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Nah my cat was feral and its been nearly two years since her adoption and she’s still bipolar, mostly domesticated except for her random mood shifts.

Maybe I was wrong saying it’s “easily” fixed but there are still perfectly reasonable causes behind rescue animals having outbursts. Just like people they have certain triggers (sounds, being touched certain places, even certain genders of humans they had bad experiences with) and you just have to figure out what those factors are. It’s only “random” from your perspective, and sometimes you might not ever figure out the cause behind it, but the whole “haha cats are assholes you can be petting them one second and they’ll be biting you the next” thing is just not true.


Oh look! Have I done a face reveal on here yet??

Anyways, today wasn’t only the day I reached 2000 followers; I also had the opportunity to let my dog Gwen play in a movie! Gwen is my adopted senior dog who does tons of tricks, so we signed her up to play in an independent film near us. Well, she got cast to play the wolf, so we got up super early this morning to take her to the shoot.

Gwen did so well, and I think she’s a fabulous example of the potential behind rescued dogs. I’m so very proud of her, and I really appreciated the opportunity to help this team with their film.

Stay awesome, my dudes~ 😘