27 July 2016

Okay, so full disclosure - I not sure if today my birthday. BUT today is the birthday on my vet paperwork, and my human says it worth celebrating the day @sharpeirescueinc took me into care. It still four months to my gotcha day with @erinaree but today we being grateful they take me to South Eastern Animal Hospital to get my eyes and my hernia (and my bits) fixed.
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This is Trace and he needs help. My friends found him on the highway and have tried their hardest to find a no kill shelter for him. Unfortunately they have not found one and now Trace is with Metro Animal Care and Control in Nashville. There is a good chance if Trace is not adopted he will be put down. He is good with other dogs, no behavioral issues, a little shy and non-reactive to cats. He’s still young with lots of love left to give. If you know ANYONE who could adopt or take Trace in to a no kill shelter please call 615-862-7928. Please share this so we can get Trace a good home. PS if you do adopt him please let me know! We want to know he’s safe. (at Metro Nashville Animal Control)

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A year ago we rescued him and he was scared of everything. Cars, strangers, music, literally everything. Six months later he went through a stage where he would bite and rip everything apart and every morning at 3am he would run around the house barking waking everyone up and no one knew why. The place where we rescued him called to tell us that many of his sisters and brothers were recently returned because “they were too much to handle”. Another six months later he’s jumping into the tub to take a bath with a silly smile on his face full of love and kisses. What I’m trying to say is never give up on anyone or anything when you believe their/it’s worth it. I promise it’s worth it in the end.

Looking for a no kill shelter or a home for this lad. My friends found him on the side of the road while road tripping in the States. If you live in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia or North West Florida and can help let me know! #saveadog #rescuedog #help #alabama #mississippi #georgia #florida #nokillshelter #handsomedog #adoption #shelterdog

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                                           5 Ways You Can Help Pit Bulls

It is sad how pit bulls are so often misunderstood. So, we are calling pit bull lovers to step up to the plate and help clear up the misunderstanding once and for all. Here’s how you can become involved and help restore the good reputation of this wonderful breed

Everyone meet Dahlia the Dane, a #rescue #greatdane who likes to give her dad John big sloppy kisses! Thanks for the great #selfie @dahliathedane and @imbeingfollowed! #selfiesunday #rescuedog #ilovemydads #thattongue #austin #greatdanesofinstagram #datmdoestexas #mansbestfriend #dogstagram #instadog #dane #greatdanelove

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This is Captain’s ‘good’ before and his now photo. That first photo was his ‘good’ one. If you can imagine it, he was worse before. My lil foster-to-adopt champ has been getting better every day. He was dumped at a high kill NYC shelter because his owner didn’t want to pay his vet bills. When he was dropped off he was almost completely bald, covered in a skin infection, and had dangerous fear and trust issues.
Now that he’s with me he can focus on finally being fully healthy outside, and make steps toward healing his fear and trust issues.
If you want to help with Captain’s behavior modification and medication visit to learn more about Captain and what we need help for.
We really appreciate anything that comes our way. We’re down a couple hundred right now, and I’ll say it here too, if more is raised than what’s needed we will either foster another dog from his rescue or donate to them.
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