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Hey! I love the sketches you've done of Kylo Ren and I completely agree that Adam's face is so different in this role than in others. I'm having a hard time pinpointing exactly why that is, and I was wondering if, as an artist, you had any thoughts? Regardless, it's a nice face that's for sure.

Good question!

I’m still not quite sure how it works, but I’ve noticed while drawing that his costume plays a huge part into framing his face. The dark collar that covers almost his whole neck makes him appear slimmer, more angular and defined than he normally does. 

Also, he’s completely clean shaven which makes him look way younger than he really is, in addition to how much bigger his eyes look on top of all this. His skin looks slightly paler so that his hair and eyes look dark in comparison. And lastly, there is the magic of good lighting and subtle makeup that really changes him.

So in the end, with just small changes in clothes, makeup and lighting, he somehow looks like a completely different person. 

That’s what I can tell from the images I’ve seen so far and from drawing from different refs. So I hope this helps other artists, at least while there’s no good reference images of Kylo Ren on the internet. It sure helped me. :p


Chase SKS Smoke by Conor Teahen

Hey guys!! So I’m planning on doing another Iron Artist Challenge some time in January!

Looking to start filling some slots now if anyone is interested. Just contact me through here or any of the other options I listed and let me know how many slots you want!

Please include your email when reserving a spot(s) so that I can let everyone know when they need to pay.

Will try to stream most, if not all the sketches!

Spread the word and let your friends know!!
Ascension Island to become marine reserve - BBC News
The government is to create a marine reserve almost as big as the UK in the Atlantic waters of Ascension Island.

The latest reserve at Ascension Island is said to hold some of the largest marlin in the world, one of the largest populations of green turtles, big colonies of tropical seabirds and the island’s own unique frigate bird…

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Top five porn cliches in fan fiction?

bahaha yesss. bulleted because i can’t choose an order

  • sex pollen. because what a wonderful idea that plants (especially in the far reaches of the galaxy on distant, unpopulated planets) want two people to bone so badly that they might die if they don’t. it’s beautiful.
  • bedsharing. because nothing says sexy like “awkward morning fumblings” and a boner up against someone’s leg. whoops, and now they’re banging.
  • magical healing cock. whether it’s a physical affliction (ala sex pollen) or a psychological problem (clinical depression and panic attacks? sure!), obviously the first treatment option is cock. it’s actually all just a huge conspiracy by large pharmacological conglomerates that doctors don’t prescribe furious boning to people first off. “put a dick in it and come see me in a week if your symptoms don’t subside”
  • rule 63. “you’ve got new parts? i’ve got new parts too! let’s try them out together and see if they fit and do the thing. i mean, for science.”
  • d/s-verse. characters desperately fighting their biology/psychology? fuck yes, give it to me. (also, the politics: see below)

and, because it fits but not quite in the same respect, a bonus:

  • omegaverse. i’m putting this as a bonus because i’m not actually into omegaverse for the porn – and i’m definitely not into it for the mpreg: i’m just so fucking into it for the politics. i feel like i’m more into the politics and the world-building aspects of omegaverse than i’m actually into a lot of porn, to be honest. i can’t get enough of it. give me some characters who are resentful and furious about their biological designations, give me characters who are fighting against laws and politics and social standards, give me characters who fight against the gender norms and don’t couple typically, give me historical explorations, or give me death. 

[ask me my top 5 anything!]

reserve replied to your photo:Darling reassuring Panarin after a rough shift…

Hi, sorry, but if you took that number off this could literally be Kaner. I did a double-take for real. I think Jonny’s proximity helps; you know, muscle memory.

No but FOR REAL. Even the spitting is very Kaner-like. I wonder how many double-takes Jonny’s had to do so far.

Happy 35th anniversary to Gray’s Reef and Greater Farallones national marine sanctuaries!

The live-bottom reef of NOAA Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary off the coast of California provides an important habitat for hundreds of fish species, including the scalloped hammerhead (top photo), while the nutrient-rich waters of Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary provide critical sustenance for migrating white sharks (bottom photo).

Happy birthday to these amazing places!

Top photo: Mitchell Tartt/NOAA; bottom photo: Steven K. Webster/Monterey Bay Aquarium

(via: NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries)


How to reserve 1 of 10 commission spots:

 Send me a message on tumblr, or add me on my skype account: KittehKai

Tell give me a reference for your character, and what type of the above sketch choices you want.


Things I will NOT draw:

-NSFW (I will do Gore and grimdark though!)

-Complicated animals/machines

-Anything that includes Undertale 

-Anything that includes FNAF

-Anything that includes Steven Universe

I will create a separate post explaining these at a later time.

Things I to note!:

-Backgrounds are free and optional. However, they will be in basic.!

-Currently, I am only accepting single character commissions. The MAY change in the future.

-I am not too good at humans :/ but I will do the if you request that.