anonymous asked:

What policies do you support or not support to mitigate the harms of Islam. For example, you say you are okay with life sentences for those who commit FGM, and that you are okay with the Australian government surveiling its Muslim population, but not with Hanson's other policies. I assume you support outlawing the niqab in non-Muslim countries. What else do you support or not support? Where do you draw the line and why?

My issue with Islam is that people treat it and Muslims with kid gloves, too afraid to say or do the “wrong” thing. 

I would like to clarify that FGM is not wholly an Islamic practice and the reason why I believe that those who commit FGM deserve life sentences is because of the physical and mental trauma that these girls will face the rest of their lives. Many girls on their wedding nights need to be sliced open and resewn up the next day. It is a barbaric custom and is rooted in the control of women and their sexuality and has absolutely no place in society. Aid organizations and activists have tried educating people for the past 30+ years about the harms of FGM and they won’t listen so I believe the only way people who commit FGM are going to understand is if they are thrown in prison and the key is thrown away.

I support the idea of surveillance on the Muslim population or perhaps flagging certain sites, terminology etc because I do not want Australia to turn into war zone. I do not want to have to think that I may be caught in the middle of a terrorist attack whilst I’m walking through Flinders St Station. 
I support surveillance in Mosques and Islamic Schools because where do you think people are getting the idea to go fight for ISIS from? Australia currently has over 100 individuals fighting for ISIS and most of them are born and bred in Australia. In the Mosques I grew up in, there is a lot of anti-western sentiment. Many of the Imams tell their followers that they are promised paradise, they extol the virtues of martyrs and that disbelievers will burn in hell for eternity and that Muslims must fight against them. Muslims are told that they should not conform to “western” ideas because Islam is perfect. Another policy Hanson wants implemented is that Mosques be open to the public during open hours. Right now I can walk into any mosque and there wouldn’t be any issue so long as I were to abide by the rules such as removing my shoes, etc. 

The Niqaab is a means of control and when used for that purpose, I despise it. However if an individual sincerely believes that they must wear it for their faith, that’s on them. One of Hanson’s policies is about the fact that a full face must be shown on a driver’s license and passport. I can tell you right now, that when I was wearing the Niqaab, I just flipped it up and had my photo taken. You could see my entire face. I have never heard of a Muslim woman being able to take a picture with it down. Another policy I don’t agree with is banning the Niqaab in public places. If that ban had been in effect when I was living at home, I wouldn’t of been able to attend university (albeit for a short period) which in turn could of ended up with me becoming indoctrinated into Islam even more. Many young Muslim women who wear the Niqaab have been forced to wear it and depriving them of being able to interact with society will only force them further into the dark shroud of Islam. 

Hanson wants to call a referendum to change Section 116 of the Australian Constitution which states that the Federal Parliament is no allowed to make laws for establishing any religion, imposing any religious observance, or prohibiting the free exercise of any religion. Her intention behind it is directly related to her anti-Islam status. I believe that all religions should be placed under scrutiny from the government regardless of their origins and practices. 

What is great about living in Australia is that we are able to choose. We can choose what to believe in or not, we can choose to dress a certain way, we can choose who we want to be and I draw the line at those rights being taken away from us by those who wish to return Australia to a White Only Christian State or turn Australia into the next Islamic State. 

I firmly believe that you have the right to do anything you want, but the moment it starts to negatively impact on those around you, you lose that right. 

I hope that answers your questions.