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Their reaction to a single parent Inquisitor asking tentatively if that advisor/companion can personally take their child in if they fall in battle, because there's no one they trust more.

Cassandra: She is speechless. Never in her life, not even at the culmination of her vigil when she was named to the ranks of the Seeker’s of Truth, has she been so honored, so humbled. To be trusted with the life of the Inquisitor’s child, with their future and care and ultimate upbringing is beyond any task she has ever been given, and yet one she will accept with absolute honor. She says yes with absolute conviction, but also promises herself that she will not allow the Inquisitor to fall.

Solas: It breaks his heart, that the person he has deceived and ultimately will betray, trusts him to such extremes as to put their child’s future in his hands. He has no da’len of his own, never intended to be a father, and yet there is a part of him that is tempted beyond words to accept. He will ultimately refuse, though doing so with gratitude and humbled awe that the would ask, and citing his solitary lifestyle as not being on that a child would thrive in.

Varric: First off, he knows he keeps saying that this story is lously on heroes but a little optimism wouldn’t go astray. Secondly…shit, him? He’s not a father figure! Hell he can barely keep his adult friends alive and sober and in relative states of nutrition. That all being said he would step u because Maker knows he would have killed for a parent like the Inquisitor when he was young. And if they think he could do it than damn it he won’t let them down. He’ll just have to kid proof the Hanged Man.

Sera: She refuses to hear the shite about the Inquisitor dying, refuses to listen….but they all know it’s a possibility. But the fact that they want her to watch their kid? Raise their kid? For once she doesn’t have words. She doesn’t remember her own family, hates Lady Emmald, and has very little to no domestic skills of her own. But if they trust her with the life of their child, the heath and happiness of her child then she will bring down mountains to make sure that kid grows up right.

Just…don’t die and make her do it, yeah?

Vivienne: There is no question, no hesitation. Madame de Fer says yes with neither resevation or pause. This is the Inquisitor asking her to raise their child. Put aside all the politics, the machinations and the intrigue, this is a parent entrusting her with  their most precious duty. And should the need arise, she would raise them to the best of her ability, see them educated and trained, and protect them with her life.

Blackwall: His first instinct, especially before Revelations, is to refuse. Who is he to raise a child, to try to mold a young life onto the right path? Maker’s balls the last time the lives of children were in his hands he killed them, and that thought has haunted him ever since. And yet the request is like absolution, like forgiveness and the cool rain after the summer’s heat– healing. He finally agrees, and swears to himself that if such a thing falls to him that he would give the child the best life he could, and defend them to his last breathe.

Dorian: He is not a father. The words bubble up fast in his throat thick with panic. He has never intended to be a father, to father a child, that path is closed off to him and he likes it that way! But in the end the words don’t come. Because he looks at them- at the way they love their child without reservation, without excuse of caveat- and he suddenly wishes that his own parents had been so loving. And he also knows without question that he could overcome that pain and that disapointment and give a child his best. He could love a child, care for a child, support a child the way his father did not because he is more than that. No oath means more in his life than the one he gives to the Inquisitor, and he means it with every fiber of his being.

Iron Bull: Absolutely. It’s the worst kept secret in the Ben Hassrath that the Iron Bull really should have been a Tamassran. He has the attitude, the way with kids, the heart and the intelligence and just the need to comfort that makes him the perfect candidate. And so he says yes in a heart beat, knowing the Chargers would understand, and though he hopes it doesn’t come to pass he also starts laying out contigency plan in case it does.

Cole: “Small hands reaching, grew in my heart, all that I am. Want them to be safe and happy, want them to grow up strong and brave. I don’t know if I can do it, but I will always make sure they are safe.”

Leliana: It’s…Maker, it’s so much. She keeps it together when they ask, tells them that of course she would aid them in this. But once they are gone she breaks down. For years she has been the left hand of the Divine, taking on the guilt and the burden of working in the shadows and all that it entails. And yet this person, chosen by Andraste herself to save th world, trusts her enough to care for their child. Like Blackwall she sees it as a sort of absolution, and resovles then and there that if it happens she will be their rock.

Josephine: It’ a startling offer, to be sure, but not one she finds displeasing. Indeed she is honored to be thought of in that manner, and while she hopes very much that it never comes to that she also is determined that if she does take the child they will be well cared for.

Cullen: It’s like a weight is lifted off of him. For so many, many years he has strained under the weight the all he has done. Of the mistakes in Ferelden’s Circle, of the years of forced ignorance in Kirkwall. So many people hurt, especially when it was his duty to protect them and he failed. But the fact that Inquisitor asks this of them, the fact that they trust him with their child, their flesh and blood….It’s like a rebirth. He has a second chance- if Maker forbid something happens- and even if it doesn’t he has proven in their eyes that he is trustworthy enough for such a task. It is an honor he will never forget.

–Mod Fereldone

Where the senpai’s would take you on the first date - Headcanon

Ai: Romanitc movie. He would want to explore your emotions and see how you react to different things so he can try to take a shot at your heart.

Akira: Garden/Park. His love for plants and nature influenced his decision. It is also a good way to relax and get some fresh air.

Haruka: Somewhere the two of you never been before. Doing new things is great and safe, considering that he is a nurse.

Hideki: Home cooked meal! After cramming and working on his papers, he won’t have energy to do much. A nice meal at home would serve as a good date, allowing time to chat lightly about several topics and work.

Hinata: His basement. An inclusive area where it would be just you two alone. His eccentric personality would take you to a fair and visit the love tunnel, a mirror house where you play hide and seek. He’d just stand in one place though and watch you run around trying to find him.

Izumi: Aquarium + art museum. This book lover is also in love with the arts! These two dates will enabe the two of you to see what he sees in books. It also makes room for conversation about the view/content.

Jean: A resevered dinner date. Just the two of you, and the workers. He rented the entire place just for you.

Katsuo: Beach + Picnic. He would first urge you to swim around with him (if you cant swim you will be on a ride on assortment, and he will push you around) After an exhausting day, you guys will relax under an umbrella and enjoy a good picnic!

Kei: He would want to just spend time with you, and getting to know what you see as romantic. So that next time he will know exactly what you like.

Kyouya: A stroll at the park + sight seeing. Kyouya wll be interested in getting to your mind and how you think. His goal is to get to know you better in conversation and interaction.

Makoto: Water sports. Being a Pisces, the best two things would be water, and sports. Maybe you guys will be playing volleyball in a pool?

Reiji: Science fair/Musuem. Being a cancer, he would feel uncomfortable being outside of anything he is used to. So a science-date would be the best he could do.

Ren: Star gazing and chill. Ren would feel uncomfortable going anywhere he is not familiar with, but would also like for a way for you to not be bored. Sharing half of his earphones, the two of you will slowly watch all the stars, telling stories to each other, as the two of you fall asleep.

Shun: Game arcades/internet cafe. This boy has a love for all games and does not judge based on pixels. Gaming is a great way for the two of you to get to know each other more, while both witnessing each others competitive side. 

Souh: Guess who is playig princess? You are^^ He will treat you out to a day at the spa. Possibly compete with the workers and help you relax.

Soujiro: Gallery/Showcase. Calligraphy is an art. He would want to get your opinion and inform you on the many things to know about calligraphy.

Souma: Sight seeing at his home town/ places he has been before. You guys will be able to taste different foods. He will bring you to his favorite bakery, favorite park, etc.

Sousuke: Any Night time activity. His aim is for your heart and so, your heart he will try to understand.

Suzuki: Shopping/Classical Concert. He would want to avoid fans AT ALL COST, because he wants to spend the day with just you. Going shopping would be a good idea because he thinks it’s a nice way to buy diguises and for him to spoil you. A classical concert would also be nice because it is very nice and calming, away from fans.

Takahiro: Shopping. It’s a good thing he has plenty jobs^^ The more he is able to spoil you with. Not just clothes shopping, but any kind of shopping you like^^.

Takeru: Yukata/Japanese festival. A festival is full of entertainment, sights, and food! He believes this is the best way to make you relax and have fun. He will secretly take candid pictures of you, and that will be the only time he takes out his phone/camera.

Tokiya: Outdoor movies. Those movies that show at night outdoors. Both romantic and intimate.

Wakatoshi: Fine dining. In attempt to show you a more gentle side, he would take you to a nice diner where the two of you can be catered to. That doesn’t mean though, that if somehing goes wrong he will let it go. He’s ready to throw hands at anytime just for you.

Touya: Art musuem/show case. Somewhere he can socialize and met new people together with you.

Touru: Fencing competition. He woulod like to take you somewhere unusal, and isn’t considered a normal date. 

Tsuyoi/Hajime: Cruising. Initial plan would be to go somewhere fancy, but his festive personality will serve plans useless. You guys will just end up cruising everywhere.

Yamato: Night concert! A scorpio and a lover of music, a night concert is a great way to stay intimate and spend time with the two of his passions. You + Music.

Yuu: Cat Cafe/ Zoo. Yuu loves to stimulate his senses. Any place he can touch something cute is a place he believes will be a good date!

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(Alice reseves a buliten) HELLS MOST WANTED: Jason Voorhess: wanted for nearly makeing the demons of lust extinct. Doom Guy: mass demon killer. Mr. Ludwig: scammed satin!


“never heard of these toons before….”

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It's not like Hiyoko's the Ultimate Singer, so it makes no sense for you to say Hinata can't sing as well as her because he's from the Reseve Course. Really, Nagito?

Don’t tell me what does or doesn’t make sense for me to do. That Reserve Course student didn’t even deserve to be in the competition in the first place.

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i cant believe how modest nagisa is when everyone compliments him i mean people probably think he wants to be the center of attention but when it comes to serious things he just keeps it to himself and gets reseved and shy and do you realize he STILL probably thinks hes nothing special and that his friends make him special and that he wouldnt be amazing without them, that hed be nothing without them but like nagisa hazuki can you not see you are such an angel oh my god rei just tell him already


Nagisa is all like 

But he is totally trying to make a joke out of it because he’s not used to being genuinely appreciated. He’s someone who has always been “not enough” his entire life, for his classmates, family, anyone. He’s not used to compliments. 

So when Haru sincerely thanks him

He gets flustered and is overjoyed

And in this episode he does the same thing. He deflects a compliment entirely. 

But I appreciate that his friends do tell him he is appreciated, especially Rei, whose compliments seem to shake him up the most, since he thinks (for some reason aka love) that Rei is super cool (even though he’s an embarrassing dork). 


Congratulations to our boys for achieving so much and working hard. It may have been a difficult year for you, but you did not allow that let you down and rised your head preparing yourselves to face anything this year would have reseved for you. I admire your strong will and I thank you for enduring everything, even when the most harsh critics were shouted by your “fans”. I am proud to be an EXO-L and I will never stop supporting you.

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constantly share way too much with people too fast, even when I tell myself I won't right before.

oh my GOD do I know this feel :( “i will be reserved i will be resev- LET ME TELL YOU ALL MY DARKEST SECRETS!”….. fuck”



Oil Painting by Paul Jaisini
PAUL JAISINI DESTROYED ALL OF HIS PAINTINGS IN 1994 to paint invisible paintings.

In Blind Kingdom line is jagged and light glows inside the line’s curves modeling images. The frontal relations here are more contrasted.
Moving up light gets hazy and dim. The line delineates concave and convex forms creating profiles just as drawing in process that seems unmediated.
The line maneuvers and changes, animating images one after another connected in sequence.
The first profile is in the upper left, the second is clothed in a cardinal red hat, the third is with a massive nose and is turned left, and the fifth is turned right giving out blessings.
In the left lower part another profile can be found with red, liquid hair.
The color of sacrificial arterial blued blood has often symbolized in the history of art a ritual of having the faithful to drink blood red wine.
The active red color of “Blind Kingdom” supports the overall movement of composition. The light balances environment and red areas seem cooler.
The cold areas in turn are offset by the orange and lighter red.
In Blind Kingdom the line is jagged with light glows inside the line’s curves that is modeling the images. The frontal relations here are more contrasted.
Moving up the light turns hazy and dim.
The line delineates concave and convex forms creating profiles just as drawing in process that seems unmediated.
The line maneuvers and changes, animating images one after another connected in sequence.
The first profile is in the upper left, the second is clothed in a cardinal red hat, the third is with a massive nose and is turned left, and the fifth is turned right giving out blessings.
In the left lower part another profile can be found with red, liquid hair.
From the title it is assumed that the work transmits a philosophical concern. However, from the style of execution of this small painting it is not easy to deconstruct what had led the artist for its creation, the idea or the improvisation of his line into the sequential images.
Usually Paul Jaisini is opposed to make any sketch or preparatory drawings for his works and most pictures are painted in one go.
In “Blind Kingdom” Jaisini unites a question of art with question of faith: “In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”
The formal beauty, spontaneity, and complexity of this work insure its great aesthetic sensibility and validity.



MOre OCs ok

Thorn Alford: I have a werewolf OC so of course I have to have a vampire one, right? Thorn was born some time in the 1700s somewhere in England(very specific i know). He is highly educated and very proper. He sometimes uses his charm as a means of manipulation but only when he needs to, otherwise he loves to have sincere conversations with people about just about anything.

Tax McLain: He’s a fox shapeshifter and is also Devon’s cousin. He’s almost the opposite of Devon in the way that he doesn’t talk much and doesn’t try to bring any extra attention to himself. When he does talk however its usually questions, he is very curious and likes learning about things and people, which is also why he enjoys reading/researching. Even though he isn’t a werewolf he is still an honorary member of Devon’s pack(shown by the maroon feather).

Cypher Clemensen: A music loving, hyperactive, put on this earth to annoy Tax to know end, dweeb with an affinity for electricity. He is basically a genius when it comes to anything that needs to be plugged in but when it comes to anything else, not so much. He’s Tax’s best friend and is the loud and expressive to Tax’s quiet and resevered.