((    Hmm yes yes I can see this working out excellently. ’,B)   ))

Upon hearing Ananke’s lullaby, Victor tensed up, “What’s that sound…” Victoria immediately pulled him out of the room, whispering, “We’re okay, we’re okay, we’re okay, we’re okay-”

Victoria: Why…what did he ever do to deserve this?

Victoria: I felt it…Otu just died…Virgil is dying…Victor is suffering…I’m such a failure, why did I think I could protect anyone…

Victor: You’ve done so many wonderful things already. You…you make us, the pathetic and the hopeless feel like we’re worth something. Because you really believe it, so we start to believe it, too. That’s incredible, you’re incredible.

Okay in the second one. I don’t think he’s actually hurting Pascal, but when he gets out his teeth Otu kinda’ bleeds black ectoplasm. Pascal just tends to freak out when his dad does that and is scratching his face.

As compensation for all the morbid I drew something cuter, in which Pascal thinks he’s a cat.