2 things I like in Nier: Automata

1) Regardless of the fact that Yoko Taro is a shameless pervert and that the camera can be manipulated by the player to get naughty shots, I do like that in Nier Automata, they didn’t overtly steer the camera (much) during cutscenes to get cheap shots.

With fanservice-y dressed characters, it’s quite easy to do that, focusing on boobs and crotches (i.e. Bayonetta), but they didn’t since it doesn’t fit the grim tone. Although I’m quite aware that the outfits are already toeing the line, haha.

2) Aversions of expectations and gender roles. 2B is the sexy, badass, stoic warrior who actually has a good reason to be so. 9S is the cheerful yet dude-in-distress who’s useful. A2 is also a sexy, badass, stoic warrior.

Those were the first impressions. Turns out 2B does have emotions, and she reveals them quite suddenly when 9S is in danger, and although it’s surprising that she does that when they’ve only met, it’s actually really good because her reactions are actually hints to her true nature and to the rest of the story.

9S is a cute, happy boy, who may grate on you initially, but he’s endearing. And he’s actually a racist, who disregards machines as conscientious despite numerous evidences. And he gets rescued a lot. But he really, really gets to you, especially in his latter character development in 3rd Act.

A2 is strange, because you only get to play her in the last act (and I’m hoping Taro makes a DLC featuring more of her to get more of her character), yet she still manages to win you over. She’s tough chick who went through hardships, but still goes on because she needs to.

There are other characters, but I can’t list them all but haha, they really stick to you, from pacifist Pascal to madwoman Jackass (that name really sticks out), they all work so well because none isn’t used for simple fodder.

In other words, Taro actually wrote them like real people, with complex relationships and complex thought processes while mixing and smashing tropes and stereotypes. You can’t really put any of them in one box as their definite characteristic, and that multi-faceted approach to both men and women is one of the things that makes this game awesome.


Before and after scrambling up this 60degree slab; then rappelling down. It’s ALOT longer than it looks!! I had never done either. When scrambling, we were hooked into the rope with a belay, and had to “simply” walk up the face. No hands on the rope. At a few points I lost traction and momentum and could hardly stand back up. But damned if I didn’t do it!!!

Earlier in the day, the terrain was such that we climbed hand over hand with a rope to assist us up the mountain. With packs and harnesses and the gear including a stokes basket. I huffed and puffed and kinda crawled at one point. I was slower than a turtle in molasses but I got my fat arse up the mountain!

So back to this rock face - rappelling down, I was stopped by an instructor who told me I was to be the patient for a scenario. So I was taken down in the stokes basket. That was wild!

I’d also been the patient earlier, and I wish I had a photo of that one. We got halfway down then the team realized they hooked into the wrong rope as main. So they were short about 40feet! They had to correct the situation, which took awhile. In the meantime I’m mummied up, in a basket up a mountain. I just laid there enjoying the view! Both times made for great trust exercises really, although the second one was a bit scarier even though we were lower on the mountain.

Then the third time, I was at the foot of the basket, helped lift the patient and secure them with internal and external lashings. Since I was at the foot, I also controlled the pace of the descent. While walking backwards. Tied off only to the basket.

This is Esme. Esme was recently adopted from my workplace by a fantastic hamster caregiver (they seriously build 6ft enclosures for their Syrian hamsters; it’s amazing - this is just a QT set-up and its a massive bin cage). Esme was declared unsellable because she has chronic dry skin (contagious conditions were ruled out). After spending nearly four months under medical treatment trying to get to the root of her skin problems in a tiny treatment enclosure at the pet store, I knew this girl needed a truly special adopter and am thrilled with where she ended up.

I get a lot of comments from people saying they want to adopt or rescue their next small pet instead of supporting pet stores, but who don’t live near any reputable small pet rescues or sanctuaries. Small pet rescues are few and far between, and if you aren’t able to travel to adopt, your options may indeed be slim.

In addition to looking for pets who are being rehomed via social media, I recommend asking your local chain store if they have any unsellable pets available for adoption. Petco/Petsmart do not charge for adoptable (”unsellable”) store pets, and often have them available for a variety of reasons including age, health, sex, or temperament. (Other chains may offer adoptable pets as well; Petco/Petsmart are the only stores whose policies I am familiar with as my rescue intakes unsellable animals from both). You can adopt these pets without financially supporting the store/industry; you are not obligated to purchase your supplies from the store when you adopt, and these animals are not part of inventory.

These pets NEED good homes; back room containment in these chains is intended for short-term care only and, while it meets minimum legal requirements for space, makes for miserably confined long-term housing for unsellable pets. I have seen animals in chains stay in these types of habitats for upwards of a year, waiting for a permanent home, and while employees often do their best to provide humane care, the enclosure size is unacceptable, point blank. 

So if your motto is “adopt, don’t shop!” but you’re having trouble finding local adoption agencies, don’t forget to check your local chain store for adoptable pets. You can directly help victims of the industry without supporting the industry.

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