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stop pretending that sirius black isn’t a food snob and that it Kills him that lily puts ketchup on practically everything

Julie, Golden Retriever (10 m/o), Haverford Reserve Dog Park, Haverford, PA • “She ate my passport a week before I had to go to Canada. They ended up accepting it despite it being pretty chewed.”

Patater Week - Day 7

Feb. 12- Adopting a Pet Together (Bonus points for including Kit!) - 1.5K

Kimmy’s sitting outside the pet shop, fenced in with two other volunteers and about fifteen puppies when the 6’4 guy with the Falconer’ cap comes up to her.

“Puppy for sale?” he asks, his accent thick. European, Kimmy guesses, but she’s pretty bad at pinpointing these kinds of things. He’s pointing at the wriggling ball of fur in her lap, gnawing at a plastic bone.  

“Adoption,” Kimmy says, then cradles the puppy as she stands. “Would you like to hold him?”

“Can I?” the man asks, sounding pleasantly surprised as he sets down his groceries.

“Sure,” Kimmy says. This particular puppy hasn’t really been catching the attention of families throughout the day. He’s a little plain, Kimmy supposes, and shy around strangers. “Just kind of hold him with two hands—there you go.”

The man is astonishingly gentle when she transfers the puppy to him, and the dog looks comically small in his hands. The man’s eyes are twinkling, and he holds the dog close to his chest, kissing it on the head very lightly as he murmurs in Russian.

“His name’s Kenny,” Kimmy says. “We found him in a box downtown, along with a couple others. They’ve all had their shots, gotten fixed, microchipped, it’s all included in the adoption fees.”

“His name Kenny?” the man grins, like there’s a joke behind that. 

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based off of conversations with @hellaghosts about a space boy

side note: josh has hecka moles and i should really be drawing those more

Edit: oH GOD I FORGOT TO MENTION those constellations on his face are the lil dip (cuz lol y not) and the lynx, named as such bc it is so faint you need to see as well as a lynx to make it out (represents josh’s attention to detail and foresight)

Remi, Bernedoodle (3 y/o), Haverford Reserve Dog Park, Haverford, PA • “He goes on the couch when we’re not home. We have cameras.”


Smashed It Saturday!
8 July 2017

I scored personal coaching as the solo participant at today’s Girls Like Us run training session and I SMASHED IT! I achieved a huge improvement in times and actually felt like a runner! 🏃The Husb & I got home from our running and riding at the same time so shared our stories over recovery drinks. He’d eaten with the bunch at the café post-ride so I whipped up myself eggs, spinach & mushrooms for afters. 🍳

It wasn’t long before the little dog was gazing beseechingly at me; “Is it my turn to run yet? ” 🐶 We went out with My Girl and her weekend charge, bringing my distance up to 8km for the day (forgot to start my Garmin promptly as usual though).

My legs were toast but I dragged myself around the store to buy produce for tonight’s chicken curry as requested by My Boy. He’s off on a two-week international Army exercise so a mother is duty-bound to get some nutrition into a son for the road.

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I was wondering if you could do "my bed is strictly reserve for dogs." "That is not a dog!" With Damian and Tim (maybe goliath) I jus love this two! Please and thank yooou

I bet you guys thought I’d forgotten about these? Nope. I’ve just gotten really busy, and I can never seem to only write two pages. Either way, I am so sorry it’s taken me so long to finish these asks, but I do promise I am working on them : )

This was fun to write, I hope you enjoy it. Thanks so much for sending it in! 

Tim often found himself tired. It was the unfortunate side effect that came from the combination of working at a major company, being a vigilante, and trying to have a social life. He emphasized trying since anything done with Steph usually ended up in the opposite of a social life: scandal and outrageous schemes.

Today had been both, the press had a field day with Steph’s sudden decision to do a Disney song flash mob in front of the courthouse, and Tim was still picking confetti out of his hair. Where she’d gotten it from he had no idea, he was just happy it hadn’t been glitter, or an attempt to recreate Hamilton. He flicked another piece to the ground as he shuffled to his bedroom door and opened it.

One advantage to being as tired as he was, was the knowledge that as soon as his head hit his pillow he’d be out. A disadvantage, he found staring into the mess that was his room, was that he’d started seeing things. It was the only explanation to what lay beyond his door.

“Stop it you fool, we aren’t here for–” Damian broke off and froze mid-stalk to look at Tim, his eyes saucer-wide. In one hand he held a walkie talkie, and the other Tim’s favorite blue sweater.

Tim wasn’t sure he’d heard right until he spotted the huge lump on the bed. Only half covered by his comforter, in what Tim could only guess was an attempt at hiding, Goliath crouched, an equally caught look on his face.

The first words out of Damian’s mouth were a jumbled: “Don’t tell Pennyworth.” 

If Tim didn’t know him better he would have thought the kid sounded pleading. It certainly went with his huge eyes and shocked expression. But he did know Damian, and knew that the plea was less because he was worried about Alfred’s wrath and more to do with his plans being interrupted.

“At this point, Damian, I’m not even sure what I’d be telling him?” He posed it as a question to his younger brother and tilted his head as the items in Damian’s hands. He was too tired to get angry and more curious about what was going on.

Damian’s feet snapped together as he straightened, both hands going behind his back. Behind him the sweater swung wildly for a moment, looking like a hostage flopping around in an attempt at escape. The wild look on his face was replaced by calculated calm.


“Try again.” Tim suggested and Damian scowled. 

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HSJ as dog breeds and/or what sort of dog they'd be?


Originally posted by nala-thebeagle

Miniature Pinscher or Beagle

He would be a loyal, playful, outgoing, and clever dog. Though he’s not so big, he has a loud, powerful bark. You’ll know it when he’s in a bad mood or sassy because he won’t ever go unheard. When he’s happy though, expect to be loved on, entertained and ready to play. 

Also, you can’t own any other dogs, he’s the only dog for you. According to his rules…

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Being at the store when I’m not in uniform is weird.

I just had to explain to a guy why his dog suddenly went ballistic at the sight of me, all wagging tail and licking tongue.

No, I’m not some magical stranger with the power to make reserved, calm dogs go crazy with love. I see your dog three days a week and I know where all of his favorite scratchie spots are.

Am I a dog?

When I was younger, my mom took my brother and me to this one tenting/cabin place in Northern Arizona. She had made previous reservations and we finally got there at like 10 at night. My mom goes into the check in place and it turns out, someone wrote our reservation down for one adult and two dogs. They thought we were the wrong people!! It was changed, but still was so funny being reserved as a dog.