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BREAKING NEWS! We just received details on the single-player mode in Splatoon 2. Is that…Marie? But where’s Callie?! It seems the Octarians, the octopi troops, have steadily grown their species, and it’s up to a fresh rookie of the New Squidbeak Splatoon to splat their plans.

It’s been a busy day here in the lab, but our field researcher who has been sharing findings in the Squid Sisters Stories also just sent us a final report. Please find the details here.

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Akaashi, please tell Futakuchi to CHILL

futakuchi has been adequately chilled… just kidding, he unplugged the fridge to get in there. akaashi has learned to keep a closer eye on him from now on

There’s a beautiful man reading a book in the field behind Zhenya’s backyard. The field is technically Zhenya’s property, but he never bothered to do anything with it. At first he thinks he’s dreaming. Then, after studying the guy’s clothing, looking as if he stole from the set of Little House on the Prairie, he thinks he’s seeing ghosts.

“Are you ghost?” Zhenya asks, reeling Jeffrey in, who is suddenly very interested in bounding over to the man and—sniffing him or mauling him, Zhenya isn’t too sure. “Please say no.”

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We just received stunning weapon footage from our fellow field researchers in Japan that illustrate the basics  of weapons available in the upcoming Global Testfire. Check them out above before you splat the competition.

YALL I REALIZED WHY MAGNUS DOESNT WEAR A ROBE. at first i assumed he was a bodyguard or escort but then realized actually the other six are all powerful magic users, why would they need a nonmagical tuff boy?? but his job isnt combat related at all - the mission they were sent on was a biology field research mission. they went to INVESTIGATE THE VOIDFISH, and MAGNUS HAS ANIMAL HANDLING

In Honor of Earth Day 2017: PBS Nature’s Ask Box is now open for the next round of Tumblr’s IssueTime on Conservation and Climate Change!

NATURE  is so excited to work with Tumblr and the wonderful scientists, biologists and filmmakers who’ve agreed to be on our panel so that you can learn more about the environmental issues we’re currently facing.  Dig deeper into the issues with full episodes of NATURE, now streaming!

The Panelists:

Arnaud  Desbiez  is a conservation biologist who has been conducting research in the Brazilian Pantanal since 2002. He has worked on topics ranging from sustainable use of  resources  to  species  ecological  research and community  development  programs. In  the  Brazilian  Pantanal,  his  work  focused  on  the interaction  between  native  and alien  species, the sustainable  use  of  forage  resources  and  the  ecology  of  several mammal species.   In 2010 he started and now coordinates the Pantanal Giant Armadillo Project. Arnaud is featured in our most recent episode, Hotel Armadillo.

Patrick Gonzalez is Principal Climate Change Scientist of the U.S. National Park Service and a Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley. A forest ecologist, he conducts applied research on climate change and works with national parks to adapt resource management to climate change. Patrick has conducted and published field research on climate change in Africa, Latin America, and the United States and has served as a lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the organization awarded a share of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. Watch our recent episode about the challenges facing Yosemite, now streaming!

Chris Morgan is an ecologist, conservationist, educator, TV host/narrator and film producer specializing in international bear research and conservation. For more than 20 years, he has worked as a wildlife researcher, wilderness guide and environmental educator on every continent where bears exist. Chris  has narrated 13 films for Nature and was host and narrator for Siberian Tiger Quest as well as being the featured character in Nature’s three-part series ‘Bears of the Last Frontier.’ In 2015, he was also host and narrator for Nature’s Three-part ‘Animal Homes’ series and was featured in ‘The Last Orangutan Eden.’ Learn more about Chris’ story with this interview we conducted with him.

Learn More about Chris

Joe Pontecorvo is an award-winning producer, writer, and cinematographer. For the past two decades, he has traveled the globe; tracking Siberian tigers in the Russian Far East, living among grizzlies in the wilds of Alaska, and following orangutans through Indonesia’s peat swamp forest. All told, he has produced 14 broadcast documentaries for multiple networks, including National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and PBS. For his most recent project before ‘Yosemite,’ PBS Nature’s ‘Snow Monkeys,’ Joe and his wife, Nim Pontecorvo, spent nearly two years filming a troop of Japanese macaques in Japan’s Shiga Highlands. Go behind-the-scenes into the making of that film here.

Learn More about Joe

Happy Earth Day! Check back Saturday for answers! 

I Walk the Line

Professor Louis Tomlinson is the leading researcher in his field. Harry Styles is Louis’ recently hired grad assistant. Sparks fly between them but something doesn’t add up when it comes to Harry, and Louis is determined to find out what.

What happens when everything Louis thought he knew comes crashing down around him? Is he doomed to repeat his past mistakes? Or will he learn to follow his heart and find a way to forge his own path, alongside someone he’s not sure he can trust, but who might just be the best thing to ever happen to him.


Big Bang, Round 5.  Read the rest here.

Featuring art from the immensely talented @twopoppies

Thank you to everyone who has read my fic so far!  And thank you to everyone who has left a kind comment or sent me a message about it.  I’m so proud of this one and can honestly say I think it might be the one I’ve worked the hardest on so far.  If you liked it, would you mind sharing this post?  Thank you so much!  

How to get kids to love science

Maybe your kids already love science. If so, great! If not, these creative strategies can help. Ready to spark a love of science in the students near you? Here are five ways to get started. Encourage students to pick one action from the list below and try it out.

Animation by Karrot Animation

1. Upgrade the science fair project. Before you create that foaming tabletop volcano, check out these curiosity-powered experiments from Make, the Exploratorium, and mad scientist Grant Thompson. Which one will you try next? Science fair optional.

2. Join the citizen science brigade. ”Citizen scientists” are volunteers who help to collect and analyze research data in fields ranging from archaeology to zoology. Explore citizen science project options here, here, and here.

3. Invent a solution to a real-world problem. In Kenya, student Richard Turere invented a solar-powered way to prevent lion attacks. In Malawi, a young William Kamkwamba harnessed the wind to power his family’s home. In Hong Kong, students in Cesar Harada‘s class work together to address environmental threats to the ocean. Now it’s your turn. What problem do you care about enough to solve — and how will you do it? To filter options quickly, try the Google Science Fair’s Make Better Generator.

Animation by Augenblick Studios

4. Research quirky, open-ended questions. Science is the story of humans asking ”why?” “how?” and “what if?” about what they observe. What questions will you ask of the world? To get inspired, check out these questions no one knows the answer to (yet).

5. Explore science fiction. Futurists believe that science fiction can predict the future — or at least provide us with a way to imagine and prototype the future. Do you agree? Before you decide, read one of the short sci-fi excerpts shared here, or watch a video from the Superhero Science series.

Animation by Jeremiah Dickey / TED-Ed

Article from the TED-Ed Blog

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Soulmate AU where your soulmark doesn't only symbolise your soulmate, but also how you'll realise that they are your soulmate. (because unlike the romace novels it isn't always "bond" at first sight, sometimes it takes YEARS to discover what was there all along). Now imagine Stiles so obsessed with his very-much everlasting state of virginity because of his bite mark on his chest and HELLO what else could that mean. (part 2 in the next ask)

Part 2: Or imagine derek trying everything to get rid of his mark, because the bullet shaped mark was the reason his young naive self approached the argents, and KATE, in the first place. And we all know how that went.

The water was cold as it splashed on his face – cold and refreshing – and his hands stayed pressed against his face for a long minute, his eyes closed and a tired sigh leaving him. Slowly, Derek dropped his hands from his face and grabbed the edges of the sink. He hesitated before finally lifting his gaze to the mirror in front of him.

His eyes, blank with a hint of sadness and bags heavy underneath them, found the bullet shaped mark slightly to the left of the center of his chest immediately.

Derek had been five when his mom had sat him down and told him about soulmates and soulmarks for the first time. And because of his soulmark, it had also been when he was told of hunters and how he needed to be careful. More careful than any of his siblings and any of his friends.

He had been five and hadn’t listened. He hadn’t listened when he was thirteen either, nor when he was sixteen and approached the woman he thought he was his soulmate.

It had been years – long and painful years – and he had yet to forgive himself for that. He doubted he ever would,and looking at his soulmark made him feel sick to his stomach.

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I’ve been thinking, if house points are mostly awarded for scholary achivements, then how come we have never seen the house full of smarts, ravenclaw ever win the house cup? by all means, they should be trouncing the others. 

my theory is that ravenclaw outdoes all the other houses both in gaining, and in losing points. they rack up all the possible points for classwork, assignments AND extra school work. But they also lose a buttload in their other pursuits of knowledge:
- not returning books on time
- staying in the library after hours
- sneaking in the restricted section
- setting up secret potion labs for RESEARCH purposes
- throwing things off the tower FOR RESEARCH
- throwing things into the lake FOR RESEARCH
- taking small field trips into the forbidden forest to get samples and take notes on the wildlife
- illegally tampering with muggle stuff FOR RESEARCH
- “borrowing” school equipment and ingredients for said research
- that pet kidnaping incident they never talk about that was sparked by a conversation about muggle schools “wait, you dissect frogs in class? WE SHOULD TOTALLY DO THAT TOO”
- combining random spells and testing them on the student body
- using said student body to test the secret potion lab’s latest creations
- referring to non-ravenclaw students as test subjects in the vicinity of disapproving teachers

what I’m saying is that while the other houses may preceive ravenclaw as a group of quiet bookworms, they are actually more troublesome than the other three combined. FOR RESEARCH.


As a scientist who studies blacktip sharks, I feel like it is my duty to inform others about this common case of misidentification.

The first picture is of one of my sharks, and the second picture is another species within its genus for which my shark is mistaken. Many people do not know that the blacktip (Carcharhinus limbatus) and blacktip reef shark (Carcharhinus melanopterus) are two completely different species. First, the blacktip reef is found in the Indian and Pacific oceans, and they have limited ranges as they stay extremely close to their sites for many years. Conversely, the blacktip is worldwide along coastlines and migrates seasonally. As for visual differences, the black fin markings on the blacktip reef are much more prominant. The blacktips nearly always lack black tips on their anal fins, and their black markings fade significantly with age. Another notable distinction is coloring, as blacktips tend to have a gray/bronze coloring while blacktips are a paler, cream based color. A behavioral difference is that blacktips have been known to jump out of the water like a spinner shark (Carcharhinus brevipinna) in the presence of prey or when caught on a line (I have witnessed this first-hand when I caught my first juvenile). Genetically, the blacktip is actually thought to be most closely related to the blacknose (Carcharhinus acronotus) based on DNA studies. However, resolution of phylogenies for both species is far from happening.

There are two lesser known species (Australian blacktip and smoothtooth blacktip) that are not as easily distinguished. The Australian blacktip (Carcharhinus tilstoni) looks exactly like the blacktip and was only found to be a separate species due to genetic analysis and vertebral differences; it is found along the northern half of Australia’s coastline. The smoothtooth blacktip (Carcharhinus leiodon) looks like the blacktip reef shark and is exclusively found along the Arabian Peninsula coastline.

Earth’s radiation belts, two doughnut-shaped regions of charged particles encircling our planet, were discovered more than 50 years ago, but their behavior is still not completely understood. Now, new observations from NASA’s Van Allen Probes mission show that the fastest, most energetic electrons in the inner radiation belt are not present as much of the time as previously thought. The results are presented in a paper in the Journal of Geophysical Research and show that there typically isn’t as much radiation in the inner belt as previously assumed — good news for spacecraft flying in the region.

The 3-dimensional radiation belt model in the visualizations above was constructed by propagating electron flux measurements, corresponding to a given time and distance from Earth measured by the Van Allen Probes, along a 3-dimensional structure of magnetic dipole field lines.

Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Tom Bridgman

The real order of the Fifth Harmony Takeover videos

Hey guys! When I first discovered Camren and was trying to make sense as to when exactly they might have been together, the takeovers videos were my first research field, and since the videos weren’t posted in the right order it wasn’t really possible to have an accurate timeline. So I did my research, and found the exact dates of practically all of the takeovers videos (no need to say it, I already know I’m crazy) - Anyway, I though I’d share this timeline so if you’re like me and watch all the takeovers videos again the minute the girls are on a break, you get to do it in the actual order this time! 😊  

November 28 2013 - NYC : 

Fifth Harmony Freestyles at Macy’s Day Parade

February 12 2014 - Ventura, CA  : 

Dinah Gets Lost Backstage! Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 2

Fifth Harmony’s 5 Tips for a Soundcheck- Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 4

February 15 2014 - Glendale, CA  :

Fifth Harmony - Meet Ally’s Family - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 16

February 17 2014 - Grand Prairie, TX  : 

Fifth Harmony Bus Tour - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 1

February 19 2014 - Houston, TX  :

Fifth Harmony - Normani’s Homecoming - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 8

February 21 2014 - Atlanta, GA :

Fifth Harmony - Day in the Life with Dinah - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 14

Fifth Harmony Vocal Warm Up Exercises - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 9

Fifth Harmony - What’s in my Bunk?

February 23 2014 - Charlotte, NC :

Fifth Harmony - Lauren’s Pre-Show Routine - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 7

Fifth Harmony’s Best Magic Trick with Collins Key - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 11

February 25 2014 - Sunrise, FL :

Fifth Harmony - Meet Camila’s Family - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 10

February - exact date and place unknown :

#HarmonizerTag - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 18

March 27 2014 - Cleveland, OH :

Fifth Harmony - OOTW - 5 Spring Outfit Ideas - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 5

Fifth Harmony’s Tour Secrets Question and Answer - Fifth Harmony Ep 3

March 29 2014 - Nashville, TX :

Fifth Harmony - Lauren “The Grammar Queen” & Fan Gifts - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 25

Fifth Harmony - Ally Gets Scared on Hike - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 42

March 30 2014 - Indianapolis, IN :

Demi Lovato & Fifth Harmony Silly String Surprise - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 26

April 25 2014 - Los Angeles, CA :


June 7 2014 - East Hartford,CN :

Fifth Harmony goes to PROM! Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 12

June 8 2014 - NYC :

Fifth Harmony at DIGIFEST and SUMMER ESSENTIALS - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 13

June 12 2014 - Chicago, IL :

Fifth Harmony Does Funny Line Readings - Fifth Harmony Ep 15

Fifth Harmony - BUS INVADERS Ep. 636

June 20 2014 - unknown :

Fifth Harmony Official BO$$ Music Video Behind the Scenes - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 17

July 18 2014 - Costa Mesa, CA :

Fifth Harmony tries Fair Food - Fifth Harmony Takeover 19

July 20 2014 - Atlanta, GA :

Fifth Harmony gets EMOTIONAL visiting fans - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 20

July 26 2014 - Houston, TX :

Normani’s Room Tour - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 23

Fifth Harmony - The CamWich - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 21

July - exact date and place unknown :

AwesomenessTV - Fifth Harmony Bunk Hangout

August 20 2014 - East Rutherford, NJ :

Camila’s Lucky Banana Socks & Tristan from The Vamps - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 29

August 21 2014 - Philadelphia, PA :

Fifth Harmony Talks About the Reflection Album - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 31

Fifth Harmony - CAMILA Goes to the HOSPITAL - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 33

August 21 2014 - Los Angeles, CA :

Fifth Harmony’s WATER FIGHT - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 24

August 11 2014 - Simsponville, SC :

“Paranormal Normani” Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 51

September 2 2014 - Birmingham, AL :

Fifth Harmony’s FIRST VLOG - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 30

September 5 2014 - St Louis, MO :

Puppy Party with Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 48

Fifth Harmony - En Español (w/ subtitles) - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 32

September 7 2014 - Alpharetta, GA :

Fifth Harmony - Shawn Mendes is the Life of the Party - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 54

5th Harmony + Austin Mahone Nursery Rhyme Medley - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 27

Fifth Harmony - Lauren & Dinah Drawing Competition - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 41

September 10 2014 - Sterling Heights, MI :

5th Harmony, Austin Mahone & Shawn Mendes “Ketchup in Your Face!” - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 28

October 10 2014 - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil :

Fifth Harmony in Brazil - Fifth Harmony Takeover

Fifth Harmony Goes to Brazil - Day 1 - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 34

October 11 2014 - Brasilia, Brazil :

Fifth Harmony Get Mobbed in Brazil - Day 2 - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 35

October 12 2014 - Sao Paulo, Brazil :

Fifth Harmony LAST DAY in Brazil - Day 3 - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 36

November 3 2014 - Long Island, NY :

Fifth Harmony - Pizza Feast - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 40

November 4 2014 - NYC :

Fifth Harmony Reacts at Buzzfeed - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 38

Fifth Harmony teaches Choreography for Sledgehammer - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 39

November 16 2014 - Los Angeles, CA :

Fifth Harmony Talks Favorite Christmas Memories - Part 1 - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 43

Fifth Harmony Talks Favorite Christmas Memories - Part 2 - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 44

November 25 2014 - unknown :

Fifth Harmony Talks New Year’s Kisses - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 45

Fifth Harmony’s WILD Dance Rehearsal - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 53

January 7 2015 - unknown :

“Camila the Reporter” Has a BIG Announcement - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 49

January 25 2015 - NYC :

Fifth Harmony Sing-A-Long to Reflection - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 57

February 27 2015 - San Francisco, CA :

Fifth Harmony’s Fun First Day on the Reflection Tour!

February 28 2015 - San Diego, CA :

Fifth Harmony Plays Two Truths and A Lie - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 1 2015 - Los Angeles, CA :

Fifth Harmony - Camila’s 18th BIRTHDAY Party!! - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 4 2015 - Dallas, TX :

Fifth Harmony’s VLOG in Dallas - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 7 2015 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL  :

Meet Camila and Lauren’s Family and Friends in Miami - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 8 2015 - Tampa, FL :

Fifth Harmony - Camila’s Hair Tutorial - Fifth Harmony Takeover AwesomenessTV

Fifth Harmony has a BLAST on the Roller Coaster Ride - Fifth Harmony Takeover!

March 9 2015 - Atlanta, GA :

Normani’s Hair Tutorial and History - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 14 2015 - Chicago, IL :

Fifth Harmony - Unplugged Jam Sessions - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 15 2015 - Indianapolis, IN  :

Lauren’s Hair History & Tutorial - Fifth Harmony Takeover

Fifth Harmony Plays WOULD YOU RATHER - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 16 2015 - Detroit, MI :

Fifth Harmony Halloween Special ft. The Short Witch - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 17 2015 - Toronto, OH :

Fifth Harmony Plays TRUTH or DARE - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 18 2015 - Youngstown, OH :

Fifth Harmony Heads Up Challenge - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 20 2015 - Red Bank, NJ :

Fifth Harmony’s Failed “Never Have I Ever” - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 24 2015 - Boston, MA :

How to Hair Flip with 5th Harmony, Jacob Whitesides, and Mahogany Lox - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 26 2015 - Bethlehem, PA :

DANCE OFF with Fifth Harmony ft. Ally aka Yolanda - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 27 2015 - Glenside, PA :

Fifth Harmony Cakes Jacob Whitesides in the Face - Fifth Harmony Takeover!

March 2015 - exact date and place unknown  :

Fifth Harmony - Dinah’s Hair Tutorial - Fifth Harmony Takeover

wrapped around your finger. (m)

↳ graduate school au

pairing: kim namjoon | reader
genre: fluff, smut
warnings: sub!namjoon, begging, a cock ring, and light bondage.
word count: 7,180
in which a night of grading papers about robots becomes a night where you get your payback against rival grad student, kim namjoon. 
author’s note: this is a very, very, very late christmas gift to @jungnoir but better late than never amirite? anyway, enjoy this piece! also, this is probably the dirtiest thing i’ve ever written so… just let me live…. rip.


For many graduate-level students, there is only one day that truly means the world to them. It’s a day where they’ll be chosen to either teach a classroom or assist said person. In your university, pairs are created for these courses. Many of which are targeted toward impressionable first years but anyone’s welcome to partake in the experimental class. The department of any major -in this case, Philosophy- hears back on your progress at the end of the term, then from there even biggers decisions are made. The research component of any subject is easy, but being able to convey it to a large crowd is what the department heads look for. In all essence, it will make or break you as an aspiring teacher.

Your anticipation only proliferates as the red marks shrink the previous days to the forthcoming circle for the upcoming Winter quarter. And today is finally that day.

With a buzzing all-time high, you find yourself among the select eight in your graduate program. Many of whom are just as excited as you are, even Namjoon but you opt to ignore the silver-haired man just to keep your own buzz going. With some luck you won’t have to deal with him anymore. Hell, maybe you’ll even have Hani as a partner. Or Minhyuk.

Soon enough, Professor Lim enters, and everyone immediately sits straight and leans forward.

The salt and pepper-haired man laughs, “It’s good to see everyone looking so alive today.” Meeting each and every one of your wide eyes as he takes a seat at the head of the crudely formed circle of chairs by Namjoon, he asks, “Is everyone ready to hear the pairs for this year’s Introductory Philosophy class?”

There are nods and murmurs in response. Of course, they’re ready. They’ve been preparing for this since the start of the program.

His eyes twinkle beneath the mediocre fluorescent lighting before he gives a nod, “Alright, well, let’s get down to it then, yeah?” He receives a chorus of affirmations, earning another hearty laugh of his, “The following pairs shall be Namjoon and Y/N…” But the moment he says yours and Namjoon’s name, you can’t seem to register anything else.

Fuck… Out of everyone in the room, it had to be him.

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733 words, Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Brooklyn, 1940

Steve Rogers had been eying a 35mm Kodak in the store window for months. He’d never said anything about it though, because he knew times were tough and there was NO WAY he could scrape up 17 whole dollars for it.
But Steve didn’t need to say anything because Bucky saw every lingering gaze each time they walked passed that window and he swore to himself that he’d get it for him no matter how he had to do it.
Over the next few months, Bucky worked tons of overtime at the factory and any other odd job he could find. Didn’t matter what it was. If he didn’t know how to do it, he’d learn. Any sort of car repair, any and all house/apartment fixes, shoe shining.
He even pawned a few things he probably wouldn’t miss too much.
As Steve’s birthday neared, Bucky had finally scraped and saved enough to buy the camera, and even had enough left over to buy a couple new paint brushes and a new pad of paper.
“What’s this Buck?” Steve said tentatively, eyeing the package on the table in their kitchen on the morning of July 4, 1941.
“Thought we didn’t have the money for any birthday presents this year.” Steve questioned with an arched brow.
“Just open it.” Bucky coaxed, with a soft but eager smile. He held the paper and brushes behind his back to reveal after the camera.
Steve eyed him suspiciously for a moment more before stepping up to the table and examining the brown paper wrapped cube.
He carefully pulled on the tape holding the paper flaps one by one until the paper fell open, revealing the boxed camera inside.

Steve immediately froze. His mouth slowly dropped open as he blinked and stared at it.
It couldn’t possibly be… maybe it’s just the box and there’s something else inside it.

“W-,” Steve’s voice was hoarse so he cleared his throat and began again. “What’s inside?” He whispered, with a tentative look back up at Bucky, who was gazing at him expectantly.
“Open it up and see.” Bucky said with a laugh.
Steve’s nimble fingers slipped under the top flap and lifted slowly, like he was scared something was gonna come out and bite him.
As he saw that it truly was the camera sitting in the box, he felt tears prickling at his eyes.
There’s no way…
“Buck…” Started Steve, but his throat was too tight to speak further, so he just looked up at him with glistening eyes.
“Happy birthday Stevie.” Bucky said as he placed the pad of paper and two brushes on the table as well.
Steve threw his small frame against Bucky’s in the tightest hug he could manage. As he stumbled back a couple steps, Bucky wrapped his arms around Steve and held onto him.
“How?” Steves small voice was muffled against Bucky’s chest.
“Don’t worry about it.” Was all Bucky said.
Steve would press more about it later, but right now he was too eager to try it out.

After finally letting go, Steve immediately went to the table to position the film inside the camera, pushing aside the paper and brushes for later in his excitement.
He’d apparently been researching everything about this camera long before now and was already well aware of how it worked.
He scrambled out the door, down the stairs and skidded to a stop outside their apartment building dragging Bucky behind him all the way.
Steve walked out and stood several feet away from Bucky and brought the camera up to look through the view finder at him.
“Come on Stevie.. what are you doin with that thing? You don’t need no pictures of me.” He grumbled.
Steve ignored him and continued fiddling with the knobs and switches until he had it where he wanted it and looked up eagerly at Bucky.
Bucky sighed and let his arms drop by his sides in defeat.
“Fine… so whaddya want me to do.” Bucky conceded.
“Just stand there and stay still.” Steve answered as he looked through the view finder and squared up his shot.
“That’s it? I feel like an idiot.” Bucky flatly uttered.
“Well that’s a coincidence, cause you look like an idiot too.” Steve teased, as he snapped the picture.

Mystic Messenger HC where the RFA+Saeran react to MC at the beach in a bikini


  • He blushed at just the thought
  • But he really wanted to see you in one
  • When you stripped down to your bathing suit he turned bright red as expected
  • He stutters to compliment you, “Y-you look really c-cute.”
  • It makes you laugh and his whole body is so hot he suggests going swimming
  • You splash him and he laughs and splashes back 
  • (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)
  • too damn cute
  • He does get insecure when other better looking guys start staring at you
  • Inside he wants to tell them to get lost but his courage fails him. What if you got mad? If you didn’t like him being possessive?
  • You see that his bright sunshine exterior has faded
  • So you take his hand and smile and those insecurities disappear
  • He kisses your hand without thinking
  • You blush, causing him to blush, and you just stand their holding hands
  • Both of you laugh it off and walk shoulder to shoulder
  •  You two continue to frolic and eat ice cream the rest of your beach day aw youth


  • He jumped at the chance to have a beach date
  • You went to get changed in a public bathroom and he awaited your return eagerly
  • When you come back you blow his mind
  • Is he blushing?
  • He couldn’t be more attracted to you
  • But when he notices the attention you’re getting by other guys, Guard Dog Zen is on high alert
  • He’s glaring down guys left and right practically snarling
  • He covers you up with his button down shirt
  • “What are you doing Zen?”
  • He takes you by the shoulders, “Listen MC, you’re a little lamb in a pack of wolves. As a loyal guard dog I can only resist my own instincts for so long.”
  • Zen, please chill
  • You love this over-protective side of him but if he only worried he couldn’t have any fun
  • You get on your toes and kiss him slowly before saying “I believe in you.”
  • Shocked, he just stares at you
  • Absent minded he lets you pull him by the hand back to the beach
  • All the while counting down the minutes until the two of you could be alone


  • She rejected the idea at first, she had far too much work to do
  • You may or may not have snuck in the idea of field research to Jumin about beaches
  • So there you were, Jaehee was grumpy and refused to change out of shorts and a tank top
  • You returned to her with a bikini on and that grumpy look dropped for just moment
  • “You need to put on sun screen.”
  • You did as she said but, “Can you get my back?”
  • She nodded and started to apply it. You were blushing with as her slick hands moved over your shoulders, neck, down your spine…
  • “Done.” You turned around, “You next.” 
  • You applied the sun screen to the spots she couldn’t reach.  When you were done you gave a light kiss to her shoulder.
  • “We’re here to work,” she stated.
  • You grabbed her hands, “than let’s work” you say and pull her towards the water.
  • You try to show her how to have fun by swimming about and eventually just float on your back and your head pumped into her chest.
  • As you smiled up at her, she leaned down and kissed you on the lips and says “you’re too much sometimes”. You see her smirk and know that you’ve done a good job.  


  • When you said you wanted to go to the beach you thought he replied too quickly
  • You arrive and realize that he owns a private beach with an ocean front house. 
  • As soon as you come out for your big bikini clad reveal you feel like covering up
  • His eyes roamed over your body with no shame there ain’t no shame bell that will work on this boy
  • He’s seated under the shade of a large canopy with comfy pillows, a mini bar, and–was that a bartender?
  • “Come here,” he pats his lap.
  • You walk to him and sit in between his legs
  • His arms wrap around your waist and tug you closer to his bare chest.
  • Hm, looks like Jumin has a case of wanderinghands-itis
  • “J-Jumin… there are people around…”
  • He snaps his fingers and you notice the bartender leave but you know for a fact his body guards didn’t go far
  • He kisses your neck. “You’re so beautiful. I need to touch every inch of you.”
  • You have to wonder if the guards are blushing as much as you are


  • Outside? This boy? No thanks.
  • It takes some serious coaxing and mild threats about hiding all his chips and soda for him to finally agree
  • But with some of his own conditions he lays you on the bed to negotiate
  • The next day you are surprised to wake up without any loud beeping from the alarm.
  • You check the time and its 4 in the afternoon!? You shake the sleeping man next to you
  • As he sits up you tell him the time and he just says, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ “oh well, we better just go back to sleep” and lays his head down
  • ಠ╭╮ಠ You take a pillow and smack him with it. “You planned this didn’t you?!” Salty af you decided you were going to the beach one way or another.
  • You changed into a bathing suit and threw normal clothes on over and made him get up to drive.
  • As you thought, the sun was starting to set by the time you arrived. You got out of the car to stretch your legs and mostly ignore Saeyong.
  • He follows you. “Are you salty?”
  • This is not the time for puns, what are you doing
  • “I just wanted to show off my new bathing suit…” you tell him.
  • He hugs you from behind. “I’m sorry. I’m shore you would look sexy in it.”
  • (¬_¬)
  • “Come on, what’s the porpoise of being mad?”
  • His stupid ocean themed puns finally get to you and you crack a smile.
  • He hugs you tighter, “There she is.” He kisses you as the sun sets over the ocean.


  • Only goes to the beach because you seemed so excited
  • Also to escape from his brother’s “bonding day” plans
  • You go to change and when you take too long he comes looking for you
  • Saeran sees that you are being harassed by another guy
  • Saeran  punches the guy without a word and breaks his nose
  • Saeran and MC are forcibly removed from the beach by the police
  • You scold Saeran when you get back to the hotel
  • He apologizes for breaking the guy’s nose, he used too much strength.
  • that’s not the point sweetheart
  • Suddenly he hugs you to his chest. “Next time… I won’t do anything so wear your bathing suit again.”
  • You hug him back and hide your face in the warmth of his chest. “Deal.”
  • “You could just show me now…” he whispered in your ear.
  • *gasp* SAERAN CHOI  
  • It looks like he had plans of his own for the night.