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I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Estella at the 2015 Toast to the Turkeys event at the Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary in Stockton, CA. Poor Estella had her spine broken by a small child who squeezed her too tightly. She had a wheelchair designed just for her and is living a great life at the sanctuary with her boyfriend, Pip. They made ABC News and her story touched my heart. I’m so glad I got to meet this strong, sweet, little piggy.


Hanging out in Cline’s house – one of the most interesting people we’ve ever met! he bought this abandoned house from the early 1900s for $5k in a ghost town with 2 other people. There’s an abandoned Ukrainian church and 20 or so abandoned houses. he explored all the abandoned houses in his town. he lived on 75 cents a day because he used solar panel electricity and cooked his food in this glass oven outside. Also, he used to own 33 cats. he loved animals so much because a dog saved him from carbon monoxide poisoning. cline would pick 40 ticks off his dog, sadie, a day. she was tragically killed by a hit and run a few days after we visited. i regret not photographing her. :( he rescued an injured pig that fell off a truck on the highway and spent 2 hours consoling it. he’s just a really cool guy with so many interesting stories, most i shouldn’t post here ;P  me and @daisygraves are blessed to have met him though!!! he’s a super fascinating guy :) he told us black and white picture were the only real pictures because life waas in black and white, so this is my first b&w set.

Some FB page is posting photos of calves with captions about how you can buy ‘miniature cows as pets’ and I am still SO mad about it.

This is the micropig thing all over again. People wanted teacup pigs, and were buying them to live in houses.

I’ve seen some really tiny adult pigs- most of them were mongrels or anomalies, or rescues/runts of the litter. Most people were being sold piglets with the promise they’d stay that size, they didn’t.

They were also being told they could feed them dog biscuits (you shouldn’t) and neglecting to provide any information about the legalities of owning a pig- registering with DEFRA, getting a holding number etc.

How do I know all this? When the craze really took off in our area, about 2005/2007ish, we had a farm. We took in a pair of pigs for a friend who ran a rescue. The pigs had been bought as micropigs, and had grown to quite large mongrel pigs. They were bigger than our GSD, stronger than a man, and loved to root.

That’s the other great thing about pigs. They love to root around and dig up their surroundings looking for food. 

People were taking them to their houses, and getting mad when the pigs tore up the carpets, or wrecked the garden, or smashed through the fences to the neighbours (a pig needs a very hefty fence or they’ll just break through, ours were metal)

Word got out we’d taken the two pigs, and all of a sudden we were flooded with calls from people begging to take their non-micro-pigs. 

Random pigs started just turning up on our land (true stories) and we ended up with like, 20 of the things. 

Now they’re encouraging this with cows and I am SO mAD and some daft woman is going all the comments by people with my opinion, sharing photos of her miniature galloways, going “look I breed these they’re 3yo and come up to my hip” yes that’s great, I’m so happy for you, but shady dealers won’t be getting proper little mini galloways. They won’t be telling customers they need to register with DEFRA, get holding numbers, and provide the correct amount of acreage to be within legal laws for keeping livestock.

They’ll be like “yeah sure he can live in a 2 bed apartment” and hand over any old calf with no qualms. They’ll be like “sure just feed them rabbit food and digestive biscuits” they won’t care, if this becomes a fad it’ll be all about the money and no refunds!! :D

 I get really frustrated with posts like that, miniature creatures, forever puppies, and 'special’ cross bred dogs with stupid names. It promotes backyard breeding and dodgy selling and I will not apologise for writing these posts time and time again all over FB and other sites where dumb people think a calf is a 'miniature’ and a teacup pig is a real breed.

so one of my FB friends (whose from tumblr) shared a guinea pig video, and then I did the scroll-down videos and it made me really miss having piggies so now I’m watching GP videos on YT even though I definitely can’t get any

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Marco vs the Black Cauldron

In “The Black Cauldron” reference, Marco (as Taran) follows them to the Horned King’s stronghold. Along the way, he encounters the small, pestering companion Gurgi, who joins Marco on his search. Marco leaves Gurgi to sneak into the castle and rescues Hen Wen the pig, who flees, but all too soon he is finally captured himself and thrown into jail. A fellow captive, Star (as Princess Eilonwy), frees Marco as she is trying to make her own escape. In the catacombs beneath the castle, Marco and Star discover the ancient burial chamber of a king, where Marco arms himself with the king’s sword. It contains magic that allows him to effectively fight the Horned King’s minions and so to fulfill his dream of heroism.


Woah! What a busy couple of weeks it has been. Tonight we were asked to take in another two Foster Guinea pigs. We are very full, but found room for these two beautiful girls.

Repunzel is a beautiful Peruvian Guinea Pig and her friend Angel is a sweet Abby. They are around two years old and a bonded pair.

They will spend a couple of weeks in quarantine and then we will be looking for their forever home.

Located near Cedar Rapids Iowa

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What do you think about having a pig as a pet? I was recovering from a slaughter house post by looking for cute animal videos and although I love seeing cute lil pigs being cared for and loved, I wonder if owning one would be considered ethical or not, even if it is being looked after well

They are pretty difficult animals to keep happy, they need a great deal of space and a lot of stimulation. If you have the ability to provide that though, providing a home for a rescued pig would be a really wonderful thing. People just need to make sure they do a lot of research because taking on any animal is a really big commitment, one as large and complex as a pig even more so.