resident evil birthday

Resident Evil officially turns 21 today. They are now legal to drink.

Drink up guys, you all deserve it after all the shit you went through for all these years.

Happy 21 years of Resident Evil everyone!


“Smile, this is for you!”
I made a replica of Lucas’ birthday cake in RE7! I ran out of icing though, but shh you can’t see that. I tried to copy Lucas’ writing but it got messy . And that one fucking candle kept going out. Anyone want a piece? Surely there’s no body parts or bugs or blood inside ;) Happy Birthday! <3 Reblogs welcome.


Happy 20th birthday, Resident Evil!

Nothing is better than listening to your hard work pay off. 

I’ve been addicted to the Resident Evil franchise for years, and RE7 is no exception, I loved it, but most importantly I love Lucas Baker, his character is so interesting and scary at the same time, the only downside to his character, he killed my boy Clancy. XD 

The pose is based on one of Baptiste Parisi (the model for lucas) modeling shots, and the background is ripped straight from the game.