You know that moment when you walk into a party in fancy-dress…. But it’s just a regular party..? Yeeaaahhhh….. #awkward 😕. But good news tho - mum has resewn our avengers pugjamas so they are now adjustable for endless treats!!! Woo!!! 🍪🍗🍖🍏🍖🍖🍗🍪. #pugpawty #pugjamaparty #pugjamas #pug #pugpup #puglife #pugpuppy #pugproblems #pugsnotdrugs #pugsofsydney #pugsofinstagram #thepugdiary by wynstan_and_dougs_pug_life


Just last weekend, I requested to visit the lady who created this wonderful book, just to see her in person as well as to hear her story. The author and artist of this book, Ms Tan, created this for her GCE A Levels examinations. She told me she took Interior Decoration and Sewing as her majors back in the 70s, and this was her final project. She remembers fondly her experience typing, drawing and painting this book, but when I praised the beautiful colours used in the paintings and drawing, she smiled so brilliantly. It moved me and made me realise that what I do makes people happy and keeps their memories alive. And I enjoy the stories behind every person and every book. 

Rebacked and resewn using the unsupported link stitch, with fray-not spine lining and secondary sewing. The covers had new book cloth that matched the original purple-maroon book cloth, and attached to the textblock using a hollow. The fray-not was tucked under the endpapers, which were already lifted due to the disintegrating mull that was once there.