rescue pittie

Your luck is about to change. I’m here!

Hi, I’m MeMe, and amazingly, I am waiting for adoption at Buckeye’s Missions and Sanctuary​ in Brunswick, Ohio. This means you, yes YOU, or someone you know might be the lucky person to take me home!

Seriously, I’m pretty sure once this post goes out there into Internet land, the lines will be AROUND THE BLOCK. Even if it’s snowing. Even if it’s a BLIZZARD.

I’m that rare combination of a dog who will go out skateboarding and running with you, then come home, flop down on the sofa, and watch Netflix. I love playing with humans – your opposable thumbs are SO CUTE! – but I also have a game I play by myself, where I throw my rope with a ball in the middle of it up in the air and catch it.

I am super-affectionate with people and can live with a male dog, but I have to be your own and only girl dog.

So beat the rush, folks… just email and set up a meeting. And hey… TELL A FRIEND! They’ll be really upset if they find out and someone else snapped me up!




She can turn the world on with her smile! Meet thoroughly modern Mary Tyler Moore! Ms. Moore is a 2 year old 50 lb pooch who is a real lady and true sweetheart. Mary is treat motivated and sits politely when asked. She loves saying hi to people and making new friends. Mary’s played everything from a nun to a reporter, but now she’s ready to star in her biggest role yet…your best friend for life! Mary is spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines. Email for an adoption application.