I figured out a way to continue this

Blanch spoke up “365, our years are 365 ¼ days. And you wanted something to do, we might as well give you a simple history lesson. Anna, will you do the honors.” Anna’s face lit up with excitement “yes! Okay. Ahem,”
Anna pointed to the first picture of the two army’s fighting against each other.
“6,000 years ago humans were starting to explore the world they had not known they shared with us. When they discovered our civilizations they were power hungry. They wanted to conquer everything and rule over everything and everyone and kill anything that was in their path! But they had no idea what kind of creatures they were messing with, thus the Empress had to fight against them, years past while humans try so hard to conquer and rule we tried to keep the peace with the creatures who lived and fall here, we won! The Empress lead her army and her people to victory! Along her side was our ancestors! Excluding Drumri’s….”
Anna pointed at the picture of the hands reaching out to the figure.
“But sadly there were some of our kind who didn’t want humans to be with us. So traitors started a project called ‘Field M’ it’s a miners heaven. Caverns filled with minerals and gemstones. Field M originally was the idea to resurrect the fallen soldiers and replace their missing core shards with brand new ones. But over time they found a way with magic and technology to create new heartless, mindless, evil, robotic, soldiers who’s only jobs were to follow the instructions of their leader who’s plans were to destroy all humans. It was a massive bloodshed. Years and years of fighting for peace our empress lead our kind to victory! And we banished the surviving traitors out of this universe and broke off their only way back. Time after the war, there was a disturbance in Field M. There the Empress and her closes discovered that a young, small, defective, fuchsia little girl was left behind, she wasn’t like the others who were created there, she had her own mind, she was compassionate, she was strong, that’s where Drumri’s ancestor was taken in, and where the Reshon family tree starts. This base we are in is the same Base our ancestors and the Empress had used themselves to fight in the war. We were relocated to this base after our older siblings went MIA in a mission. We aren’t even sure if they’re in this universe anymore. Now we are here. Taking our siblings place.” Anna took a minute to think about what she was going to say next. “Over the years our kind have obviously mixed with the humans and other creatures. Half humans are not all that uncommon for us. Riolina and her older sister, Lucia, are half humans, there older brother is a full human. Riolina and Lucia are also part of the Royal family, when Riolina was born the Empress gave up the last of her energy to have her, she’s gone now, we have a room dedicated to all who have lived in this base.” Anna sighed, and gave a small smile “any questions?”