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Zeb pilot house

Plus House Larvik is a pilot project on a family house out of the ordinary. By optimizing architectural qualities and technological solutions, the house serves both the living and energy needs of a family house, in addition to generating enough energy surpluses to power an electric car year-round.

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phoenix-173  asked:

story title: Why must you ask these inane questions?

Darcy is supposed to stay backstage during Jane’s first big press conference after completing her research and building an Einstein-Rosen bridge between Nasa Headquarters and the surface of Mars jumping their ability to study, terraform, and eventually colonize the planet decades into the future.

The only problem is that instead of getting questions about Science! and her brilliant achievements a majority of the journalists seem more interested in her relationship with Thor, what it’s like living in Avenger’s Tower and how she keeps her figure while working in the lab.

Que Darcy, storming on from Stage right and demanding that they all pull their heads from their asses and get with the program. Jane is a genius of the highest order and Darcy will cut the next bitch that asks about trendy flannel.  

I don’t know where people get this idea that Baekhyun is starving himself and surviving on water only. To bulk up and build muscles, he has to eat a lot and he will be on a high protein diet with no carbs. I have a younger brother who was body building and trust me, you cannot build up muscles with water only. He ate a lot of lean meat, egg whites, fish, steamed vegetables for months to bulk up. Protein, protein and protein. Baekhyun won’t bulk up to Chris Evans level but he is certainly not starving himself. He just can’t have carbs during that period. Rice, noodles and junk food are no go for him. What he did was chewed and tasted those high carbs food before spitting them out because he missed the taste of rice and noodles. He was eating but his diet food wasn’t tasty and he missed having rice and bread and all those junk food. I can tell you that unseasoned lean chicken tastes like cardboard. I wish people will read and do research first before going into hysterics about his diet.

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Hi dear! So, I'm quite the baby witch... I've been researching and building knowledge for about 6 months now. I never have been a religious person because I never felt a connection to Christianity as a child/teenager/adult. What I know about spirits and things related to that, I feel like I'm being 'called' by Sobek. What should I do to start a relationship with him? What's my next step?

If I were you, I would start by setting out an offering for him. Either thinking to yourself or speaking aloud, simply tell him that it is for him and that you are acknowledging the possible calling!


School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London by Short and Associates, 2002-5

The first major passively ventilated & cooled building in London, winner of the RIBA President’s Research Award 2007

“The building has a hybrid environmental strategy, naturally ventilated all year and passively cooled through the summer months but engaging downdraught cooling via a central lightwell through periods of summer peak temperatures. The London ‘heat island effect’ shows the city centre to be warming but the SSEES project demonstrates that it is possible to configure a low energy strategy in a city centre at these latitudes. This is the first known application of this low energy environmental strategy in a city centre in the world. The strategy has been exhaustively modelled and tested at the Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development at De Montfort University, Leicester, and the BP Institute for Multiphase Flow at Cambridge University. Fresh air, tempered in winter or pre-cooled in mid summer, flows from the atrium across the floorplates to the exterior exhausts. We have devised acoustically treated narrow section transfer ducts within partitions to allow air to pass across enclosed spaces such as the first floor computer rooms without unwelcome sound transfer.”

Do yourself a favour and go and read this fic now!
I think one of the comments really captures my thoughts on this fic beautifully, “*dying whale noises*”. Fairly accurate. Hands down one of my fav Rebelcaptain fics out there (along with the 20 or so open tabs on my iPad eagerly (desperately?) waiting for updates). I’m hanging for a sequel.

eiso halacrene


“Based on the information you were able to retrieve from Bastion, we have uncovered that the Empire has a research facility working on building a super-weapon. It is nearing completion, and we need to know everything we can about it as quickly as we can.”

Or, Cassian is sent undercover to Eadu.

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I actually came up with a little backstory for humanized 4 & 4S. Steve Cobs fell in love with an Austrian woman (explaining 4S's accent) and together, they spent their time researching, coding & building advanced technology. They had a dream that together, they could change the way technology applied to people. After a few years of being married, the woman gave birth to both 4 & 4S.

tha’tss pretty cool, ahh you’ve obviously put a lot of thought into this!

i can’t help but see the meeple as estranged adopted children but I like this headcanon too

Also adding to the Spark headcanon: since he’s basically the one with a pokemon shelter everytime Candela and Blanche find a pokemon abandoned somewhere they bring it to Spark and while it’s recovering they visit it often during the week and sometimes even bring some treat for it.
Some of this pokemons prefere to go with either Blanche or Candela and everyone is ok with this, so the three of them have basically a bunch of pokemon walking freely around their research building and every member of the team spoils them.
A random stranger (another scientist, a reporter, whatever) walks into the building and the last thing they were waiting was the pokemon, like, okay they had to have pokemon they’re studying pokemon for crying out loud just, why the fuck there are so many pokemon in there??? And why the fuck nobody says a thing?? Is this really normal???
Then random stranger finds the team leader and yes, even the teal leader acts like this is normal, so when their done random stranger gets out of there shaking because they basically have a freaking pokemon army in there and it looks like they don’t fucking know that

Advice: Writing About Architecture

Anonymous asked:

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Keep it up! You’re amazing :D And well, onto my question. I was wondering if you have any advice on writing about architecture or setting a mood for the environment? I’ve done some research on house types, building types and so on, but I feel like sometimes I can’t find vocab/names for the styles I’m looking for. Is describing every single aspect in detail the only way?

Aww, thanks! <3

Check out my posts Describing Architecture and Describing Everyday Settings. The first one has tips for researching architectural styles, plus links to some guides/glossaries. The second one has some tips for everyday settings that have mundane elements, like a classroom, and also has some links to other posts that talk about describing rooms and buildings. My posts Horror by Daylight and Horror in Darkness talk about using sensory details to set the tone. Although horror is used as an example in both posts, they should give you an idea about how you can use sensory details to set other moods as well. :) Let me know if you need additional help. :)