Gimme TFP 'Cons in Rescue Bots
  • Starscream: You, small human! What do you call this garish village?
  • Cody Burns: Woah! Hi there. My name's Cody and this is Griffin Rock! Are you an Autobot too?
  • Starscream: [gasp] Wh--HOW DO *YOU* KNOW ABOUT AUTOBOTS?!?
  • Frankie: Don't worry! Our island LOVES Autobots... eh, sorta.
  • Cody: But you're safe here!
  • Frankie: Yeah! Come on, my dad can take a look at some of those scratches. But you gotta follow our lead. We'll explain more on the way... my name is Frankie--
  • Starscream: I don't CARE what... a-and I am NOT--!!
  • Mayor: Ah, Cody Burns? I don't recall being informed of another addition to your Rescue Bots...
  • Cody: Oh! Yes, well... that's because...
  • Frankie: --This guy is mine! I... I wanted a bot for my own, for the lab. Trex can only do the basics. So... I made him!
  • Starscream: You? Make me?!? Don't make me laugh!
  • Mayor: Hm... gotta... kinda peculiar personality, doesn't he?
  • Frankie: Yep, just a malfunction. I'll fix him up right away, Mayor Luskey!
  • Mayor: Hm. See that you do.
  • Starscream: M-MALFUNCTION!??!

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I hope you like mcpriceley because im boutta drop some fire headcanons your way: Kev and Con are polar opposites when it comes to opinion. Cats vs dogs? Tea vs coffee? Pinapple on pizza? They disagree heavily on all of those. Kevin has a golden retriever named Orlando, Connor has liiiike 20 rescue cats. Con loves tea and obviously XD our boy Kevin drinks an unhealthy amount of coffee. Con likes pineapple on pizza, Kev would rather light himself on fire than eat it.


The Betrayal

Link to story: [x]

Fandom: Zoo 

Author:  Mrswas

Whumpee: Jackson Oz

Word Count: 12,659

Chapters: 10/10

Author Summary: A what-if scenario from the end of West Side Story, deviation from canon and written before The Barrier. Jackson has just been betrayed by Sam after they took the pheromone diffuser. Jackson couldn’t get away fast enough and was captured by Abigail, who had her own plans for Jackson. But so do The Shepard Hunters. The team frantically works to get Jackson back.

Whump highlights: torture viewed by team, cold blooded torture, scarring, broken bones, attempted non-con, team rescue, team worry, hospitalization, aversion to touch, withdrawn, nightmares, panic, suicidal thoughts, long recovery.  

Comments:  I’ve always felt Zoo was seriously lacking in Jackson whump and this story pushed so many whumpy buttons for me. :)  Also, I really enjoyed the changes of POV between Jackson and his thoughts during his capture, and the team desperately looking for him. 

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SG Kaon wears a visor over his eye sockets so he doesn't scare the children. SG Vos and SG Tarn wear masks to cover scars they recieved from Autobots as children. SG Tesarus was born without optics while SG Helex was a failed autobot experiment. All but Kaon, were children when they were scarred and the SG Cons rescued all five of them along with a bunch of other orphans.

yoooooooooooo Kaon with a visor, that’s a really good idea!

I’ve still gotta work on his frame, but I feel like his shoulder thingies he had should still be there! 

It’s been such an incredible honor to have collaborated with Chris Sanders and Jessica-Steele Sanders on Rescue Sirens, and I am grateful beyond words; I’ve loved Chris’s work for ages, so you can imagine when they first contacted me about the project I was absolutely stunned with disbelief and bubbling with excitement! I can’t even begin to describe how mind-blowingly talented, caring, generous, and all-around FUN and FANTASTIC people Jess and Chris are, and that’s just an understatement! Working with them has been a dream, and I’m so excited that we’re finally able to share it with everyone!!

If you’re heading to San Diego Comic Con next week, stop by Chris Sanders’ Booth #4616 and check out the Rescue Sirens debut! ^__^ I’ll be at their booth on Thursday, 7/9 so come by and say hello!!

Thanks, everyone!!
<3 Genevieve