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Imagine #89 Malia and Katherine (TVD) [Requested]

This is the second part to this imagine as requested. :)

It’d been a month since Katherine arrived to Beacon Hills; the male residents in town fawning over the exquisite stranger, groaning in disappointment as her tactless infatuation with you became the gossip of envious peers. The fascination teetered on obsession; the pack was concerned by the stranger’s bizarre attraction to you. When Malia recounted her encounter with the stranger, Deaton listened intently as he tried to piece together the information in his head, mentally sifting through his knowledge of the supernatural, furrowing his brow as he remain on the sole logical explanation to her appearance. Vampire. He warned Scott of the dangers, explaining that the older the vampire the stronger she’d be, the faster she’d be, the harder it’d be to ‘annihilate the threat’. Scott’s instincts were screaming at him, repeating that Katherine wasn’t friendly, she was dangerous. He tried to persuade you to see reason, to understand the dangers that were associated with getting involved with a vampire; getting involved with her was dangerous. Unfortunately, Katherine had already entrusted you with her secret and it’d seem she was wrapped around your finger; as you were hers.

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