Cap/MCU discussion forum?

So, since Tumblr is shit for discussion and there’s been some really interesting SHIELD/Hydra meta going around lately: if I were to create some kind of forum for people to talk Cap/MCU with actual comment threads, would people be interested? Nothing as ambitious as a wholesale migration from Tumblr or anything, more a little side community to make up for one of Tumblr’s technical shortcomings as a fandom platform. It wouldn’t have to be huge–half a dozen active commenters would probably be enough critical mass to make it a self-sustaining community.

Going to tag eatingcroutons, wintercyan, stoatsandwich, lauralot89, ospreyarcher, kaasknot, quiescentire, trillgutterbug, lingua-mortua, and superhumandisasters, since they’re the ones who come immediately to mind as the Purveyors of Fine Meta Content in my social group, but everyone else feel free to weigh in! (drop-deaddream? darthstitch? liveship? I don’t know you guys but I’ve enjoyed your meta when it crossed my dash)

In terms of feasibility: I’ve got webspace with plenty of bandwidth to burn, and 10+ years modding experience that ranges from tiny LJ communities to mid-size forums to a megafandom kinkmeme.

Right now I’m looking at phpBB-style forum software, but platform suggestions are welcome. In particular, for anyone who came to fandom through Tumblr and finds forums or Livejournal/Dreamwidth counterintuitive, I’d be interested in your thoughts on what the stumbling blocks are and what features would make for a more user-friendly experience. Easy multimedia embedding? A dashboard-like “firehose” feed of new comments? Something else entirely?

softbrah replied to your post:j a c k    k n e w   f i r s t

but you knew who knew BEFORE JACK DID? bob zimmermann. bc he was subjected to hours of complaining on the phone about that new freshmen eric bittle.

to transcribe some of the gems that we talked about this morning a la jack talking on the phone to Bad Bob “I love my weird gay hockey robot son” Zimmermann about A Certain Small Southern Someone, aka Eric Bittle’s Freshman Year from Bob Zimmerann’s pov, reservesoftbrahsparklyslug

  •  bob seeing bitty for the first time all, “jesus christ. i was right. oh man, my son has no game. let’s go say hi to this kid’s mother.”
  •  "but papa, he’s awful. He’s so talkative?? And short?? And effortlessly friendly?? I hate him.“
  • "you never said he was blonde” “…why would I have mentioned that why do you say that”
  • “small. blonde. plays hockey. okay. heeeere we go again.”
  • <<in French, ofc >> “His smile is blinding. Does he know that’s dangerous on the ice??? I’m so angry.”
  • “they want to put him on my line. why????? why. i don’t want this. have i mentioned that he talks a lot i hate it.”
  • “he’s always in my kitchen baking. he doesn’t even live here” “your kitchen? jack, you cant even make mac and cheese, the instructions are on the box son”
  • “papa, who is beyonce? do you know her? apparently not knowing who she is very offensive.”
  • *hangs up the phone* “alicia your son is ridiculous and so lame.” “oH he’s MY son NOw IS HE????”

Beautiful Bourbon - Explore Kentucky Project by Dr_Fu_Manchu
Via Flickr:
I rarely get to shoot in my home state of Kentucky as I am often busy with work and family. So I have decided to start the Explore Kentucky Project. The concept is that I visit the &quot;tourist&quot; areas of Kentucky and create a photo documentary. First off…. The Woodford Reserve Distillery The oldest and smallest distillery in Kentucky traces its origins to 1797 when Elijah Pepper began distilling in Woodford County. This National Landmark crafts Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select, the Official Bourbon of the Kentucky Derby, along with our new expression Double Oaked. Experience the only copper pot still and triple distillation process used to handcraft Bourbon today.

bold; over the worst of it, a Check Please fic

“Spring C,” Jack says, “is full of mystery.”

for reserve, 3.1k of Jack and Bitty being ridiculous, inspired by all of Bitty’s tweets today. refer to archive tags etc.

Eric loses a shoe, but that isn’t how it starts.
Saturday morning starts with Shitty at his window and a mimosa being thrust into his hand.
Saturday night ends with—

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Proof of conservation in action

Here at The Earth Story we’ve brought you several stories on countries attempting to conserve their marine environments by introducing marine reserves, or marine protection areas. Largely these moves have been supported by the masses, but there have been some who are concerned that introducing wide spread conservation areas will have a detrimental affect on the economy and will not really help matters as conservation is not a local issue, rather a global one, and feel there is no point in protecting an area if 100kms down the coast there is overfishing and pollution.

However, there is good news! A report by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association) has found that in the Tortugas Ecological Reserve, located in the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary, everyone has benefited from conservation efforts and “no-take” zones.

The sanctuary zone, implemented in 2001, is 151 nautical square miles. A NOAA report “An Integrated Biogeographic Assessment of Reef Fish Populations and Fisheries in Dry Tortugas: Effects of No-take Reserves” (found here: is the first of its kind to evaluate the effect marine reserves will have on the lives of people who rely on the area for a living, and what the effect has been the living organisms also.

The report had several findings, but with the key findings being:

1) Overfished species such as black and red grouper, yellowtail and mutton snapper increased in presence, abundance and size inside the reserve and throughout the region;

2) Annual gatherings of spawning mutton snapper, once thought to be wiped out from overfishing, began to reform inside the Reserve;

3) Commercial catches of reef fish in the region increased, and continue to do so. Regional commercial or recreational fishers experienced no financial losses.

The results are fantastic news, as they prove that by implementing measures to protect our natural environment, we can benefit economically; perhaps those in charge of special marine environments elsewhere in the world should take note, and act before it is to late to protect anything.


-Image NOAA
Colombia’s Yunguillo Indigenous Reserve Quintupled in Size
BOGOTA – After 20 years of diligent work, conservationists, human rights activists and indigenous communities are celebrating a massive achievement in southwest Colombia: the expansion of the Inga people’s Yunguillo Indigenous Reserve—an area of extraordinary cultural and environmental importance—from 10,675 to 55,341 acres (more than 85 square miles).

Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Yunguillo Indigenous Reserve is home to many sacred sites for the Inga people, as well as many threatened species including spectacled bears and jaguars. The expansion also protects the headwaters of the Caquetá River—a major tributary of the Amazon River whose watershed covers 250,000 square kilometers.

The Executive Board of INCODER (the Colombian Institute for Rural Development) approved the expansion today. The decision represents important progress in the implementation of Constitutional Court decision No. 004 of 2009, which safeguards at-risk indigenous communities’ claim to their traditional lands. The Inga tribe of the region will now have increased protection and additional rights to their territory—an area increasingly threatened by mining concessions and other development projects.

“This represents a huge victory, not only for the Inga communities, but for the protection of one of the world’s most biodiverse areas,” said Liliana Madrigal, co-founder of the Amazon Conservation Team in Arlington, Virginia. “The expansion connects Doña Juana National Park (162,741 acres) and Serranía de los Churumbelos National Park and secures an important piece of the Andes-Amazon-Atlantic Corridor proposed by President Santos.”

Nydia Becerra Jacanamejoy, the governor of Yunguillo, expressed how this land is intricately tied to Inga identity and how the Inga are equipped to protect it.

“We consider Mother Earth to be both the reason for our existence and our reason for surviving,” she said. “To use the land and its resources properly and respectfully, we observe the traditions passed down over generations. We maintain our identity by maintaining these traditions, while adapting to new conditions in order to protect our territory. We do not believe that identity is possible without territory or that we can protect these lands without a strong sense of collective identity.”

School kids and teachers in the Inga community of Yunguillo

This important achievement is the result of coordinated efforts by the Inga community of Yunguillo, its four communal councils (Osococha, San Carlos, Tandarido and Yunguillo), INCODER, regional indigenous organizations including OZIP, and the Amazon Conservation Team. Thanks to efforts by these groups, the Inga community preemptively developed a plan for territorial management in the expanded reserve. Today, they put this plan into action.

This map shows the expansion of the Yunguillo Indigenous Reserve.

more on Sadist Bucky


I started thinking about sadist Bucky when I took a long hard look at Steve Rogers and began to believe that Steve genuinely likes to be physically hurt. This line of thought stems literally from one of Bucky’s first lines, “sometimes I think you like getting punched.”

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Fake reblog because this deserves its own post, dammit. (If you’d rather I redid this as a proper reblog, reserve, tell me and I’ll fix it, but I don’t want my babbling about my writing process up the page to distract from very important Sadist Bucky business.)

Reading this, I realize that my take on Sadist Bucky/Masochist Steve is actually little more Dom Bucky/Sub Steve than strictly S&M. Possibly this is because I don’t really quite grok masochism, but I tend to imagine Steve as not so much liking getting punched as liking being able to take a punch. (Which certainly requires the punching to happen regardless.) But I do definitely imagine Bucky (1) having some darkness and rage in him well before the war, and (2) liking to hurt Steve, specifically, in ways that Steve is also into. 

Anyway, this is probably a little bit vague. I’m trying to work my head around their dynamic so I can write some Howling Commandos-era fic from Bucky’s POV, so let’s keep discussing. 

PS, How does all this change post-TWS?