Can’t finish the food in the bag you just opened? Well here is a clever way to reseal it and keep the food’s freshness. :)

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So are you still accepting Monday Night Sleepover things? If so I've got a Hinny headcanon for you, in several parts. (i) Ginny really likes Every Flavor Beans. Harry likes jelly beans too, but he doesn’t like the bad flavors, so he picks up a couple bags of Jelly Bellys every time he’s in the muggle world. He puts them in the cupboard for later (growing up with the Dursleys, he’s good at making a treat stretch out), and that’s when Ginny moves in.

(ii) She carefully opens the bag, replaces a few Pear beans with Booger beans or Cherry with Earthworm, and magically reseals it. Every time Harry has one of these tampered-with bags, he frowns and says he’s got a dud bag, but at least it’s only a few of the beans. That goes on for months. At last, he’s eating some jelly beans when Ron’s over. Ron knows instantly that it’s Ginny.

(iii) Then Harry and Ron get a fresh bag of Bertie Bott’s one day while Ginny is away. Harry takes the good ones and Ron takes the bad ones and they charm them to look like the opposite (Booger beans now look like Pear beans and vice versa) and then reseal the bag. Ginny chokes on the first few beans, but she’s so proud of Harry for coming up with that one.


strawberry infused vodka
•1 liter Vodka (does not need to be high end)
•1 package of strawberries, organic preferably, if not make sure to rinse off the strawberries well to remove any pesticides that would end up in your vodka
•Store in air tight container, such as a mason jar
•There’s no need to refrigerate, this will actually slow down the infusion process
•Strawberries will turn white in color when infusion is complete (This process can take anywhere from 24 hours to 3 days, depending on how much flavor you’d like)
•Strain through cheese cloth, coffee filter, or whatever is available
•Store in resealable bottle
•Enjoy & drink responsibly

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How's that 1uz coming along? Did you build the internals? Also, what's up with the Lexus you bought?

the UZ is a JDM resealed engine i bought off an SC guy going 1J. it’s not built nor do i really want it to be. it’s a great engine in stock form and aftermarket is so expensive for so little output i’m not really worried about it. i plan on headers and to go stand alone, not much more than that.

however, this is what i’ve been spending my efforts on recently. still have to get adjustable UCAs though.

as for the lexus, i sold it to a friend. it had some issues he worked out. if he does anything cool with it i’ll post updates haha.

DmC: Vergil’s Rebirth (TG 103)

             Twin brothers were born into the world half human, half demon. Like both sides of a coin, Dante chose to preserve humanity’s safety while Vergil pursues destructive, demonic power. After many events, the brothers had their final clash in the Underworld, a hellish realm that was temporarily opened with the magic of their amulets. Dante emerged victorious with his deceased father’s sword, while Vergil fell to its depths, holding onto his half of the perfect amulet. Along the way, Dante had made a friend whom he dubbed Lady. Together, they ran a joint named Devil May Cry, tackling any demon hunting jobs they could get.

             It had been three weeks since the Underworld was resealed with the presumed death of Vergil. Dante fought him often, but that didn’t stop him from mourning his absence. Cleaning up the leftover demon spawn kept him and Lady busy, giving them loads of income.

             “Are you here?!” Lady called, slamming the front door shut while placing her rocket launcher against the wall. Dante’s long, red coat was hanging on the rack. She walked to the closed door in the back of their parlor, unequipping smaller firearms from her skirt. “Dante?” she whispered, opening the door. The room’s only source of light came from the TV. A shirtless Dante cranked his neck around the chair. “Hey, how’d the job go?” he asked. Lady turned on the lights and furiously marched up to him. “This is why you couldn’t work today? This is why I had to do your contracts? THIS is what you call an ‘unexpected emergency event?!’”

             “Look.” Dante began with a smirk, placing a slice of pizza on the armrest. “The Walking Dead’s finale is playing. You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this. It should be on the calendar, honestly,” he replied, sounding more facetious with every line. Lady took a deep breath as Dante continued: “You wanna finish a hard day’s work by gettin’ me another beer?” “Fine,” she said, but not in reply, “I guess your show is more important than your brother returning.”

             “That’s not cool, Lady. You know he’s trapped in Hell,” Dante said, holding his tongue. Despite his carefree lifestyle, the topic still summoned unpleasant memories. “You could have seen him if you had just helped me with some demon slaying today, you good-for-nothing,” Lady barked. “I don’t know how he found me, but he requested – err, well, demanded that you fight him for your half of the amulet.” Dante rolled his eyes. “That’s Vergil for you, always finding a way to bite me in the ass.” The news bothered him, but deep down, he was happy to hear that his brother had lived.

             “Tomorrow, on the rubble of the Temen-ni-gru tower, is where he’ll be,” Lady continued, starting to make this sound like a common appointment. “I’m not one to disappoint,” Dante said smugly. Lady’s lips curled into a mischievous smile. “That’s right you’re not, because you’re going to test something for me.” Dante raised an eyebrow. “With our salary, I’ve been working on a bullet that’s specially engineered to work against demons,” she continued. “I have a few .45 ACP rounds for your pistols. Shoot Vergil. Get me results.”

             Dante laughed. “Whatever, Lady. I don’t know what you’re expecting, but a fancy bullet’s not gonna kill him.” “Just do it. You owe me. You’re lucky I didn’t beat your face in for today.” “Fine, then get off my back?” “Deal.” Lady left the room to prepare Dante’s weapons, then went to sleep.

             The next day, Dante walked onto the giant field of stone that was the fallen, demonic tower, fully equipped to stop Vergil from endangering mankind again. For once, Dante thought to himself realistically: Vergil’s not going to falter easily. Is he going to continue to disregard humans? Will this cycle ever end? “My baby brother decided to show up,” Vergil commented, sounding as proud and stoic as ever. His blue coattails whipped in the wind, and his white hair was slick and tall as usual. “So, you on parole?” Dante quipped.

             “Funny. I engaged a battle with Mundus shortly after you escaped, then my vision went black for weeks. I knew I couldn’t defeat him at the time, but me being here is a sign that I’ll have a second chance. Now I’ve come for your amulet to open the gates of Hell and obtain our father’s power.” “Like a dog chasing its own tail,” Dante said as he drew his father’s sword from his back.

             In the blink of an eye, the brothers were at each other’s throats. Vergil’s slim katana clashed against the heavy steel of Dante’s sword with equal power. Sparks flew from their blades as they danced into the air. “Dante,” Vergil began during one of the few silent moments of their fight, “might controls everything – and without strength, you cannot protect anything,” he managed to say in intervals. “And who do you plan to protect? Demons?” Dante snapped back as they paused. “Precisely. But mostly myself.” Dante whipped out his pistols and fired, completely forgetting Lady’s special bullets had been loaded.

             Vergil effortlessly sliced them out of the air, then sprung back at his brother. With guns in both hands, Dante couldn’t defend. Vergil thrust his sword through Dante’s chest before kicking him to the ground by vaulting off his stomach. The wound was nothing new to them, as their demonic blood allowed them to easily withstand almost any seemingly fatal injury. “Damn it all,” Dante uttered as his blood pooled out from under him. Vergil didn’t waste a second, immediately running back to Dante and pinning him to the ground with another strike through his chest.

             “Foolishness, Dante. Foolishness,” Vergil began. “Why do you continuously refuse to gain power?” Dante’s eyes were locked to Vergil’s as he monologued about their heritage, hoping to hold his attention as he positioned one pistol. “Hey bro,” Dante interrupted, “you know I don’t like anyone with a bigger mouth than mine.” Dante fired his last three bullets into Vergil’s side, knocking him off balance. “Hey, what gives?!” He exclaimed, getting up with recovered wounds. “I had way more than three shots left in this baby.”

             As Dante was checking his rounds, Vergil began to feel weak. He thrust his katana into the ground to keep his balance. Dante smirked when he saw his brother. “So, that’s it? You have been gone awhile.” “W-What is this?” Vergil muttered. “Poison? No, only the deadliest of a demon’s poison could do this to me. What did you do, Dante…?” Dante thought for a moment before remembering Lady’s ammo. “Oh, right. Forgot to mention, but that girl in white with the rocket launcher loaded my guns with something new. Said it worked against demons, I think?”

              Vergil’s body trembled, he was gasping for air. Quiet cracks and sloshes could be heard with every convulsion. His blue coattails inched closer to the ground as his frame began to noticeably shrink. Dante was too confused to make any more witty remarks, only staring with intrigue. Vergil’s short nails grew on thinning fingers, soon feeling them brush against the bottom of his fist. When he looked to his hand, he released his sword as if it had electrocuted him. “Dante, what is thi-argh!” His shoulders crunched, their bones coming in together to solidify his smaller stature. Filled with anger, Vergil grabbed his sword, but struggled to pull it out of the ground. Every slash at his brother looked pathetic. Dante yawned as he sidestepped them.

             “This isn’t funny, Dante!” Vergil spat, losing his cool. Suddenly, he fell to his knees, howling in pain as his pelvis widened. Dante couldn’t see what was happening inside Vergil’s now baggy clothing, and Vergil himself didn’t understand what plagued him, either. All at once, his firm thighs rounded with soft, pudding-like fat, and his genitals gargled repulsively. He was too vain to look down his pants in public, so he remained seated with clenched teeth, unable to imagine what was happening as his manhood shriveled and melted into his body. Throbbing labia developed around a strip of raw, pink flesh that blossomed into a moist ravine, letting out the lightest puff of hot air as the canal opened.

             Dante had never seen Vergil look so helpless; even his sharp, serious eyes were waning. They gained a subtle softness while Vergil continued to groan in discomfort. The effects of the bullets were coming to light as his hair started to grow, quickly becoming too long to stay spiked up. Both brothers were mesmerized by the flowing, white locks, so much so that they flinched when a sudden snap emitted from Vergil’s torso. He pressed a small hand against his chest, finally realizing what was happening.

             “Dante, you bastard!” Vergil hissed with an unfamiliar voice. She continued to push against her swelling flesh in a futile attempt to repress the growth. “AARGH!” she screamed, throwing off her coat as enlarged nipples squeezed against the black, sleeveless vest that was underneath. Dante whistled at the sight of Vergil’s slender, bare arms. “Damn you, Dante!” she yelled through a contorting face with the voice of a woman. With a soft, round jaw and plumping lips, she shakily shouted: “Damn you…to Hell…!” Vergil collapsed, unconscious and fully female.

             “I thought I was the one who took after our mother,” Dante said, slinging Vergil’s blue coat over his shoulder before picking her up in his arms. He kicked down the front door of Devil May Cry, shouting: “Hey, Lady! You mind explaining what the hell’s going on?” Sitting in the desk across the room, she looked up from her paperwork. “Uhh…” she began. “It’s Vergil. Your bullets turned him into a chick.” “Really?” she piped up, almost sounding pleased. “That’s weird. They were supposed to make demons friendly, or at least nullify hostile behavior. Couldn’t have seen this coming.”

             “Here, rest her on the couch. I’ll watch her, maybe even tailor her clothes,” Lady continued. “Cool, I’ll go finish some jobs,” Dante replied as he left, wanting time alone. Either I’ve had too much cold pizza, or this is the weirdest day of my life.

             Vergil rested for two days before regaining consciousness, just in time to be outfitted with her customized clothing. “Dante, she’s waking up!” Lady exclaimed. “W-where am I?” Vergil asked, her voice husky and strong. “Why, you’re in my humble abode, m’lady,” Dante joked with a bow. She smiled – Dante couldn’t remember the last time Vergil smiled at something he said. “Good,” she whispered, standing up. “Oh, I don’t remember wearing this,” she said, commenting on her midriff-revealing vest. “I made it from your old one!” Lady blurted. “Why?” Vergil asked suspiciously. “Well, it didn’t fit anymore.”

             “I suppose this isn’t too bad,” Vergil said, still fixated toward her vest. “So, are there any demons left to kill?” she continued. “What? You turn into a chick, and all of a sudden, you want to kill demons?” Dante asked, astonished. “I’ve always hated them. I thought you did, too,” Vergil replied with genuine innocence. Dante threw his hands in the air. “Alright, this is the weirdest day of my life.”

             Lady butted in: “Why don’t you look around the place? Demon hunting is our job, you’d fit right in!” Vergil took the advice, leaving Dante and Lady alone in the main room. “I think my bullets worked!” she excitedly whispered to Dante. “Guess there’s nothing wrong with two ladies hangin’ around me, even if one of them is off limits,” Dante joked. Lady jammed her elbow into his side. Vergil reappeared several minutes later, holding a contract. “I’m in. It’s a pleasure to be with you again, brother.”

             One week later, the brother/sister duo had cleaned the surrounding area of devils in record time. “Dante,” Vergil called from the desk, “remember what we used to say?” she asked, showing him a check. The number brought a smile to Dante’s face as they yelled “Jackpot!”

Hey everyone, this is my entry for a contest hosted on DeviantArt that I’ve been working on the past two-three weeks. I’d love it if you guys could comment on it there!

Also, the gender-bent Vergil art was made by BartonHD on DeviantArt and I have his permission to use it for this story. Link to his page is on the story on DeviantArt! Hope you all liked it!

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Pea and Ham Soup

I love from scratch soup! It always tastes fresher than canned soups and you can make a big batch to freeze or refrigerate for a speedy lunch at home or work. Just double or triple up the recipe if you want to make a bigger batch. My top tip for freezing soups: open up a resealable food bag and pop it in a bowl to support it, pour in your soup and seal closed then freeze upright. Once it is frozen through you can throw it about in the freezer without ever spilling it! Then just defrost any time you like.

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