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16.3.16 I’m trying out green tea! Loving it so far it really energises me. I’m finally starting the infernal devices as well and getting the final parts of my initial research for my FMP finished so I can really get into designing! xxx emily

I am more and more influenced by the work of artists, poets, writers and speakers which I’ve looked at this past few weeks.
I feel more inspired from the research I’ve gathered, I am more confident and excited to start with this project.
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Thursday 18th February 2016 – Phil Shaw guest talk

Today I attended a guest talk with a local artist called Phil Shaw. He attended schools in Huddersfield and Leeds studying fine art. His most notable work is remakes of the classical Pop art style. His early works a mostly illustration and design based with an almost digital looking quality about them. Screen printing was a main vehicle in the creation of his bold, colourful work. Later on in his life he started to create more installation based work looking into bookshelves. He went on to elaborate on the meaning of his work and I was pleased to notice the reoccurring theme of humour throughout his work. Along side the installations, he also made small animations of human evolution. These were really quite funny and I can imagine them to be quite popular. I accidentally had a tutorial with him at around 12pm where he looked at my work and was seemingly fascinated by the ‘lack of meaning’ behind my work. He admired the pieces of work I created that were quite vulgar but amusing. He went on to say ‘nobody really wants to see dead bodies, though, do they?’ and told me that humour is far more ‘inviting’, pointing out that you can sat the same thing with satire. Phil recommended me to play a sort of game with my work and suggested maybe throwing dice which could land on a variation of images and themes. This could help to randomize my work and to eradicate any kind of thought process behind my artwork. Afterwards he told me about how his daughter came to get her name and we looked at her social media pages together. Like her father, she is a passionate, edgy looking artist. I particularly like her artworks aesthetic and her varying styles. AT first I thought it was a selection of artists work compiled onto a page but when I visisted her official website, it proved otherwise. Mainly, he taught me that however much you try to make somehign meaningless, there will always be thought and meaning behind it.