rescued cats

Okay you guys listen. I’ve been in a pretty depressive state for the last few months and it’s not been very fun dealing with my mental illness but let me tell you all about something that’s just made me smile massively. With all the horrible things going on in the world this is just something small that genuinely made me happy for a moment.

Any ways this little kitten is named Chloe. She was recused from suspected abuse which left her unable to use her back legs or pee on her own. Her bladder had to be manually expressed. Her back was messed up. All she could do is scoot around on this box. But today she had her first session of acupuncture and look how wonderful the results were!! She twitched her tail, kicked, and even stood up on her legs! This is amazing! ***All credit to kittenxlady on Instagram both videos are hers.

Please follow @ kittenxlady on Instagram for the full story. She is an amazing kitten rescuer and advocate for bottle baby kittens. She posts very valuable information about taking care of orphaned kittens.