“Reservations were meant to be prisons, you know? Indians were supposed to move onto reservations and die. We were supposed to disappear. But somehow or another, Indians have forgotten that reservations were meant to be death camps.”

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian — Sherman Alexie

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Can I request headcanons of Akira's s.o. at first being untrusting of him because of his records but later on warms up to him? Thank you! I really love your writing

*Thank you <3

Day 1:

We had a new kid today.

He sat in the chair to the left of mine. There was nothing outwardly scary about him at first, really: black hair, tall, wide-rimmed glasses, kind of on the lanky side; introduced himself to the class by saying ‘nice to meet you’ in a cute and demure way. Everything you’d expect from a normal transfer student.

Suppose I shouldn’t have judged a book by its cover though, because there had been rumours floating about him left and right.

Even before I first saw his face today, people had told me that he was in the middle of probation after a short sentence in prison, and that he was infamous in his old school for being kind of a troublemaker. I knew for a fact he had a criminal record, because Mr Kamoshida told everyone in his P.E class to watch out for him, (‘girls especially,’ he said, looking at a few of us in turn, ‘should do everything to avoid being alone with him,’) so I was kind of inclined to believe the rest. 

Missed the first two lessons on the first day, too. Kawakami told us he was ill, but I thought that was bullshit.

Day 3:

He still hadn’t received any of his own books by today. 

Kawakami had been telling me to let him use mine so far, but honestly I was starting to get kind of annoyed with it. Not necessarily because I thought he’d try anything in class, but because I kept thinking that the less contact I had with him, the better. Don’t really want to be involved with people like him; it’s best to stay out of their business. 

Day 4:

Today, he caught me staring at him. To be frank, I just didn’t feel safe when he was out of my line of sight, so I’d actually been staring at him a whole lot. It was probably inevitable that he would catch me eventually.

Immediately, I looked down and didn’t look at him for the rest of the lesson. Honestly sprinted out of that class when it was done and didn’t look back, cause I was convinced he was gonna confront me about it. You can probably imagine I nearly shat myself when he ran out after me and tapped me on the shoulder. Totally thought that was the end; like amen, you did good in this life, thanks for coming everyone. But he just looked at me in a kind of awkward way with his hand in his pocket and gave me my book back after telling me I left it behind.

My heart was still hammering in my throat, so I apologised and just grabbed it off him before running off again. Kind of felt like an idiot though. He was just being nice.

Day 7:

Positive I heard cat noises coming from beneath his desk today. I looked at the guy that sat behind him to make sure I wasn’t imagining things, but he just shrugged.

Day 10:

I knew it! He totally had a cat in his desk! 

I saw it jump into his bag as he was leaving the lesson, and then its tail popped out for a second. I imagine no-one has snitched on it yet because they’re afraid of him.

Day 11:

Me and a friend met in the library for a study session. A couple minutes in, the transfer student came. Literally as soon as he appeared, the room erupted into gossip; every single conversation turned to him. My friend tried to get us to leave cause she was scared, but I just went back to studying and told her she was being stupid. I think I kind of started to feel bad for him. 

Realistically, I know he probably did something in his old school to get a criminal record, but it’s hardly fair to leave him out of a second chance, especially with how ridiculous some of these rumours are getting. I mean, kill streak? Really? In what world would a serial killer be allowed to attend school like a regular student?

Day 20:

He hasn’t answered a single question in class incorrectly so far. I haven’t seen him in the library for a while, though. 

I wonder where he studies.

Day 23:

Today marked the first rain I’d seen for three weeks. Rudely started out of nowhere in class, while I was totally unprepared; no umbrella or anything. After school, I popped down to the diner for a coffee, cause I didn’t feel like walking home in the rain, and I saw the transfer kid studying in the corner alone. 

Kind of wanted to say hi, but his criminal record scared me off. Besides, I didn’t really want to ignore Kamoshida’s advice. The kid seemed fine in school, but he might have acted differently had there been no teachers to keep an eye on him. Instead, I just got some coffee and left as soon as the rain let up.

Day 24:

My classmates kept talking about him right in front of his face. I’m positive he heard, but he just kept his head down. 

I haven’t even seen him touch a single person since he came here.

Day 28:

The past few days, the history teacher has made it a point to keep asking the transfer student increasingly ridiculous questions until he gets one wrong. Today, I saw this really dumb, smug look on his face after he finally pressed a wrong answer out of him. Had the balls to tell him to study more, too.

I got so annoyed with him that I turned to the student and said there were other people in the class as well. The teacher must have been eavesdropping though, cause I got told to stand outside and had to see the principal after school. The transfer kid looked kind of surprised. 

Kind of got the vibe he wasn’t used to having people stand up for him.

Day 29:

Got caught in the rain today. Really wouldn’t mind normally, but I had a Yakisoba pan in my bag and I didn’t want it to get soggy. I waited under the school roof for like half an hour doing absolutely nothing at all, until transfer kid walked out with an umbrella. I must have been eyeing it a little funny (to be honest, I was just angry I hadn’t packed mine again since the last time it rained) cause he turned to me and offered his.

I was kind of shell-shocked, so I just said no. He asked me if I was sure, and when I said I was, he just smiled and told me not to get sick before leaving.

By God, his smile was cute.

Day 31:

I got sick. He was right; I should have taken that umbrella.

Day 32:

Everyone avoided me today cause I kept sneezing in class. I think they’re all bitch-ass losers afraid of a cold, but whatever.

Day 33:

My parents called in sick for me so I could study in the diner instead. It was a super dreary day, and I knew for a fact I was gonna get caught out in the middle of the rain again, but I just kind of accepted it this time. I was already ill so I didn’t really care.

Roughly after school time, the place filled up with other students. I was safe for a little while, cause no one wanted to sit next to the girl that kept sniffling. At least until the transfer kid came in. There weren’t any spare spaces apart from the ones opposite me, and I kind of felt bad cause I knew for a fact I’d taken his spot. When he looked over in my direction, it seemed like he was gonna decide to just leave and give up on studying in the cafe, but when I smiled and waved at him he changed his mind and sat down.

Looked a little surprised, but I think he was glad. Seemed like he didn’t want to sit next to me in case I found him scary or something.

We had a short conversation about schoolwork, and I got a coughing fit somewhere in the middle. To his credit, he didn’t look disgusted or anything, (even asked if I was alright,) but I still felt a bit embarrassed, so I asked him if he had any reservations sitting next to the sick girl. He just laughed and asked if I had any reservations sitting next to the delinquent. I think we shared a bit of a moment.

Found out his name, too.

Day 34:

Today the history teacher was being even more of an ass to Akira. Getting sent out again would have been kind of a pain, so I just googled the answers and whispered them to him until the teacher got bored and picked on someone else. He looked really grateful for it.

Day 36:

The diner was full today when I tried to go. Looking up ‘study cafes’ brought me to this cute little one in Yongen-Jaya called ‘Leblanc.’ The owner seemed kind of crabby, but it was quiet and I managed to get a lot of work done, so I think I’ll be coming back.

Day 39:

I was the only person in Leblanc for almost the entire day. It was so peaceful, I think I dozed off, cause I solved a couple of maths equations and next thing I knew it was almost seven in the evening. The owner looked kind of embarrassed, too, like felt bad about not having the heart to wake me up.

I was getting ready to pack up when the bell rang and someone else walked in. Thought it was kind of weird that a customer would be coming in at that time, cause I was pretty sure the cafe was supposed to be closing in like ten minutes. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be Akira, still in his school uniform, iconic black and white cat in his bag and everything.

In a weird way, it was kind of nice to see him. I hadn’t talked to him since the start of the week, and it was kind of a shame after that little moment we shared in the diner. He seemed happy to see me too, cause he smiled when I waved at him. The cute grin disappeared when owner of the cafe approached him and whispered something in his ear, though.

Akira replied in a really hushed tone, but I could still lip-read something along the lines of: ‘wrong idea’, and ‘just a friend,’ before the owner gave him a sly smile and announced he was closing up shop early. He asked me if I wanted to stay for a bit longer, and I didn’t really, but I felt rude leaving when he was offering. I ended up saying I would prefer to study for a bit longer if it was alright, and he said that it was no problem, and that Akira would lock the door when I was ready to leave.

I knew he could tell that I looked unsure, so I think the next thing he said was to reassure me. “Akira over here lives in the attic and helps me out sometimes,” he said, hanging the keys to him. “He’s more reliable than he seems though, so don’t worry.”

Nice guy, really. Shame he was kind of grumpy to his other customers.

Akira seemed kind of awkward when we were left alone. It made me feel like maybe it was because I was half-invading his home without proper acquaintance; this was kind of his door-way, after all, and I was staying way past my welcome. When I thought about it later, I was positive the owner only let me stay because he thought I was waiting for Akira the whole time.

It was up to me to break the silence then, and although I thought about asking him to show me round the attic, I decided against it. It was his room, after all, and asking to see a guy’s room so late in the evening would have sent all kinds of messages. So I asked him about his life in school instead, and ended up feeling super bad. Literally never seen a smile that was so shattered. He just rubbed the back of his head and said “yeah, it’s been rough.”

Got so annoyed at everyone. In that moment, I didn’t give single crap about what he’d done in his past. I just wanted to tell everyone in school to lay off and give him a break.

Maybe it was kind of stepping out of line a little, but I told him that if anyone was ever giving him shit, he should come to me and I would stand up for him. 

Over time, he opened up a little about his criminal record. He told me the full story of the apparent ‘assault’, and it honestly just made me furious. I was angry at everyone who was talking about him behind his back, angry at everyone who was blowing the rumours up, angry at Mr Kamoshida for making things seem more dire than they were. Angry at myself, too, for believing in that bullshit. I told him I was gonna go out of my way to correct people if I ever heard them talk, and he just shrugged and told me he was used to it and that I shouldn’t worry or I could be dragged down with him.

Right, as if I was just gonna take that. Next person who talks shit gets a lecture from yours truly. 

Imagine Loki taking care of you when you wake up one morning horribly hungover. At first, you insist that you can take care of yourself; but you both quickly realize that you’re in no place to be left alone for very long.

You still have reservations about Loki being the one to care for you, but everyone else is out, so Loki it is.

Before too long, you start to welcome his help.

Little do you know that Loki soon finds himself enjoying it, too.

Please fire me. I work in customer service at a hotel and this is one of our busy seasons right now due to different team sports that have tourneys in the area. Our sales department knowingly oversells the hotel to get their commission rates higher thus earn more money. When guests check in and we don’t have rooms for them we get blamed for the problem and sales gets off scott free. Not only due we get yelled at by pissed off guests we also get yelled at by upper management. 

I hate the fact that my home state of Montana is on fire and no one is talking about it. My family has been here since before Montana was even a state. My ancestors are buried here, and my family still lives here. The governor just declared that a disaster is happening. Over 1500 separate wildfires have burned more than 800,000 acres of land. Wildlife and livestock are in danger. Homes have been destroyed. Two firefighters have lost their lives. Our national parks and reservations are in danger. The air quality is terrible. And no one is talking about it.

Just saw a post about how Accords failed Bucky, id est in Bucky’s case in Civil War.

and I am like no?? they did not?? they did not do anything as to Bucky actually??

It honestly just surprises me how people wright honestly thoughtful meta, especially in the sense of emotional analyses, even if I do not agree with their thoughts, but they just interpret canon completely backwards??

like Accords honestly had nothing to do with Bucky. first of all, the whole situation with “Winter Soldier blew up the UN” was handled completely without any influence of the Accords. They were not ratified - that was what the meeting was for and it was interrupted by an explosion. Therefore, the Accords are not in force. Moreover, the anti-terrorist unit’s deployment is a procedure under national and international law as it is. People can say whatever they want, and however sloppy was the execution of the situation in the movie, but Bucky Barnes was caught on camera near the building in the time-frame for the explosion and it is absolutely logical that an anti-terrorist force was sent after him. Of course, considering he was not caught on sight with a bomb in his hand, the order should be capture and not shoot to kill, but the thing is - it is NOT because of the Accords. You can blame the terror fever in the world right now or, what is more likely, the directors’ desire to up the stakes and create more drama, but it was not held under the Accords for its execution to be blamed on them.

Secondly, we actually know near to nothing about the Accords. There were some tidbits in the Agents of SHIELD, but they actually contradict the things set forth in the movie. The Accords, as they were presented in the film, were about the Avengers, not about superpowered being in general. They were meant to manage the Avengers and make them accountable. Were there any provisions about other superhumans? What was in the Accords concerning mind-control? Brainwashing? WHO KNOWS. WE NEVER ACTUALLY SAW ACCORDS IN PLAY IN THE MOVIE OH MY GOD. We do not know the world with them at all. Steve, Sam, Bucky and T’challa were arrested because they violated international and domestic law, not the Accords.

So, no, the Accords never failed anybody. They never even got a chance.

Bruce Wayne’s kids make a high stakes bet to find Bruce a girlfriend. Clark is… not sure how he feels about this.
What follows is a tale of romance, friendship, family, tractors, bullet wounds, Stephanie Brown’s (frankly amazing) motorcycle, and too PowerPoint presentation jokes.


Pairing: Namjoon/Yoongi
Rated: T
Author: arysthaeniru 
Length: 13K

It’s not enough to embarrass yourself in front of the adorable transfer student once, so of course, Kim Namjoo does it several times.


Reccer’s Note:
this!!! Im usually very iffy about genderbend but this was really nice and well written and just a pleasure in general to read. The dynamics were wonderful and the overall pace was great so pls do urself a favor and give this a read!!!

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