((    Hmm yes yes I can see this working out excellently. ’,B)   ))


Four more of Vered’s Pokemon. I’ve finally started to settle on designs. These four actually have names so I’m posting them first.

Left to right:

Ze'evi, Creme, Fior and Kajmir.

Ze'evi is a Hitmonchan/Gardevoir/Spiritomb hybrid (I doubt anyone can remember who his parents are). Creme is a Lopunny/Meowstic hybrid (her father is a Lopunny). Fior is a Sandslash/Roselia hybrid and Kajmir is a Bisharp/Honedge hybrid.

I shall now go and make myself some supper, and finish up the last four even though they’re all nameless….

Upon hearing Ananke’s lullaby, Victor tensed up, “What’s that sound…” Victoria immediately pulled him out of the room, whispering, “We’re okay, we’re okay, we’re okay, we’re okay-”

Victoria: Why…what did he ever do to deserve this?

Victoria: I felt it…Otu just died…Virgil is dying…Victor is suffering…I’m such a failure, why did I think I could protect anyone…

Victor: You’ve done so many wonderful things already. You…you make us, the pathetic and the hopeless feel like we’re worth something. Because you really believe it, so we start to believe it, too. That’s incredible, you’re incredible.

Soul Eater Otu wielding a tommy gun Victoria and Eyquem dual wielding (somehow) Victor katanas!

Response to THIS, using THIS as reference! I got carried away because there was no way I was going to let all those awesome colors go to waste. Victoria might make a lame-looking pink tommy gun BUT SHE SHOOTS PSYCHIC BOLTS OR SOMETHING SO DON’T MESS WITH THEM OR OTU WILL FILL YOU WITH HOLES.

is it me or am I pretty much going to draw fanart today, that sounds like a good idea.