My husband and I adopted our first hairy baby a few weeks ago from the Seattle Humane Society, and we are in love. Our dog, Newton, is a Basenji/Terrier mix and is such a sweetheart. He loves snuggling and meeting new people and dogs. He’s the best.

I had Friday off and thought it’d be a good time to practice some watercolor techniques I’m reading about in “Urban Watercolor Sketching“. Since Newton likes to nap a lot, he’s the perfect model.


The first sad chapter of Buddy’s story dragged on for awhile, but this resilient guy is ready to turn the page and fulfill his destiny as a happy, adventurous brodog.

Buddy arrived in the middle of the night with nothing but a belt tied around his neck, filthy, matted fur, and a pungent double ear infection. This bright boy’s owners had kept him on a chain outside for at least 6 years, treating him as the family’s garbage disposal; he’s survived on their trash as far back as the owner could recall. He hadn’t been to the vet or vaccinated in so long that his records had been purged by the time I called for them. Buddy was miserable, in pain, and lucky that a kind soul found a foster home just hours before the owners left him chained up at the house they were being evicted from.

Within 24 hours of his arrival, Buddy was a new dog. Rebecca Ayres , a talented groomer with a heart of gold (and niece of Julie Ayres Seeley who facilitated the rescue) made a house call and spent hours on him. His body and tail were so matted that every move hurt, his nails were overgrown, and he looked as awful as he felt. Everything changed the moment she was done. The tail has been up and wagging nonstop, and he’s visibly happier in every way. Becca changed my perception of professional grooming in a profound way with her tireless labor of love. I adore cases like his. Not only because of the heartwarming transformations, but because they bring out the best in people. He’s brought existential joy to everyone who’s rallied for him over the past couple of days, and his new family can look forward to that same golden touch.

Day 2 with Buddy is ending, and his future looks bright. After our visit to Pender Veterinary Centre (where he walked into the same glass door twice) for shots, a checkup, and ear meds, we went to Kidwell Farm farm to hang out with the animals. He was obsessed with the lambs and bumped noses with them for a good 15 minutes. We headed to Petsmart next, where he tried to herd Guinea pigs around their enclosure. He made a bunch of new friends of all ages throughout the day and proved himself to be a good-natured, go-with-the flow kinda dude.

He digs car rides, all kinds of people & kids, other dogs, exercise, and being outside in general. He likes to be where the action is. I haven’t had any problems with him trying to run off so far. In fact, hes a bit of a velcro dog and likes to stay close to his human. Maybe *you* would like to be his human… or know someone who might?

Please share Buddy’s story; you never know who it might reach!”

UPDATE: Buddy is adoptable through the Fairfax County Animal Shelter!

FOSTER OR ADOPTER NEEDED!!! Another beautiful boxer boy in the Lavender room! This guy could really benefit from being in a home environment!

INTERESTED IN ONE OF OUR PETS? Visit the shelter or EMAIL with ID

Montgomery County Animal Shelter –Conroe, TX
8535 State Hwy 242, Conroe, TX 77385
Monday: Closed
T-F: 10am - 5pm
Sat-Sun: 10am - 4pm

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URGENT! Please share far and wide. Ahsoka and Sparky still need a loving foster home or a forever home!

Female and Male

Female about 2 years old

Male 8 months

No shelters will take them do to overpopulation.

They are extremely sweet. Please share

If interested please contact me on here.

San Antonio Texas 


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Angel Do’Urden

6 months ago I started to volunteer in a animal shelter where I met this incredible dog and I immediately fell in love. his name is angel, he was abandoned as a puppy and he was found in a highway lost and scared. he is 5 now and i couldn’t be more proud to announce that this amazing creature is now my fur child.

Meet my little disabled pup Roxie.  Please share this so we can help Roxie walk and run again!

I’ve created a go-fund-me campaign to help cover the cost of specialty orthotics, specialists, and pain management for this sweet girl.  Any small donation will help, and positive vibes, prayers, and sharing this so others can help is even more important than money. Thank you for helping in whatever way you can!

SUMMARY:  This is the story of a puppy rescued from Puerto Rico.  She has extreme joint laxity in her paws which has caused her front left paw to become almost completely dislocated from her leg.  This is progressive, affects all four of her paws to varying degrees, and is slowly getting worse and worse.  I have taken her to various veterenarians, and now will be seeing a specialist for further options.  

The money raised here will help cover the cost of the specialist, her pain medications, and will help find an option to help her walk again.  There are several options available so far:  1- do nothing but pain management, 2- surgery to fuse her joints, 3- orthotic bracing for her paws.   The last two options are expensive, and I would like to be able to help Roxie without money being an obstacle.   She has pet insurance through Banfield Pet Hospital, is on two different pain meds (long acting and shorter acting for flareups), is on special dog food for her joints, and takes a joint supplement.  The specialist (at Tufts Veterinary School) will cost several hundred dollars just for the consult.  Any additional testing will cost extra.  Surgery is expensive.  I would LOVE to try bracing FIRST, as it is non-invasive and is reversible if we can not get good results with it.

THANK YOU for helping this sweet baby walk again!!

P.S.  I am not sure what the total cost will be to treat Roxie and allow her to walk normally again.  If it costs less than what I raise here,  I COMMIT TO DONATING 100% OF THE EXTRA to the Northeast Animal Shelter, the no kill shelter that rescued Roxie in the first place.  I WILL NOT KEEP ANY EXTRA if it costs less!  I promise to post updates with cost at each step along the way (with pictures of receipts).  I know this requires a certain amount of trust granted in me, but I want to do anything I can to help this little peanut be able to walk and run again.  

If you can not donate, please help by sharing or sending positive energy and vibes our way?