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A Little Out of Place

Intro: So I got the Spock feels the other day (thanks to @storiesfromstarfleet) and so I spit out this little baby fic because I was feeling kinda down and wanted some Spock fluff and cuddles. 

Pairing: Spock x reader

Word Count: 1168

Summary: Reader is having a weird/anxious-y kinda day and Spock is there for cuddles.  Fluff.  That is all.  


You heard your name from across the room, but you couldn’t bring yourself to respond to the familiar voice. 

“Are you still in bed?  We need to leave soon.”

You curled yourself tighter in the blankets and whimpered softly in to the pillow.

 “I don’t think I can go, Spock.” You croaked from your fetal position on the bed, unsure if he could even hear you. 

Soft, even footfalls sounded on the thin carpet as Spock rounded the bed, and soon his dark, tall form appeared in your view.  You barely looked up at him as you drew the blankets tighter around your chin. 

“Do you feel ill?” Spock asked, his voice soft with concern. 

You shook your head, messing up your hair as it rubbed against the pillow. 

“Then what is the matter?”

The question almost brought tears to your eyes and you managed a shrug, staring only at the space between his kneecaps. 

“Ashayam, you must tell me what is wrong or I cannot help you.” Spock squatted down in front of you now, his eyes becoming level with yours, a look of worry lining his features. 

“I don’t think I can go today.” You mumbled, your heart clenching and unclenching inside your chest, making it hard to breathe. 

“You must come, Y/N, it is a very important event.” Spock stated. 

Guilty tears began to roll down your cheeks, hot and thick, at the thought of disappointing Spock, and at your sudden change in emotion Spock’s features changed from worry to deep concern and alarm. 

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I’ll Make You Love Me Pt. 11



***Author Note***

I’m so sorry I’m updating this slower than I’d like to. I do want to thank you guys for waiting, but…um… Could you not ask me how often I usually update? I write around my life, and since this isn’t a commission I don’t really have a schedule for it. I know this is no one’s intention at all, but it makes me feel a little pressured when people keep asking when I’ll update, how often I’ll update, if I’m still continuing it, etc. However, it makes me feel really excited when people say something along the lines of I really liked the last chapter! Keep up the good work! I love your story! Stuff like that. It boosts my confidence and keeps me wanting to write, whereas the other way makes me feel incredibly anxious and nervous to post again. I…I’m still not used to so many reading my stories and with each update I worry that I’ll disappoint you guys. 

<3 I really want you guys to like my story, and I’m so happy you do and I want you to know I truly do appreciate the support. I write a chapter in one sitting and have to be in the right mindset to do so. 

***End Note***

A strange ache thrummed in your soul as you glared at your…the human on your bed. The terror in their eyes really drove it home as you tried to control your breathing. “you really think i’m a jerk after everything i’ve done?” You slam a fist on your sternum, “are you fucking kidding me?!”

The human spat, “Do you really think I’m that stupid?!” That stupid weed cowered behind them as they yelled with tears in their eyes, “I know you just want my soul! Everything you’ve done doesn’t mean shit, sans!”

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The Color Blue: Chapter 10

Summary: Sans’s final words echoed through your head. You had no clue how to find Frisk though. And what was ‘Reset’? You shook your head. You didn’t have time to think about things right now, if Frisk could help then you needed to find them and fast.

Chapter Listings Here

Note: Sorry for the super short chapter, I promise i’ll have a longer one up tomorrow. Still not feeling too well but here it is <3 hope you enjoy anyway

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A More Open Approach for the @sfmoma Expansion, Designed by @snohetta

To see more photos from the new SFMoMA, follow @sfmoma and @snohetta on Instagram.

The expansion of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (@sfmoma) includes a second entrance and soaring atriums — light-filled and welcoming places where visitors can spend time for free and view art even if they’re not planning a full museum visit. “It’s a way for the museum to say that this is a new gallery, a new type of work, with a new mission to bring people inside,” says Jon McNeal, the project architect at Snøhetta (@snohetta), the firm that designed the expansion.

The elements in the museum that Jon expects will be photographed the most include the entryways, the dynamic new façade of the building and — perhaps surprisingly — the restrooms. “We designed them to be a visual reset for your eyes,” says Jon, describing facilities that relate to the artwork on each floor and are bathed in the same bright color from floor to ceiling, whether magenta or fire-engine red or bright green. “It’s a clear punctuation mark for your visit,” he says. “When you go back to the gallery, it’s as if you’re entering it for the first time.”