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This is my best friend, Lila. The corner image was her in the kill shelter, with 4 hours left until her euthanasia time. Though covered in severe mange, and tape worm positive, an amazing rescue took her in (as well as her kennel mate, Rigby!) She’s been with me for almost a year and I can not imagine my life without her. 

Her breed is up for discussion, when I adopted her they told me chiweinie. But shes shaped out to look more like a r.terrior/italian grayhound mix??

admin input: my friend has a chihuahua/beagle mix that looks very similar to Lila! thank you so much for sharing your story!

Passers-by stop to lift truck off South Korean man in Singapore

It was a close shave for 35-year-old Kim Sung Mo, the South Korean who was rescued by about 30 passers-by after he was hit by a trailer truck at the junction of Boon Keng Road and Bendemeer Road.

Mr Kim escaped with a leg fracture and underwent surgery at Tan Tock Seng hospital on Wednesday night.

“I felt very scared after I got knocked down. I was lucky that there was this group of helpful passers-by who rushed to lift the truck and pull me out in time,” he said from his hospital bed in comments reported by evening daily Lianhe Wanbao yesterday.

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This is my friends dog Eric. Eric was abused badly by it’s previous owners. He was used as a fighting dog. The previous owners had his teeth removed in order to fight other dogs of the same ilk. The police rescued him 5 years ago and arrested the arseholes that abused him in illegal dog fighting.

He is a lovely wee Staffy, he loves to play football, and then lick your face for ages. I love him and want to adopt him. I always take him for a walk and a game of footy in the field whenever I visit Kersebrock farm.

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About the poor (or now lucky) doggy, what did you think when you found her and picked her up? I mean most people wouldn't bother or would be too afraid that she has something contaigious.

Ok so I should probably just give you the whole story.

When I first pulled over I didn’t get a good look at her, and I had my 2 very young cousins in the car with me, so I was going to just give her my can of dog food I always keep in my car for these situations and continue on my way, hoping she would be happy with a meal. As soon as I saw what she looked like, I actually got physically ill and kind of flipped out for a minute because I’ve NEVER seen anything like this before in my life, EVER.

I called Animal Control for that county (I was an hour from home) to pick her up and to tell them that I would come back for her that same day and adopt her from them so that she wouldn’t be put down. I couldn’t put her in my car with my cousins in there too for that exact reason that I didn’t know if she had anything transferrable to humans, so that was my only option. She was laying under the shade of my car so I waited with her. 10 minutes later a cop shows up and tells me that there’s no animal control in that area, so no one was coming to get her. Then he tries to tell me that “dogs get dumped here all the time I’d just leave her be” and when I told him I wasn’t going to leave her, he actually tried to make me leave her there for a little while and I straight refused to leave until I had somewhere for her to go. He got frustrated, but left me with a snack sausage to give her and drove off. At this point she started to walk away (but in her condition she didn’t move very fast), so I found a leash somewhere in my car, tied a knot, and looped it around her neck, which she didn’t appreciate because I don’t think she’s been on a leash in years, if not ever.

I call my mom in literal hysterics, so she comes and drives an hour out to come get the kids in my car, brings a bed sheet from the dollar store, more water for the pup, and we wrap her up in the sheet to put her in the car as a makeshift barrier to keep whatever she had off of us. (turns out she definitely has a type of mange that transfers to humans but neither my mom or I have started itching yet so I think we’re okay). This whole time she was very patient and tolerant of us, wagging her tail, even wanting pets from us even though we couldn’t touch her, which was heartbreaking.

Basically, I didn’t know if she had any serious human-transmittable diseases but looking at the state she was in, I was kind of ready to go to the hospital later over leaving her there to waste away haha

I drove her an hour home to the vet, she slept the whole time in the car, and got her checked out. You know the rest <3

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Any updates on blossom?

Today she’s getting some kind of chemical “dip” (don’t worry it won’t hurt her) to make her mange not so contagious to the other animals and people at the vet clinic, then getting her first of multiple oral Ivermectin medications to tackle the mange from the inside out. Vet says at week 3 she should be getting some hair back :) Once the Mange is under control he’s going to remove the 2 tumors on her back leg, and start on dental work. That’s the plan so far, but he’s doing more extensive blood tests soon to determine the extent of her secondary bacterial infections and see if they can be fixed with a couple antibiotic pills, or if something more aggressive is needed.

All through this time she’s getting fed as much as she can eat, and this morning he said she was ravenous which is such a great sign!