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Slow motion laboratory simulation of a turbidity current moving across topography in a desktop box

Rivers on three worlds tell different tales

The environment on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, may seem surprisingly familiar: Clouds condense and rain down on the surface, feeding rivers that flow into oceans and lakes. Outside of Earth, Titan is the only other planetary body in the solar system with actively flowing rivers, though they’re fed by liquid methane instead of water. Long ago, Mars also hosted rivers, which scoured valleys across its now-arid surface.

Now MIT scientists have found that despite these similarities, the origins of topography, or surface elevations, on Mars and Titan are very different from that on Earth.

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Had an awesome meeting at the museum today about the Monarch stain glass window project. I snapped a few pictures during our meeting! Up top is Annie researching topography at her desk. My illustrated map concepts are in the middle, and then there’s Jennifer, stain glass artist, figuring out the cuts she wants to make.