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Retro Food: Gelatin and Aspic

Okay, so I’ve briefly gone over some of the basics of why 40s/50s food is the way it is. Very, very briefly. I’ll try to get more into things as we go.

I’m going to start getting into food now.

Now, I’m just going to give a brief warning, judging by people’s reactions to aspic, some of the pictures might gross you out. I’ll try to tag these posts as ‘retro food’ and ‘gross food’, though and… well, we’ll get into the nature of aspic in a moment.

I’m going to refer to gelatin as ‘jell-o’ or ‘jello’ a lot, because that’s the brand that was really exploding at the time, but we need to have a quick look at what gelatin is.

Gelatin is an animal byproduct that comes from the proteins of animal bones, skin, and connecting tissue. By boiling the hell out of those things, you separate the elastic proteins from them. Why am I mentioning this? Mainly because aspic tends to be seen as the weird outlier of ‘meat jello’ while ‘sweet jello’ is seen as the norm. The truth is, aspic came first in cooking and adding sugar and fruit flavour is newer. And while aspic has mostly gone extinct as a cooking choice in America, other places in the world still serve it (like Russia with it’s holodets).

Shown here: Holodets garnished with a shutterstock logo

That out of the way, let’s talk about the history of jello, because it spans back farther than just the 40s.

You know how you can buy Jello packets for like 50 cents at your local supermarket? Well, back in the day, the Victorian day, gelatin was considered a luxury item reserved for royalty and the very wealthy. That’s because gelatin was sold in sheets, and the preparation of gelatin was super difficult (they didn’t have fridges, so… y’know. Lil hard to get it to set). With time and the miracles of technology, gelatin became more available to the common man. The common man who recently became able to afford fridges.

Shown Here: Pork cutlets in aspic. Amazing. I can’t decide what to comment on, the amazing prospect of eating perfectly dome shaped food or that it looks like catfood suspended in a paperweight.

There’s two big things about gelatin. The first being it still had that lingering aura of being a luxury item. It was cheaper at this point, but being able to make it also meant that you had a fridge. It also meant you were able to afford expensive gelatin molds. Because yeah, those weren’t cheap either.

The secondary thing is, thanks to the war, people were huge on making food last as long possible. And gelatin was actually really good at that- anything you put into jello became encased in a protective jello shield. And since it takes quite awhile for gelatin to ‘go bad’, it helped preserve foods from bacteria for longer than they otherwise would have lasted. So you could nosh on your jello atrocity for longer than you would have otherwise. Yaay.

So those two things in mind, gelatin became pretty damn popular. Aspic has always been around, but it became easier to make, so you see aspic dishes as commonly as jello dishes. Knox and Jell-o were two big names in gelatin at the time, and are still around today.

What’s not around today, however, is some of the savory flavours of Jell-o.

So, naturally, you put a fish in it.

Vegetable, celery, tomato, and ‘italian’ flavored jellos are a thing that once existed but no longer do. Sadly, recipes that called for these gelatins can no longer be made. It also means that when you see green jello being used in a dish, it’s not necessarily lime! It could be vegetable or celery flavoured instead, which might make the flavour profile slightly less horrifying. It could also, in fact, actually be lime anyway.

It’s lime! Why.

Learning about retro gelatin food also drove me to learn what the exact definition of ‘salad’ was, because boy, none of this stuff looked like salad to me. Turns out salad basically means ‘mix of cold stuff’. Soooo… okay. Sure. It’s salad and everything I thought I knew in my life is a lie, but okay.

That’s all for this section, enjoy this collection of pictures of gelatin foods.


The famous ‘perfection salad’!

Look there’s a recipe so you can make this at home.

… why is it always lime?

summary: loki breaks up with the reader

PAIRING: loki x reader

a/n: hope y’all like it. kinda short.
also, requested:  so i was wondering if you could do a loki one-shot where due to his affiliations with crime and danger, he breaks up with his girlfriend (reader) but doesn’t tell her why, wanting her to stay away from the danger that follows him. ( @stark-sapience )

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…And you search his eyes for any indication of a lie. Or a trick. Yet they reveal nothing; simply continue to stare dead on in cold indifference. You have heard rumours of how heartless Prince Loki can sometimes be, yet never expected to experience it first hand and so suddenly, too. The whole pretty scenery of Asgard morphs into smudges of color on a canvas, the harsh lines of Loki’s form are the only things that stand out and his eyes particularly shine the brightest in these oil lamps. Your throat runs dry; paralyzed you can only part your lips open to intake a short, sweet breath of fresh dusk air before all circuits shutdown.

You and he had been lovers up until today. Up until now. Up until he looked at you with a pitiful gaze, reminded you that you are a mere human and that your place is back on Earth with the rest of your kind. That he had never loved you; that it was only a way to pass time for him, to keep him occupied and shield him from Thor’s suspicions, or anyone else’s for that matter; that you had been a simple pawn in his plans. And now, since he has no use for you, he is ready to toss you away.

This kindness, he had said, is all I can give you. You should be glad I’m letting you go alive, he then added.

His words echo in your ear like a catchy song, though it is not as pleasant or gleeful. It digs deep into your mind, poisons it from within and with each repetition appears harsher and colder and even more hurtful in return. A large lump forms in your throat, one you have trouble swallowing down as a sudden violent shudder takes hold and you don’t have the strength in you to surpass it. Your eyes burn with unreleased tears; your vision blurs for a moment and your hands come to cross over your chest, a make-shift hug, as your fingers dig into the fabric of your clothes and the skin underneath them. Cold sweat coats your cheeks and the back of your neck; in sudden wild abandonment you turn away from him, unable to see him for any longer, and stare into the distance with a broken heart that is desperately trying to patch itself together.

Loki is more reserved; like true royalty he wears his face like a mask. Normally he would smile at you – since the ordeal is over – and wish you luck. Though, he has enough respect for you to save any mocking grins, “I’ll make sure the guards take you home.” He says. Safely, he wants to add, but doesn’t. He can’t. Can’t back out now when you are finally cut off, when you are finally free of his influence and all the dangers that come with his affection. It is safer for you to hate him.

And Loki is trying his best to achieve this, to make sure you never dare to speak or even look at him again, because he knows full well he would be unable to reject you a second time without crumbling himself.

His act is perfect – he is disgusted at himself at just how good he is – and not waiting for an answer he swiftly exits and leaves you alone. He grows rigid once you can’t see him. The look on your face will haunt him in his dreams no doubt, but it’s better that than seeing you dead. He doesn’t have to search long for a guard, and once he finds one in a commanding voice he gives instructions, which his servant promptly follows.

In these big halls, great statues that stare at him so intently, servants that fear him and a family that doesn’t love him nearly as much as they say they do, he feels completely alone. Insignificant. Like a small child again. The world seems dark and dangerous without you. His room will be even more lonesome without your constant visits and cheerful grins. His impressive collections of books will not easy his feverish need to see you again.

Yet he’ll live with it. He’ll deal with it. He promises that to himself as he slowly starts to move to his room. He’ll survive without you.

Even if a life without you is not worth being lived at all.

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Common Medieval Clothing Materials

This is meant as an information resource for creative folk, not a complete guide. Be sure to supplement this with additional research. Find the rest of the series, including the previous posts on clergynobilitycommon medieval jobsdivinationspirit animalsmythical creaturesstructuring an armymedieval punishmentsarmorpre-gunpowder weaponssiege warfarecastle anatomy, and common terms of medieval life.

Find the masterposts for Women’s ClothingMen’s ClothingChildren’s ClothingShoes, and Fabric Colors.

Black-work: A gorgeous Renaissance invention, black-work was simply embroidery done with black silk.

Brocade: A tightly woven fabric with a raised pattern. Originally, the pattern was done with either gold or silver threads, but over time other threads were sued. This was a material strictly reserved for those who could afford it.

Canvas: A coarse cloth made of flax and hemp. It was worn by all.

Calico: A white cotton imported from India. Reserved for the rich.

Cambric: A fine white linen.

Damask: A silk fabric that was woven with various, often elaborate patterns and designs. This was an expensive cloth reserved for royalty and nobility.

Embroidery: Thought not a fabric, embroidery was highly prized and often decorated even the poorest of fabrics. Peasant designs were simple, often nothing more than just geometric. Noble clothing was much more elaborate and the stitches were often done with gold and silver thread.

Flannel: A lightweight woolen fabric, flannel was often used as undergarments, bandages, and wash rags. It was available to all.

Freize: A thick woolen cloth that was often used for outer garments. Worn by all classes.

Fustian: A type of scarlet cloth, it was a lightweight silky material that also bore a resemblance to velvet. It was an expensive fabric worn by those who could afford it.

Gold and Silver Tissue: A lightweight fabric that had gold or silver threads woven into it. For the most part, it was reserved for royalty. However, richer nobility and even a few enterprising wealthy merchants might also acquire a bolt every now and then.

Holland: A very finely woven lawn material that was often used for shirts and undergarments. Usually reserved for the rich.

Kersey: A woolen cloth, often ribbed, worn by the wealthy.

Lawn: A finely woven linen reserved for the wealthy.

Linen: Cloth made from flax and used by all.

Musterdevilliers: A grey woolen cloth reserved for the middle and upper classes.

Russet/Homespun: A coarse woolen cloth that was most often reddish-brown or grey colored. Russet was a favored material of the lower classes, but could also be found among the poorer nobility.

Samite: A silken cloth that was often woven with gold. Reserved for the wealthy.

Satin: Fabric made of silk that was shiny on one side. Reserved for the wealthy.

Scarlet: Not to be confused with the color, scarlet cloth was most often red, but could also be a number of other colors. It was a softer cloth that draped in folds. Usually reserved for nobility, it could also be found in the possession of outlaws.

Serge: A woolen fabric used for clothing and all types of other supplies: bed-covers, hangings, funeral drapes, shrouds, and so on. It was used by all.

Silk: An expensive cloth woven from silk threads and imported. Originally reserved only for royalty, it gradually became used by the rich who could afford it.

Taffeta: A plain-woven glossy silk reserved for the rich.

Tartan: A twilled woolen fabric named for its tartan coloring and design.

hishap  asked:

Is there any example of monsters wearing the Delta Rune outside of the royal family? 'Cause while the rune is seen on doors and walls through the Underground, it seems that wearing it on your clothes might be just for royalty?

(undertale spoilers)

RG01 and RG02 appear to have the Delta Rune on their armor.

While not exactly clothing, Lesser Dog carries a shield with the Delta Rune.

Interestingly, no other member of the Royal Guard wears or wields anything with the Delta Rune. 

That’s the Delta Rune, the emblem of our kingdom. The Kingdom…
…of Monsters.

It makes sense for the royal family and for the Royal Guard to wear “the emblem of our kingdom,” but it’s never said to be reserved only for royalty. Consider what the royal family members wear their Delta Runes on: Asgore is wearing full armor regalia, and Toriel and adult Asriel are wearing robes. In comparison, most monsters that wear clothing have on casual outfits.

Ultimately, no other monster wears the Delta Rune unless it’s on armor. But this could be a sign that the Delta Rune is reserved for formal/traditional clothing rather than being only reserved for royalty.

Common Medieval Clothing Colors

This is meant as an information resource for creative folk, not a complete guide. Be sure to supplement this with additional research. Find the rest of the series, including the previous posts on clergynobilitycommon medieval jobsdivinationspirit animalsmythical creaturesstructuring an armymedieval punishmentsarmorpre-gunpowder weaponssiege warfarecastle anatomy, and common terms of medieval life.

Find the masterposts for Women’s ClothingMen’s ClothingChildren’s ClothingShoes, and Clothing Materials.

Black: First associated with the Vikings, black was worn by all and eventually became the color worn by mourners, the elderly, and scholars.

Blue: Light blue was worn by all, but dark blue was worn by higher-ranking nobles and royalty until it became associated with scholars and apprentices.

Crimson: A bright red worn by the wealthy.

Flame: A bright red-orange reserved for the wealthy.

Gold Cloth: Reserved for royalty.

Green: All shades; worn by all.

Murrey: Deep purple-red. Worn by the rich.

Parti-colored: Clothes that were often made up of several different colors like a Harlequin doll.

Purple: Reserved for royalty and very high-ranking nobility.

Red: Worn by all.

Red-browns: Extremely popular and worn by all.

Scarlet: A vibrant shade first reserved for royalty and then worn only be nobility.

Silver Cloth: Reserved for royalty.

Siskin: Light greenish-yellow worn by the wealthy.

Slate: A gray blue. Worn by all.

Tan: A light brown worn by the nobility.

Tartan: A plaid pattern of Scottish origin, the unique colors and pattern of which denote the wearer’s clan or family.

Tawny: A brownish-yellow color that was popular. Worn by all.

Watchet: A light greenish-blue worn by all.

White: Worn by all, but preferred by the nobility and royalty.

Yellow: Worn by all.

Violet (Ch 1)

~ Okay so I said I had a multi chapter fluff to write, and here it is! I guess it is only semi fluffy. I’m super nervous about it, so if you like it please tell me! Of course, it’s my love, Juju, in this one.~ 

Day 1

It was 1:00 pm and the day was only getting longer. Closing the messenger app, Jumin leaned onto his desk, elbows propped up and fingers massaging his temples. Ebony strands of hair fell into his face, closing off his vision from the room. His mind was racing, trying to organize all the new variables and information that had recently been introduced. There was a stranger in his life, one who had barged in unannounced and stirred up so many repressed memories and emotions. He knew nothing about her, and had no idea from what angle to approach her to make the situation work out in his favor. All he knew was he had to trust V. V, who knew all the variables, who could make a clear decision. He wished he had some wine.

Slicing through the silence, a sharp chime from his phone forced him back to the present. One hand released his head and brought the phone closer, a new name he only just learned glaring at him. A text from MC.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Are royalties earned by artists' only if they write their own songs? That means most of the time when 5H with Camila didn't write their own songs, they did not receive any royalties?

Recording artists and songwriters do not earn royalties in the same way. Recording artists earn royalties from the sale of their recordings on CDs, cassette tapes, and, in the good old days, vinyl. Recording artists don’t earn royalties on public performances (when their music is played on the radio, on TV, or in bars and restaurants). This is a long-standing practice that’s based on copyright law and the fact that when radio stations play the songs, more CDs and tapes are sold. Songwriters and publishers, however, do earn royalties in these instances – as well as a small portion of the recording sales.

Now, there’s type of royalties:

Writer/publisher mechanical royalties

First, there is the calculation of mechanical royalties for writers and publishers. These royalties are paid by the record company to the publisher. The publisher then pays the writer a share of the royalty (typically split 50/50).

Recording-artist mechanical royalties

Recording-artist royalties (and contracts) are extremely complex and a hotbed of debate in the music world. From the outside, the calculation appears fairly simple. Artists are paid royalties usually somewhere between 8% and 25% of the suggested retail price of the recording. From this percentage, a 25% deduction for packaging is taken out (even though packaging rarely costs 25% of the total price of the CD or cassette).

That sounds simple enough, but there are many more issues that affect what a recording artist actually makes in royalties.

  • Free goods - Recording artists only earn royalties on the actual number of recordings sold – not those that are given away free as promotions. Rather than discounting the price to distributors, many record companies give a certain number away for free (about 5% to 10% depending on the artist). Recording companies also give away many copies to radio stations as “promo” copies. There is also a reduction in royalties made for copies of the recording sold through record clubs.
  • Return privilege - Recordings in the form of CDs or cassettes have a 100% return privilege. This means that record stores don’t have to worry about being stuck with records they can’t sell… This leads us to reserves. The recording company may hold back a portion of the artist’s royalties for reserves that are returned from record stores. (Usually about 35% is held back.)

Internet royalties

Record companies usually treat downloads as “new media/technology,” which means they can reduce the royalty by 20% to 50%. This means that rather than paying artists a 10% royalty on recording sales, they can pay them a 5% to 8% rate when their song is downloaded from the Internet. In the case of downloaded music, although there is no packaging expense, many record company contracts still state that the 25% packaging fee will be deducted.

An alternative to this royalty payment method also exists for Internet music sales. While it is most often used by Internet record labels, it may still catch on as recording artists begin to push harder for it in their contracts. This other method creates an equal split of the net dollars made on music downloads between the record label and the artist.

Performance royalties

The songwriter and publisher split mechanical royalties 50/50 for each recording sold, and the recording artist also gets a mechanical royalty for each recording sold (although that deal is set up differently).

In addition to the mechanical royalties, however, our songwriter and publisher are also paid performance royalties, which means they make money based on how often the song is played on the radio, in restaurants or bars, or in other types of broadcasts. These royalties are monitored, collected, and paid out by a performing rights organization like ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC; our artist is paid by the organization with which he registered the song. For subscription digital “performances,” like SoundExchange, the recording artist now gets paid royalties as well.

The performance royalty is paid to the songwriter and publisher when a song is performed live or on the radio.


P.S. Don’t forget about the cross-collaterization factor. @backstage-meg wrote a post about this in which she explains: “This is generally good for the label and NOT good for the artist. They can recoup their money from any of your earnings - like merchandising for instance. It means the label can collect its debt from any source of the artist’s income.”

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm really sorry but I'm confused about chakras and karma being closed?? I thought those were universal concepts. I've been trying to find other websites and tumblrs that say chakras and karma are closed but I can't. Could you maybe explain more?

First things first, holy shit am I sorry how long this one has taken to come out. I’ve been sitting on this for months and I finally got around to it. Okay, so why they’re considered appropriation.

I’ll start with Karma. You see the word Karma get thrown around a lot in the west as a quick term for “What goes around comes around.” And while this isn’t entirely wrong it addresses such a narrow scope of what Karma actually is it might as well be.

I’ll start with Hinduism. Karma can be split into three distinct categories:

Prarabdha: what most people think when they think Karma, this affects you within the current life time but this is the smallest portion of Karma.

Kriyamana: this is the accumulation of Karma in the current life time which flows into.

Sanchita: the full amount of Karma that follows into your following lives.

Now India used to have a strong Caste system put in place in society and the more positive your Sanchita Karma the higher in the Caste system you were born in your next life, and the more negative, the lower in the Caste system. Now I believe recently India is either attempting or has gotten rid of the Caste system so I’m not entirely sure how that’s going to affect things, I’m just telling you what I know. Edit: Apparently they didn’t get rid of the Caste system they got rid of the Untouchables which is a complicated thing to explain and beyong the scope of this so I won’t address that.

And lastly there is Karmic Yoga. Yes, that’s right, Karmic Yoga is a thing. What most Westerners think of as Yoga is a high specialized Yoga that a long time ago was reserved for royalty. Aside from that there are three other types of Yoga: Karmic Yoga, Devotional Yoga, and Mantra Yoga. (Those are absolutely not the names for the other two but I can’t remember the Sanskrit words so I’m using the closest word that accurately represents the idea.)

Karmic Yoga is devoting your actions to the gods and worshiping them through right deeds. Mantra Yoga is repeating prayers or the deity’s name over and over as an act of devotion and worship and devotion. Yoga is devoting your life to the deity, not so much in a monastic sense but more in a layman’s.  Every step you take is dedicated to them.

Now Karma in Buddhism works slightly differently.  In Buddhism, Karma does not apply to Buddha’s or Arahants. This is because Karma is only generated out of ignorance.  The Buddhas and Arahants have completely shed ignorance and see things as they truly are and thus do not generate Karma. Furthermore, in Buddhism, there are 4 types of Karma instead of 3 and Karma Yoga.  The list includes:

Reproductive: This is the karma that determines your conditions at birth, rich poor, etc. and is caused by the predominate Karma at the moment of death from the preceding life.

Supportive: This karma appears near the reproductive Karma and it is neither good nor bad but supports the reproductive Karma and helps it to persist throughout life. This one lasts from immediately after conception to the point of death.

Obstructive/Counteractive: This karma, unlike the previous one, tends to interrupt or obstruct the reproductive Karma, someone born with a good reproductive Karma could be ravished with many ailments thus preventing them from enjoying the circumstances of their birth. On the other hand someone born with bad Karma may have something very fortuitous happen such as winning the lottery and pulling them out of their bad circumstances.

Destructive: According to the law of Karma the potential energy of the Reproductive Karma could be nullified by a more powerful opposing Karma of the past, which, seeking an opportunity, may quite unexpectedly operate, just as a powerful counteractive force can obstruct the path of a flying arrow and bring it down to the ground.

As an instance of operation of all the four, the case of Devadatta, who attempted to kill the Buddha and who caused a schism in the Sangha (disciples of the Buddha) may be cited. His good Reproductive Karma brought him birth in a royal family. His continued comfort and prosperity were due to the action of the Supportive Karma. The Counteractive or Obstructive Karma came into operation when he was subject to much humiliation as a result of his being excommunicated from the Sangha. Finally the Destructive Karma brought his life to a miserable end.

There’s more to it but it’s getting a bit too long as is so I’m going to move on to Chakras.  Once again I’ll start with Hinduism.

The word Chakra (pronounced Chahkrah, not Chuhkruh or Shockrah) comes from the Sanskrit word Cakra meaning wheel, sometimes referring to the wheel of life. There’s a bit of disagreement on exactly how many Chakras there are: some sources say five, some seven, others eight, The most common is seven though, at least from what I’ve seen. The Chakras are aligned in ascending order from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each Chakra is visualized as a lotus with a different (increasing) number of petals. In traditional thought each Chakra is associated with a Psychological Function, a Classical Element, and various other distinguishing features. The color association is a more new age thing. 

The chakras are thought to vitalise the physical body and to be associated with interactions of a physical, emotional and mental nature. They are considered loci of life energy, or prana, (also called shakti, or chi), which is thought to flow among them along pathways called nadis. The function of the chakras is to spin and draw in this Universal Life Force Energy to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the body in balance.

The chakras are described in the tantric texts the Sat-Cakra-Nirupana, and the Padaka-Pancaka, in which they are described as emanations of consciousness from Brahman, an energy emanating from the spiritual which gradually turns concrete, creating these distinct levels of chakras, and which eventually finds its rest in the Muladhara chakra. They are therefore part of an emanations theory, like that of the kabbalah in the west, lataif-e-sitta in Sufism or neo-platonism. The energy that was unleashed in creation, called the Kundalini, lies coiled and sleeping at the base of the spine. It is the purpose of the tantric or kundalini forms of yoga to arouse this energy, and cause it to rise back up through the increasingly subtler chakras, until union with God is achieved in the Sahasrara chakra at the crown of the head.

The earliest known mention of chakras is found in the later Upanishads, including specifically the Brahma Upanishad and the Yogatattva Upanishad. These vedic models were adapted in Tibetan Buddhism as Vajrayana theory, and in the Tantric Shakta theory of chakras. It is the shakta theory of 7 main chakras that most people in the West adhere to, either knowingly or unknowingly, largely thanks to a translation of two Indian texts, the Sat-Cakra-Nirupana, and the Padaka-Pancaka, by Sir John Woodroffe, alias Arthur Avalon, in a book entitled The Serpent Power.

That said, many present-day Indian gurus that incorporate chakras within their systems of philosophy do not seem to radically disagree with the western view of chakras, at least on the key points, and both these eastern and western views have developed from the Shakta Tantra school.

(Disclaimer: this next bit talks about mysticism in Judaism and Islam in which case I know extremely little and most of what is being talked about here is simply what I’ve dug up with research and cannot personally vouch for the accuracy as I wouldn’t know. If I’m incorrect please notify me so I can fix the information.)

There are various other models of chakras in other traditions, notably in Chinese medicine, and also in Tibetan Buddhism. Even in Jewish kabbalah, the different Sephiroth are sometimes associated with parts of the body. In Islamic Sufism, Lataif-e-Sitta ( Six Subtleties ) are considered as psychospiritual “organs” or faculties of sensory and suprasensory perception, activation of which makes a man complete. Attempts are made to try and reconcile the systems with each other, and notably there are some successes, even between such diverged traditions as Shakta Tantra, Sufism and Kabbalism, where chakras, lataif and Sephiroth can seemingly represent the same archetypal spiritual concepts. In Surat Shabda Yoga, initiation by an Outer Living Satguru (Sat - true, Guru - teacher) is required and involves reconnecting soul to the Shabda and stationing the Inner Shabda Master (the Radiant Form of the Master) at the third eye chakra.

Now actually I’m not going to list out the chakras and explain them because as said the descriptions in western texts aren’t bad at that part.

Okay now that I’ve got all that sorted, and again that’s not the full of it that’s still only like half but I feel I explained enough to sufficiently explain the concepts. The reason these are semi closed concepts that can easily wander into cultural appropriative territory is because they are not only very cultural concepts but arguably more importantly very unique Spiritual concepts. They touch upon Mysticism which like Islamic Sufism or Judaic Kabbalah are very important aspects in an attempt to “merging” with the divine in a sense. As such they are very unique and bastardization and prepackaged copies are not only completely missing the point but highly insulting and unacceptable. If anyone tries convincing you otherwise tell them to go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Now introduction to the concepts by a real yogi and taking it seriously is okay as you are being taught by someone with authority and the proper understanding to do so. The issue is with prepackaged, consummeristic, Western, bastardized bullshit.


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(The PSG is no longer answering questions about cultural appropriation.)

anonymous asked:

Hey, so, I'm curious; in everything I've ever seen them in, Diana and Donna can fly, but from what little I've seen of her Artemis can't. Is this just some comics thing, where it never came up before, or is flight reserved for Amazon royalty, or something else?

This is a great question and one that used to throw me off a bit too.

Flight is not an inherent Amazon skill, no. Artemis can’t fly, most Amazons can’t fly, sometimes I believe Donna hasn’t been able to either. And maybe at some point in continuity Diana couldn’t either (Literally why would she need an invisible jet…)

It’s a special power granted to specific individuals from the Gods, and the Amazons specifically only have powers granted from some of them and not others (aka they only have powers sourced from the goddesses that created/sponsored them). Flight is granted by Hermes.

Diana got special blessing from all the Gods, Donna was basically her clone, Cassie was granted powers from Zeus (retconned later to her being a demigod herself).

I’m not sure what’s what in current continuity but this is the general reason why only some Amazons fly.

Leo wondered what it would be like to celebrate his birthday normally. To just be presented with his favorite pastry, enjoy a small family dinner and possibly be gifted a book. Such things weren’t reserved for royalty. Instead of being given a small dinner, he was treated with a feast. Instead of his favorite pastry it was a meal all set out for him. And instead of a book, he was gifted a living person. A man who looked worn and tired. A street rat, he presumed, based on his torn and grimy clothes.

His father placed a hand on his shoulder. Telling him of the gift before him that was to be his servant. A retainer of sorts. As if he was supposed to be grateful. Leo pretended to be, he’d offer the king that much, lest he’d get into trouble for refusing such a wonderful gift.

“Look at me.” He uttered, using a commanding voice. He needed to continue with the charade. Continue as if he wanted to command the man place in front of him “What is your name?”

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Imagine Ed Always Saying Weird Things Around You

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“Hey, Ed,” you waved a little at the friendly forensic scientist as you walked into the filing annex where he just so happened to be.

“H-Hello, Miss Y/L/N,” he said somewhat awkwardly. You internally sighed; he always seemed off around you, so you often went out of your way to be nice to him. In your trial today, you asked, “Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?”

“I…watch paint dry,” he said plainly, and he blushed as he continued, “I mean, figuratively. And in the future tense. I will be watching paint dry. That is to say, I have no plans. None involving paint. Funny thing, paint, particularly the colors. Like purple. Few plants that had the purple pigments could be grown in some regions, so it was typically reserved for royalty. You’re much like the color purple in that way. There aren’t any uncorrupted cops like you here in Gotham, and you’re certainly as pretty as the color purple.” You blinked for a second, not sure if he was complimenting you.

“What?” you asked. Instead of responding, he stood there awkwardly for a minute before he crossed his hands and left, shooting you a quick and mumbled ‘goodbye.’ You just smiled and shook your head. He sure left you guessing, that was for sure.

Fanfiction - Beauchamp Riots (Part III)

I must be mad because – yes! – this is Part III. As promised, this is a short story, so we’re almost at the end. Thank you so much for the overwhelming support and lovely words – I cherish each and every one of them in my heart. You guys rock! See you on the other side. <3

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Part III – Dresses & Question Marks

The weeks went by quickly, as I watched the days pass submerged on a numbed haze. I dove on my work, finding solace on the bleeding vessels that I could repair; on the firm grip of the sternal saw on my fingers - lethal on an unexperienced hand – but a doorway to the pulsing heart that I could hold on my hands and actually cure; on the buzzing of the machines that surrounded me in the OR, as soothing to my troubled soul as a lullaby.

I tried my hardest to avoid Jamie. I had so much to tell him – and yet I feared the unavoidable change that conversation would entail. Since that night on the phone, I had come to a halting conclusion – if Jamie actually married Geneva, I must find a way to sever all ties with him. I couldn’t contaminate him with my misery; couldn’t condemn his marriage to a blustering failure by splitting him in two.

But I still held hope that I could sway things. So on Friday morning, having the day off from work, I allowed myself a double expresso - with no sugar or cream – and raided my closet for something to wear. There’s no rationalizing it, really – I wasn’t going on a date. But if I intended to fight a battle, I needed an armour – I couldn’t feel inferior to Geneva, defeated before I had the chance to brandish my proverbial sword. I settled for high waisted trousers, with an elegant cut, and a white chemise, complemented with black heels – quite unusual for my practical nature.

She had texted me the address the previous night, so I met her in front of the first shop she intended to explore, a pricy and tasteful establishment called “The Blushing Bride”. Geneva was wearing a floral blue dress and sunglasses, which - to my profound distaste - made her look like a movie star.

“Claire!” She greeted me with a pleasant smile. “So glad you made it!”

“Yes.” I tried to smile back, but my facial muscles felt stiff. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Geneva patted me on the shoulder, as if she was a pet owner, proud of her small animal’s behaviour.

“Shall we go in?” She theatrically peeked above the rim of her glasses, her grey eyes shining. Seeing me nodding in agreement, she marched to the boutique’s door.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked, almost blinded by the sudden outburst of white, ivory and cream that filled my eyes the moment I stepped inside.

“Well, I wanted to talk to you about the wedding.” She tapped her finger on her lips. “Make sure you’re on board.”

“I was talking about the wedding dress.” I whispered, raising my eyebrows. “Unless you want to go wild and wear a red number or spend the rest of our days inside this store, I think we need to narrow it down a bit.”

“And you?” Geneva asked, her chestnut hair dangling around her shoulders, as she moved to touch on some fabrics. “Did you decide already what you’re wearing? With your voluptuous curves, you need to be somewhat careful.”

I was pretty sure she was trying to imply that my arse was big – but I was very distant from the insecure teenager I might have been while at high school. I was well resolved with the curves of my butt – and happened to know that Jamie found it one of my best traits.

“Not sure yet,” I replied evenly, offering her one relaxed smile. “But I’m thinking black.”

“Oh.” She said. If she grasped it for the offense it was intended to be, she said nothing. We moved around the racks of imposing dresses, trading short comments about shapes and colours. “Jamie has been…very… gentlemanly with me.” She said haltingly. I bit the inside of my cheek. “I’m that fortunate, of course. But I was thinking if he ever said anything to you? There’s nothing wrong with him – medically, of course?”

I hummed, silently grateful for not being eating salty snacks this time around. “I think Jamie is just different from other men.” I coughed, fixing my gaze on some shoes, embellished with sequins and ribbons. “He wants to do right by you. I’m sure he’ll give you an unforgettable honeymoon, though.”

I had shared a bed with Jamie through the years, for various reasons – holidays, sleepovers or while I tended him when he was sick. And although we had never ventured on that type of intimacy, I hadn’t failed to notice his arousal when he woke up next to me in bed. I was fairly certain everything worked properly – should he choose to take that step.

Fortunately my assurances seemed to have soothed her anxieties – I couldn’t stomach to know more about their sexual dalliances. Eventually, Geneva decided it was time to start to try on some wedding dresses.

The first gown was pearl pink and had a train that should be reserved to royalty only. The second one had a skirt so big it could fit an entire family of five inside it – if she was planning to live under it, not only be married in it, it could have been a good choice. The third model seemed to belong on the Moulin Rouge – not for being ostentatious or glittery, but because it resembled naughty lingerie.

I was partially amused with Geneva’s choices – but dismay was slowly creeping in. How was it possible that this woman knew so little of the man she was about to be married? How was it possible that Jamie was about to commit himself to this shallow girl, so focused on her desires that she completely overlooked his own?

“I don’t think that’s the one.” I said shortly, trying to contain laughter, as Geneva displayed attempt number four - she actually had tried a red dress. “Perhaps something more classic and simple – let your beauty shine for itself.”

Geneva looked at me through the mirror on the wall, a small smile appearing on her lips. “I know you don’t like me much, Claire. That’s alright – we are very different, you and I. And you had such a special place in Jamie’s life…I really wasn’t expecting it to be any different.” Her chestnut hair was blazing on the artificial lights and for once she seemed solemn and serious, her eyes searching mine on the reflected image. “But I want you to know that I do love him – fiercely. I want him to be happy.”

I inhaled slowly, my hands closing until I could feel my nails digging on my flesh. I returned her gaze and gave her a small nod.

“Good. We want the same thing, then.” I got up from the armchair where I had been surveilling her pageant and walked to a hanger nearby. I searched through an array of dresses, until I found the one. “Here, try this on.”

She was right – I didn’t like her. Not only because she was stealing away Jamie, but also because we were as diametrically different as the sun and the moon. We weren’t really best friend material, either – and for that alone I could participate in ridicule her, watching her choose the worst dress in the entire collection.  But she was a woman in love – and I could relate to that. And she was marrying a man that deserved the absolute best – even if I could ruin her day (and I wasn’t that sure I actually had it in me), I couldn’t take any part in hurting Jamie.  

“It’s perfect. Isn’t it?” She asked moments later, almost breathless. Her eyes were moist with emotion – she seemed vulnerable, not so poised and coquettish, and for a moment I could see the woman Jamie had decided to cherish.

“Yes.” I whispered, my voice hoarse. “My job here is done.”


Do you know how time has that magical capacity of changing its pace? How he races when something dreadful approaches and stretches, languid, when your deepest desires are almost within your grasp?

I didn’t know where I had lost the weeks that acted as shields to Jamie’s wedding. One sleepless night here; one long surgery there; a weekend away at Callandar to take my mind of things. Several missed calls from Jamie and even more missed words between us.

One day I woke up and only one week was left; and Jamie had texted me at dawn summoning me to go to the pub that night, hang out with the happy couple and the lads as a kind of stag party.

“Tonight is the night, darling.” I patted Adso and rubbed his ear. “Make the cut and assess the bleeding – find out if it’s catastrophic or if the patient lives to fight another day.”


“Ye’re very quiet tonight, Sassenach.” Jamie asked me discretely, while everyone was busy requesting another round. “Are ye concerned for a patient?”

“Yes.” I gratefully used the offered escape. “A serious heart problem, poor thing. Don’t think she’s going to make it.”

“Ah.” His eyes wrinkled with seriousness. “I’m verra sorry to hear that.”

“We changed the honeymoon.” Geneva was chatting with Willie and Angus. “Instead of going to Bermuda, we’re staying at a lovely cottage in Isle of Skye.”

“Aye.” Jamie smiled. “Geneva surprised me. She thought I would like to spend my honeymoon in Scotland and Skye is such a bonny place.”

“Did she?” I babbled, drinking down my whiskey.

“How about yer vows, Jamie lad?” Rupert asked. “Are you finished writing them?”

“Actually,” Geneva interrupted. “I insisted that we used the ancient Gaelic vows. Since we won’t be married at Lallybroch, I want Jamie to have a bit of Scotland with him.”

I snorted so loudly that every face on the booth was turned in my direction.

“What’s going on, Sassenach?” Jamie asked, leaning to whisper on my ear.

“Nothing.” I croaked. “I have something in my nose. Must be some sort of virus.”

“Ye look healthy enough to me.” Jamie grimaced.

“You seem to be missing lots of things.” I replied, dryly. “Obviously.” I mouthed, before I raised my glass again.

“Are ye making me an uncle anytime soon, Jamie?” Willie laughed. “Flora could do with having another bairn to play when we gather.”

“We want plenty of children.” Geneva smiled and looked adoringly at Jamie, squeezing his hand placed on the table. “Jamie always wanted a big family.”

This time my laugh was evident – a sardonic and humourless sound, which sounded cruel even to my ears. Geneva was frowning in my direction and Jamie’s eyes were piercing mine. Angus looked at me with apprehension, before he dexterously grabbed Geneva and dragged her to play some darts.

“Why are you being like this?” Jamie asked when we were left alone, sat together on the booth, as we had been countless times before.

“Like what?” I asked defiantly.

Mallaichte bas! Like a wee bairn with a bad temper, Claire.” Jamie growled. “Ye’ve been cruel to Geneva tonight, and unrightfully so. She is only trying to please me.”

“She is only saying what you want to hear. And if you think anything different, you’re the fool!” I spat out, my cheeks flushing. I had a whistling sound inside my ears that seemed to throb in rhythm with my heart.

“Are ye jealous?” Jamie said slowly. “Because finally someone knows me other than you?”

“Lake District doll doesn’t know the first thing about you!” I hissed, leaning over the table as a cat about to pounce. “All these things – the honeymoon, the vows, the children – I told her all of that. She is only repeating it, because she was afraid you would realize how this whole marriage is a damned farce. I even chose her fucking wedding dress! I’m the one that knows you, Jamie – not her.”

“And yet I’m marrying her.” Jamie swallowed hard. “Ye said ye would support me and instead you’re entertaining yerself with the wreckage of my life!”

“You bloody bastard!” I sobbed. Tears were burning my eyes, as the dim lights of the pub turned to washing rivers. “I can’t sleep, eat or think and yet – yet you think I’m entertained!”

“If you’re not entertained, then what are ye?” Jamie clenched his jaw, as an invisible dome of anger and frustration surrounded him.

“I think you know.” I began to gather my things – phone, scarf and purse – preparing to leave. “Perhaps you knew all along. That’s why you let yourself enter this scheme of an engagement. That’s why you chose for a fiancé someone that couldn’t really know you or see you.”

Seas!” Jamie said, his voice low. “Please, Claire. I need ye by my side.”

“No.” I closed my eyes – catastrophic bleeding, then. “I won’t. I’m sorry, but I can’t be your best woman. I can’t be at your wedding, Jamie.” I opened my eyes and looked at him, preparing to turn my back on him for what could be the last time. “It’s me you call in the middle of the night. It’s my body you crave for when you come out of sleep. It’s my voice you want to hear first when something happens – to share the burden or the happiness. I’m the one that knows your dreams, nightmares and desires. So what does that mean, Jamie?”

He looked at me with confusion and pain in his blue, daunting, eyes. He opened his lips – God, would I never kiss him there? – but I raised my hand to stop him.

“I think you should do some soul searching, James Fraser. Call me when you realize that you have loved me all along.” And I walked away.

izousaito  asked:

"I am a demanding creature. I am selfish and cruel and extremely unreasonable."

“And you are worth each and every demand. You have earned your selfishness in the blood you’ve shed for me,” he replied, taking Iarios’ hand and pressing a kiss to the upturned palm. It was a gesture he usually reserved for royalty, but alone, in this moment Iarios was the only one who owned Saito’s heart. Grey eyes flicked up to meet green as he nuzzled his cheek into Iarios’ palm.

“If you only knew how I crave your cruelty when we aren’t together.”

the earth queen and empress dowager cixi

one of the best parts of watching avatar and korra is the intricate character design and the earth queen is no exception - the animators were very obviously influenced by empress dowager cixi of china, who was the unofficial yet effective ruler of the qing dynasty from 1861 until her death in 1908

the similarities are very obvious once you compare the two - one of the most striking features of the two women are the elaborate headdresses they wear

hats and headdresses were a very important fashion accessory in the qing dynasty, and as you can see from cixi’s headdress, indicative of status. cixi’s headdress is inlaid with pearls meaning she is royalty

the flowers seen in the earth queen’s headdress are also very important references to china - they seem to be pink peonies. peonies are very important in eastern culture and has long been associated with china, it was even declared the national flower of china in 1903 (by cixi herself!)

another one of the similarities you can see are the striking, elaborate, nail guards seen on the hands of both monarchs

these nail guards were a product of the later qing dynasty and were beautiful and bejeweled. inspired from the opulence in which they lived, qing women such as cixi began wearing them, often in multiples, to show their wealth and ability to rely upon servants to carry out their wishes. this accessory seems to have influenced the earth queen’s personality, as all we have seen from the earth queen so far is her ordering others around like pawns

the final visual similarity seems to be their long gowns

(this photo of cixi has obviously been manually colored, it was originally in black and white)

the earth queen’s dress seems to be influenced by and simplified from dresses cixi would have worn. cixi wears predominately yellow while the earth queen wears a balance of green and yellow, another reference to the earth queen’s chinese counterpart. the color yellow was very important to imperial china. it was sacred and reserved for royalty - it was the color of their clothes and their palaces.

clothing and design aside, the earth queen’s character even seems to be reminiscent of cixi. for decades, historians have cast cixi in the role of a despot, a villain; the reason her dynasty crumbled and fell. this characterization is largely untrue (cixi was no more ruthless than any of the rulers that came before her. in fact, in many ways she proved herself to be a merciful ruler. the reforms instituted under her were successful and she was responsible for modernizing china), but i’m interested to see how lok will treat the earth queen; will the earth queen merely be a selfish tyrant, a powerful woman hellbent on preserving her kingdom and people, or possibly something even more sympathetic?? either way, i’m very excited to see how the earth queen’s story plays out

Sibling Theory?

Okay, I’ve been just started watching Endride and whilst I was watching the second episode I noticed a couple of things that hint towards Emilio and Shun being related, namely siblings. I’m not sure if anyone else has said anything about it yet but I thought I’d post my findings here anyway just in case ^^

This is a pretty young Emilio being given what looks like a dagger of sorts by who I presume is his father or someone of that calibre. It has a red dragon emblem on it which I also presume is the Kingdom/Countries’ crest.

Emilio is seen picking the dagger up in the first episode. He then goes out of his way to use it as the weapon for avenging his father, instead of his relic which would perhaps be easier to an extent, which further hints towards it being an heirloom or gift from his late father.

Then we have this little cutie, baby Shun, who is seen to be wearing a bracelet with the exact same crest on it. So, if Shun was born on the surface and had no prior knowledge of Endora, why is he being shown wearing something that bears the emblem of the Kingdom: wearing the royal crest is generally reserved for official royalty, like Emilio. This shot proves that he at least has some form of connection with the country at the centre of the Earth.

I also went back to the first episode to check a few things and spotted it here at the very beginning. As stated before; why would Shun own something that clearly belongs to Endora if he had never been there before?

Shun also has a huge fixation/interest in crystals. He seems to be very well known by the owner of the crystal shop who even comments that he ‘sure is obsessed with this stuff’ aka the crystals. The shopkeeper also seems to trust Shun to certain degree, allowing him to handle his wares without having to pay for them, etc. which further cements the fact that he is a recurring customer or at least visitor of the shop. 

But what has this got to do with his connection to Endora? Well as properly witnessed in episode two, Endora is thriving with crystals. From their own crystal version of the sun (Adamas) to their creatures.

I guess the point I’m trying to get at is that Shun perhaps has such an obsession with crystals is because he maybe subconsciously remembers them from him time in Endora. Though after re-watching the first episode, it could simply just come down to the fact that his parents are/were involved with them too. I just thought that it fit nicely with the theory :)

Furthermore, the crystal that Shun finds in his father’s office at the beginning of the first episode is perhaps a hint also. It was kept in a special display cabinet so it was obviously pretty special, but more importantly, someone must have handled it in order to put it there in the first place. However, we see that the minute Shun picks it up, he is teleported to Endora and the crystal (having been seemingly absorbed by him) disappears with him. This begs the question of why the crystal reacted to him and not the person or people who had handled it prior, whether to study it or place it in its display cabinet. What was so special about Shun that it chose to teleport him instead of someone else?

I had a couple of bits on the fact that Shun can use a warp relic and his rapidly growing ability to use it but that was sorta shot down when I re-watched the first episode and saw him absorb the crystal, which most likely would have granted him the ability to use a Warp Relic.

Anyway, that’s about it just now but feel free to call bs on the theory. Also, if you guys noticed anything else or have a different theory please tell me, I want to know what you all think ^^

your royal highness// prince hemmings pt.2

Pairing: Luke Hemmings+Reader

(A/N): hii huys! here’s the highly requested part two for prince luke! hope you guys enjoy reading! 

Part One

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     The sun was hidden in the clouds, wind slipping through the windows into Luke’s spacious room. Curling further into his duvet for warmth, his tired blue eyes shot open. A feeling of restlessness swam through the room. The clock showed the time to 5:37 AM. Three hours of sleep, just what he needed. Sighing, he rubbed his face and went straight to take a quick shower because there was no possible way he could go back to sleep.

 A slight shine of his long forgotten guitar caught Luke’s eyes, promptly ignoring the instrument. The gray clouds displayed a glow in the part only reserved for royalty in the castle.

On the other side of the castle walls lay Ayla, unknowingly resting in the unfamiliar healing ward. A grey luminosity reflecting through the lustrous glass windows. She jolted up in a shock, sweat lining her forehead.

Shaking her head, the realization of the fact that it was just another stupid dream came back to her. Fully wide awake now, she could take in her surroundings. Ayla was the only in the room, several cabinets were lined with various medical supplies and medications.

Her attire had been changed, from a tattered dress to a long sleeved mid calf dress made out of velvet. The room almost suffocating her, she needed some time to cut off the world.

Luke’s jacket from last night was neatly hung on a coat rack in the corner of the room. Barefoot, she swiftly shrugged on the jacket and walked straight to the adjacent balcony, meeting somewhere to forget the world.

Wincing when her leg had been skillfully wrapped with soft silk, still a bit sore.

The balcony door was left open behind her as the crisp wind hit her. 

“Holy shit,” Ayla cursed as she took in the view. Snow had covered the top of the castle walls like powder. The town could be seen from the height of the balcony. The abundance of the leafless tress created an aura of mystery.

Pulling the coat tighter around her body, the scent of the Prince lingered closer to her. Bells from the chapel could be heard as it signaled the time. A part of her felt unknown and unwanted. This is why she had moved away from her family, to start over. Christmas was soon approaching, making it the first one without her family.

Someone had tied her unruly brown hair into a messy bun, Lifting up the sleeves of the dress, blue and black bruises littered her tan skin. Even without the use of a mirror, Ayla knew she probably looked like a complete mess.

The creaking noise of the balcony doors startled Ayla. She whipped her head around to see The prince himself. What was he doing here? Had she done something wrong? Her pulse started to inconveniently quicken at the sight of the prince.

Luke was sporting what was a proper and formal pitch black suit fit for a prince. Oh the irony. The suit jacket that he was wearing tightly hugged his body, accentuating his strong biceps and shoulders.

His blonde hair was in a perfect quiff, not a single strand astray. Slight dark circles had appeared under his eyes from the lack of sleep. The grey atmosphere seemed to create a sparkle in his sapphire eyes.

Ayla had stiffened at his presence and appearance, his masculine build towering over her. A solid one foot height difference clear between the two.

“Have I done anything wrong, your royal highness?” She stuttered, scared out of her wits, not daring to make eye contact. Her back was resting on the balcony polls.

“No,” Luke sighed, walking towards her. “And call me Luke,” he smiled, “please.” His morning voice was deep and raspy, making her heart flutter.

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This might have been covered by someone else at this point but I feel the need to post here just in case it hasn’t.

I’ve noticed that there are a TON of people who are completely baffled by the fact that Lysandre’s mega evolving, ace Pokemon is a water type (”because Team FLARE, and flares are FIRE and WATER ISN’T FIRE”). Now, because Lysandre is my anime husbando despite his relationship with dear Professor Sycamore, let me give y’all a little culture and history lesson.

Lysandre is royalty. Were there a throne for him to inherit, he’d be a king at this point due to AZ wandering around like a sad hobo giant, looking for his Floette. Lysandre’s name in the Japanese game, Fleur-de-lis, is associated with nobility, beauty, refinement, and the French royal family/aristocracy. Lysandre as a name means “Liberator of man” or similar, and is more of a nod to his ideals. It does, however, make me think of “lion,” and Lions are the King of the Jungle. This brings me to my next point.

Lysandre’s entire Pokemon team is filled with Pokemon based on animals that are associated with royalty/nobility. In order:

Pyroar = lion. Lions are titled “King of the Jungle”
Murkrow/Haunchcrow= Crow. Crows are the familiars of Odin, the All Father and king of the Aesir in Norse Mythology. His two crows (or ravens) are named Hugin and Munin.
Mienfoo/Mienshao= Weasel/Mink. This one was a bit harder for me to figure out, but essentially the furs of weasels (and of course, minks) were once reserved for royalty to wear in Europe. Furthermore, there is a painting of Queen Elizabeth II with a weasel on her arm. Who knows, maybe that fur on Lysandre’s jacket is actually from a Mienshao? ;) He is royalty after all, and he might as well get some use out of the Pokemon before they have to die.

Finally, we get to Gyarados, a water/flying type (water/dark as a mega evolution). Gyarados is based on East Asian Dragons, who are associated with water (they live in ponds and rivers and the sea), and can be associated with the elements of air (flying!) or wood. More importantly, East Asian Dragons are considered the animal of the Emperor, the male rulers in Japan and China (I’m not sure about Korea, for certain, but considering how long it was ruled and influenced by China, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a similar belief system there). The female counterpart is the Phoenix, associated with fire.

The ties between dragons and Emperors in Japan (at least) are so strong that the word for a man with a royal bearing is ryuugao/りゅうがお/竜顔, or “dragon faced” (although it’s mostly arcane at this point, no one really uses it anymore, and it was almost always used specifically to refer to an Emperor according my my 3rd year Japanese sensei).

Essentially, it is because Gyarados is patterned off of the traditional East Asian Dragons that are associated with their Emperors that Lysandre’s strongest Pokemon is a “water type.” The type is incidental, a byproduct of the fact that East Asian dragons are associated with water; it’s the dragon origins of Gyarados that are important, as Gyarados being a dragon is just one more–and probably, in the original version, the most important– piece of the puzzle that establishes Lysandre as a king.

And there you have it, I solved the mystery of Lysandre’s Gyarados.

anonymous asked:

Why did Robert treat Stannis so poorly? Especially since Stannis was regarded as a great commander and never did anything that would make Robert question his loyalty.

Well, it’s important to realize that part of this is intentional on Martin’s part. Robert and Stannis view the same action in fundamentally different ways. Awarding Stannis Dragonstone, for example, was cited by Martin himself in fan correspondence way back in 1999. It reads:

Stannis always resented being given Dragonstone while Renly got Storm’s End, and took that as a slight… but it’s not necessarily true that Robert meant it that way. The Targaryen heir apparent had always been titled Prince of Dragonstone. By making Stannis the Lord of Dragonstone, Robert affirmed his brother’s status as heir (which he was, until Joff’s birth a few years later). Robert could just as lawfully retained both castles for his sons, and made Joffrey the Prince of Dragonstone and Tommen the Lord of Storm’s End. Giving them to his brothers instead was another instance of his great, but rather careless, generosity.

Robert thought he was being nice to Stannis, rewarding him for his service, and while he was indeed angry for Daenerys and Viserys slipping the net, he was marking Stannis with a seat traditionally reserved only for Targaryen royalty. As for Renly, Robert gave him Storm’s End so that Renly could have a comfortable life. He’s an older brother, and while he might not get his two brothers, he does want to make sure that they’re well taken care of.

Now, while Robert did indeed respect Stannis, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they enjoyed each other’s company. The two men have fundamental differences in personality. Robert is gregarious and generous, boisterous and charming. To his mind, gave Stannis a great symbolic gift, as symbolically, Dragonstone is a step above the Great House holdings as the historical seat of the ruling house. The thing is, Stannis is devastatingly cynical, prone to viewing every action in the worst possible way, which is why he thinks Robert is slighting him. The symbolism of the move went past him because Stannis doesn’t care for posturing or symbolism. Stannis is an eminently pragmatic man (the whole Proudwing speech), so all he can see is that Renly got something better than him, because from a pragmatic standpoint, he’s right. Storm’s End has more territory and more tax income. The Lord of Storm’s End has more vassals to call on for support. Without the symbolic importance of Dragonstone, Storm’s End is just an objectively better holding. Stannis, whose contribution to the Rebellion was vital, feels snubbed that Renly, who didn’t contribute at all to the Rebellion (which wasn’t his fault, Renly was a child), got a choicer holding than himself. Both men are measuring the action from two diametrically opposed viewpoints.

It’s the same way with the Handship. Eddard hadn’t been in court for the decade-and-a-half of Robert’s new administration, so Stannis resents that Eddard goes from a high-ranking but distant noble to the number two spot in Westeros. Why should an outsider get the position over someone who worked hard from day one in the new administration? In Stannis’s mind, this confirms everything he’s ‘known’ since Dragonstone, that Robert hates him. Robert, however, wasn’t thinking of Stannis at all. Robert lost his father figure and close friend, and wanted the comfort of having another friend close by, and who better but wonderful, lovable Eddard Stark?

So Robert definitely never mistreated Stannis, or thought of him as incompetent. He just never got along with his brother due to fundamental differences in their personality and outlooks.

Thanks for the question, Anon,

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

but with you, my dear, i’m safe

just a little baby bit because i love when killian is happy 

There is a morning not long after his return to Storybrooke when Killian realizes upon waking that he has never felt so wholly content in all of his years alive. The realization floats from his heart to his mind and spreads warmly through his bones, gently coaxing him from his dreams and dropping him comfortably back into his bed.

He slowly becomes aware of the other body pressed against his own, his hand finding a smaller, softer one curled against the bare skin of his chest. Hair is tickling his nose but he doesn’t mind all that much, not when it surrounds him with the familiar scent of coconut and vanilla that he had come to miss so much during his time away.

His time away, that’s what he has taken to calling it in his head. Oddly enough, being dead and then returning once more to the land of the living is not all that simple of a transition, and it’s easier for him to cope with if he just imagines that he had spent his time exploring a different realm. That’s what the Underworld is, really, just another realm – no different from Wonderland or the Enchanted Forest. Or here. Home.

Gods, how happy he is to be home.

Emma unconsciously shifts beside him and presses her nose to his neck, her breath warm on the hollow of his throat as she begins to stir. She is always like this in the morning, restless as consciousness grasps at her, and it never ceases to make him smile. He is unsure if he will ever get tired of the way she insists on sprawling across the entire bed, even if it means nearly suffocating him in the process.

He feels her nose scrunch against him, and suddenly she’s reaching back to pull the covers over her head and burrow deeper into his embrace, groaning as a sliver of light from the window reaches her eyes. “How long,” Her voice is rough with sleep and he feels her swallow, laughing quietly to himself as she attempts to string together a coherent sentence despite her barely-conscious state. “How long have—no. What time is it?”

Killian runs his hand from the crown of her head all the way down to the base of her spine and back up again before replying. “Mm, I’m not sure, darling. It’s early yet.”

“You’re just saying that,” She whispers sleepily, seeking out his hand with her own before finding it and weaving her fingers through his, “Because you think I don’t sleep enough. And you want me close.”

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