An open letter of appeal from Tom:

It is my intention to work with animal shelters in the city since I have a genuine love for all animals but also on    home front too. I often adopt or foster an animal on the road, on location and find it a home. Woodstock I found in Atlanta - C.j the cat in Romania - Maxine in Namibia - A pup in Brooklyn NY during the shooting of Animal Rescue. It’s not just animals in Africa that suffer cruelty at the hands of humans; dogs and cats and domestic pets in our home towns suffer cruelty in the hands of morons. Animal rescue No# 1 on the list is “Rescue Ink NYC ” they are struggling to make the rent to keep their protected animals they have rescued often by intervention from cruelty and squalor  I have a very personal connection with them. Rescue Ink unlike many stops for abandoned animals in cities have a no kill policy. And house and look after the animals they rescue, some are fairly traumatised cases, rescued from illegal dog fighting rings etc.  Rescue Ink volunteers care for these animals until they hopefully find their forever homes. Many of these animals are the victims of abuse. Also recently, R.Ink were embezzled after having to recover from Hurricane Sandy by a volunteer, making it even harder for them to make their quota for this coming year. This is a realistic sum of 15k. I am appealing to you on their behalf, hoping to help them to meet this sum. Also I am hoping to work on the de stigmatisation of a beautiful breed of dog often more associated with crime and dog fighting. A much maligned and misinterpreted breed known as the Pittbull. Highest decorated war hero dog ironically for their loyalty and bravery serving Human beings during WW2, we have returned the favour by bullying them into fighting for sport. 

If you feel drawn to help please contact or make a donation to this page … 

Thank you 

Lets help one shelter at a time together 

Please if you can help