Baby elephant going after spilled milk at bottom of wheelbarrow

Eboni Williams is either going to be fired from Fox News or she’s going to turn it ar…nah never mind she’s just going to be fired.

She gave this little monologue the other day…before Trump’s little show on Tuesday, August 15th.


Gilbey the Gerenuk and Coco the Kudu. Both were orphaned and will soon be returning back to the wild.

  • natgeoVideo by @bertiegregory. Flamingos returning back to their nesting colony at sunset on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Thanks to these charismatic birds, a reserve was setup which now not only protects the flamingoes but a huge diversity of other species in this coastal area. Just like the big cats that @stevewinterphoto and I have been following, this is a great example of using a charismatic species to save the entire food chain in an area. Shot for @stevewinterphoto and @natgeo. Follow @bertiegregoryfor more wildlife adventures!

Your lips
like the hip of
a flower,
and dewy,
Your kisses,
I ruminate
flowing down
my throat,
Even my poetry
is wanton
by such fantasy,
pulling you
gently into
my world…

“come abandon
your reserve…”
they whisper,
“and share
what the mind
has conjured…”

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