizenship”, “community of citizens”, was formed.  This developed a meaning of “a city and its surrounding territory”, later narrowed down to just “city” (replacing the older word urbs).  With this meaning, it became the Old French cité, borrowed into English as “city”.  The words “civil” and “civic” are also derived from the same Latin source.



• try not to imagine jaehyun in a white lab coat its just way too painful

• also try not to imagine jaehyun smiling while in his lab coat because that’s even more painful

• let’s goooo

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Doctor AU’s 

1. All The Lights Are Full of Colour (26k)

Harry and Louis are separated, but for the sake of their two sons, they choose to spend Christmas together. It may just lead to a Christmas miracle. (Nurse Louis)

2. Fire for a Heart (43k)

The Grey’s anatomy/Chicago Fire AU. Louis is the captain of the firefighting Squad 78, Harry is a surgeon, Zayn is Louis’ second in command and Liam is the rookie. Niall and Sam are Harry’s fellow residents and have their own affair going on.

3. You and Me, We’re in This Together (32k)

Louis is a famous professional football player on the Green Bay Packers and Harry is a doctor who won’t let his patient give up on his life no matter how terrible it is.

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It wasn’t all that long ago when an ambulance pulled into the bay with a code in progress. The patient was apneic and in asystole on the scene but EMS personnel were providing full life support measures. This scenario is really rather common, however this time the patient was unusual; it was a baby, only a few weeks old. He had been fine one minute and then had just …stopped. The usual things we consider in the death of child, physical violence, drugs, etc were not this case. This case was every parents’ nightmare scenario – their beautiful healthy baby, without any warning, just stopped breathing.

The child was whisked into a trauma bay and after running several cycles of the life support protocol a cardiac rhythm was obtained. The mother, who had come with the ambulance was hysterical. The father drove the car and arrived minutes later looking utterly hopeless. Return of circulation was of little comfort to them based on how they looked as their child was transported to the PICU. However the code itself was all very textbook. We didn’t know it at the time, but the boy would not survive. 

Despite this incredible tragedy the department kept moving because it must. Ironically enough I diagnosed a teenager with a 17 week pregnancy minutes later. The ED doc and the pediatric attending discussed the evidence of using bicarb with epinephrine in infants. More patients checked in with various non-emergent ailments, unaware of why they were kept waiting so long. And I felt nothing. My mind knew this was tragic but I did not feel sad. But I also knew I should feel sad which then made me question my lack of emotional response.

As I related this story and these thoughts to some fellow residents days later a rather extraordinary thing happened. I began hearing similar stories from them. One broke down rather inexplicably but then related how she’d been involved in a similar pediatric code in the ED. It had been months earlier and she’d felt nothing at the time too. My story had made it all come back to her, however this time with emotions. Another resident, one of the most stoic in our program, teared up as he recalled participating in a pediatric withdrawal of care. A third shared how she had recently delivered a late pre-term baby after in intra-uterine fetal demise. She felt nothing at the time and still had no particular emotional response to that delivery.

Physicians receive very little training in how to deal with the difficult feelings around death and I imagine it’s the same for other providers, nurses, and first responders. One thing that nobody ever said to me, and it took a long time to realize, is that it’s okay to feel nothing. Based on my colleagues’ responses most of us will have experiences that should arouse emotion but don’t. Unfortunately medical training does not typically push us to share these experiences and we are left feeling isolated and guilty. Many of us will bear witness to terrible tragedy and not feeling doesn’t mean not caring. It may simply be that we are not in the right headspace to process those feelings but will at a later time. It may be that burying an emotional response is a deep defense mechanism to protect ourselves. It may be that a particular tragic event, for whatever reason, will just never provoke an emotional response. Regardless of the reason, if you are in the healthcare profession you will at times have experiences that should provoke emotion, but only leave you feeling nothing. And that’s okay.  

anonymous asked:

uhm hi i really love all your fics! they give me life man. and uhm. what about a jaehyungparkian doctors!au? would love to read one.. thanks a lot tho for providing this fandom the much much needed fics. it's so damn scarce i cant even..


this turned out a bit longer than planned and I sneaked in a bit of Dopil I hope you don’t mind. Also I hope this doesn’t disappoint <3

Jaehyungparkian & Dopil; 24 Hour Shift 

featuring Surgeon!Jae, Trauma Surgeon!Brian, Medical Chief! Sungjin and Residents! Dowoon and Wonpil

Read on Ao3

6:00 - 1:00

“Sleep is a luxury that you won’t have the time for,” Doctor Kang drawls, staring down at his clipboard and not sparing the scared gaggle of new interns so much as a simple glance as he keeps on talking. “I expect you all to be here on time and respond to any and all of my calls,” he continues, making the residents listless on their feet at the sharp tone of his voice.

Wonpil shares a look with the quiet boy standing beside him. Yoon Dowoon, his nametag reads in a messy sort of scrawl, just this side of unreadable to make Wonpil think that he won’t have much problem getting the infamous doctor’s hand-writing down. He looks as scared as Wonpil feels, eyes wide as he stares at Doctor Kang and the busy whiteness of the hospital bustling behind him.

“Your shift will start at six o’clock am and end at 5 o’clock the next morning,” Doctor Kang explains, smirks just that little bit wider when Wonpil and a few of the other interns whimper at the thought. Honestly, Wonpil had hoped that after graduating from medical school his sleep schedule would normalize a bit. By the sounds of things, that doesn’t seem too likely to happen.

“If I see any of you slacking off,” he goes on, completely oblivious to the lanky blonde man that’s carefully slinking his way over to him. Wonpil stares, as do the rest of his fellow residents. The man is wearing a bright set of yellow scrubs, a white coat thrown over them that doesn’t do much to hide the bright color. He has a pair of golden glasses sitting crookedly on his nose and what Wonpil can only describe as a shit eating grin playing on his lips. “I will not hesitate to-”

“To what?” the man cuts in suddenly, draping an arm over Doctor Kang’s shoulder and smirking down at the man. “You’re such a hypocrite, Brian. If I remember right - and I do, you were always the one passed out in the maternity ward back in our residency days.”

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The Resident | Shawn Mendes Imagine

(a/n): hello there!! I’m back with this imagine, but as I promised and as you’ve requested, famous (y/n), and Hogwarts Shawn will be back soon 😍🙈. OH AND BTW, i’m not a doctor or anything, I just watch Grey’s so forgive me if there are any mistakes <3.

prompt: Aaliyah needs an appendectomy, Shawn is worried, and (y/n) is a surgical resident.

Originally posted by crituhcal

The ER was way more crowded than usual. 

Your shift had just started and you were exhausted. It was almost midnight, and your prior shift had finished just four hours ago, meaning you had spent your time in the on-call room, and of course one of your interns had decided to almost kill a patient, and your beauty sleep had been interrupted.

It was your turn to cover the ER, and of course some drunk idiots had caused an accident, leaving six people injured and ambulances kept making their way. You sighed as you directed your fellow residents and interns to the different boxes. Attendings were nowhere to be seen, making your existence miserable as  you could hear some patients screaming in pain. You took a quick look to the emergency room and noticed every bed was being attended except for one; you quickly made your way to the bed where a girl was holding her tummy, and a boy who you assumed was her brother or something was beside her with a worried expression. 

The boy seemed relieved when you walked towards them, closed the curtain and took the chart. Aaliyah Mendes.

“Hello, Aaliyah. I’m doctor (y/l/n) and I’ll be taking care of you tonight,” you smiled at her and the boy, who was ridiculously hot. “It says here that your stomach is giving you some trouble?” you asked her and she nodded. “When did the pain start?” you asked her again as tied your hair in a ponytail before washing your hands.

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tvshows_addict & anhcor Author Spotlight
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Here is this week’s Author Spotlight

1. Where Your Heart Is 

    Words: 154k

Louis is ready for his brand new adventure. So what if he suffers from a genetic condition that prevents him from being touched? College is going to be awesome. It has to. Karma kind of owes him right now. Forget about his overprotective mother, or Liam– his entirely too chipper step brother– or his mess of a roommate. Forget about the gloves he has to wear at all times. He’s here to expand his knowledge, write and drown himself in books – No matter how distracting ‘Hallway Boy’ may be– The obnoxious, flirty frat wannabe determined to become the bane of Louis’ existence.

Or, a college AU set in San Francisco where two lost boys who seemingly have nothing in common find inspiration, each other, and themselves in the process.

2. Photograph

     Words: 207k

Harry steadies his jaw. “What do you want from me?”

Louis’ bottom lip wobbles. “I’m not gay.”

“Are you trying to convince me, or yourself?”

And at that, Louis seems to completely lose his shit. He rushes towards Harry, banging his fists on Harry’s collarbones in a frenzy, and begins yelling– “I hate you! I hate you! I fucking hate you so much!”

Tears are rushing down his cheeks, and then he’s shoving Harry away, drunk out of his ass, causing Harry to stumble back a bit. Louis then begins to clutch at himself, fisting his own clothes to his chest, dribble falling from his mouth, his arms shaky and his back hunched.

“Fuckfuckfuckufkcufkc!” He spits, face contorted, hands trembling. “I hate you!”

“No, you don’t.” Harry steps forward, face concerned. “You don’t hate me.”


An epic love story in which Harry is too in love for his own good, Louis is in denial of his sexuality, and they write songs instead of actually talking to each other.

3. Fire For A Heart 

    Words: 43k
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The Grey’s anatomy/Chicago Fire AU no one asked for where Louis is the captain of the firefighting Squad 78, Harry is a surgeon, Zayn is Louis’ second in command and Liam is the rookie. Niall and Sam are Harry’s fellow residents and have their own affair going on.

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Roxy and Eggsy, “This would not happen if I had a penis!”

It’s well-known that boys are very much the same across the board. At university, Roxy’s visited the residences of fellow male peers and concluded that all needed a flea bomb and an army of maids who’d stride in, forcibly cuff the boys to the most disgusting areas of the flat, and come back in a few weeks until they agreed, begging and choking, that they’d be honored to be tutored in the art of cleaning after oneself. Roxy and her mates debated on whether it was either because they were used to the housekeepers or mums or sisters or girlfriends trailing after them to pick up their shit or that they just didn’t think

“We just let them,” Elaine once moaned during one of their pub nights. “Everyone lets them get away with being smug slobs oozing in their own filth and being dragged ‘round by their cock. Like it’s so hard to control your impulses!”

There are tidbits that she’s collected over the years that boys will be boys and they like to feel like they’re a man, and Kingsman training did not prove to be an exception, except for the fact that clothes and bedding were washed weekly for fear of earning a tick mark on Merlin’s records. Everyone was perfectly prim and proper until Merlin was off, and it was disgusting comment after disgusting comment after disgusting comment.

Except for, of course, Eggsy. He was the one who guarded the door when Roxy took her showers. He was the one who both stood back and let her get a few words in, while also sneaking a handful of salt into their drinks. He was the one who studied with her without leaning in to try to peek at the top of her shirt. Yes, it was sad that she had such low standards, but they became fast friends, and Roxy liked to think that Eggsy was not like those other boys

It takes about a few months after V-Day to be proven wrong. 

Harry Hart, Roxy’s recently concluded, is a bit of a snob and definitely an oddball, but Eggsy’s at that point where he believes Harry hung the moon, the stars, and the other planets rotating around the solar system. It serves as a point of amusement and boredom when Harry’s called in to oversee their sparring or debrief them before a mission. Eggsy stares at Harry with such longing that Roxy wonders how thick of a post Harry is. It’s not that Harry isn’t interested; his glances are just as bad, eyes filled with enough pining to make Fitzwilliam Darcy go, “God, that’s a bit much, isn’t it?” 

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working blues

Pairing: Clarke/Lexa 
Summary: A little 3+1 fic with doctor!Clarke and cop!Lexa, for Clexa Week 2017, Day 1: Enemies to Lovers
Rating: Teen // wc: ~1k



Clarke didn’t care that she was screaming across the already chaotic ER. Sergeant Woods was in for an injury, again. And Sergeant Lexa Woods was trying to leave before being officially discharged, again. Clarke had had it, and so she was yelling.

The brown-haired police officer didn’t stop climbing down from the bed. Dropping her clipboard on the desk, Clarke hurried around nurses and fellow residents to get to her stubborn patient. 

“Hey! HEY!”

She barely caught Lexa at the corner of the bed. Clarke body-blocked her, scowling. 

“I haven’t finished your stitches!”

Lexa cocked an eyebrow and stood her ground. “I can’t wait around while you take your time with a few unnecessary stitches. I need to check in on my officers–”

“They’re fine,” Clarke snapped. “Better than you are, by the way. Seems they weren’t as eager as you to throw themselves into breaking up a bar brawl.”

Without even responding, Lexa tried to side-step her. Clarke huffed loudly and just managed to block her. She was about to physically force her back into bed when a new trauma came in through the sliding doors. Reflexively, she turned and assessed the situation but, unfortunately, when she turned back around Lexa was gone.

“Damn it,” Clarke groaned. She took a deep breath, trying to decide if she was more hopeful that despite not being treated Lexa wouldn’t keel over from her injuries or that she would, because then she might finally learn to stay put and be treated.


Clarke was prepared the next time Lexa came in. As soon as she checked her in and led her to an ER bed, she reached into the pocket of her scrubs. Quick as she could, she grabbed Lexa’s wrist and handcuffed it to the side of the bed. 

“Are you serious?” Lexa hissed. She jerked on the cuffs, making them clang obnoxiously.

As hard as she tried, Clarke couldn’t suppress a smug smile at her success. Finally, the sergeant would be safe and sound until Clarke found a minute to treat her (this time for a knock to the head during pursuit of a suspect). “I’ll be back soon, I promise. Just sit tight. Breathe, relax, enjoy the break.”

She heard Lexa snort as she walked away, and it almost made her laugh.

Ten minutes later, though, she wasn’t laughing, because Lexa was gone. The cuffs were there, sitting unlocked on the bed. Half pissed off, half impressed, Clarke stood there frozen, wondering how in the hell Lexa had escaped that quickly.

“Cuffing a police officer,” Anya, the trauma attending, said suddenly from behind her, voice dry as a bone. “How could that possibly go wrong.”

“They don’t use the cuffs on themselves,” Clarke snapped. “How was I supposed to–”

“Move on, Griffin. Find something else to occupy your time and energy besides the pretty sergeant who seems to always get injured on your shift.”

Cheeks heating, Clarke nodded and hurried off to the nurses’ station on the third floor to scrounge for a new surgical case. Anya didn’t know what she was talking about, but she was still her boss and her directions weren’t to be ignored (no matter how wrong they were, damnit).


Clarke tugged on the bandage a little too hard, but Lexa didn’t wince. She just kept smiling that barely-there smile, the one that spoke of victory. The sergeant was still apparently beyond pleased with herself from last time. 

She was just taping off the bandage ends on the opposite side of the superficial knife would when Lexa spoke.

“You’re not going to ask how I managed it?”

Clarke glanced at her. She almost got caught up in the sergeant’s intense green gaze before managing to respond in a surprisingly even tone, “I think that would just encourage you.”

“It might.”

“That’s what I’m worried about.” Rolling her eyes, Clarke reached to fill out the chart. 

Lexa’s hand on her wrist–gentle but insistent–stopped her. The sergeant’s face softened as she said, “You should ask me how I managed it, I can answer, and then I can ask you a question.”

Clarke felt her lips part in surprise as she struggled for words. “Um, what?”

Letting out a soft little laugh, Lexa squeezed her wrist. “Fine, I’ll ask you my question first. Will you go to dinner with me?”

“As long as you promise to stay put this time,” Clarke quipped with a twist of her lips.

Lexa winked in agreement. And in response, Clarke found herself grinning brightly, because it looked like they’d both be getting their way today, and she might just be getting the better end of the deal.


From across the ER, Clarke saw a flash of familiar brown, curly hair.

“Lexa!” she called frantically, pushing her way towards her girlfriend.

She spun her around, to find Lexa staring at her in confusion…disorientation? Immediately Clarke started searching for wounds, bruises, any reason why she would be in the emergency room.

“Clarke,” Lexa drawled in amusement. 

Instantly, Clarke realized she wasn’t wearing her uniform, just some sweats and a t-shirt. Then she remembered Lexa wasn’t working at the station today. A little embarrassed, she glanced up to find Lexa rolling her eyes.

“I’m fine,” she sighed, a little grin forming. “I just came by to bring my girlfriend lunch.”

“Oh.” Clarke bit her lip, holding back a sheepish laugh.

With another roll of her eyes, Lexa leaned in and kissed her. “You’re ridiculous.”

“I love you.”

Clarke felt Lexa smile against her mouth, whisper I love you, before kissing her again. Reluctantly, she pulled away before she got too greedy (she was still at work, after all) but followed up by asking, “Stay and eat with me?”

“Of course.”

Lexa slipped her hand in hers and tugged her towards the hall. Clarke followed immediately, feeling warm and content to have Lexa by her side.

That One Special Hug

A/N: Muse burst out of nowhere and before I knew it, I was jotting down this blip. Based off of the AnimalSet from SIF. Semi-crack(?)
Words: 4,782
Ships: Kanan x Dia, implied You x Riko
Summary: In which the popular body pillow Panda went on a journey to find her one night stand the mysterious stranger who shared her bed.

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