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This tiny baby #bat came inside the chalet and we did rescue her ❤️😍 I am in Aww (à Les Mayens-de-Sion)

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Young long-eared bat

This youngster was found on the ground in a busy area, not flying away when anyone came near. We asked a bat expert to have a look at him, who told us that because he is young, he was probably out practicing flying, and either crashed or got tired.

He is suffering from mites, but is otherwise quite healthy, so he is now in the care of Surrey Bat Rescue who will look after him until he’s ready to return home!

SVT - Click a Prince: Minghao/The8 (Ending)

Originally posted by kookhao

Series: Click a Prince (intro)

Member/s: OT13 - Minghao/The8 x Reader

Words: 641

A/N: Near Smut then it disintegrated into not Smut heheheh.

You gasped from your place behind an oak tree when a pair of hands pulled your from your spot and into something hard.

A second later you giggled softly at their attempt to growl in your ear. “M-Minghao.” You laughed turning around in his arms and hugging him.

“Done with your rounds?” You mumbled into his shirt.

“Yeah.” He grinned into your neck.

“Taken any longer and I would have ran off after you.” You sighed and cuddled into his chest.  

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Bats are not uncommon here at Wildlife Aid, but a baby bat is something of a rarity.
This baby pipistrelle was found by a member of the public on the floor in their house. They were understandably confused as to exactly where the bat had come from - they didn’t even own a cat they could blame it on! We think the unlucky youngster may have fallen from a ‘maternity roost’ in their roof, but we’ll never know for sure.
Luckily, it seemed to be uninjured, but was dehydrated and thin. After being given some rehydration solution, it was sent off with a specialist bat carer for dedicated treatment. We wish it well!

Legacy!verse fic:

Title: The Idiot Bat And His Lady
Rating: R
Pairing: Terry/Abby

Summary: Terry McGinnis and Abigail Queen fall in love, fall to pieces, and put themselves back together.

Notes: This fic takes place in ash818‘s Legacy!verse, which you should ALL be reading. Seriously, run don’t walk. Also, I am going to hell for writing this, you’re all welcome.


In Abby’s mind there’s a clear point where it starts, and that’s the night Terry rescues her from HIVE agents and she kisses him.

It’s mostly a spur of the moment, utter terror meets utter relief, kind of a thing. Terry carries her half way up the outside of a building, because that’s apparently what happens when you get rescued by the Bat, and sets her down on a balcony and wraps her up in his cloak (again, something that happens when you get rescued by the Bat) and they wait for reinforcements, because he’s been shot.

Abby keeps her hands pressed to his wound, huddles at his chest, and he holds onto her tight, sort of absently petting her hair.

“S’gonna be okay,” he tells her, thickly, and Abby is so, so scared that he’ll die and is in floods of grateful, frightened, exhausted tears, so she has to kiss him. She has to.

She kisses all over his bruised, bloody face and then his mouth – just a little, just a couple of times – and then it sort of… lingers, longer than it should. If Terry had been less woozy from effort and blood loss he’d have stopped it quicker; if Abby had been less frightened for him, less hopped up on adrenalin from her escape, she’d never have done it to begin with. She’s twenty five, for god’s sake – not that doe-eyed twelve year old with the dorky crush on her brother’s deeply-age-inappropriate best friend.

But just for a second there’s a little teetering over a very particular line between them, and in that second the line goes blurry and by the time they stop it’s… a little more sideways than it was before.

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