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so sick of desperate people on me like real talk guys dont even LOOK at me unless u have LEVEL 3 CLEARANCE or higher, are a RESEARCHER, CONTAINMENT SPECIALIST, or a TACTICAL RESPONSE OFFICER, and have lived through at least TWO containment breaches and to ASK ME OUT you must complete the 8H4 TRI-COLUMN FORM SUBMITTED TO ME BY 8AM MONDAY bitch it is NOT that hard,

People who are against (well-informed psychiatric) self-diagnosis because “what if you are wrong?!” confuse me. Do you think psychiatrists are always right??? I’m sorry but psychiatry is a highly subjective, imprecise medical field where a lot of mistakes occur. A lot of times you will see two different specialist, repeat the same story, and get different diagnosis. One of psychiatrists who talked to me thinks I have an eating disorder NOS. Another psychiatrist thinks it’s just a phobia. One or both of them are wrong. So? Doesn’t mean my eating problems aren’t real or aren’t disabling.

Psychiatrists are wrong much more often than doctors who deal with physical illnesses. It’s the nature of the field. You have to accept the possibility of mistake and go with the most likely label. Sometimes people who self-diagnose, sincerely, with a mental illness, are more thorough and precise in their research than actual specialists. Sometimes they are both wrong. It’s a thing that we can’t fix right now. We don’t have precise diagnostic tools yet. We make mistakes. Don’t invalidate and shame people just because there is no blood test for autism or PTSD.

Employee File - “Savior”

Employee Name: Sapphire Haruka Redacted
Employee Code Name: “Savior”
Title: Field Specialist and Research Associate
Access Level: Administrator

Research Speciality: Pokemon Bonds
Mega-Evolution Partner: Blaziken 
Has unique exposure to the phenomenon known as “primal regression” as well due to incidents within the Hoenn region. 

Active Projects:
”Savior” Project - pending suitable candidate
(no psychic or fairy-type partners)
When enacted a bond will be created by any means necessary if determined to be viable. Data from subjects will be passed along discretely in the event Savior is required to create elaborate cover as a “rescuer” to subject. If threatened stand-down.

Solo Mega-Evolution Study (SMES)
Blaziken-Merger - Initial Evoltuion: Successful
Savior has volunteered and undergone modification with samples from her own Blaziken and achieved mega-evolution. Duration still short and bears further trials.

Employment of “Savior” is entirely voluntary and participation in all experiments is within allowable parameters. Actively sought out Plasma to further studies.

Also a participant of the Solo Mega-Evolution Study (SMES) afar undergoing a procedure to imbue her with the same process all subjects undergo with full-awareness. Merger with Blaziken DNA successful despite minimal indicators in devolved state. Displays an increased resistance to cold and heat, tougher skin, and improved aerobatic capabilities. Overall improved balance, endurance, and stamina. Side-effects include increased appetite, periods of only subvocal communication, high level of aggression. 

Initial trials for SMES have proven successful, though for limited periods of time. Initial energy flags after a period of time, that shows signs of improving with repetition to build up endurance and tolerance. Also shows an unexpected level of aggression regarding normal-types.

Savior was presented with second Blazikinite for her use. More field testing required for more conclusive results. In house demonstrations and trails prove procedure was a success and improvement of data is imminent. 

Secondary function of Savior due to present now that condition is table. Pending a compatible subject her first run of “earning the trust and bonding” with one of the subjects secondary functions may prove to be helpful. 

Approval: Pending. 
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Let’s Be Friends (totallynotamakotoblog)

It had been all over the news in the small town. Something previously thought to be myth had become reality. The tv reporters had classified him as a mermaid like creature, though he was actually a dolphin type merperson. Haruka was found laying on the beach the week before with a huge gash in his tail. The aquatic research specialists had taken him in. He needed rehabilitation so he could learn to swim properly again, but he hadn’t taken to any of the specialists. He was only ten, and all these adults were frightening to him.

Most days he would lay at the bottom of the tank and refuse to acknowledge anyone. He didn’t like being here, he wanted to go home, he wanted to escape all the TV cameras and reporters. He wanted to get away from these humans.

The humans had asked for the help of someone around the same age as the boy, who hadn’t said a word to them since he got here. They were hoping he’d open up if he had a friend.

Amanda Waller – aka “The Wall" 

Waller is typically portrayed as a ruthless, high-ranking government official who uses intelligence, guile, and sheer intimidation to achieve her aims, often in the name of national security. She is often associated with the fictional government agencies Checkmate and A.R.G.U.S.. In many portrayals she directs the deadly missions of the so-called Suicide Squad, or oversees specialist research into people with powers.


“Vaccines are Important:” Elmo Joins the Surgeon General in the Fight to Keep Kids Healthy

If scientists, specialists, researchers, teachers, and basic scientific facts won’t convince you that vaccines are beneficial, well, maybe Elmo will…