What hurts the most - Olicity

Alright so as I posted I wanted to write a one shot with Felicity giving Oliver hard time. This is how it turned out. I am open with writing a part two to this if you only show an interested in that :) please be aware that there might be mistakes, I am not master in writing and grammar but yeah other that that enjoy! <3

For the past two days Oliver noticed the changed in Felicity’s behavior. He thought it was because of what she told him about his mother and Robert not being Thea’s father.

He didn’t understand how she could be thinking he would hate her or be mad at her as anything he was thankful she told him the truth when his own mother wasn’t able to do that.

When he asked her what was wrong with her like always she said nothing but this time she didn’t give him time to push her a little bit, she turned around and walked away from him.

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