I wasn’t the child they were seeing not if I didn’t want to be. I was Peter Pan, the Big Bad Wolf, even a talking sea lion on occasion- but I was certainly not a little girl. I wasn’t anything yet, or maybe I was everything I would ever be.
—  Refuse by Elliot DeLine and Gen Thomas

sincerelybread asked:

My day was alright, I mean at school I yelled at a girl who refused to call me Braedyn. When my friend called me Bree (i corrected her) and then the girl who resfuses was like "HOW COME YOU LET HER CALL YOU BREE WHEN YOU DONT LET ME?" And like the friend is the only one who started calling me Braedyn with no worries and like with a smile on her face like omg i love my friend jenna shes so great oh yeah the girl, it was her birthday as well. How was your day?

eh it was okay not much happened