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On University of Washington campus, tucked away in Silven Grove, an area reserved only for students and never shown to tours or even prospective students, there’s a a relief of the Marque de Lafayette. There’s one thing this historical figure is known for: his unwavering, passionate love for America and everything it stands for and what he hoped France could be as well. I visited the Grove today (Nov 9th, 2016) to look at Lafayette and wonder what he would think of America today, and my answer was pretty clear. In the light Seattle rain the relief appeared to have tear tracks running down his bronze face. But Lafayette also fought, and fought hard, again and again, through bullet wounds and not one but two revolutions, he fought for freedom and liberty and rights. And so should we.


thanks to my friend @qualia-solveig i finally understood what the heck is going on here. what would my sorry ass do without sol honestly,, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

basically, komaeda greets hinata with “oh it’s hinata-kun mr reserve student!! what are you doing here?”

and hinata’s like “what?.. i’m one of the players, i was asked to join the basketball team ‘cause they were one person short” “the game’s gonna start soon, if you came to cheer on our team go find a place to sit”

and then hinata the Oblivious Guy™ leaves,,

the last panel is komaeda’s pov that says smth like “full of complicated emotions, i was cheering on the basketball players”

I really like to think that Izuru became a fucking cryptid at Hope’s Peak. Some student just walks up to someone and says “Izuru Kamukura is real and he sucked my dick behind the Eastern Cafeteria” and then people start staking out behind the cafeterias just to see if he’s spotted. They hire reserve course students to put on a wig and walk in front of a camera. They write songs. Some kid starts a show with his friends and every time they see someone with black hair they start screaming.


End The Gap | Fair Funding for First Nations Schools

First Nations students on reserve receive 30-50% less funding for their education than students off reserve. It’s time to #EndtheGap and tell all children in Canada that their dreams matter equally, no matter where they were born. 

Reminder that while Komaeda says he ‘loves’ all the Ultimates, his love for Hinata is said to be for different reasons even by himself; he states that he still cares about Hinata even after learning he’s just a reserve course student, and in his drama cd he specifies that he reason he loves Hinata is because Hinata spends time with him and tries to actively understand him, which no one else has done.

concept: hajime being insecure over the fact that nagito may like the izuru side of him more than his original personality.

bonus: nagito never gets tired of telling hajime otherwise. sure, izuru may be the ultimate hope and all, but he isn’t hajime. hajime was the one who gave nagito true hope and who taught him that talent isn’t everything. honestly? nagito would take regular ol’ reserve course student hajime over the ‘shsl everything’ any day.

i’m work at my university library at the front desk and i answer phone calls, check books in/out, provide general help, and reserve study rooms for students. it’s basically like being a secretary but i get to shelve books too. today someone came up asking for a room, and to get a study room i just have to ask what name to put down for the reservation, what class they’re studying for, how many people are with them, what time they want it for. it’s a thirty second process.

however, this woman recognized the other employee with me from one of her classes, and they started talking about their class and wouldn’t stop long enough for me to ask questions. they immediately started talking before i could even ask what name to reserve the room under, and they were talking for a good two minutes between questions. the woman would keep apologizing when she realized i needed to ask another question, answer, and then immediately start the conversation again so i couldn’t ask the next question and get the reservation made. i was just standing there awkwardly waiting for either of them to shut up for longer than half a second so i could get my job done. they managed to turn a thirty second process into six minutes of waiting. how do you fuck up that badly?

Vernon/OFC: Kiss me

Genre: Fluff/Friendship/Romance

Word Count: 3055

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, Jeonghan, Joshua

Prompts: “My friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex, quick make out with me, I’ll pay you.” AU and 36: “I can’t explain right now, I just need you to pretend that we’re dating.” for @50shadesdarkerofbizzle

Yoon Jeonghan was very pretty. He was also very rich. Rich, pretty people can be very persuasive. So when he slipped the invite to his house party for Saturday, she couldn’t say no. She had no reason to, it was a free night and exams were over. The only matter was that Jeonghan’s parties were very loud and very unlike his comfort zone, which further intrigued her in the type of friends he could possibly have to throw a bash.

Reserved, biology student Yoon Jeonghan had connections she could only dream of.

“When you took me to that Broadway because you got free tickets,” she crouched, clutching on her classmate’s arm as he led her around back. “You didn’t mention it was because you were friends with Kwon Soonyoung.” she tried not to gape at the number one arts student in the university, currently playing bartender by the pool.

Jeonghan grinned loftily, “Didn’t seem important at the time.”

“Can I use,” she nearly tripped, bumping into another guest, “Ugh, can I use one of the guest bedrooms? I need to study.”

“You mean, hide out and use my Blu-ray player, right?”

She grinned sheepishly, “What can I say? You have the whole Disney collection, remastered.”

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College Conspiracy (Full Length)

“College education is the biggest scam in American history.”


about the up-coming DR 2.5

a couple things i wanted to get down about the recently announced DR.2.5

‘Nagito Komaeda and the Destroyer of the World’… it’s supposedly about Ko waking up from the VR (correct me if i’m wrong i just googled it 2 secs ago). From the title I wonder if ‘Destroyer of the World’ refers to Junko, Izuru, or possibly the Hope video that somebody already mentioned? Maybe none of these. This is just my thoughts on if it refers to Izuru.

If it is about Hinata/Kamukura, would we be able to see the moment as he realises that they’re the same person? Lord save us all if it’s a full episode centred around interactions between these bby boys. Not even in the shipping sense, I just want to see Komaeda’s genuine response to the two people who impacted his life in different ways- suddenly combined. His conflicted relationship with Hinata (the lowly reserve course student he grew and hid feelings for) and Kamukura (who he was clearly infatuated with in DR3).

At the end of Hope arc KomaHina were clearly comfortable with each other, maybe even more so than in SDR2, so I’m curious about the events leading up to that. Thanks to the horrible pacing we don’t know when exactly the 77th class all woke up so I’m wary.

I’m certain this is a stretch and just my bias talking but it’s an interesting thing to think about.

I also wonder if we’ll get to see his response to his dead junko hand? Possibly the moment he decides to get it removed and replaced with the robo hand (duh it’s a dead girl’s hand).

Even if it ends up not involving Hinata/Kamukura, I’m hoping for some kind of insight to how he’ll feel about how he freaking planned and went through his bloody painful death to save one person, who ended up being executed anyway. If we’re lucky we might get to see a shred of his backstory animated?

This could be complete BS that I’m spewing out of my asshat because it could be about anything but no matter what- 

I just want to see Kazuichi whip up the robo hand for baby Komaeda.

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-edit: wow i didn’t even see that the release date was Jan 12th 2017, we got plenty of time to speculate

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So today and yesterday I see multiple people arguing on my dash that Komah1na is abusive (because Komaeda was "sassy" and mean to Hinata after finding out he was either a reserve student or a world-ending terrorist and that's abusive/toxic)

we’ve had 4 years to resolve this and yet here we are

Just a thought

So it was speculated that Komaeda was missing from all the pics besides summer because he got sick. What if he’s staying in the school’s medical facility to get his treatments and that’s where he meets Hinata, who is also staying in the infirmary to recover between his own “treatment” sessions?