((    Hmm yes yes I can see this working out excellently. ’,B)   ))

Upon hearing Ananke’s lullaby, Victor tensed up, “What’s that sound…” Victoria immediately pulled him out of the room, whispering, “We’re okay, we’re okay, we’re okay, we’re okay-”

Victoria: Why…what did he ever do to deserve this?

Victoria: I felt it…Otu just died…Virgil is dying…Victor is suffering…I’m such a failure, why did I think I could protect anyone…

Victor: You’ve done so many wonderful things already. You…you make us, the pathetic and the hopeless feel like we’re worth something. Because you really believe it, so we start to believe it, too. That’s incredible, you’re incredible.

Soul Eater Otu wielding a tommy gun Victoria and Eyquem dual wielding (somehow) Victor katanas!

Response to THIS, using THIS as reference! I got carried away because there was no way I was going to let all those awesome colors go to waste. Victoria might make a lame-looking pink tommy gun BUT SHE SHOOTS PSYCHIC BOLTS OR SOMETHING SO DON’T MESS WITH THEM OR OTU WILL FILL YOU WITH HOLES.

is it me or am I pretty much going to draw fanart today, that sounds like a good idea.

Nicholas: Hey, cutie, wanna show me some of your smooth moves?

Fem!Otu: *Insert adorabubbles comment here since Fem!Otu would win cutest gardevoir*

((Really quick splatter of Nicholas and Otu. Nicholas would totally be all over this prom thing and proceed to dance like a crazy until something gets broken.))

((I haven’t the time to draw Nicole DDD: Guess I’ll have to do that later))

(( Just the version without the text n_n ))

((Andandand Virgil was out asking other pokemon to dance with him: [link]

Cuz Virgil thinks that Lu(v) is gorgeous and cool and confident and he apparently likes hard-to-get girls, I think he’s bad at this.

Might have the victory pokemon go out asking other pokemon for dances, I know Victoria will ask pretty much anyone, but Vicky is too shy and Virgil is too snob so good for that. Feel free to ask them, I’ll respond to asks in an extremely leisurely pace cuz FINALS :( ))