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If you are in an evacuation area and do not have the fuel or ability to get out, call 1-800-955-5504

It is a dedicated transportation hotline for Florida residents who are unable to leave on their own. Please reblog for visibility! The storm will start affecting the Keys as early as tomorrow night!


This little shit is Pudgington.He’s a one legged toad who wants to promote body positivity and racial equality. Pudge is a pro feminist and resides in Florida, home of the gators, sun, and serial killers.

Expect more Pudge from this blog and his instagram (run by my little sister).

His instagram is SirPudgingtonToad

This is Una. She is currently staying at SeaWorld Orlando’s manatee rehabilitation center in one of our critical care pools. The white slatted floor is a hydraulic false bottom which can be raised in order to bring the animals up out of the water for medical treatment with minimal stress. Thanks to the tracking and observation efforts of the Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation Partnership, we know quite a few details about her life. 

This isn’t her first time at SeaWorld. She was rescued as an orphaned calf in 2003, weighing in at 170lbs. At a weight of 980lbs, she was released at Blue Springs State Park with a few other manatees in 2006. She has been seen with a calf of her own, which is very exciting. However, she also suffered from at least one boat strike. She recovered and was left with five propeller scars on her back. Around 90% of manatees have wounds from boat strikes. The scars are used by scientists to identify individuals. Eventually, Una shed her tracking device but was still spotted regularly and easily recognized by the “A5” ID marking on her tail. In late November of 2016, she was discovered to be severely entangled. Both of her pectoral flippers were tightly wrapped in monofilament fishing line which had cut deeply into the tissue almost to the bone. This is what happens when people toss tangled up fishing line overboard or just let wads of it blow away. Please recycle monofilament fishing line properly.

 If you’d like to visit Una during her recovery, come see the Manatee Rehabilitation Area inside SeaWorld Orlando adjacent to the sea turtle habitat. The park is currently caring for 18 manatees. An adult manatee can eat around 200lbs of wet vegetation per day, and the little orphans are bottle fed specialized formula every two hours around the clock. Rescued patients need radiographs, ultrasounds, endoscopies, daily medications, tube feedings, wound care, and complicated surgical prodecures. SeaWorld of Orlando, Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, Miami Seaquarium, and the Jacksonville Zoo are the only facilites permited by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service as designated manatee hospitals. Your visit funds the care of these sick and injured manatees and other rescued wildlife.

The Florida manatee was recently reclassified as “Threatened” (Previously “Endangered”), but the species is far from recovered. They still need all of the protection and support we can provide. “Not endangered” does not mean “not in danger”. If you are a Florida resident, please always vote for legislation that protects and benefits manatees. You can learn more about the Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation Partnership here:


Victorian House, Gainesville by Steven Martin
Via Flickr:
House almost hidden by vegetation.

(I’m not 100% sure of the validity of this so I would call first, as there is a number, but I thought I put the information out there):

This just came in for our Florida Residents: ALL FLORIDA people evacuating to the Panhandle and who can’t afford a hotel, Baldwin County, Alabama (near the Florida/Alabama state line) just approved to open up a 44,000 sq ft building. The address is 19477 Fairground Road, Robertsdale AL 36547 (251-947-3247) It has kitchens, bathrooms and will hold 2,000 people comfortably and up to 5,000 if needed. They also have outside shelters made for pets. They are setting things up and will be open tomorrow for those in need of shelter.

Guardians of the Galaxy at Disney

Peter Quill: Riding every ride in the park. He mapped out the day and has the line tracker app on his phone just to make sure he’s able to ride EVERYTHING before the park closes. His personal favorite is the Pirates of the Caribbean since he insists that he’s a swaggy space pirate. He persuades Gamora to buy pirate gear with him so they can be Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan.

Gamora: Follows Peter but she’d rather hold the bags and loose stuff than go on anything with him. If she loses him, she WILL NOT HESITATE to yell his name until he finds his way back to her. She’s like an embarrassing mom. She did get on the Haunted Mansion ride but she said it was ‘unrealistic’ and made her motion sick.

Drax: Spends the whole time eating food and watching kids have fun. It all reminds him of his daughter so he eats to suppress his emotions. That and the candy is to die for. He ends up throwing up in a trash can and passing out, only to be found by Mickey Mouse and bottle fed water until he comes to.

- “This truly is a magical place!”

Rocket: He and baby Groot wander around with loose bolts to scare kids who are about to get on a ride.

- *Drops the bolt* “Ah, this just came off your seat. Oh well, safe travels!” *the ride zooms off and he smirks*

He spends the rest of the time judging all he stuffed toys for being unrealistically cute (and larger than him). He does let baby groot ride some of the small kiddie rides but since neither of them are tall enough for thrill seeking ones, they stick to the ground.

Yondu: He makes it his mission to meet EVERY character in the park. Of course he sees Mary Poppins, what is he, an amateur? After a while he ends up going to some of the gift shops and buying little Disney trinkets to put on the console. He even decides to make his next fin look like Mickey Mouse ears.

Ego: He finds a bench and falls asleep for the entire day. Because of the beard, some of the kids confuse him for one of snow whites dwarves. He’s in such a slumber he doesn’t even care to notice. He wakes up during the fireworks but still thinks the day was amazing. He doesn’t buy anything and he doesn’t even do anything but he still finds it one of the most enjoyable experiences of his life.

Mantis: She spends the whole time taking photos and riding the “Its a Small World” attraction over and over again. By the time they all get ready to go home, she sings the song repeatedly and it nearly gets her mouth duct taped. She ended up with some aesthetic photos and she even spent a lot of her time over at the Magic Kingdom to visit the Bugs Life attractions.

Shout out from a Florida resident worker

Hurricane Irma is set to hit us head on very soon and I just wanna say as shitty as work can be sometimes, I’m happy to say that while corporate higher-ups were fighting about whether or not employees should work right up until the storm reaches us, our managers told us not to come in for the rest of the week so we could actually take time to prepare our homes and families.

I know there are a lot of employees still having to work. Stay strong, and stay safe.


Paul John Knowles: The Casanova Killer.

Paul Knowles had a history of criminal behaviour long before he started his killing spree. As a teenager and an adult, Knowles had spent time in jails for petty theft, care theft, and burglary. By the time he was released from prison, the 28-year-old Florida resident suffered from loneliness, rejection and failure.

Sandy Fawkes, a woman he met (but chose not to kill) described Knowles as a man who could be thoughtful and even protective. He also appeared to be confused as to his sexuality. Some of the rapes he confessed to were never completed because of his sexual inadequacies. One of his male victims appears to have been associated with homosexual behaviour. Knowles met him in a gay bar and was invited to spend the night at his home but killed him following an argument. Knowles decided to make his mark on society and began a 4-month killing rampage that would cover seven states and include at least 18 victims. He later claimed to have killed at least 35 people; the admissions were never confirmed.

Knowles’s killings were generally random; he often murdered someone to conceal detection or to rob him or her. Some of his victims he simply killed for enjoyment. He murdered children, teenagers, adults and elderly people. Most of his victims died by strangulation, although at least 5 were shot to death. Most of them were female, but he raped or attempted to rape only a few. He managed to elude law enforcement through cunning and sheer luck as he drove thousands of miles, killing along the way.

Finally he abducted a police officer and another male traveler, handcuffed them to a tree and shot both in the head, killing them instantly. After running a road block, he smashed his car into a tree and fled into the woods. He surrendered moments later when confronted by a local resident pointing a shotgun at him. After his arrest Knowles reveled in the notoriety and gave several interviews. He made a point of telling the press he was the ‘only successful member of his family’. The next day Knowles was shot and killed as he attempted to escape from the police.

Cryptid  Profile: Pinky (AKA: The St. Johns River Monster)

On May 10th, 1975 at 10am, near Jacksonville Florida, a boat carrying five people down the St. Johns River came across an unknown creature. The passengers of the boat stated that what they saw had been much like a dragon with a long neck, it raised its head out of the water quickly and was gone just as fast. The five individuals clearly saw the creature only 20ft away and were left stunned. But this wasn’t the first time the creature made itself known. As far back as the mid 50’s, the St. Johns River Monster had been giving a shock to locals fisherman and residents of the area.

Between 1955 and 1961, there were a considerable amount of sightings of the river monster. A majority of the sightings took place between Astor Park and Lake Monroe. One witness claimed that he saw the monster out of the water near the edge of the river. He stated that it was eating the large plants growing close to the water. As the monster moved around, it left a flat and smashed path of vegetation below it. It also easily crushed bushes and moved a considerable amount of earth. Another sighting came from two fishermen out on the St. Johns River. The two men claimed to be sitting in their boat when a great bubbling came up from water beneath them. Suddenly, the bubbling turned into a great force and the boat was almost flipped over. The men quickly raced towards shore.

In the 60’s, a young woman by the name of Mary Lou Richardson was out bow hunting with her father and friend near the St. Johns River. When the trio got closer to the rivers edge, Mary noticed something large swimming through the water and brought it to the attention of her father and friend. All three witnesses stated that the creature was an extremely odd looking animal with a large flat head sitting upon a somewhat long neck. The creature looked almost like that of a dinosaur. During that same day, four other separate groups of people sighted the exact same looking creature in the same stretch of river originally seen by Miss Richardson. This sighting was later retold to famous Cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson who then wrote an article about the whole thing for the magazine Argosy.

The clearest description of the river monster comes from one of the 5 boaters in 1975. Dorthy Abram stated that the monster looked almost like a dinosaur but that its skin was pulled “back” so tight, that you could see almost all of its bones. The head, which sat on the top of a 3ft long neck, was almost the size of a full grown mans, and sitting on top of it were two snail-like horns that each had a little bone like knob at the end. On each side of the head, there were flaps of skin that hung down over what appeared to be gills. The mouth was large and was turned downward, and the eyes were slanted and very dark. The skin was almost pink in color, much like that of boiled shrimp. It is this defining feature that gave the St. Johns River Monster its new nickname, Pinky.

The other four passengers on the boat (including Abrams’ husband Charles) all agreed that Pinky looked almost prehistoric. As if a dinosaur walked right out of the past and ended up directly in front of them. All five individuals stated that when the monster submerged back into the river, it left absolutely no ripple on the surface of the water.

Eventually, as the years went on, fewer sightings of Pinky were made. It seemed as if years passed between sightings and eventually they seemed to stop all together. Because of this, fishermen and residents along the river believed that Pinky may have died. But that doesn’t mean that a monster has stopped residing in the St. Johns River. Sporadic monster sightings continue to this day from Florida residents. Although these sightings make no mention to a creature with pink skin and clearly seen bones. The modern reports of river monsters talk about what appears to be large serpent like creatures that resemble giant eels or snakes.

So what was the monster known as Pinky? Some cryptozoologists today believe that the St. Johns River Monster could have been a new species of giant salamander. The Japanese giant salamander can grow to a length of 5ft long and the Chinese giant salamander can grow to a length of 6ft long. Both species can also have a pink skin color due to their diet. It is not unbelievable that a North American sub-species could grow larger than this. Others claim that Pinky could have been a large albino manatee, alligator, or pink dolphin. Still others believe that the monster was a surviving species of Thescelosaurus neglectus (a dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period in North America). These dinosaurs could grow to be 11ft long and were related to Iguanodons.

At 310 miles long, the St. Johns River is the longest river in Florida. The mouth of the river begins at the Atlantic Ocean, so this opens up the possibility that Pinky is originally from the open ocean and every once in a while, swam up the river where witnesses were able to lay eyes upon it. Eventually, the creature could have made its way back out to the ocean and simply chose never to return.

Whatever Pinky was, it is fondly remembered for being one of the most original river monsters to date. It’s pink skin and skeletal appearance set it aside from its cold gray snake like cousins found throughout the world.

-The Pine Barrens Institute


The Southernmost House by PelicanPete
Via Flickr:
in the continental United States ~ Key West, Florida U.S.A.