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Anon said: i love ur fusion art!!!! if u have time/want to you should do a bakushima fusion

You’re not the only one that asked, but actually I already did draw it! It’s the first one I’ve drawn haha I felt like drawing it again tho, so here’s a doodled comic of the first time they fused accidentally ✌️

Every Single Companion Condemns Anders for the Chantry Explosion
  • Alistair: “You... You killed all of those people! All of those women and children, and Priests and Templars who were just there to guard some finger bones! And now what? You’re going to watch a bunch of other mages take the blame for it and get slaughtered? Do you really think you’re making anyone’s life better by doing that? No, don’t answer that. It’s time for you to just die.”
  • Loghain: “Funny. I’ve just watched you murder all those innocents, and I don’t even hate you. Outrage is a luxury for younger men, I suppose. I actually think I understand you. I know what it is to try so hard to protect something that you destroy it without even noticing. I’m doing you a favor, right now, as a young hero once did me a favor. I regret merely that I can’t do it as kindly as it was done to me; you do have to die.”
  • Oghren: “I knew I never trusted you. Squirrelly little mage. The Commander should’a given you to the Templars! I’ve done some messed up things in my life, aye, but I’ve never bombed a bunch of orphans! Killin’s all I know how to do, but ‘least when I kill you, I’ll know it’s the right thing to do.”
  • Shale: “I find it hard to be upset about the deaths of a few hundred humans. Humans are always dying; perhaps they should stop making you all so squishy. It will squish nicely, though, I think. I understand that it has done this in order to unleash even more mages upon society. Decent mages exist, but only a small quantity, as I think it has just proved. No, best to squish it, and its little revolution, and call it a day.”
  • Sten: “I must thank you. During my time in the south, I have met mages who lead honorable lives despite their lack of faith in the Qun. Never before have I met such an obvious example of why the Prophet Koslun demanded additional submission from the saarabas. Your kind are dangerous, and when I return to Par Vollen, I will tell the Arvaarad of what you have done, and they will tell the saarabas, so that the saarabas might better understand the weight of and the need for their sacrifice. Know then, that your death will inspire young saarabas to choose glory under the Qun rather than misery and death in their doubt. This is more comfort in your final moments than you deserve, but I offer it, regardless.”
  • Leliana: “Grand Cleric Elthina? But Justinia spoke so highly of her! Why would you do this?! You are a Grey Warden, sworn to abstain from politics. You do not even live in a Circle anymore! Everything Most Holy has done--everything Cassandra and I have done--to keep this under control... You just... blew it all up! And there is only one way to mitigate the damage. You have to die.”
  • Zevran: “Ah... Far be it from me to make a moral argument against murder, but this seems a tad artless. Perhaps even tactless. How do you know who was in or around that building at the time, or who might even now be burning to death in one of the resulting fires or trapped under a Darktown landslide, where she will die a slow, agonizing death while awaiting a rescue that will never come? You don’t know, of course. You couldn’t. Which makes this... rather less of an assassination and more of an indiscriminate slaughter, something that even the Crows did not allow. As you die, remember that you have fewer morals than the Antivan Crows.”
  • Morrigan: “How utterly pathetic. You had many opportunities to strike at your real enemy, but instead you struck at an impotent old woman, like a coward. And now you expect these Circle mages to fight your battle for you, in your name, as if what you’ve done is a rallying cry rather than a death sentence? Hmph. I will live to see the Circles fall. You, however, shall not.”
  • Wynne: “I remember you. The boy with such a talent for healing, who squandered what could have been a bright future in the Circle out of spite. We used to feel sorry for you, you know. Irving in particular always tried to be so gentle with you. I hope you realize that what you’ve done will weigh on more consciences than yours. The least I can do is make sure Thedas knows that the Circle that produced you also stopped you.”
  • Aveline: “Don’t! Whatever it is you were going to say, just don’t. There is no justification for this that could ever make it okay. I should have turned you in years ago. I didn’t, because the refugees needed you and because I was trying to be a good guard captain for the mages. Unfortunately, I’m not the one that paid for that mistake. The least I owe your victims now is justice. You’ll die for this.”
  • Carver: “Are you insane?! You can’t possibly think that helped?! Grand Cleric Elthina wasn’t the bad guy! I’m not even sure there *is* just one bad guy, but I know it wasn’t her. She was one of the few who just wanted to help. Everyone. And now she’s gone, and that’s exactly what you wanted. You don’t know as much as you think you do about Templars, Anders. Sometimes, I wonder how much you really know about mages. But it doesn’t matter now, because my duty is clear. You have to die for this.”
  • Fenris: “There is nothing to say. Death is the only thing left for you.”
  • Isabela: “I... Look... Shit, Anders, what were you thinking? We’ve talked about this before: about justice, and all that bollocks. You hurt innocent people, so now they deserve justice. I’m probably the last person who should be doling out justice, but here we are. I just hope you think this was worth your death. And theirs.”
  • Varric: “Oh, Blondie... It didn’t have to be like this. You killed innocent people, and destroyed who knows how many other lives. You’re not the man I thought you were. I guess that makes what I have to do next a little bit easier...”
  • Sebastian: “Your death will never be enough, but it’s a start.”
  • Bethany: “How could you do this?! The Circle never wanted this to come to all-out war, with so many innocent people dead and an army of Templars descending upon us! This wasn’t your decision to make. If you wanted to help, you should have TALKED to Orsino, and--You know what, forget it? You didn’t want to help, did you? Not the mages of Kirkwall, anyway. It makes for a better narrative if the largest Circle in the Free Marches is slaughtered, sacrificed for your narrative. I can’t let you do that; not to the Kirkwall Cirlce, and not to anyone else. This ends here, Anders. I’m only sorry it has to end like this; we could have worked together and found a non-violent solution, if only you’d reached out.”
  • Merrill: “Anders, you know there were people in that Chantry, right? That doesn’t sound like justice to me. And if it was vengeance, it wasn’t very good vengeance, since it hardly killed any Templars, and killed a lot of people that weren’t Templars! I’m sorry, Anders, but that spirit of yours is out of control. I can’t let you do this anymore.”
  • Blackwall: “Huh. Dare I even ask what your justification for this was? No. I don’t. All murders have their justifications. One day you wake up and realize that it was all just lies you told yourself so you could sleep at night. Maybe you really do think you’re helping; that lives have so little value that they can just be sacrificed to some greater cause. Maybe it’s a mercy for me to kill you before you can realize the truth.”
  • Cassandra: “The situation in Kirkwall has been out of control for some time, but your actions will only serve to make everything worse! The suffering of innocents has gone on for too long! All who fight against peace must be stopped!”
  • Iron Bull: “You know what I really came to hate during my time in Seheron? ASSHOLES WHO BLOW UP BUILDINGS FULL OF CIVILIANS! I don’t care if you’re Tal-Vashoth, Fog Warrior, Vint, or whatever the Hell you are, if you do that, you’re an asshole, and when I meet assholes, I kill them.”
  • Sera: “Oi, mage-tit, do. you know how many innocent people you just killed for your stupid war?! If you wanted to attack the Knight-Commander, you should have just attacked the Knight-Commander. Stupid! This is why no one trusts mages. ARROW TO THE FACE.”
  • Cole: “I used to think that I could free mages with death. When they’re dead, you don’t hear the pain anymore. Sometimes the silence is worse, though. It’s silent in the Chantry but the rest of the city is screaming. You’re screaming too. It won’t stop when I kill you, but it will be quieter. Better.”
  • Dorian: “Hm. A bit of fire, grandiose speeches, and a mage sacrificing people for his own political agenda. This feels downright homey. I detest when the south feels homey. You know, it’s times like this that I wonder: Is it true that if you give mages an inch, we’ll take a mile? Is my homeland the inevitable consequence of mage freedom? I don’t want to believe that. There has to be a way for mages and non-mages to coexist as equals. But as long as men like you are about, we’re not going to find it, so I know what I have to do.”
  • Vivienne: “Shall I even bother to point out the irony of you using magical talents you honed at the Circle to bring about their downfall, or would that go over your head, just as the fact that your actions here tonight will only serve to turn the people of Thedas against mages did? There were abuses in this Circle, certainly, but only an idiot or an Abomination would think that the solution was to murder innocents and provoke a slaughter. Whichever you are, you are a danger to others, and the people *will* see a mage put you down.”
  • Solas: “An interesting way of achieving justice. You look at a world where the Chantry violently oppresses mages, and decide to give it even more ammunition. I know much of rebellion. A good one takes years to plan, and starts not with an explosion but with a ripple. All you’ve done is throw unprepared mages throughout Thedas on the scant mercy of angry mobs. Perhaps you meant well, but that hardly changes the fact that the mages are better off without you.”
  • Cullen: “Maker help me. I never wanted to see the Kirkwall Circle annulled, and now you’ve guaranteed it by pushing this conflict to its breaking point. Perhaps the Knight-Commander was wrong--IS wrong--but so are you, and I must stop you in order to have any chance of stopping her.”
  • Josephine: “All that innocent life, destroyed for a war that most of them had nothing to do with... I do not enjoy being in this position, but I cannot stand by and let the slaughter of innocents go unpunished. You, Anders, have to pay for your crimes.”

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Headcanon that basically everyone likes to have group hugs. Canon MTMTE group hug aside; TFP 'Bots do this alllll the time (especially at Smokescreen's insistence). Even Ratchet and Magnus join, on occasion. Rescue Bots? How could you say 'no' to faces like Boulder's and Salvage's? Heatwave gives the best hugs, but don't say that in front of him. RID15? HAVE YOU *SEEN* GRIMLOCK!? Even the TFP 'Cons have some group hugs, albeit very short ones, the result of Breakdown guilt-tripping Megs.


but the entire rid15 team and rescue bots team both have giant ass group hugs. maybe if they would goddamn CROSS OVER there’d be BIGGER HUGS.

(im still salty they didnt cameo blades fuck off)

i blame this one on @hellogarbagetime bc it’s a fill for “animal” at my bingo card, and then i thought of this thing she did

The cat, or rather a kitty, was tiny, black, and extremely fluffy. It set its big, blue eyes on Tony, and Tony felt himself melting.

“We’re keeping him,” Steve announced, and it said something about the kitten’s cuteness that Tony only then raised his eyes to Steve.

“Okay,” Tony agreed, because he could never say no to Steve, and the kitten, for how cute it was, did seem a bit too thin; Tony wasn’t good with animals, but if Steve brought one home like that, he must’ve rescued it from the street. He was still cradling it protectively against his chest.

Tony extended his hand towards the kitten slowly, and it smelt him and let him pet it gently.

Tony barely stopped himself from squeeing aloud. He was a successful businessman, for god’s sake; he was clearly spending too much time with Kamala. Tony hoped none of his Avenger kids were allergic, they obviously had to come and meet their new kitty as soon as possible.

“I found him,” Steve confirmed Tony’s earlier suspicions. “It was raining, and the poor creature was alone, and I couldn’t—”

“It’s okay,” Tony said. “We’re definitely keeping him.”

Steve’s smile almost made Tony melt, too.


Two weeks later, when Kitten was safely wrapped in Tony’s arms—Steve vetoed all of Tony’s name suggestions, and vice versa, so they agreed the kitten would just stay Kitten—Jan walked into the living room, took one long look at them, and started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Steve asked. Tony couldn’t quite get annoyed with a happy ball of fur that was Kitten in his arms.

“Of course that’s what a cat you suddenly rescue from a street looks like.”

Kitten looked up at Tony with his blue eyes, as if sensing they’re talking about him, and Tony scratched him behind his black ear gently to soothe him.

“I’ve no idea what you mean,” Steve said.

“I don’t mind,” Tony told Jan. “He’s cute.”

“Never said he wasn’t,” Jan noted, and then cooed over the cat too.

All was well, except Steve was still spluttering something about meaningless accusations.

Tony loved him anyway.

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I was gonna wait until the end of the season, but I'm too excited now. Do we have any Season 6 updates yet?? Thanks y'all :)


Reunited by mikkimouse (1/1 | 689 | PG13)

Stiles threw his arm over his eyes. “Oh my God. I can’t look. My first FBI mission, and I got shot. I’m the one supposed to be rescuing you!”

The words startled a short laugh out of Derek. Of course Stiles would come out here to rescue him. Of fucking course. He always did, he always had, ever since he’d been a scrawny 16-year-old jumping into the world of the supernatural with both feet, and damn the consequences to himself.

You’re Just The Last of The Real Ones by AireHaleinski (1/1  3,935 | R)

The battle against the hunters has come to the final act: will the unexpected support of two old friends help Scott Mc Call
and the gang to finally win?
Between revelations and confessions, the life in Beacon Hills has come to a turning point and nothing will be the same.
Bro-Stydia, Sterek / Marrish, mentioned Scalia and Jethan (just because in canon Jeffy had the idea of combining them together, and I had the idea of relying on the canon of 6b)

The Perks by DarkAlpha67 (1/1 | 1,354 | R)

The scene where Kate was beating the shit out of Derek with my own twist and one major tweek.


“I know that you can heal from one or two shots, but a direct hit to the face? I don’t think so…”

He saw he pointer finger flirt with the trigger and a shot rang out.

“How do you like that, bitch!”

Bridal Style by milkysterek (1/1 | 741 | G)

“Oh, Fuck,” Stiles gulps and tightens his arms around Derek’s neck, “It’s going to be off my foot, isn’t it?”

Derek doesn’t know how to answer that. A toe isn’t really an important body part, in Derek’s opinion, but he has the ability to heal and has never been faced with an imminent loss of limb. Except for that time with his arm at the vet clinic but that’s irrelevant and old news and people need to stop bringing that up.

Something Close to Free by raimykeller (1/1 | 1,211 | G)

After Stiles realizes the FBI are hunting Derek, he takes a trip down to North Carolina to find him.

Run Out On Me (Peter Maximoff x Reader)

Author’s note: Hiya! Welcome to my writing blog! I hope you enjoy this story <3

Warning(s): Swearing, angst, mentions of the nasty, mentions of abortion.

Your hands trembled as you sat on the edge of the bath tub, your hair had fallen over your face as you stared at your knees, breathing fast and hard. Your bare feet rested on the tile of the bathroom floor, cooling your body.

Anxious. That’s how you felt.

These next five minutes could change your life forever. But were you ready for this change? You were young, freshly engaged and ready to explore the world. Whatever the result of this pregnancy test was, it could make or break these plans or even worse. Your relationship.

You and Peter had met at the X-mansion, during the apocalypse. He’d rescued you (and of course the others) from the building that was about to explode, and you both had been infatuated with one another ever since. The pair of you told each other everything, you shared with him how your mutation cost you, love and friendship whilst he told about his father, Erik.

You first knew that you loved Peter when you’d slowed down time just to steal a kiss from him, and how he practically skidded to a stop and crashed into Kurt, making a mess of the library. It was only after he’d gazed after you dreamily
,as you walked away, that you realised you were in love with the big goof but of course you’d never tell him so. You wanted to do it romantically.

Although your romantic confessions hadn’t exactly been ideal, it was still everything you could have wanted. During a mission, one day, you had screamed out that you loved him after Peter almost had himself killed (along with half the team, let’s be real) but nothing like a near death experience to bring two people together, am I right?

Even after all these years, your love for Peter burned as bright as it did when you first got together. Although you didn’t really verbally expresses your love for one another often, you knew in your heart and mind that Peter loved you more than anything in the world (even more than his twinkies) and despite how insecure Peter could get (even after 5 years of being together) you promised him you’d never leave and you hoped he would do the same.

You gasped as the timer beeped, sending shrill sounds through your body, only increasing your nerves. Shaking hands reached for the small stick that rested on the ledge of the bathroom sink. You screwed your eyes shut and took a deep breath as you let the pregnancy test rest in your lap.

‘Whatever happens, happens, Peter will always love you’

Cautiously, you peaked open an eye to gaze down at the stick in your lap. That’s when you felt your stomach drop and the world around you spin. You dropped the test as your vision begun to blur, salty tears streamed down your face as the image burned itself into your mind.


You smiled sadly as you stirred the pasta, boiling away in the pot. Gently, you rested a hand on your stomach, thinking of the life you were going to bring into this world. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad thing? Maybe this was the world telling you that it was time to slow down? You and Peter had always taken the fast lane with things, that’s just how you lived, how *he* lived. It was time to do things your way for a change.

Feeling a lot brighter, you happily skipped to your China closet, pulling out your best dishes for the dinner you had made tonight. Carefully, you set them out on the table, along with an extra plate for the pasta and bowl for the bolognese. You dished out the two components of the meal before heading over to the sink to wash the pots and pans before Peter came home.

“Honey I’m home!” A voice called out from the front door, presumably Peter’s, you grinned to yourself as you washed the last utensil, before rinsing it and leaving it on the draining board. You turned around just in time to face Peter, who left a quick kiss on your lips before speeding over to the table and dishing out his food at light speed.

“Hey Pete” you gushed at your fiancé, you walked over to the table before pulling out a chair and taking a seat, opting to share out your own food. “Good day?”

The silver-haired man gulped down his food, spaghetti sauce painting his pale cheeks, you let out a laugh, leaning over the table and swiping your thumb over the stain before licking it off and returning to sharing out your own meal. “You betcha”

Peter winked at you as you felt a crimson blush rise up on your cheeks. “What about you?”

You shrugged, putting down your fork. “It was…a day”


You rolled your eyes at your husband, as he scarfed down his food. You admired him as he did so, and although he looked like a dog that was having his first meal in months, you still couldn’t help but feel like you were falling in love with him all over again. A small smile graced your lips as Peter’s eyes looked up to meet your own. ‘Maybe I should tell him?’

“What’s got you lookin’ all dreamy like?” Peter asked, with a small smirk. You blinked, shaking your head. “Aw c'mon sweets! Don’t be like that, I mean I know I’m good looking but there must be something else that’s up”

You snorted, sending both you and your fiancé into a fit of giggles. You admired the way little crinkles would form where his smile reached his eyes, and how those dark chocolatey orbs would light up as laughed. You sighed happily once you’d both calmed down, Peter returned his gaze to you, his dark eyes searching your own. “Seriously, what’s going on love?”

You smiled. “Well I found something out today”

Peter leaned back in his chair. “Did you now?”

You looked down shyly at your food and begun pushing it around with your fork. You nodded slowly, smiling timidly. “Mhm”

Within an instant Peter was by your side, crouching beside your chair, face inches away from yours. “You wanna tell me what it is?”

Peter hated waiting, you knew that for a fact, and you were too excited to keep the guessing game up any longer. You grinned at your soon to be husband, eyes locking with his, making you feel safe and secure.

“I’m pregnant”

As soon as you uttered those words, you regretted everything. Peter’s grin had dropped, his face drained of colour and a sinking feeling had swept over you. He didn’t look excited, nor happy, nor surprised.

He looked broken.

“W-what?” He whispered, his voice low and uneven. Your own smile dropped, and suddenly you felt like your whole world had come crashing down. You swallowed the lump growing in your throat and tried to suppress the nauseous feeling that was swimming around in your stomach.

“I-I’m pregnant” you tried again, looking him directly in the eye this time. It was as if you were looking for something, Approval? Love? Security?

Peter shook his head, his silver locks bouncing as he backed away from you. A panicked expression had swept over his face whilst his pale hands weaved their way into his hair, gripping his locks and pulling them. “Peter…”

“N-no… t-this can’t be happening” he whispered, pacing around the room at lightening speed. Watching him zip back and forth was making you light headed, with a wave of your hands you’d managed to slow down time just enough to see him. You took a deep breath and looked up at him with watery eyes.

“Peter please…”

“We never… we haven’t-how? We were… y'know?”

Although he wasn’t making full sentences, you knew what he was trying to say. “Remember, our anniversary a few weeks back… when you proposed?”

The panic returned to his eyes and he begun to pace and time had sped up again. “Shit, shit, shit” he cursed, still running about. You couldn’t help but watch hopelessly, as involuntary tears slipped down your soft cheeks, your vision of a happy family shattered. How could you ever think that he’d want this? You desperately wanted this scene to end, throw it to the back of your mind and act like it didn’t happen. You wanted the reassurance that you would get through this, together, but you knew now that wasn’t going to happen.

“Peter god dammit, will you fucking stand still?” you yelled out, rising from your seat. The brown eyed man stilled so he was directly in front of you, his face pale with fear etched into every feature. You cupped his face as he leant into your touch, his dark brown hues were searching yours. “Like it or not Pete, we’re having this baby-”

“We are?” He interrupted. You stared at him incredulously, pulling away from him embrace, surely he didn’t expect you to…

You backed away from him. “What are you saying Peter?’’

He looked down at his feet, one of his legs bouncing wildly as he twiddled with his thumbs. “I-I mean can’t you… get rid of it?”

In that moment you felt a white hot fury rip through you. How could he say such a thing? How could he want to destroy a precious yet unborn life? How could he want to destroy something that was a piece of him? You clenched your fists to refrain from punching your fiancé in his face. You screwed your eyes shut in hopes to prevent angry tears from escaping.

All the while Peter watched you clench and unclench your fists, he knew he’d fucked up, he knew he’d hurt you. He loved you, fucking hell he did, but there was a constant sense of insecurity that prevented him from enjoying the situation, he was scared beyond belief but he couldn’t bring himself to be happy. He hated himself for being the reason that caused you such anger, such pain and hurt, but he couldn’t go through with this, he wouldn’t want the life he had for his child.

Your body shook with rage, as you struggled to comprehend what Peter had just asked you. “Fuck you Peter” you whispered, eyes still closed. “Fuck you for thinking that I’d ever get rid of our child. Something we both helped to create. I love you and I can promise you that I’ll love this baby.”

Peter sighed and ran a hand through his silver locks. He knew this next move would break you more than it did him, but he had to do it, for you and your baby. “Then I can’t stay”


“I can’t stay, I can’t be the father you want me to be… I can’t… I’m sorry”

You could see his eyes glaze over, this wasn’t your Peter, not the one you loved. You tried to move forward and reach for him but he only backed away. “Peter please don’t do this, you know I love you, you know we can do this. I-I know you’re scared, hell, I am too but we love each other and that should be enough. This will be a first for me and you, another step we’ll have to take on our lives but we can do this together-”

“(Y/N) please, you’ll only make this harder” he whispered.

You felt the anger and hurt bubbling up in you again. He promised he’d never do this to you, he promised he loved you and right now he was breaking all these promises. “So what are you gonna do?” You snapped, tears falling freely. “Are you gonna run out me like he ran out on you? Are you really going to be everything your father was to you, to our child?”

But all you felt was a gust of wind in response, he was gone and he was never coming back.

A Little Broken, Still Good // Clint Barton x Reader

Anonymous asked: Clint request where the team finds the reader on a mission and saves her and Clint kind of sticks to her like a father figure she never had
Pairing: Clint Barton x Reader (Familial)
Word Count: 2.2k+
Warning: FLUFF, Angst, Language, Dad!Clint, brief mention of death (Post AOU)

A/N: Pietro is alive. That weird family Whedon cooked up doesn’t exist. Reader is an orphan. Also…hmu If you catch that lilo and stitch reference. I’ve come to accept that I will never understand the concept of drabbles. This is unbeta’d and I’m half asleep so I’ll fix errors after I’ve had coffee.

Originally posted by natshasromanoff

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[Ep.27] A Boy and the El: The End and the Beginning

Elsword: I don’t need either. I will not choose your method.
Solace: Why?
Elsword: If we sustain this El with Diceon energy and use up all of the Diceons… then what happens to Elysion?
Elsword: See, in the end, you’ll end up losing something precious again.
Elsword: I cannot let the place Yuno and Herbaon tried to protect descend into ruin.

Solace: Then will you go back to the system where the Lady of El is sacrificed, turning your sister into its next victim?
Elsword: … …You said it before, that I’m the one who has connection to the power of El. Then shouldn’t I be able to do something about this?
Solace: How foolish; yes, your power definitely is strong. There’s no way a single human can handle the Giant El.
Elsword: You might think it’s foolish but for me… I cannot surrender my friend’s home or my sister. This is my decision!
Elsword: Now, Solace. You said Diceon energy is concentrated in this center, right?
Solace: ?!
Solace: … Wait, Elsword. What are you doing…!!

Rena: W-What’s going on? Elsword?
Eve: I am sensing a giant energy in Elrios. It’s big enough that I can sense it even here in Elysion, what is this…

Solace: All the El shards scattered across the continents have merged into one.
Solace: And this familiar energy… Elianord…? Is the ancient Elianord restored?
Elesis: Elianord…? But where is Elsword?!
Solace: Elsword used all of his energy to restore the El. … He probably is inside the El right now.
Elesis: Inside the El…?! Dear God…! Then what happens to Elsword?!
Ara: Ah, hold on!! There’s a light coming from the device over there…!
Solace: …!

Aisha: It can’t be… That person is… Lady of El…?!
Solace: Wait, Harnier. You shouldn’t get up so fast. You have to rest…
Harnier: I’m okay, Perihart. Don’t worry so much.
Harnier: Hello. This must be our first time greeting each other face to face.
Elesis: ……
Harnier: … I was watching over you, El Search Party… And Elesis nim…
Elesis: … So it was you. The one who called out to me.
Harnier: That’s right. Excuse my rudeness. I just didn’t want to repeat the situation where we have to sacrifice someone again.
Elesis: (… To protect me, Elsword…)
Ara: Lady of El, where is Elsword nim? Please tell us!
Harnier: I can sense him within the El. The pure power of El, developing on its own. This power must belong to the one inside there.
Harnier: … Thanks to Elsword nim’s power, El is being restored to its complete form, as much as it did before. I was able to awaken by being guided by his power.
Harnier: … But if El continues to absorb him, Elsword nim will disappear.
Aisha: Wait wait, Elsword will disappear? But that can’t be?!
Solace: When Elsword was uniting with the El, I injected some of Diceon Energy. That will prevent him from being absorbed right away, but we can’t help him if we run out of time.
Raven: Elsword… did he make such a decision for our sake. … We made him bear too much burden on his own again.
Elesis: We have to rescue Elsword right away! What… can we do…? Tell us!
Harnier: There will be someone waiting in Elianord, to guide you to Elsword nim. I can sense his power in Elianord.
Harnier: He is a dragon, and have spent the most time with the El as one of the Masters, so he must know a way.
Chung: Then we must head to Elianord right now!
Add: Hey, are you coming too?
Solace: I no longer have the right to be the Master. I can’t leave Harnier in Elysion either.
Harnier: Then I will go to Elianord as well…
Solace: No, I don’t want to sacrifice you to the El anymore. Harnier.
Solace: And there’s something we must do using this Elysion Tower here.
Rena: Something you must do?
Solace: We must find the ones that… manipulated the El to explode. They will come after the El again if it’s restored.
Solace: Since Elianord is restored as well, they will show themselves from somewhere. We cannot repeat the past.
Eve: We don’t have much time. We must depart for Elianord.
Harnier: I can help you. I will send you to the Master closest to the El right now.
Elesis: We’re counting on you!
Harnier: Thank you… and I am sorry. Please rescue Elsword nim.
Elesis: Of course! Neither of us is planning to be sacrificed to the El. There must be a way so don’t worry too much.
Harnier: You’re right. I’ll also do my best to help you. May the Goddess watch over you guys.

Ciel: … This is… Elianord…?
Chung: Look over there! There’s a huge El!
Raven: That’s the fully restored El? Amazing.
Elesis: … Elsword is… inside there…
Denif: Who goes there.
Elesis: !!
Denif: I haven’t seen you before. State your identites.
Add: Tch, we never saw you before either. Why don’t you introduce yourself first?
Elesis: Excuse us. We are the El Search Party, led here by the Lady of El…
Denif: Lady of El…! Are you talking about Harnier?!
Artea: Ah, isn’t it the El Search Party…?! To think we’ll meet you here…!
Ara: Artea nim!
Denif: You guys, do you know each other?
Artea: El Search Party members, this is the Master of Water, Denif nim who was sealed away with Elianord and have awakened with the city.
Ara: Then can he be the one the Lady of El was talking about?
Aisha: Denif nim!! We came here to ask you for a favor!!
Denif: … A favor?
Denif: I see. So that’s why Elianord has awakened…
Artea: We were surprised too. The Els we were protecting united into one and put all of us in one place.
Denif: After the El exploded, us Masters restored the scattered El fragments by pouring our energy into it and thereby giving them elements, and created a seal to protect Elianord, falling asleep with the city in the end.
Denif: And Elianord was restored by the power of that boy named Elsword and I was able to wake up with the city as well.
Rena: Denif nim, then what about other Masters…?
Denif: Well… I’m not sure. When I woke up, there was no one but me and these priestesses.
Denif: Perhaps they woke up outside of the city… if not, then they still might be asleep.
Denif: Now that I think about it, you guys. You were talking about the Lady of El; how did you meet her?
Aisha: Ah, well that’s…
Denif: … Solace… was the cause of this disaster… I should’ve done something about it first back then…
Ara: But that was not a part of Solace nim’s plan? Solace nim feels responsible about the incident as well.
Denif: I know. I can understand, knowing their close relationship.
Denif: But that does not erase their mistake. So much was sacrificed because of their personal emotions.
Ara: … Yes…
Denif: But now’s not the time to place blames. I am not planning on degrading Solace’s effort because of what happened in the past. It could’ve been dangerous if it wasn’t for the device called Diceon.
Denif: And I can’t believe the power the El has right now is all because of one boy named Elsword… I cannot believe it.
Rena: Help us, Denif nim! We must save Elsword. … Even if it means making the El unstable again…
Denif: El… becoming unstable again…
Artea: Denif nim…
Elesis: ……
Denif: Okay. I will help you.
Denif: I understand that the peace gained in this way is not a good thing. A completion attained through sacrifice will only birth another tragedy…
Denif: Except, if you want to look after the unstable El and make sure no other casualties are created, then it will require even more effort. Are you ready for that?
Chung: Of course! We’re ready!
Eve: It’s only natural to accept the consequences of a reasonable result. Master Denif.
Add: We can’t avoid it so there’s no other way. It’s bothersome but we have to do this.
Aisha: Good, then we all agreed to go save Elsword, right?! Let’s go!
Denif: Us dragon race were entrusted with guarding the El of the Ellian Kingdom for generations. So we know more about the El than any other.
Denif: In order to rescue the boy Elsword, then we must first wake him up and draw him out of the El.
Elesis: … What can we do to wake him up?
Denif: Hmm… There must be no other way than to just call him.
Add: Hey, there’s no way we can call out for him outside the giant El no matter how much we yell. Give us a more realistic solution.
Elesis: Add, stop being rude and be polite to him.
Add: Tch, I only pointed out the problem.
Denif: Of course, it’s no use calling out to him out here. But near the El there are small dimensional rifts that resonate with the El.
Denif: Maybe your voices can reach him in there…
Ara: …! Is there a way to go there, Denif nim? We have to rescue Elsword nim…!
Denif: I do know the way. But that place is too dangerous.
Denif: And I cannot guarantee that your voices can reach him there either.
Eve: If the possibility is not zero, then it’s worth to try it.
Chung: If there’s a way to save Elsword, then we want to try it. So please tell us, Denif nim!
Denif: … You guys really want to save him.
Denif: I know the way to the dimensional rift and I can send you there, but the giant energy of that place will try to test you guys, so you must be careful.
Denif: That rift is where the El is most active, and you can end up being consumed by the El.
Aisha: Uh… being consumed by the El… that’s scary. Let’s be careful, everyone.
Lu: Ho~ I am ready.
Ciel: We can have tea time with Elsword when we bring him back.
Rena: By the way, isn’t something strange?
Elesis: What is? I don’t think we need anything else?
Rena: No~ Um… it feels like.. we’re missing someone?
Aisha: That’s because Elsword is not here.
Rena: That’s true but, someone besides Elsword… It’s weird.
Raven: Maybe it feels even more empty because it’s Elsword. Let’s hurry up, everyone.
Denif: … Is everyone ready? Take a deep breath…
Denif: Good luck.

The Cloister of the El Dungeon

Elsword ended up being absorbed into the El by the El Restoration phenomenon. The El Search Party enters the Cloister of the El to save the boy who became one with the El…

Within the “Cloister of the El”, the El Search Party members come face to face with light clone versions of themselves, who constantly tell them to back off and go back home because the mission is over. Our characters tell themselves that they cannot leave Elsword here, ignores their shadows by defeating them, and head into the heart of the El, where they battle against a white figure, a boss named “The Will of the El”. The Will of the El tries to stop the party from waking Elsword, and you must defeat her to reach Elsword.

Good Lovin (Merle Dixon x Female Reader Smut ) Part 1

Summary: Coach Merle AU. You’re a cheerleader in College and just started the final semester. Merle is the new coach for the football team. He spiked your interest right away but the question is, does he feel the same about you?

A/N: Honestly, when I first thought about coach Merle I was all like; ohhhh! smut, smut, smut!! But as usual my brain have other ideas and it got filled with all these feelings and stuff…But it’s smut too, I promise!

Part 2  Part 3   Part 4   

Warnings: Smut, Explicit Language, Swearing, Dom/Sub Undertones.

The first time you really looked at his ass, you managed to actually trip on your own feet, ending up on your butt on the grass in the middle of dance practice with your cheerleader squad. He bent down to pick up a ball, giving you a perfect view of his perfect two buttcheeks staring right back at you -straining muscles pressing against the thin cloth of his shorts - and all you could do was let out a shaky “jesus” before tripping on your own damn feet and fall flat on your ass.

“Focus Y/N!” your captain shouted at you and you quickly got up on your feet again.

“Sorry, Captain,” you shouted back, trying to drown the hollers from the football team, which was almost an impossible task. You gave their coach a quick glance, but he was too occupied on his team to notice you.

His name was Merle Dixon and he’d started coaching the football team a month ago when the new semester started. It was rather hard not to notice him. Strong and thickly built as he was, with brown, curly hair that started to shift in grey on the sides and striking blue eyes. He was nothing like the young boys in your own age. He walked with a confidence you’d never seen before, swaggering across the field like he own the place and fuck, did he own it! He outshined every muscular boy in the football team, his presence demanding the attention from everyone around him and you had certainly noticed him on his very first day.

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The Enemy of My Enemy

Title: The Enemy of My Enemy

Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader

Word Count: 3212

Warnings: Swearing, and a little bit of smut

Summary: Crowley, in desperate need to recover a power amulet from the Winchesters, uses Reader, a mortal enemy of the boys, to distract them. In return, he promises to let her mother go.

A/N: Requests are open, so please send me prompts you’d like to see. 

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Once again, another ruse to take down the Winchesters has backfired. And, once again, Crowley is left defeated, basking in his failure. How they seem to outwit him every time, he’d never know. 

Maybe it was their angel pet, or their undying stubbornness that drives them to do anything, but hunt. Either way, he needed a new approach, a new angle of attack before they find out what he’s really up to. 

But how? He needed a distraction. And if the boys loved anything more than being a pain in his ass, it was beer. He could possibly lure and trap them in a bar, or- 

“Sir?” A demon called, entering the thrown room. 

Crowley looked up from his seat, he’s falling on the man who dared disturb him. “Connor,” he replied, sitting up. “Ever heard of knocking?“ 

The demon froze, gulping. "Sorry, sir.” he muttered, looking to his feet. “I was just excited to share with you some good news." 

Crowley cocked his head in curiosity as he smirked at his minion. "Well?” he urged. 

The demon slightly dropped his shoulders, relaxing. “We found the amulet you were looking for. You were right the Winchesters do have it.” he answered. 

“And?” Crowley inquired, waiting to hear the rest. 

Connor, shook his head. “That’s all, sir." 

"That’s all?” he repeated, slowly rising from his seat. “You enter my thrown room, unannounced, vouching you have good news, you’re oh-so excited about, only to tell me what I already know!” he yelled, walking towards the poor demon. 

The demon shrunk under the King’s power. “Well, we were going to get it, your highness, but then (Y/N) showed up, arguing with them, and you told us to avoid her.” he explained, hoping it would save his head. 

Crowley huffed, not sure who he was angrier at - the foolish demon standing before him, or the even bigger pain in the ass hunter that always seemed to show up at the worst times. And, why wouldn’t she? She’s so infuriating, showing up and arguing with- 


“Did you say arguing?” Crowley asked, suddenly all anger dissolving into confusion. 

The demon, too afraid to speak, nodded.

Previously in a wicked sneer, Crowley’s lips curved into a small, malicious smile. “New plan,” he announced, walking back to his throne. “Find me (Y/N) (L/N), and bring her to me unharmed.”


The hunt to rescue your mother was on. And the moment you found a lead, of course, the Winchesters took it upon themselves to ruin everything. The demons that took your mother escaped, and it was all due to the stupidity from the most reckless, selfish duo to ever hunt.

“You fucking idiots!” you shouted, angrily kicking a rusted barrel.

Dean, nose bloody and lips bruised, slowly stood from his defeated position. “We’re the idiots?” he asked, just as pissed. “You’re the one that came out of no where and ruined this whole plan!”

You scoffed, choking back a laugh. “I didn’t ruin shit! Do you know how long it took me to track these motherfuckers?” you questioned, stepping towards him. “Months! And then Tweedledee,” you nodded to the right towards Sam. “And Tweedledum,” you went back to locking eyes with Dean. “Show up and destroy a highly-detailed operation!”  

“You’re impossible.” Dean dryly chuckle. “They saw the amulet. Now, Crowley knows we have it. Do you know what they can do if they ever got their hands on it?” he asked, holding up a black and grey crystal amulet. “We’d all die.”

“Oh, don’t you worry about dying Dean!” you shouted, dismissing his half-assed reasoning. “Everyone knows your little angel will bring you back.”

Dean smirked, cocking an eyebrow. “Aw, (Y/N).” he chuckled. “You jealous?”

You rolled your eyes, and turned around. “Fuck you, Dean.” you muttered as you made your way out the empty warehouse, and to your car.

“You already did!” Dean called after you.

You didn’t bother turning back. Instead, you held up a finger behind you, and unlocked your car.

“Back at yo-” Dean started, but a voice of reason cut him off.

“Dean, stop!” Sam hissed. He, then, lowered his voice, making it impossible for you to overhear due to the distance between you.

Yet, still, you didn’t care. The only thing that was on your mind was the fact that you were back to square one. Alone and without a lead.

And, I was so close to getting my mother back. You thought as you started the car, driving back to your hide out.

It didn’t do well to dwell on the past. You had to calculate your next steps. You’ll go back and do what you did the first time. Track their patterns and victims. Yes, it may take months, but this time you knew what they were after, and who had it. That had to count for something.

Though lit by the sun, you were lost in thought and didn’t see the figure that suddenly occupied the road. You gasped, swerving the car to the left and slammed down on the breaks. The car still hit the figure, and the sickening sound of cracking bones echoed in your ears. The car came to a stop, and immediately you got out, moving to the limp figure.

“Are you okay?” you called, crouching before it.

With ease, the man stood up and reset his joints. “Just fine.”

Demon. The alarms in your head rang and, like clockwork, you pulled out your gun. Holding it against it’s head, you ordered, “Where’s Crowley?”

The demon smirked. “I won’t tell you.” he replied. You didn’t hesitant, cocking the gun. Laughing the demon continued, “I’ll do you one better. I’ll show you.”

And before you knew it, you felt a heavy force against the side of your head as the world blurred to black.

“I thought I told you to bring her here unharmed.” a loudly obnoxious voice boomed. “For hell’s sake, Connor, can you do anything right?”

A little whimper to your left was all you could register before a loud crack silenced it. A thump echoed beside you as you slowly unscrewed your eyes open.

“Idiot,” the voice, you suddenly saw to be Crowley, muttered. “Get him out of my sight.” he ordered, walking back to his throne as his minions removed the lifeless body out of the room.

Slowly, you brought yourself to your feet, patting around your thigh and waistband for your weapons.

“Finally awake, are we?” he asked, turning and taking his seat.

You breathed heavily, feeling slightly lightheaded. You touched the side of your head, and hissed, finding it raw. “Where’s my mother?” you demanded, ignoring his last remark.

“I am a businessman, (Y/N). I don’t give information for free.” he retorted. “However, I do make deals.”

You scoffed. “I’ve been trying to make a deal for months. You made it very clear the time for that was over. What changed?”

Crowley interlocked his fingers, twiddling his thumbs. Shrugging, he countered, “This time you actually have something to offer.”

You raised an eyebrow, crossing your arms over your chest. “And that is?”

“A distraction.” he simply answered. “You see the Winchesters have something that belongs to me.”

“An amulet.” you stated.

Crowley nodded, slightly surprised you knew. “Yes, and well they don’t seem very likely to like give it up. And with their little pet, it’s impossible for me to take it.”

“So, you want me to distract them while you steal it?” you inquired, sighing. “Why me?”

Smiling, he uttered, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

You nodded, a bit impressed with the plan. “And if I do this, I’ll get my mother back?”

Nodding, Crowley smiled, “The moment it’s in my hands, you get your mother back.” he confirmed. “So, do we have a deal?”

You stared him down for a second. Maybe this would work. It would save you months of tracking and sneaking around. In merely hours, you would get your mother back. “Yes,” you mumbled. “But, I’m not kissing you.”

Crowley grinned. “Oh, yes. Save that for Dean.”

You inhale deeply, freezing. “I better get going.” you said, turning around. “You have three hours. Make them count.”


“I hate her.” Dean mumbled as he opened yet another book and slumped down on his chair.

Sitting across the table, with a stack of books of his own, Sam rolled his eyes. “You were just saying how hot she was like three days ago.” he pointed out, chuckling.

Dean sipped on his beer. “Yeah, she’s hot when she’s not blaming me for things that aren’t my fault.”

“I don’t think that’s how it works.” Sam replied, reverting back to his book of lore. “And don’t you remember what I said? She obviously-”

Dean cut him off, continuing his sentence. “has a reason to be angry over a demon ambush. Still, it’s not my fault she fucked up.”

Sam shook his head. “Whatever,” he mumbled. “Let’s just get back to-”

Boom. Boom. Boom.

A heavy knock came to the door, interrupting the conversation. The boys looked to each other. “Cas?” Dean whispered to his brother.

Sam shook his head. “We both know he’d just walk in.”

Boom. Boom. Boom.

It echoed again. The boys reacted quickly, pulling out their guns, and itching towards the door. On either side of it, they gave each other a quick nod, signalling they were ready. In one swift motion, Dean opened the door, ready to shot.

“Whoa,” she shouted, taking a step back and holding her hands up. “What the hell, Winchester?”

Dean relaxed, dropping the gun. “What do you want?” he sneered as Sam emerged from the behind him.

She looked between the two, shoving her hands in her pockets. “I came to apologize.” she answered.

Dean didn’t bother to hide his surprise. It wasn’t like (Y/N) to admit she was wrong. “What?”

Sam stood straighter, clearing his throat. “Yeah, what are you apologizing for exactly?”

She took a deep breath. “I let out my anger on you when I was actually pissed at Crowley and his asshole demons. I’ve been looking for them for months. Somehow, the were able to block all my summonings. Anyway, I was the one that lost them and almost destroyed the world.” she explained. “So, I’m sorry.”

Sam nodded, offering a small smile. However, Dean wasn’t as easily convinced. He stared her down. “Why?” he questioned.

(Y/N) furrowed her eyebrows. “I just told you why.”

“No, I mean why were you summoning them? Why were they blocking you?” he clarified.  

Suddenly, he felt a sight nudge against his shoulder. Turning around, he found Sam giving him a warning look.

“He took my mother.” she said, ignoring Sam’s actions.

Both boys fell silent. Dean suddenly understood her anger. If someone ruined his months of tracking, and his chances of getting his brother back, he’d be pissed too.

Sam took a step back and pushed back the door. “Why don’t you come in?” he asked.

Dean, looked back at his brother, then back at the girl in front of him. He gave in, taking a step back as well.

She gave them a small smile and stepped into the bunker. Against the rail, she stood staring out in awe. “This makes my place look like a dump.”

“It probably is.” Dean teased, a small smirk inching on his lips.

She turned to face him, a smile playing on her own lips. “Careful, Dean. I’m not always so sorry.”

“And I’m not always so forgiving.” he countered as Sam made his way down the stairs.

Without a word, they both followed him into the large study. “What’s with all the books? Is there a case near by I missed?” she asked, noticing the stack of books on the desk.

“No,” Sam replied, returning to his seat. “We’re trying to find out how to destroy the amulet before Crowley gets his hands on it.”

Dean sat in his seat, pointing a thumb to the bookshelf behind him. “Make yourself useful.”

Though, she didn’t move. “How long have you guys been looking?” she asked, instead.

“A few weeks now.” Sam answered, “and we’re no where close.”

She reached over the table and shut the book. “I think it’s time for a break.”

Dean gave her a questioning look as she did the same to his book. “Don’t you have to find your mother?”

She froze, before taking a deep breath. “I found her. But, it was too late.” she muttered.

Sam got up from his seat. “(Y/N). I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah, me too.” Dean added, reaching for her hand.

She looked down at the interaction. Locking her eyes with his, she flashed a small smile. “I, um, don’t want to talk about it.” she sniffed, pulling her hand away from his. “I could really use a distraction though. And since there’s no case near by, why don’t we all go grab a beer or something?”

Dean smiled, “I could use a drink.”

Sam, glanced back at the books, then at (Y/N). He nodded, mirroring his older brother’s smile. “Me too.”

(Y/N) returned the grin and made her way back to the door. “I’m driving.” she called.

Dean smirked, watching her walked away, his eyes trailing down her back to her ass.

“Shotgun!” he heard his brother yell. Pulled out of his daydream, he noticed his brother smirking at him. “You’re so obvious.”  Sam laughed, running to catch up with (Y/N).


A part of you felt guilty for lying, but you were willing to do anything to save your mother. And even though he was being so kind, in his own way, you still had to push those feelings aside. This was the only way you could ensure that your mother will be released safely.

“Three more.” you ordered, after downing your fifth shot.

Sam coughed, slamming his glass on the counter. “You could really hold your liquor, can you?” he asked.

“She always could.” Dean spoke, grabbing the next glass and drinking.

You did the same, setting the glass down. From the corner of your eye, you noticed a pretty blonde roaming her eyes over Sam. Nudging Sam, you muttered, “Pretty blonde, two o’clock.”

Sam looked over, finding the girl smirking at him. “No,” he shook his head, turning back to the counter. “I shouldn’t.”

“Dude,” Dean interjected. “She wants you. Go have fun for once.”

You nodded, pushing him off his stool. “Go.” you encouraged.

Sam stumbled over, and began talking up the girl as she laughed and played with her hair.

“And then there were two.” Dean said, pulling your eyes away from Sam’s interaction.

You smiled at him, noticing the slight slur in his voice. He was drunk. “Let’s dance.” You forced a slur, pretending to be just as intoxicated.

He smirked as you grabbed his hand and pulled him off his seat. You led him to the dance floor, surrounded by many others, and pressed your body against his. “This reminds me of old times.” you whispered in his ear as you swayed to the beat.

He deeply laughed, erupting your heart. His hand roamed down your waist and around your back. “Maybe we can recreate some of those memories.” he replied in the same hushed whisper, sending shivers down your spine. His hands were suddenly on your ass suddenly possessing a firm grip.

You melted into his body. “There’s no maybe.” you muttered.

It all happened so suddenly. That’s what you kept telling yourself anyway. But, let’s be honest, you liked it – you liked him, and deep down, you wanted this to happen.

Shedding clothes, you entangled your bodies together. His calloused fingers ran over your flaps, making you shiver against him. He smirked, knowing the effect he had on you. Gently, he pushed you against the bed, making you flop onto it.

Slowly, he climbed his naked body over you. “I never stopped thinking about you.” he admitted, hovering his lips over yours. “I always see you – no matter who I’m with.”

You reached up, attaching your lips to his. You had to silence him, one more word and you would’ve revealed the truth as to why you had to be here in the first place.

His fingers found their way between your thighs again. You moaned at the contact, buckling your hips.

He chuckled, gripping your hips to the bed. “Easy.” he whispered. “You were always so eager.”

“Stop teasing.” you begged, attacking his neck and collarbone.

He groaned at the action. “Fine,” he caved, aligning himself with your entrance.

And before you knew it, the two of you were moaning messing against each other.

The moment your eyes opened, the guilt set in. You felt his steady breath against the back of your neck, and his warmth against your back. His arms were wrapped around you, keeping you safe in his hold. A part of you wanted to stay there, basking in his passion.

However, the thought only triggered the guilt to churn in your gut. You had to leave, and fast. Gently, you untangled yourself from him, and began redressing yourself. Once done, you looked back at him, wishing more than anything to crawl back into bed and forget about your plan with Crowley.

Your mind wondered back to the reason it didn’t work the first time. He was too broken and spat things he didn’t mean, but were still somehow true. And you? Well, you had a whole army of vamps on your tail and love was the last thing on your mind. Yet, he never was.

And now, still caught in bad decisions and selfishness, you had to choose. Dean or your mother.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Crowley’s words echoed in your mind. You were Dean’s – the Winchesters’ enemy.

The answer was suddenly all too clear now. You and Dean would not work. The timing was all too off, all too often. It was hopeless.

Sighing, you creeped out of the bunker, and made your way to your car. With tears in your eyes, you drove back to Crowley’s little hideout to claim your reward.


“Congratulations.” he smirked. “Although, we didn’t need that much time. I recall you promising only three hours.”

She rolled her eyes. “Just give me my mother, you asshole.” she demanded, crossing her arms over her chest.

Crowley scanned her up and down before gesturing to one of his demons. “Let her go.”

Her mother, bloody, broken and bruised, emerged from the hallway. “She’s hurt.” (Y/N) cried, running towards her.

“I said I’d release her. I never mentioned anything about her remaining unharmed.” he explained. “Now, get out of my sight. Before I change my mind.”

(Y/N) gulped and threw her mother’s arm around her neck, helping her walk out of the room.

Pulling the amulet from his pocket, Crowley smirked. “Now,” he started, turning to his demons. “I think it’s time we raise a little hell.”

anonymous asked:

I LOVE YOUR BAKUGOU ANYTHING (hcs, scenarios) Can I have one with him and his crush meeting because grouped sparring and he thinks they're really weak because of their size but then they manage to kick him out of the ring? THANK YOU LOADS

Bakugou sucks his teeth at you. Why are they training with the Rescue Course of Department of Support? It doesn’t even make any fucking sense. And why the hell has he been paired up with you. You of all people. Normally, Bakugou had no qualms about fighting. He’d kick anyone’s ass. Holding back isn’t in his style, it isn’t the way of a true hero, and it isn’t fair to his opponent. But you don’t even look like you’d be able to put up a fight. 

You stand in the corner, stretching your legs while talking to one of the teachers. Bakugou scowls. Scrawny, little pipsqueak. He says something to you, causing you to smile. Cute. Bakugou freezes. What the fuck is he thinking? 

“If you want out now, you’d better say so,” Bakugou points at you, “I don’t plan on holding back, shrimpy.”

“That’s fine,” you reply happily, “I’m gonna do my best, too … um … oh, I got it, blondie!”

“That’s enough you two. Whoever is forced out of the ring is the loser,” Aizawa says with an added yawn, “Don’t kill each other and begin.”

Bakugou doesn’t give you any time to think. He is already on top of you with his right arm reared back. You flip backwards and land on your feet. Bakugou growls. You’re more agile than he thought. But at least you have speed. It’ll make you more of a challenge instead of just another pretty face. Dammit, stop thinking about that. Bakugou shakes his head as he goes in for another assault. Again, you dodge him rather easily. 

“Stop fucking around!” he roars. 

“Who’s fucking around?” you ask just before landing a strong upper cut. 

He falters. Just a second ago you were at the other side of the ring, and there is no way that punch was all you. It must be your Quirk. Some sort of speed type, he figures. You must be using the inertia from stopping abruptly to land stronger hits. Bakugou has to give you credit. You aren’t as much of a pushover as he thought, but it still won’t be enough to beat him. You zip back into a corner of the boxing mat. You’re too fast to see with the naked eye, but … 

“You have to stop just before you land a hit,” he growls, grabbing your arm and firing his own explosive blast.

You knock his hand upwards with a fast kick before bringing your heel down on his head. His grip falters. Twisting free, you zip backwards. You are crouched on the ground, almost in a runner’s position. You sweat from your brow as he rages. Your thighs are starting to twitch. You need to end this fast. Those reflexes of his are dangerous. He’s hard to handle if he’s coming at me, and my charging strikes work best when I don’t have to overcome an opposite force. So I need to get him standing still. Just for a second. One last shot.

You take off towards him. Bakugou blinks and you vanish. This is going to be the debut of your newest attack, the one you have been working on for ages now. Your speed has to be just right. Bakugou grins when you emerge again with your arm in striking position. He swing at you, sending a powerful explosion your way. But … he doesn’t hit anything. He is sure that you were right there. He saw you. 

“Gotcha,” you sing, ramming into his back at full speed. 

Shit. An afterimage. Just how fucking fast can you move, dammit? Your shoulder pushes into his lower back, knocking him off his balance and sending him flying out of the ring into a wall. 

For the rest of the training session, Bakugou remains quiet. The two of you had moved on to other partners, but he can’t help keeping an eye on whichever mat you moved to. He hates to admit it, but you are brilliant to watch from afar. But he doesn’t want to see you from far away. Bakugou wants you up close and personal. Just as you head to the locker rooms, Bakugou wraps his hand around your forearm.

“Give me your number.”

“Why?” You don’t miss a beat.

The blond scowls and looks away, “ Because I’m not fucking done with you yet.”

You blink before grinning at him, “Okay! (XXX)-XXX-XXXX. I hope you got all that because I’m not going to say it again. See you later, blondie!”

You pull your arm away and disappear into the locker room. Bakugou smirks. 

“Later, shrimp,” he mumbles as he walks away silently repeating your number in his head.

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“I’m not wearing that.” Lams

John should have known that coming home was a bad idea, shouldn’t have been so blind and hopeful to think that Henry Laurens had changed enough to allow him any ounce of happiness.

Henry was with him, knowing better than to trust any one else to handle John. “Jackie, you need to get dressed. There’s still an hour, but we need to figure out something with that hair of yours. I really would rather you keep it short.”

“No,” John said, shaking his head. His arms were crossed over his chest, and he had no plans on moving from his seat on the foot of the bed. “I’m not wearing that, and my hair is perfectly fine as is. Alex likes it long.”

Henry closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. “Fine, keep your hair as it is.” Henry turned around and lifted the hanger from where it was hanging on the door. “But you are getting dressed. No son of mine is showing up to his wedding day looking anything less than his best.”

John swallowed. His hands were squeezed into fists, tucked into his arms. “I’d rather be no son of yours than go through with this farce.”

“It’s not a farce!” Henry’s face was red. “It’s a marriage. I told you what would happen if you didn’t listen to me, and now it’s happening. You have no one to blame but yourself, Jackie.”

He shook his head. “Even if I go along with this, even if I get dressed and appear the perfect son, it’s not happening. There is nothing you can do to get me to say the words.”

“Boy,” Henry said, stepping closer. “You are going to marry Miss Manning. That girl has the entire world thinking you’re in love with her, and it simply wouldn’t do to break Miss Manning’s heart, now, would it?”

“Do you think I care?” John’s asked, eyes narrowing. “It’s a lie, it’s all a lie!” He stood up, walking forward, moving his hands to run them through his hair. He turned to Henry and said, “I will change my name and run away to Africa if it means you get the fuck out of my life!”

“Watch the way you speak to me, boy!” Henry got in his face. “You will do no such thing. You are going to go into that bathroom over there, wash your face off with cold water, and get dressed. And then, we’re going to go over to the church and welcome the newest member of the family.”

John breathed in deep. “Why?” he asked. “Even back when I was still your perfect son, back when you thought I was studying polisci, thought I was gonna go to law school and follow in your footsteps, there was one thing you always told me. One thing I let myself cling onto.”

Henry shook his head and said, “I know. I told you how much I loved your mother, I showed you the pain it caused me when she died.” 

“And what else did you say? What else did you tell me?”

“I told you that none of the hardships life brought you mattered when you had someone you loved at your said.”

John nodded and took in another deep breath. He looked Henry in the eye and asked, “then why are you taking that away from me? Why now? What changed?”

“You’re lying to yourself, first of all. That boy of yours is nothing more than rebellion, Jackie. He doesn’t belong here,” Henry whispered, waving a hand around. “This isn’t his world. He’s not you.”

John could feel the angry tears burning at the corners of his eyes, and he knew his face was red. “And this girl I’ve never met before in my life is?”


“Why?” John asked.

Henry looked to the side and ran a hand over his slicked back hair. “Because she’s pregnant, Jackie, and everyone thinks it’s yours.”  

“No,” John said, backing away. “She lying! You know she’s lying!”

Henry sighed. “I know.”

“Then why are you making me do this?!” John’s voice was loud, filling the room, harsh with emotion. “What have I done to deserve this?”

“It has to be done, Jackie.” Henry looked at him, face blank, eyes sharp. “It could ruin us, you know. She’s told me she’s more than willing to make a scandal of it, she told me she could just as easily tell the news it was mine.”

John’s phone vibrated in his pocket. He ignored it and said, “oh my god. You’re sacrificing your son’s happiness for your reputation.”

Henry turned around, back to John, hands clasped behind his back. “It needs to be done.” Henry took a step forward. “I expect to see you downstairs in twenty minutes.”

The door closed behind Henry, and for the first time in a long time, John felt helpless. His phone vibrated in his pocket again. He pulled it out and saw a string of missed texts from Alex.

From: Alex <3
To: John Laurens

hey babe is everything going alright?

From: Alex <3
To: John Laurens

your room is the front right corner on the second floor right

From: Alex <3 
To: John Laurens

open ur fuckign window

John shoved his phone back in his pocket and went to his window, disbelief building in his chest as he unlocked it. He pushed it open, and couldn’t have stopped the laughter if he had tried.

Alex was standing there, smiling wide, a rope hanging over his shoulders. 

John leaned forward and shouted down, “what are you doing here? You can’t be here.”

“I”m rescuing you, of course.” Alex looked to the driveway. “I have the badass motorcycle and everything.”

“Oh my god,” John closed his eyes and shook his head. “You’re serious.”

“As a heart attack.” Alex unfurled the rope and started to swing it. “Now, come on, we’ll have to hurry. I see people downstairs.”

Namjoon Scenario: Stars Aligned.

Request: can I request a Namjoon scenario where it’s a nice warm night and you open all the windows in the house and the stars and the moon are so bright you and Namjoon start talking about the future? (Like kids and marriage) sorry if this is too detailed🙈   

Genre: Romance     

There were certain times in your life that made you feel lucky, days you’d think of how special some things in your life were, and tonight was one of those times. You took off your jacket because it was getting too warm to have it on, resting your hip against the counter so you couldn’t miss a beat of your boyfriend going round the kitchen. Namjoon was all sharp angles and confident manliness, the sight of him never failed to make your heart do a little back flip even if you always dismissed the ridiculousness of that thought.

He’d taken off his jacket as well after arriving, you had taken a six hour travel just so you could spend the weekend away from the hectic rhythm of the city in a vacationing house, it was small and cozy, with the few necessary things for a couple and you were already enjoying the wash of fresh air that all the green around you offered. You could have taken a plane to make the travel shorter, but Namjoon had wanted to get there in car because that way you could enjoy more the views, he was much more of a detail oriented person than anybody would think just by looking at him, the thing was that Namjoon was a lot of things, and you loved unraveling every layer he had to offer.

–Are you tired babe? – he turned to look at you for a moment, a little smile shining on his lips. His hair was tousled and unkempt, the black t-shirt he was wearing fitting on him just right and you bit your lower lip because he just pulled off black so well.

–Not yet – that seemed to please him, both of you were already feeling lazy that for sure, but it was more a sort of comfortable laziness. Namjoon handed you a glass of wine and pulled you close by the hips.

You’d had dinner already while getting to know the town and you had strolled around with him while his arm rested around your waist, it had been a nice start for that lazy weekend and it was late already, you knew it, but it wasn’t like you had things to do or worry for tomorrow and that was the point of this.

Namjoon took a sip from his wine to then lean down to kiss your lips, and it was fair to say that the mix of wine and his lips were enough to make you lightheaded, plus the weather that night was warm and inviting, prickling on your skin, or maybe it was Namjoon’s closeness what got your own skin on fire.

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Missing Parts - 16.

Part 17 
Missing Parts Masterlist

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The Grimmauld Place was dark, old, and dusty – but you were happier than ever when you arrived there, because finally you’ve got a chance to live with your father. The otherwise sorrowful place seemed more cheerful to you for that. Even your insufferable house elf, Kreacher couldn’t spoil your mood – well, he wasn’t yours at all, since he ignored the fact you’re exist.

Your mother got a new job at the Ministry of Magic, so she could be more helpful for the Order of the Phoenix. Since the order reconvened, the house was almost always full; and you didn’t mind it. It helped you to distract your thoughts.

It was even better when the whole Weasley family and Hermione moved in; you always had company even when the adults had meetings, and you had a lot of fun times together, which you truly needed sometimes.

But your delight didn’t last forever. The fact that Harry was not there is seriously bothered you, and every single day you asked when he could come; but no one gave you a direct answer. Pestering Dumbledore with your questions wasn’t the best idea either; it made you just angrier every time when he wasn’t tell you anything. Especially after he made you to promise you won’t write to Harry about what’s happening, and everybody consented – but the headmaster saw the doubt on your face.

„Y/N, can you promise me you won’t tell anything to him?” – he asked after Ron and Hermione nodded without a word, but you haven’t even moved.

Shaking your head lightly, you tried to remain quiet. „I don’t understand. Okay, he can’t come here – well, I don’t understand that either – but why we also have to keep him in the dark?”

„I have my reasons.” – he answered shortly and firmly, and you could tell: he started to lost his patience.

He wasn’t the only one. „There are no good reasons for doing this!” – you shouted at him, causing your friends to widen their eyes at you. – „Do you have any idea how he must be feel?”

„Y/N!” – your mother yelled your name this time with a shocked expression of her face as you had the nerve to talk like this with Albus Dumbledore.  

He glanced at your mother shortly before he looked back at you; his blue eyes on fire, but his voice calm. „Once again: I have my reasons. I don’t expect you, or anyone else to understand these reasons, but I can promise it’s the best for everybody, including Harry himself.” – he stopped for a few moments, eyes not leaving yours. – „I ask you once again: Can you promise me you won’t tell anything to him?”

„Yes.” – you breathed out, and you were honest.

At least for a day or two, until a letter arrived from Harry, and even if he hardly wrote anything about how he feels, you knew he wasn’t okay. Breaking your promise, you told him everything – at least everything that was safe to write it down.

It was a hot summer night, and you were reading alone in the drawing room. Most of your time passed like this; cleaning the house, reading, talking mostly with your father, with the twins, sometimes with Remus and Tonks if they had some time – but you avoided everybody else. Even though you knew it wasn’t their fault, you were still a little angry at Hermione and Ron for accept so easily to not to tell Harry anything.

A loud noise pulled you back to the reality; one of the paintings were shouting again. You haven’t heard the bell ringing, so it could’ve mean two things: someone new came in too loudly or Tonks stumblen on something again. She was clumsy but you loved her; she could always cheer you up and you had a lot of things in common. Since you haven’t seen her all day, you scrambled out from the couch and hurried out from the room, but stopped dead at the doorstop when you came face to face with Harry, who was standing in the hallway.

A quick glance at each other, and you were already in his arms after you ran to him. Walburga was still shouting behind you as Remus and Tonks tried to close the curtains. „I see you’ve met my sweet grandmother.”

He pulled back, frowned, hands still on your lower back. „Grandmother?”

„Yes.” – you started, rolling your eyes. – „This house belongs to the ancient and noble Black family.” – your voice was bored with a slight of disgust, and Harry’s face remained almost completely blank, so you continued. – „How did you get here?”

„Well, after the dementors I’ve got a letter…” he started, but you took a step back and cut him off.

„Wait, what dementors?”

Harry looked around; Ron and Hermione avoided his eyes. There was an awkward silence, and your parents just appeared in the kitchen’s door. „What dementors?” – you repeated, almost shouting.

Everybody seemed nervous, and you looked back at Harry who clearly was under the impression you knew about it; he just opened his mouth to answer, but stopped when you heard your mother’s sigh. „Two dementors attacked Harry and his cousin in Little Whinging. He used the patronus charm and now the ministry wants a hearing.”

It took you longs seconds until you could process what you just heard. A million thoughts flashhed through your brain. „Are you alright?” – you asked Hary loudly, but you didn’t even wait for his answer; you turned your head back to the door. – „Why haven’t you told me that?”

Your mother stepped closer to you, her face full of worry. „Because, Y/N, I knew you’d wanted to go with the others to rescue him.”

„OF COURSE I’D WANTED TO GO!” – you shouted, and now your mother raised her voice too.

„That’s what I’m talking about! You’re being irresponsible! You’re underage, you can’t do magic, and you’d still go without thinkig twice!”

Sirius placed his hand on her arm and murmured a „Calm down.” to her, whilst everybody else watched your fight. Some people opened their mouth to say something, but you answered to each other too fastly.

„Who cares about being underage? Surely Voldemort will consider that I’m not seventeen yet if he wants to kill me!” – you bellowed sarcastically, causing some people to hiss after hearing his name.

Your mother’s eyes filled with tears and she exhaled deeply; you had arguments like this for weeks now. Though she didn’t say anything, you continued. „You honestly think I’ll sit quietly when my friends or my family is in danger? I won’t! We’re all in this and I’ll fight if I have to.”

With that, you rushed up to your room, leaving everybody there without glancing back. You’ve had enough of this; the whole order treat you like you were children. Even if you are, it doesn’t matter anymore, not when the war is coming.

Slamming the door and closing it, you plopped down on your bed, but not a minute had passed when somebody knocked. „Can I come in?”

If it would’ve been anybody else, you’d sent them away, but it was Harry, so you let him in. You wiped your tears away with your sleeve whilst he shut the door, and he hugged you again gently, but when your eyes met for a second you found a huge amount of anger in the depths of his pupils.

„I missed you.” – you muttered as he kept drawing circles on your back.

„They’re just scared for you.” – he said quickly, and you pulled back as you rolled your eyes, sitting down on your bed.

„I don’t care.” – you breathed out, resting your back against the wall as Harry joined to you. – „I mean, I do, but… they can’t do this!”

Avoiding your eyes, Harry stared at the door. „At least you could be here with them, and your best friends aren’t keeping secrets from you.” – his contemptuous tone almost made you shout at him too, but in the last moment you’ve changed your mind, taking a deep breath.

„Look, Hermione and Ron promised to Dumbledore…” – you started carefully, but he cut you off.

„Just like you, and you still told me a lots of things. Not everything, though.”

Trying to ignore the reproachful hint on his voice as you didn’t tell him every detail, you continued. „And since when am I caring about rules?”

Maybe the small grin on your face, your mischievous tone, or what you just said – you couldn’t tell exactly what, but it made his expressions softer and he smiled for the first time since you’ve saw him today. He embraced your shoulder and pulled you closer to himself; and you leaned on, resting your head on his chest. „I’m sorry. I’m not angry with you. I was just…”

„It’s okay. I can understand.”

He told you everything about the dementors and the letters he recieved. You talked about the upcoming hearing, and when he finished, he asked you. „And… how are you?”

Without asking, you knew he meant about Cedric. „I’m fine, really.” – you lied, because the truth wasn’t exactly that.

The calming feeling of being in his arms almost made you fell asleep, until somebody knocked again and the door opened. Hermione couldn’t suppress her smile of the sight of you. „Dinner is ready.” – she said shortly before she left again.

In the kitchen, you made pace with your mother, again – after Remus urged you, again. At least the dinner didn’t go with an awkward atmosphere around you like this, but after the adults agreed on that they should tell Harry some things about Voldemort, and your mother (along with Mrs. Weasley) wanted to send you, and the other children out, you had an other argument. „You know what? I won’t stay. Harry will tell me everything anyway.” – and you stormed out; being too angry at this point to listen anything that they wanted to say anyway.

A nightmare woke you up again. It didn’t happen every night, and as the time passed, it was rarer, but you still met those inexpressive, empty, dead eyes. Because it wasn’t so easy to let the picture go as your friend lying on the field, motionless and cold.

Jumping up from the bed in the moment when you opened your eyes, you glanced at your watch – it was almost two in the morning. Knowing it won’t be easy to fell asleep again, you walked down to the kitchen for a hot beverage. The lights were on, you noticed when you get closer, and stepping in you saw your father sitting at the end of the long table, gazing a Daily Prophet.

„Can’t sleep?” – you asked, turning to the countertops.

„Interesting, but staying inside all day doesn’t make me tired enough.” – his voice was almost sulky; you knew he had a hard time with not leaving the house. Especially this house.

You made two mugs of cocoa before you sat down, and though you just wanted to stay there in silence, he spoke up.

„Your mother worries about you. You’re reckless like me, she says.”

Shaking your head, you let out a big sigh, but haven’t say anything, so he went on. „She just want to keep you safe.”

„And what do you want?” – you asked, looking up at him.

A painful smile formed on his face as he started. „I want to take you far away from here and shut you in a safe house until all of it is over.” – he started, making you to let out a small laugh. – „But I know I can’t do that. I know, because I’d do everything for people I care about aswell.”

You stroked his hand on the table, and he continued. „I know if the time come I can’t stop you, so I won’t act like I could.” – he stood up to sitting closer to you on a chair. – „But I can gave you an advice. Trust in your friends, and keep them close.” – tears gleamed in his grey eyes, but also tried to smile. – „Do what you have to do, but also, you must know when you have to stop and stand aside.”

With the promise you’ll take his advice, you gave him a hug. Somehow he was the only person who could made you feel he really understands you, and because of that, you listened to him.

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Goku is a terrible father yeah, but Chichi is still completly unlikeable, super selfish (putting her desires before the fate of the world or what her son actually wants) and not that commited of a parent (she wants Gohan to be super educated yet seems fine with letting Goten take after his father). And let's not forget the circumstances under which Chichi arranged her marriage with Goku, who didn't even understood the concept of it at the time.

Ooooooooo!  Interesting!  Ok, I gotta admit, I kind-of agree with you on the “Goku being a terrible father” thing.  His views and opinions of the world are completely skewed compared to a normal (or as normal as you can get in the world of DBZ) person, and that impacts on the way he treats his kids.  Prime example of this would be the Cell Games, he’s too embroiled in his thoughts on how Gohan is kick-ass that by the time “father-mode” activates he’s almost too late when he starts screaming for a senzu bean.  Then again, that’s the character personality Toriyama was going for with him, and he did also suffer a severe brain trauma when he was a child, hence we forget (HA!  Amnesia pun!).

Ahhhhhhhh!  What’s an anon DBZ message without a mention of Chichi these days?  I have to admit, if you can’t tell already (and let’s face it you probably have as you wouldn’t have sent this message in the first place), I love Chichi.  I could spend the next 20,000 words explaining how you’re wrong for not thinking the same as me, but you know what?  

I respect your decision.  

You wanna hate Chichi?  Do it.  I respect your opinion to dislike a character as much as I would like to think that you would respect the decision of others who think the opposite of you.  Mutual respect.  It’s a concept that’s been swept under the carpet for some time now in many subjects.

But, do you wanna know why I think some people hate Chichi?  She is the most realistic character in the whole of Dragon Ball Z.  Whilst everyone else is caught-up in wish granting Dragon Balls and fighting evil aliens she is the only one with her feet solid on the ground.

Imagine yourself again as a five-year old child.  Your Dad’s best mate goes to your Mother and asks the simple question:  “Can we take your son into an untested and adapted alien spacecraft, blast him off into space and onto another Planet?”  Wanna know what I think your Mom’s answer would be?  “FUCK” and “NO” most likely, and in that exact order, followed by a swift call to the cops.  Does that make your Mom a bad person?  FUCK NO.  Because your Mom is awesome.  Ask her if you don’t believe me.

But, then again, a Mother wanting an education for her child?! The FUCK is wrong with this woman?!

The most obvious reason why Chichi hates fighting can be narrowed down into a simple abridged version:

Child:  “My crush loves martial arts?!  I’ll learn martial arts too to catch his attention!”

Teenager 1:  “I’ll enter into the same martial arts tournament as him and show him my skills and how awesome I am!”

Teenager 2:  “OMG, my fiance is so handsome and kick-ass an- OMFG THAT GREEN FUCKER BLEW A HOLE IN HIS CHEST!”

Chichi had a MASSIVE wake-up call at the end of Dragon Ball, she went from seeing Goku throwing the occasional glorified punch and kick to then literally nearly dying in front of her.  

That’s not the kind of Martial Arts she ever really imagined.  

Again, you are five years old, you’ve been taken against your own will by the aforementioned guy who blew yet another fucking HOLE in your Dad’s chest and killed him after his sacrifice to save you.  You are then trained to fight evil aliens in a harsh wasteland.  

Would your Mom want that for you?  If she was given the opportunity to see the fight on TV and what you were being subjected to, would she not think to grab every gun available and try to rescue you?  

Of course she would.  Your Mom deserves a medal.

Probably the best Doctor Who quote was when Clara tried to straight up kidnap the TARDIS to force the Doctor to bring her dead boyfriend back to life, but then her plan failed, cause… he’s the Doctor…  So she starts crying cause she’s just betrayed him and she doesn’t even have anything to show for it, and she’s all, “now what?” 

 And then the Doctor, all Dramatic Angry Eyebrows™, just says  “Go To Hell.”

 and poor heartbroken Clara is … “Fair enough. Absolutely fair enough.” and starts to leave, and our Ever oblivious Time Lord is just like, “Clara!! We go to Hell! We’re going to bring him back!! REscue Mission!” 

And then of course we get the heartwarming “Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?” quote but anyways the “go to hell” pun is my favorite 

Showing Theon he still can be loved

Warning: fluff! Fem. reader x Theon Greyjoy

Hi guys, this is a short one-shot, somebody sent me the idea via message. I hope you like it all!

Theon Greyjoy was a broken man – you noticed it immediately. He seemed to be constantly scared of mostly everything, his voice was almost always quiet and brittle. Sometimes even his stand was crooked. But he was a handsome man, you had to admit it. Brownish, wavy hair, a young face with bright blue eyes.

You were sure, he had been a strong and self-confident man some time ago. But now, almost nothing was left of him. Of course, you knew the story about his imprisonment and you had heard rumors about what Ramsay did to him – stories too brutal to be real.

Over the last months you had talked a lot with Theon Greyjoy; you talked about your families, your dreams and hopes. One day you were both walking around the beach of Dragonstone, when he suddenly stopped. As you glanced at him, you saw tears in his eyes.

“Theon!”, you said in surprise. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m a fool, (Y/N)”, he answered so quietly that you could barely understand him.

“What? A fool? Why do you think that?” You placed your hand at his arm and squeezed it slightly.

“I did terrible mistakes. Mistakes, I still regret. I wish I could turn back time.”

“We all do mistakes.” Theon shook his head.

“No. Not as bad as my mistakes. You will never understand me.” He sobbed. “Euron has my sister, Yara. I betrayed her. When Euron took her, I fled.”

“Well, but you can save her now, right? If Euron had caught you as well, there would be nobody to save you two. But now you can save Yara.”

“No. I can’t save her. I’m too weak, (Y/N).”

“This is not true.” You took his hands and stood in front of him. “Theon, look at me. You are not weak. You are strong. You will rescue your sister.” He nodded slowly.

“I will rescue her”, he repeated.

“And I will help you.”
“No. That’s too dangerous for you. I don’t want to lose you.”
“I don’t want to lose you too, Theon.” You hugged him, feeling his warm body pressing against yours as he wrapped his arms around you. You turned around and stared at the ocean.

“The sunset is beautiful”, you said softly.

“Almost as beautiful as you”, Theon answered a little bit shyly. You looked at him again, before you decided to kiss him. His lips were warm and soft, his tongue as well. You stroke his hair, but all of a sudden he pushed you away.

“We can’t do this.”
“Why not? I know, that you are worried about your sister, but you can’t save her today. You should wait until tomorrow and start your journey – “ Theon interrupted you:

“(Y/N), you don’t understand. Leave me alone. Please.” His words were harsh, but you know they weren’t meant to be. You also don’t wanted to leave him alone. But what else could you do? He didn’t wanted to see you, obviously. So you left, but you were still thinking about him, when you lied in your bed that night. Please wait for me, Theon, you thought. There is something important I need to tell you before you sail to King’s Landing.

You wanted to tell him, that you felt something for him. There was a deep and warm feeling inside of your heart, every time Theon was around. You admired him. Maybe the rumors are true, you thought. Then Theon would be a eunuch. But did this really played a role? He still was Theon Greyjoy, and you still would love him. He was handsome, he was kind, and he was strong, even if he didn’t believed it himself. But you know he was.

You barely slept this night. You were worried and scared. What if Theorn wouldn’t return from King’s Landing? What if he was captured again? I will rescue him, and also his sister. Of course, it was ridiculous. You had no idea how to fight or how to navigate a ship. But for Theon you would do anything.

You met Theon again the next day, just before he wanted to leave.

“Theon”, you addressed him. “I need to tell you something.” He pressed his lips together, staring away.

“What is it, (Y/N)?”, he asked soundless.

“I really like you. I know, it sounds crazy, and it is probably really crazy, but since I first saw you, I liked you.”

“(Y/N), I… I like you too. But there is something I need to tell you. And after that you… You don’t like me anymore.” You took his hand.

“Theon, I already know everything. I don’t care about it.”

“B-But I am no man anymore.”

“Of course you are! You are strong, brave – You just need to believe in yourself again. You are Theon Greyjoy! It does not play a role what’s between your legs or what’s not.”

“Do you really think so?”

You nodded and kissed him. He laid his left hand on your waist, his right one was pressing your head harder to his. It was a long and sweet kiss, your heart hammered against your chest. You two relieved slowly and smiled at each other.

“(Y/N), I am so sorry, but I need to go. Yara needs me”, he said to you and his smiled disappeared from his face.

“I know. I wish you all the best. Please, be careful.”, you answered, biting your own tongue, because you didn’t wanted to start crying. Theon kissed you again.

“I will come back, I promise.”

“Yes. And then we are finally together, right?” He nodded slightly.

“We will. You will be my wife, (Y/N). I am your husband, if you want so.”

“I do want it.” You kissed his cheek and hugged him one last time before he turned around and left.
And Indeed There Will Be Time - emilyenrose - The Course Of Honour - Avoliot [Archive of Our Own]
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Fandom: The Course Of Honour - Avoliot
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Relationships: Jainan nav Adessari/Kiem Tegnar

Additional Tags: Second Time, Past Abusive Relationship, Fluff and Smut, We Just Got Rescued From Being Stranded In The Mountains, And Now We’re Going To Have Sex For Three Days Straight


‘When Jainan hit the mattress, he knew as a certainty that he would also be asleep as soon as he closed his eyes. This was an utter waste of having Kiem in the same bed. Even so, Jainan’s last, startled thought was that there would be time. They had all the time they could want.’

Or: a little of what happened in those three days after they were rescued from the mountains.

anonymous asked:

How about Hanzo branding tattooing fem!SO. Maybe after the SO escapes and he wants to take extra precautions to keep her his. If you feeling it it can be noncon too but you probably have a bunch of noncon request so I don't mind if you don't make it noncon.(I love your blog btw)


It wasn’t the first time you had been able to escape from his grasp but Hanzo was determined to make it the last time. 

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