Watch incredible moment motorway PC saves lives of mum and baby in out-of-control car

This is the incredible moment a Runcorn police officer used his patrol car to save the lives of a mum and baby in an out-of-control car.

Cool-headed Danny Pattison was on the M1 motorway when he saw the vehicle swerve in the road after its driver fell unconscious.

He used his BMW to force the car against a crash barrier to bring it to a dramatic stop.

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Hailey is an adorable little senior Pomeranian. Did you know senior pets are often the last to get adopted? Did you know they are just as awesome as the younger pets? As you can see, Hailey is a beautiful baby despite her age - and she’s a total sweetheart on top of it. In addition to her age, Hailey is a puppy mill survivor - but you’d never know it. I met her at A Day of Hope and Help for the Mill Dogs, quite a lengthy event, and she was greeting people like they were all her friends all day!

Please visit Angels Among Us Animal Sanctuary to learn more about their amazing program of rescuing seniors.

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The Darling Affair (6/18)

Summary:  Ex-military officer Killian Jones has never forgiven the Gold family for what they took from him. But when his path searching for justice (and maybe revenge) leads him straight to Emma Swan, a social worker who’s young charge has just been kidnapped by Malcolm Gold, he might just learn to let go of the past.

Rated:  T, for violence, kidnapping, some dark themes

Art credit/link: The totally awesome @shady-swan-jones took on the story and made some fabulous art for it.  You can see the art here.

Beta and cheerleader: @delightfully-difficult-pirate and @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable, thanks so much for all of your help and cajoling and reassuring!

(tagging @lenfaz, @xhookswenchx, and @woofiefangirl so they see chapter 6 is up!)

Word count:  ~ 4,600 (80K Total in 18 chapters)

From the beginning: AO3 / FFN (current chapter: ao3 / ffn)
Tumblr: One Two Three Four Five

Chapter 6: …and Into the Fire

Emma knew that going back for her blanket was one of the Top Ten Dumbest ThingsTM she could have done in that moment.  It may have even made the top five.  But there was an armed man who had just broken into her home who she was only pretty sure didn’t mean to hurt her, there were flames everywhere, and the only thing that she knew was that she couldn’t leave that blanket behind.  It was probably stupid, and definitely stupidly sentimental, but it was the only thing in this world that proved to her that, once upon a time, someone had cared enough about her to give her a name and a soft blanket to keep her warm.  Those may have been the only kind things they did for her, but at least they did something before they abandoned her like garbage.  That blanket with her name stitched on it was what she had held onto on those long cold nights when she was positive that there wasn’t a soul in the world that cared if she lived or died.  

That she had ever lived.

So she ripped her hand away from the stranger trying to lead her out of danger and leapt both feet first into the fiery mess of her living room.

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Weird idea I had

The four third years are discussing to which college they’ll go

En: I’m going to BinanDai. not gonna bother with big name colleges.
Kinshirou: I’ve passed to TouDai. I’ll study Law there.
Atsushi: I’m also going to TouDai, En-chan…
En: *Sighs* Hey, Arima, and you?
Ibushi: Ah, I’ve been invited to go to UchuuDai…
The other third years: … UchuuDai!?
Ibushi: Yeah, a college in space. I’m going to study with aliens… *Sighs*
Atsushi: That’s harsh.
En: When the year started, we barely knew aliens existed, and now they’re calling you to study there?
Kinshirou: Arima, that sounds suspicious.
Ibushi: My family is proud of me. They said that I’m so prestigious, I’m out of this world!
*The other third years facepalm*

Dai = Daigaku = College/University. TouDai = Tokyo University. BinanDai = Binan University. UchuuDai = Space University
Click here to support Potato Needs Surgery by Lindsay Penn
As I’m writing this, a doctor is knocking my dog unconscious so she can shove a tube up his penis. And to think, my day started off pretty normal. (As normal as it can be with this weirdo.) All I can think about is how scared Potato must be. He can’t pee no matter how hard he tries, his mom left...

My friend Linzer has an 8 year old pug named Potato who needs surgery. Even if you cannot contribute (which is totally okay), please re-blog. Thanks!


Maxie: This Kid Has Moxie

She arrived looking like a stuffed animal, and that is how she’d been treated: like a cute stuffed animal who would make an adorable mascot.  

Day one, arrival, after a few grueling days spent at frat house. Nobody asked to be the mascot. 

Three years ago, the Tompkins County SPCA was contacted by the house manager of a fraternity whose members had purchased this tiny baby; he was concerned for the kid’s future. Baby goats need bottle-feeding, warmth, and constant care.

Maxie loved looking out the window at our onsite Melrose Small Animal Hospital and into the other pen to check out her chicken pals. 

They also need plenty of sleep, and frat parties and frat houses are no place for little baby goats (or any baby). So thankfully, the SPCA agreed to help, and thanks to enforcement of zoning laws, Maxie could be picked up and brought to our New York Shelter. 

No friends yet, but this tiny stuffed pig will due for right now. 

She was not being abused, but again, she was not being seen for who she was: a newborn baby who needed a suitable home and place to grow up.

“Check out my new digs and this great bale playground.” 

And Maxie did need care. Arriving with pneumonia, she needed treatment (which of course she got). 

Maxie’s tub.

She also needed more feedings than she had been receiving in order to gain some weight.

Maxie’s early days at Farm Sanctuary.

She immediately feel in love with all of her caregivers and spent hours playing with them.  

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DGM - Kanda (& Lena) saves Lavi, P3!

You know… We make an excellent angst-pair. xD *Evil cackling.
Let’s continue this from your amazing points in P2! ;) 

[ Trigger-WARNING! ] This post contains mentions of torture, among other things. People, please stay safe and don’t read this post if it triggers you. Your health is so much more than 10'000'000 times more important than reading my headcanons and ideas. Stay safe, please?

—| If you still want to read this, please prepare for angst. |—

* After they’re done with Komui and everyone else for the say Kanda takes Lavi and Lenalee to his room. Not that he cares about the rabbit, REALLY!, but the dead - broken - look in Lavi’s eye just doesn’t suit him. 
That’s all. Really! (No one believes you, Kanda.) xD

* Lenalee not letting go of Lavi’s hand, holding it the hardest she can.

* Lavi giving her a small squeeze back, if only to tell her he appreciates the fact she’s trying to help him.

* That night still being the night when one of the worst nightmares Lavi has ever had fills brain.

* The nightmare feels so REAL, it’s as if Lavi is back in the dungeon, with the Noah(s). The nightmare begins with Lavi being “woken up” by Sheril throwing him into a wall as pain shots through his whole body like lightning. Actually, that may be literally - it’s as if Sheril is shooting lightning through his body and everything HURTS SO MUCH! 

* Lavi is screaming - begging - for it to stop, but it doesn’t stop and then it doesn’t take long before his screams doesn’t even have words in them. 
It just hurts TOO MUCH and he wouldn’t be able to form the words to beg for mercy even if he wanted to. It just hurts, IT HURTS SO MUCH and 
Lavi just wants it to stop, make it stop, MAKE IT STOP, 

* Lavi waking up screaming on the floor - but did he really wake up or did he just fall unconscious from the torture??? - and he can’t stop screaming and he hear other people screaming and crying as well around him, but he still can’t calm down. Lavi is held down by people - his tears make it impossible to see who though - and Lavi desperatly tries to get away and OH GOD, MAKE IT STOP, and-


Lavi FINALLY being able to see through the panic and see the one(s) holding him are Kanda, Lenalee and at least 5 other people. No Noah(s). Only people from the order. He’s not being tortured. He’s safe.

* Kanda noticing Lavi’s eye is no longer clouded with pure terrified panic, and is finally focusing on Kanda through the tears. 
Unless you want to die you need to breath, so breathe already rabbit!

* Lavi ignoring everyone else in the room except for Kanda and Lenalee as he tries to control his breathing and calm down again. It only works thanks to Kanda & Lenalee grounding him. Lenalee has tears streaming down her face, but she’s hugging Lavi tightly from the side while Kanda sits in front of Lavi (and when did Lavi sit up too?) with his hands on Lavi’s shoulders as he makes almost exaggerated deep breaths for Lavi to mimic.

* Lavi just sobbing and crying as he finally calms down from the panic, but still have everything fresh in memory.

- - - - - 

… Heh, it’s hard to believe Lavi is actually my favorite character, isn’t it?  
I’m really evil against my favorite characters… ^_^; Anyway:
What do you think would happen afterwards? Lavi’s screams probably woke up the whole tower… 

(Btw, this has mention of torture and things like that, should I have put a trigger warning on this? I’ll put a trigger-warning on this.
Better safe than sorry, right? I put it in the beginning of the post.

Eh, so I hope you… enjoyed this? 
(What should I even say at the end of an angsty post like this?)
Anyway, what do you think? \^w^/ //JT

Read part 1 here  
Read part 2 here

People love to cause their favorite characters pain…I wonder why that is? @sherilapologist, here’s the torture specifics you asked for! 

Anyway, I could see Kanda keeping everyone else away from Lavi’s room, while Lenalee goes to get the Head Nurse. At this point, she’s the only medical professional that Lena or Kanda trusts. From what little we’ve seen of her, the Head Nurse is a strong woman who knows her stuff and takes no crap, so I think she could be a huge help in improving Lavi’s mental health. 

General Tiedoll would be another good option. Considering that he was Kanda’s general, Tiedoll would probably know some techniques that could help someone with PTSD.


We are called to rescue deer from a number of strange situations, but sadly entanglement in a fence is an all-too-common sight.

We got a call from a member of the public to rescue a male deer that had become trapped between two fences. Simon, hospital coordinator Naomi and volunteer Stuart set off to help, but the deer proved far feistier than we had imagined…

After a short wrestling match, Simon and Stuart were able to move the deer to an open field and it was successfully released back to the wild!

Amber Tamblyn promises to share all her adventures of the traveling collar with you!

Meet Amber, a 3 year old 46lb mush! This girl wants nothing more then to people watch and hang out with those who love her. She’s good with other pooches and walks well on leash. Ms. Tamblyn knows sit and is getting the hang of crate training. Amber is an excellent traveler and does well in the car. She’s totally fine to amuse herself with a toy. A true goofball, Amber enjoys bunny hopping around the house with her purple dinosaur in tow and it’s ADORABLE. Like her oath to her sisters she promises to always love you!

Amber is spayed, micro-chipped and up-to-date on vaccines. Email for an adoption application or download it here: