Sir Silas Rescued Kitty: From Homeless to Happy 

A family from Florida, USA, recently found a homeless kitten by the roadside. They took him home and looked after him until he got better. But nothing could have prepared them for the surprise of seeing this little bedraggled stray eventually turn into an incredibly fluffy, snow-white, beautiful cat.

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Chris “Brolga” Barns Rescues Joeys Stranded In Dead Mother’s Pouches

You’ve heard of Crocodile Dundee, but how about Kangaroo Dundee? Chris “Brolga” Barns, star of the Kangaroo Dundee films in Australia, is a real-life hero to more than two dozen orphaned kangaroos in Alice Springs, Australia. After his experiences as a bird keeper in Western Australia, and zoo keeper in the Northern Territory, Barns decided to create his own sanctuary to help kangaroos whose mothers have been hit by cars.

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Injured Baby Squirrel Joins the Family of the People Who Rescued Him

In 2007, Reddit user Priami found an injured baby squirrel on the side of the road. Nearby wildlife rehabilitation centers were all full, so Priami and his family nursed the little critter back to health on their own. After the red squirrel—who they named Arttu—had recovered, Priami discovered that the animal’s eye was damaged, rendering him partially blind. Knowing that Arttu wouldn’t survive on his own in the wild, Priami decided to raise the squirrel and provide him with a loving home.
Arttu quickly became a wonderful, affectionate pet. He was free to run around the house and even roam outside under supervision. No matter how far he strayed, the adorable creature always came back to Priami, who he recognized as family. According to the Finland-based Redditor, Arttu became so tame that he liked to have “play fights” with his humans’ hands, curl up in their pockets to sleep, and climb onto their shoulders.
After six years together, Arttu passed away in his sleep due to old age. In his memory, Priami and his family set up a small memorial for him outside, where they fed wild squirrels the rest of the berries, nuts, and mushrooms that they had saved for Arttu.

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Meet Ziva. Ziva was purchased from a Ragdoll cattery around 3-4 years ago, and has been returned, traumatized by her recent home life. The cattery took her back despite her problems and is looking to give her to a new, loving home. Ziva is very skittish and will need time to adjust to her new life. I don’t need to tell you she is beautiful, but I will anyway. Ziva is beautiful. 

If you are interested in adopting her, please contact me and I will get in touch with the cattery. Serious inquiries only, we are located in southern, central PA. As of lately I have had people on here attacking the places I visit/photograph for (all RESCUED animals, by the way, who are being taken care of by amazing people) so I am a bit nervous to give out information on these places in fear of them getting attacked again. I really wish it wasn’t like that, but I do not care to have another place get harassed for rescuing an animal.

Please remember this blog is all about the animals. I share animals to find them homes, and also share those already placed to show the diversity and beauty of shelter life as well as animals outside of shelters in rescues, or situations such as this. That has been my goal and continues to be my goal. I respect and enjoy the people I work with, and if you knew them I’m sure you would too! They are all about the animals too.

Please share Ziva and help with this goal. She is a beautiful young lady and needs a great place to call home.