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Positivity Meme

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself publicly, then you have to send it to 10 of your favorite mutuals/followers (non-negotiable. Positivity is cool) ❤️

You’re right, Positivity Meme: Positivity IS cool, so before I get to what I like about myself, I’m gonna talk about what I like about Ms. Pudding up there.

1) She is ridiculously talented at writing. Like, if y’all haven’t read anything by her yet? Y’all need to get on that because you’re missing out. Vampires, bisexual Roman soldiers, MI5 informants, hobbits - so much choice! 

2) One of my favorite things is waiting for her soundtracks. She has amazing and wide-ranging taste in music and she has a serious ability to match music to scene.

3) She made her own tea blends y’all. That is AWESOME.

4) Fellow History major FTW. Her research in and love for History is a pleasure to read, and she’s fantastic at balancing the level of detail so as not to overwhelm her readers. It can be tricky to balance on that wire, but she’s great at it.

5) She is hilarious! She’s funny enough online, but try hanging out in her place with fried chicken and wine and watching Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, Zoolander, and Moonlight. Grown-ass women giggling all night. Magical negl.

And now I will talk about myself. ::gulp::

1) I like my smile and my…let’s call it infectious…laugh.

2) I like to think I’m a pretty decent friend.

3) I like my imagination!

4) I like my ridiculous sense of humor and especially that it entertains more than just me sometimes. Heh.

5) I like writing dialogue and I think I’m pretty good at doing it.

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(Note: I don’t expect anyone to say stuff about me first, so don’t worry about that.)

andromnoms  asked:

Nag, I'm not offended, I just thought I could offer some insight as to why people say Saiouma is canon, but I guess I was wrong! (I actually ship Oumeno because it's good)

Ah, I wasn’t talking only about you anyway, I said it just in case some other people may read it–

But I still have to thank you! Thanks for trying to help me understand. I think this actually might be the cause why some people say it’s canon > > 

I’m going to continue my research!!

( Oumeno ftw!….though it’s just a crack ship for me ..but still! )

-Mod Himiko

omgcp characters if they were in the omgcp fandom
  • bitty: loves that there are canonically lgbt characters. cried when the kiss happened. tries to make his own versions of all the food that has been mentioned in the comic. loves oversharing about his personal life and makes fun of his friends online
  • jack: loves the sport and educates everyone on hockey. his blog is mostly bout real hockey and animal photography. he occasionally makes omgcp related posts in order to correct general hockey misconceptions. has that one historical AU which is way too long and incredibly well researched
  • lardo: nsfw fanart ftw. she ships every single wlw ship she can find. she is responsible for most of their artwork and she is proud of it. half the fandom think she is too cool and are afraid to approach her. her close friends know she is a giant nerd
  • ransom: no one understands how he can be so involved with the fandom, have amazing grades, be on a varsity team AND be incredibly hot. his selfies get so many notes that they leave fandom spaces and loads of internet people think he is just this one very cool model. always tags holster on the most random stuff
  • holster: keeps trying to make a omgcp official song. he writes so much bad fanfiction it's hilarious. he likes makeing postcasts of other's fanfics which are actually quite nice. keeps tagging ransom on everything. loves Drama^TM and is involved in so many fandoms no one ever remembers why they follow him
  • shitty: SJW that is trying to call out everyone for everything. overly long posts that people occasionally tag as mensplaining. he has loads of good points, but the way he tries to shout it on everyone's face is not precisely the way to go. he keeps trying to give advice on the safe way to use weed
  • nursey: the poet of the bunch. writes stuff that people are not sure if it's fic or they are actual poems. his personal tag is all the people he has walked into and stuff he has managed to pour on people by mistake. his clumsiness is a running joke now, and people use his real life clumsy misfortune as prompts for meet-cute fics
  • chowder: so! excited! about! everything! he loves it. he also loves hockey! and he loves the sharks!! he is the literal cinnamon roll everyone loves
  • john johnson: he keeps trying to predict what is going to happen and it accurate in very weird way and creepy ways. there is a giant conspiracy that he is not a real person but just a non official spoilers blog