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Request:   Can i request a Joker(J.Leto)x reader, non-con story? The reader is an investigative journalist, who tries to uncover his illegal actions and isn’t afraid to cross the line. Joker is being Joker and he decides to take the matter into his own hands.

The Joker is today’s muse for Kinktober! Combining day 10/11 prompts:  

    Gags | Gun Play

Warnings: Noncon/Rape (PLEASE DO NOT READ IF THIS OFFENDS YOU).  Kinky prompts, smut, oral, gun play, gags, creampie

A/N: Non-cannon (no mention of Harley Quinn).    I labeled the parts that go with the kinktober prompts 

Words: 4k

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  This was it, your big break.  You spotted Monster T coming through the side door and recognized the gangster right away.  Sources told you the Joker owned this strip club and you had a feeling they were about to be confirmed.  

  “Her Pixie.” The bartender started snapping her fingers at you. “Get these drinks to table five.”

  You tucked the hair on your pink wig behind your ear and lifted up the tray. When you applied for a cocktail waitressing job here you never thought they would hire you, but Mr. Frost looked you up and down and didn’t even make you fill out an application.  Fake names encouraged, everything under the table. It was perfect for you to get the scoop you need.  

  “Hey Doll.” Someone grabbed your ass. “How about a private show?”

  “Not a dancer Sir.” You smiled at him, trying to control the urge to toss the drinks all over him. “Only a server.”

  “I’d love for you to serve me.” He winked.  

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NYT: 13 Russians Indicted as Mueller Reveals Effort to Aid Trump Campaign
The indictment does not allege collusion but reveals in painstaking detail how Russians posed as American activists to boost Mr. Trump’s campaign.
By Matt Apuzzo and Sharon LaFraniere

Another indictment from Robert Mueller was issued, but this one was to Russians who posed as American activists to influence the 2016 election.

13 Russians who worked at the organization Internet Research Agency LLC are indicted on charges of conspiracy to defraud the US, bank fraud, and identity theft. It’s likely they’ll never be arrested or brought to justice. But the point is to reveal Russian intent to influence the election, and establish that it is very real.

I’ve read the indictment. Here are some interesting highlights (and where in the indictment you can find them):

  • Fake Twitter accounts were used to poison public discourse. Donald Trump Jr, Kellyanne Conway, and Michael Flynn retweeted the fake Twitter account Tennesee GOP group more than a couple times. The Gateway Pundit and Infowars occasionally quoted them. (36)
  • Russian operatives didn’t just support Trump. They also supported Bernie Sanders. (43)
  • Russian operatives also tried to suppress minority voting, and they actively encouraged third-party voting. (46)
  • Russian-bought social media ads were largely anti-Hillary, but also aimed at keeping minority voting low. There’s also a pro-Second Amendment ad in there. (50)
  • Russian operatives also organized rallies in Florida, Pennsylvania, and New York, communicating with Trump campaign staff, purchasing ads, contacting grassroots orgs, paying people to show up in costumes portraying Clinton in a prison jumpsuit. (55)
  • Russian operatives also organized “Not My President” and other anti-Trump rallies. (57)
  • Russian operatives also tried to organize…flash mobs? (69-70)

The Russian organization, Internet Research Agency LLC, had a graphics department, an SEO department, and a data analysis department. They analyzed which posts and events were the most impactful, which ones got the most likes and the most engagement. They analyzed whether their posts would be perceived as coming from America or whether they needed to modify wording.

This is scary stuff, and it shows just how organized the plot to corrupt the American electoral system really is.

So this beautiful thing arrived this morning and I still can’t quite believe I found it online for ten euros because DO YOU KNOW RARE IT IS 😻

US vaccine researcher sentenced to prison for fraud

Rare is the scientist who goes to prison on research misconduct charges. But on 1 July, Dong-Pyou Han, a former biomedical scientist at Iowa State University in Ames, was sentenced to 57 months for fabricating and falsifying data in HIV vaccine trials. Han has also been fined US$7.2 million and will be subject to three years of supervised release after he leaves prison.

His case had a higher profile than most, attracting interest from a powerful US senator. Han’s harsh sentence raises questions about how alleged research fraud is handled in the United States, from decisions about whether to prosecute to the types of punishments imposed by grant-making agencies.

“This seems like a very light penalty for a doctor who purposely tampered with a research trial and directly caused millions of taxpayer dollars to be wasted on fraudulent studies,” Grassley wrote in a February 2014 letter to the ORI. The office can issue lifetime funding bans, but former ORI officials say that such punishment is reserved for especially egregious cases, such as those in which human subjects could have been endangered.

Biomedical scientist Dong-Pyou Han (centre) confessed to fabricating and falsifying data on an HIV vaccine. Charlie Neibergall/AP/PA


I love it when I find what probably is but probably can’t be proven to be charitable foundation fraud when researching donors.

Nothing radicalizes you like spending all day studying millionaires, I swear to god.