resident evil 5: gold edition


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So like I totally just wanted to take a (long) moment to show off my totally sexy collection of Resident Evil (RE) games.

So from left to right and top to bottom:

Resident Evil Origins Collection which includes Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil Remake. RE Remake is a remake of the original Resident Evil that follows Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine as they navigate through a horror-filled mansion, looking for survivors of the previous team that was sent to investigate the area. Fun stuff. RE Zero is the prequel obviously and it follows Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen (Rebecca was part of the previous team that was sent to investigate the nearby area).

Resident Evil 2 which happens after the original RE. It follows Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield (Chris’ sister).

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X which I consider to be a “2.5” because it happens between RE2 and RE3. It follows Claire and Chris after the events of RE2.

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis which is a fucking nightmare because of Nemesis. Easily one of the most annoying, terrifying, and frustrating bosses in gaming history EVER. It follows Jill after the events of RE2.

• Next up are Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles. You don’t necessarily need to play these two games as most of them are just recaps of the previous games. However, if you go immediately from RE3 to RE4, you will miss a lot of context as RE4 is almost like an entirely different game. I call RE Umbrella Chronicles “3.5.1” and RE Darkside Chronicles “3.5.2” because the missing context from both games happen between RE3 and RE4.

• The legendary Resident Evil 4. The Wii version IS THE BEST, no damn argument needed. If you haven’t played the Wii version, get that one immediately. RE4 follows Leon after RE Darkside Chronicles.

Resident Evil Revelations. This is the game that introduced me into the RE series so it will forever be my favorite. It does come on other console versions but in my opinion, the 3DS version IS THE BEST. I basically call it “4.5” because it happens between RE4 and RE5. It follows Jill and her partner Parker Luciani who is pretty useless. Use him as fodder especially during the first boss which is hard as fuck lmao. You WILL die on the first boss probably a hundred times until you look up how to kill it. I did. No shame on that.

Resident Evil 5. ALWAYS get the Gold Edition because there is an extra campaign that you can play which actually happens before the events of RE5. The game itself follows Chris and his partner Sheva Alomar after RE Revelations and the Gold Edition campaign.

Resident Evil Revelations 2. This one follows Claire and Barry Burton years after RE5. The amount of character bonding in this one is so good and the game itself is notably much more difficult than the previous games. The first ambush at the very beginning is just a preview of the difficulty. I call this game “5.5” because yeah.

• Finally the infamous Resident Evil 6. I haven’t played this one yet but it’s the most disliked RE game among fans. I’ll be getting to this one very soon.

• And the empty spot is where Resident Evil 7 would go but meh. I don’t really like the direction they took with it. Doesn’t seem nor look Resident Evilishy at all. Just like RE4, it is a completely new generation of the RE series but I don’t like the whole first-person perspective and whatnot. So I’m not sure if I’ll get it.

Angry Asian Guy

I… have a question for Valenfield fans.
Not to bash the ship, it’s one of my OTPs as well. I’ve recently listened to the unused dialogues from Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition (can be found here), and there’s an interesting conversation between Jill and Chris.

Jill: I heard you and that girl in Tech Department were getting kind of friendly. I didn’t know you liked them so young.
Chris: Oh, I don’t like them young. (he’s stuttering here, so I may have misheard some words) I just think that when you have a good chemistry with someone, age shouldn’t be an issue, right?
Jill: I suppose.

It’s interesting because the whole conversation sounds casual. Like they’re good friends and partners, but nothing more? It’s unclear if Jill is internally jealous, or she was just teasing Chris, and she’s absolutely okay with him having a romance with someone.
I used to think they love each other, and I believed it when Capcom announced they had gotten married, although it was later proven to be an April Fools joke. But little things like this make me doubt the presence of romance in their relationship. Could they be just friends with a brother/sister connection, like Sheva and Josh? Or is there something more? I wish Capcom clarified at least this. *sigh*