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@omgaflyingpig~ A great friend who just so happens to have drawn my smol panda friend and many other amazing pieces of art, they are caring, nice, and is always supporting! 

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Sometimes, we know artists more than we know people in our lives. Especially musicians. Where do you think those lyrics come from? The words of musicians, poets & writers, share things from within their heart and soul that most people don’t have the ability to do. All of those feelings are sent to their brains, then transformed on paper, for the world to see. They choose to share their guts with us. So people can empathize and connect. That is special and generous.

So, yeah, when an artist that we have connected with dies, especially tragically like this, it fucking hurts. We feel helpless. We beat ourselves up with questions that cannot be answered. We go through the stages of mourning just like anyone else who knew them personally, and it is justified.

To all the art kids

Well done for still doing what you love despite everything.
Despite being called a distracted doodler in class when drawing helped you learn and concentrate.
Despite your teachers being dissapointed in your wasting time pursuing art.
Despite your art teacher (more often than not) wrinkling their nose at whatever style you chose to draw in.
Despite the fact that your name will not have been cheered on a sports field nor embroidered on a jacket lined with school pride.
Despite the fact you weren’t awarded or comended for the hours of hard work and dedication you put into honing your craft.
Despite choosing to follow something considered frivolous in a clockwork world.
Despite the fact that even maths and spelling had nationwide contests to prove their skills on a regular basis.
Despite your government trying to cut any curricular support you may have needed in your passion.
Despite all that you’re still here and you are still doing what makes you both incredibly happy and desperately sad.

Despite all that you’re an artist and you are so hardcore and wonderful. Never give up art kids, keep building a magical world!


Manhōruマンホール  ; Plaques d’égout ; Manhole-covers

Les plaques d’égout japonaises sont une des choses parmi tant d’autres qui étonnent les étrangers arrivant au pays du Soleil levant. Loin d’être de simples cercles de métal, les plaques d’égout japonaises sont de véritables œuvres d’art, parfois colorées, qui changent suivant les villes, les préfectures, voir les quartiers ! 

A comic about my new venture into an illustration career! I may not be the best, but I’m working hard to develop my style again after a 15+ year break of doing art. I hope you enjoy this little comic short! 

Basically, these are my sleep patterns since I’ve caught the art bug! 

xoxo Nick

I Believe That All Our Art is Valuable.

I know a lot of people on Tumblr are creators, and I know building an audience and staying motivated can be tough, so I wanted to extend an invitation to anyone reading this to be a part of a new project I’m working on.

I’ve been running a YouTube channel all about helping small creators for two years now, sharing all my triumphs and mistakes to help people succeed where I’ve messed up. But I want to go even further.

I see too many artists with lots of talent but no idea how to get the word out. And it seems like lack of motivation among the artist community here is so prevalent it’s become a meme.

But as humorous as it can be it’s also kind of tragic. That depression is the norm.

I’m working on building an email list all about audience building, self-promotion, and marketing specifically for artists. About trying to find a way to bridge the divide between creativity and marketing It’s a topic I’ve been researching a lot lately.

The list isn’t ready to launch yet but it will be in a few weeks. If you’re interested just click here and register, I’ll take care of the rest.

And even if you aren’t an artist, please reblog this so your artist followers can see it!