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My name is Alice. I worked for the Umbrella Corporation in a secret laboratory developing experimental viral weaponry. There was an incident. A virus escaped. Everybody died. Trouble was, they didn’t stay dead. This was the start of an apocalypse that would sweep the entire world. The men responsible for this disaster took refuge underground and continued to experiment with the deadly T-Virus. They felt secure in their high-tech fortress. But they were wrong.

Resident Evil Afterlife (2010) Director: Paul W.S. Anderson


you saw the knife and you knew what would happen next, except pain never came. you fell to the ground and heard a growl. Wesker stood where you once had, a knife in his leg. he pulled it out angrily, throwing it to the floor.

he had saved you. he had taken a knife for you. you meant something to him.


as soon as he shut off the monitor he began to pace. this mission was definitely going to be difficult for you, hell, it would be difficult for him. and you were the last one.

the last operative.

but you were so much more than that. he’d known you for years. he couldent help but feel attraction for you, even though it was against the rules of the company.

but then again there were zombies infesting the world and the apocalypse had pretty much happened so damn the rules right?

Wesker sighed and grabbed a gun, he was going after you. shocker.

It’s 2am, Neil’s shuffling into the kitchen to get a glass of water, he flicks on the light and turns around to find himself face to face with a giant tabby cat, who’s been sitting there on the countertop watching him, with it’s eerily sentient eyes. He jumps, and, on his instinct driven backwards step, trips over the water bowl behind him in a cacophony of clattering metal and grunting, before landing on his ass in a painful thud. Andrew, instantly awake and already running out of the room, ready to beat an intruder to death, half blind given he was dead asleep 2 seconds ago, falls over Neil on his way into the room and the both of them end up sprawled on top of each other on the kitchen floor. The cat jumps off the counter and sits on Andrew’s back.

“You fucking idiot,” Andrew says.

“They’re your cats asshole.”


“What’s Up, Nez” is a YouTube series where we talk about all things gaming and pop culture.

This episode, we talk about “defenselessness” and the dynamics of narrative vs gameplay in horror games.


B-Project acting all together! Exhilarating youthful musical movie! On 250 screens throughout the country, Spring 2017 Roadshow

Ascend the throne! Friendship? Or Power?


Houou Academy High School

Shishidou High School

Legendary Gangster - Nishiyama Takanori (Nishikawa Takanori)
JOKER - Kamimori Ryunosuke (Kamiki Ryunosuke)

Introduction Story

-8PM. Shibuya ward, Westside.

Houou Academy High School’s intelligent-type delinquent group, called “Seventh Heaven”, and Shishidou High School’s violent-type delinquent group, called “Route Seven” are always in conflict for Westside’s throne. These boys never stop arguing, but by no means, are they are harmful existence.

The reason is because they were born and raised in Shibuya, and love it more than anyone else. In this town, many of the young residents take spiteful actions, so they won’t show mercy on those who lack manners and morals. They’re the ones who even properly separate the garbage from ordering fast food.

In reality, these two powers have an extremely strong influence of power and it’s no exaggeration to say they preserve the town’s order.

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Well Done, My Student - Overwatch Pre-recall AU!

Genji tried to keep his composure. It never gets any easier…

Hanzo slashed his blade twice across Genji’s body, forming a bloody X on his chest, before finally plunging the katana into his abdomen. Genji winced in pain and dropped to his knees looking at the hilt sticking out of his abdomen; at the blood gushing out of him at an alarming rate; at his brother’s expression which held no signs of pity nor remorse.

The world grew colder and still as Hanzo made his final gesture, kicking his brother off the mountain ledge. Genji fell to his death, the sword still in its place. He did not feel pain. He was unable to feel anything. If anything, he felt betrayed. Betrayed, but not scared. Not anymore.

Zenyatta removed the Orb of Discord off of Genji. “I still do not understand why you keep insisting on replaying this memory over and over, my student.”

“It’s a reminder, master, that even the ones closest to you could hurt you in more ways than you could imagine.”

“Was this why you left the Overwatch program?”

“Had I stuck around until Overwatch was shut down, I would have been on the run like a fugitive; like the rest of them.”

“I see…”

Zenyatta hovered next to Genji as they both assumed the meditation position. Genji closed his eyes and placed the palms of his hands on his lap and remained motionless


They both meditated for a good twenty minutes before Zenyatta broke the silence. “Tell me, Genji…” He hovered the orb of Harmony over the both of them to ease the tension of what he was about to ask his student. “.If you were to meet your brother again, what would you do?”

Genji opened his eyes

I’d slice him through and through…

I’d strike him down where he stands…

I’d hurt him the way he hurt me…

I’d tell him how I will never forget what he had done…

I’d let him know how inferior he made me feel…

I’d show him he didn’t deserve to feel superior than I was…

I’d complain to him about how father preferred him more…

I’d scream at him for how he treated me all those years…

I’d yell at him for disappearing…

I’d scorn him for betraying me…

I’d tell him how much I’ve missed him…

“I’d let him know that I forgive him; that I am ready to move on and make up for the time I lost with my brother…”

“No grudges or seeking vengeance?”


Sombra slid her chair away from the desk and turned around to face the archer who has been standing behind her for about an hour now.

Hanzo stood still as he stared at the hacker’s screen. “Brother…” He tried his best to hold back his tears, but his attempts were futile.

“Now, Shimada. We honored our part of the deal, now it’s your turn.”

She was right. If there was one thing Hanzo knew, it was that honour resides in one’s actions, and that he was a man of his word.

“Very well. I agree.”

Reaper placed his hands on Hanzo’s left shoulder. “Welcome to the team.”

Sombra smiled. Having a powerful resource such as Hanzo Shimada would greatly benefit Talon. They could definitely use a man with his skills and his- “Oh I almost forgot!”

She slid her chair back to her desk and leaned towards the microphone. “Well done…

…my student.”

“Thank you, master.”

Genji closed his eyes again and returned to his meditation.

Connections between Resident Evil/Biohazard 3.5, Resident Evil 5 Lost in Nightmares and Haunting Ground/Demento:

-Fiona and Hewie from Haunting Ground/Demento I think originated from a scenario draft of Resident Evil/Biohazard 3.5, where in RE/BH3.5, they were a girl and her pet B.O.W. dog

-A place in Haunting Ground/Demento and in Resident Evil/Biohazard 5 heavily resembles a place in Resident Evil/Biohazard 3.5’s E3 2003 trailer: in Haunting’s case, it looks similar to RE3.5’s place, whereas in Lost in Nightmares it actually reused the RE3.5 assets!

Haunting Ground/Demento:

Resident Evil/Biohazard 5 Lost in Nightmares:

Resident Evil/Biohazard 3.5:

-A place in Haunting Ground/Demento sort of resembles a place in the Hallucination ver. of Resident Evil/Biohazard 3.5’s gameplay video

Haunting Ground/Demento:

Resident Evil/Biohazard 3.5: