rescue pittie

Anna and her brother came to the Bergen County Animal Shelter in Teterboro, New Jersey, when their owner lost his home and he had to move in with people who did not welcome his dogs.

He kept them tied up in a nearby lot where he tried to care for them. Finally and with great sorrow he surrendered them – and it’s not hard to understand why he didn’t want to let this little lady go - Anna is a sweetheart!

This 5-year-old pretty girl would rather spend time hanging with people than playing with toys; she’s a true social butterfly. She thinks everyone who comes to the shelter is there to see her!

And while many visitors comment on her extreme beauty (those ears!) and calm demeanor, no one has taken her home. She’s become a volunteer favorite!

Anna does have some specific requirements - she’s not up for living with kids, and she needs to be an only pet. After all she’s been through, she wants to soak up all the love, and she’s got plenty of love to give in return.

Want to know more or set up a meeting? Email or call 201-229-4600. And spread the word if you can… Anna deserves our best!


TO BE KILLED - 1/18/2018


WHERE’S MY FAMILY? WHERE IS MY HOME? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? :( Bellissimo has lost his way and no one seems to be doing anything about it. He belongs to no shelter’s kennel and he’s becoming stressed out with his new “home” and needs out. Bellissimo needs an experienced, kind and caring hero in the worst way as he has run out of time in one of New York states biggest kill shelters. Like most abandoned shelter dogs, Bellissimo just needs a chance. We say “just” like thats simple and something that comes a dime a dozen but it does not. Good, loving and committed foster and adoptive homes are getting harder and harder to come by. Therefore good companion pets are taking their last breath behind these cold, callous walls. Only we can change that. Please share share share Bellissimo to the moon and back and consider opening your heart and home. It’s the absolute only way to save a life. Don’t wait for someone else to step up. That usually results in death. Don’t walk…. Run. He’s out of time.

Hello, my name is Bellissimo
My animal id is #17937
I am a desexed male white dog at the
Brooklyn Animal Care Center.
The shelter thinks I am about 3 years old, 64 lbs
Came in shelter as a stray Jan. 9, 2018
Bellissimo is rescue only

Bellissimo is at risk for behavior concerns (New Hope Only determination). Bellissimo has began to deteriorate behaviorally. He has become reactive on the leash and difficult to handle. Bellissimo will lunge and snap at other dogs in kennel and has redirected towards staff.

My medical notes are…
Weight: 64 lbs
Vet Consultation
Vet Notes
Post Surgery Note
Pre-surgical exam, anesthesia, and surgery performed by ASPCA.
Green linear tattoo placed on ventral abdomen.

Details on my behavior are…
Behavior Condition: 3. Yellow
Behavior History
Behavior Assessment
During intake Bellissimo allowed the counselor to collar him and take his picture with no problems.
Spay/Neuter Status: Unknown
DVM Intake Exam
Estimated age: ~5yrs
Microchip noted on Intake? no
History : Stray
Subjective: BARH
Observed Behavior - Active, attention seeking, some difficulty handling due to activity level, growling during blood draw
Evidence of Cruelty seen - no
Evidence of Trauma seen - no

P = WNL R = WNL BCS 5/9
EENT: Eyes clear, ears clean, no nasal discharge noted
Oral Exam: Moderate dental tartar, staining, mild gingivitis
PLN: No enlargements noted
H/L: NSR, NMA, CRT < 2, Lungs clear, eupnic
ABD: Non painful, no masses palpated
U/G: Male
MSI: Ambulatory x 4, skin free of parasites, no masses noted, Dirty hair coat, callous at lateral hocks and carpus
CNS: mentation appropriate - no signs of neurologic abnormalities

Assessment: Mild dental disease
Plan: Continue to monitor while at BACC
Prognosis: Excellent
OK for surgery
Monitor for CIRDC/Pre-op exam
S/O: BAR. Active, attention seeking
EENT: Eyes clear, no ocular or nasal discharge
HL: No coughing or sneezing
INTEG: Dirty hair coat
MS: Ambulatory x 4
UG: Male
A: No signs of CIRDC on exam
P: OK for surgery tomorrow. Continue to monitor while at BACC.
Progress exam
Subjective: BAR. Active, attention seeking, barking at the front of the cage. Vomited food once this morning but no other signs and has normal bm and u and a good appetite. No csd.

EENT: Eyes clear, no ocular or nasal discharge
HL: No coughing or sneezing, eupneic, normal RR/RE
MS: Ambulatory x 4

A: Vomited once
P: Recheck for vomiting tomorrow, if persists rec AXR, bw, LRS, cerenia
Good prognosis

Basic Information:: Bellissimo is a white and tan large male dog that was tied up and left outside of the ACC.
Previously lived with:: Unknown information
How is this dog around strangers?: When meeting the staff at the ACC for the first time he was friendly and outgoing. he allowed the counselor to pet him with no problem.
How is this dog around children?: Unknown information
How is this dog around other dogs?: Unknown information
How is this dog around cats?: Unknown information
Resource guarding:: Unknown information
Bite history:: Unknown information
Housetrained:: Unknown
Energy level/descriptors:: Unknown information
Other Notes:: Unknown information
Medical Notes: Unknown information
For a New Family to Know: Unknown information

Date of intake:: 1/9/2018
Spay/Neuter status:: No
Means of surrender (length of time in previous home):: Stray
Date of assessment:: 1/11/2018
Look:: 1. Dog’s eyes are averted, ears are back, tail is down, relaxed body posture. Dog allows head to be held loosely in Assessor’s cupped hands.
Sensitivity:: 1. Dog leans into the Assessor, eyes soft or squinty, soft and loose body, open mouth.
Tag:: 2. Dog is not fearful, but is unresponsive when touched. Approaches the Assessor when the game ends (may need coaxing to approach). Dog is focused on stimuli other than the Assessor.
Paw squeeze 1:: 1. Dog does not respond at all for three seconds. Eyes are averted and ears are relaxed or back.
Paw squeeze 2:: 1. Dog does not respond at all for three seconds. Eyes are averted and ears are relaxed or back.
Toy:: 1. No interest.

Summary:: Bellissimo came into the room loose and wiggly, he was friendly and social towards the handlers but very distracted in the room with the smells.

Summary (1):: Bellissimo was surrender as a stray so his past behavior with other dogs is unknown.

1/10: When off leash at the Care Center, Bellissimo at first greets with a loose, wiggly body. However, once he is let into the pen he becomes persistently sexually motivated and is difficult to interrupt.
1/12: Bellissimo continued to be persistently sexually motivated; ignoring all interruptions.
Date of intake:: 1/9/2018
Summary:: Friendly and allowed all handling.
Date of initial:: 1/9/2018
Summary:: Active, seeking attention.

ENERGY LEVEL:: Bellissimo displays a very high activity level in the care center.
IN SHELTER OBSERVATIONS:: 1:00pm- 1/16/18: It has been reported that Bellissimo has begun to pose handling challenges for both staff and experienced volunteers when being returned to his kennel in adoptions. He is lunging and snapping at the other dogs in his aisle, and once he his being placed back into his kennel, he has head-whipped and mouthed at both the leash and the handler’s hand. Due to the safety concern of this behavior, Bellissimo is no longer a candidate for the public adoptions room.

2:34pm- 1/16/19: When being moved to a holding room, Bellissimo was reactive towards several dogs (lunging and snapping) at other dogs in their kennels. He became difficult for the handler to maintain control of, spinning around the handler’s leg and re-directed, biting the handler on his foot. He left several puncture wounds in his work boot but did not break skin. Bellissimo also held on and shook for 4-5 seconds.

Behavior Asilomar: TM - Treatable-Manageable
Recommendations:: No children (under 13),Place with a New Hope partner
Recommendations comments:: Place with a New Hope partner: Based on Bellissimo’s propensity to redirect his frustration towards handlers in a state of high arousal, the behavior department believes he would be best set up to succeed with placement though a New Hope rescue group. Bellissimo currently poses a safety risk in the care center and is no longer a candidate for public adoption.
No children (under 13): Based on his low threshold for arousal and propensity to redirect, we are advising against a home with children at this time.
Potential challenges: : On-leash reactivity/barrier frustration,Strength/leash pulling,Low threshold for arousal
Potential challenges comments:: On leash reactivity/barrier frustration: At the care center Bellissimo has been observed to react to other dogs on leash, lunging towards them and hard barking. We recommend a front clip harness or head halter to help manage this behavior. He will need positive reinforcement, reward based training to teach him to look at you rather than other dogs.
Low threshold for arousal: Bellissimo has displayed a low threshold for arousal in the care center while on leash passing other dogs. He becomes highly aroused, hard barking, lunging and growling and is unable to be safely refocused. Bellissimo has redirected this frustration towards handlers on multiple occasions (snapping towards hands, leashes). We advise exercising safe and appropriate management when attempting to work or modify this behavior. Force-free, reward based training only is recommended.
Strength/leash pulling: Bellissimo is large, strong dog with the capability to pull over an average adopter. His adopter must be prepared and able to handle a dog of this size and strength. It is recommended that he be walked on a front clip harness or head halter, which help diminish his strength through leverage, and that he be trained using positive reinforcement, reward based training to not pull on leash.




Hai every buddy! I am Pancake, and my friends at Animal Ark Rescue in Columbus, Georgia call me the Queen of Calm - which probably sounds pretty good this crazy time of year, right? (Although since I’m only 2 I’m really just a Princess.)

Even though I’m a serene and peaceful pal, I do like to play, especially with the water that comes out of the hose. That game is AMAZING! I just wish I had a forever person to play it with!

I was in a foster home for a while with two cats and we got along just fine, although I would need to be the only dog in the family.

I am an excellent leash walker and a real cuddlebug. Not only that, but my rating on Doggie Yelp says 11 out of 10 would pet me again!!!!

I have been waiting a year and a half for a person to fall in love with me, so please share me - or better yet, meet me! (I make an excellent first impression. Also second, third, fourth, and infinity.) Find out how to make a date so we can get to know each other by emailing!



Meet Carmello! He’s a (estimated) 3-year-old Pit Bull Terrier.

Carmello is an energetic, young boy, featured on “The VCAS 3” Facebook Page, who enjoys rolling in the grass, sniffing out all of those unfamiliar smells, and running! 

He walks great on a leash, although, sometimes he gets overly excited approaching the exercise pen. Let’s be real though, you’d be excited to be doing your favourite things, even if it was just for a brief period of time, right?! Carmello is enthusiastic all around for each thing in his life he has the honour of experiencing, whether it be as little as treats, or something advanced, such as canine enrichment puzzles. Carmello is believed to be house trained, too! Carmello is intrigued and focused on his surroundings, but he finds relaxation in watching the world pass by as he waits for his forever family to enter his life.

Be the one Carmello is focused on, his other half, the straw to his berry. Meet him, pet him, love him, possibly adopt him, all at Camarillo shelter.

Ask for Carmello by name at the front counter to meet him!
Animal ID#: A666166
Kennel #: 054

Holy smokes! Niko is a show stopping boy with incredibly good looks!

This one year old strong boy might be part fish since he loves to swim so much! He’s also always down for a hike or agility work. Niko would love an active, dog savvy home who is also dedicated to working with him as well. Once a bond is formed, Niko is such a big lover and aims to please.

Niko is dog friendly, and his most favorite friends seem to be with large, playful females!

He’s currently being fostered with Pittie Please Rescue, NFP in Woodridge, IL. Contact for more information. Niko can’t wait to meet you!

there are so many pitbulls that need to be rescued and every apartment complex discriminates against them and i’m like gonna fight these insurance companies ! lol !

Your luck is about to change. I’m here!

Hi, I’m MeMe, and amazingly, I am waiting for adoption at Buckeye’s Missions and Sanctuary​ in Brunswick, Ohio. This means you, yes YOU, or someone you know might be the lucky person to take me home!

Seriously, I’m pretty sure once this post goes out there into Internet land, the lines will be AROUND THE BLOCK. Even if it’s snowing. Even if it’s a BLIZZARD.

I’m that rare combination of a dog who will go out skateboarding and running with you, then come home, flop down on the sofa, and watch Netflix. I love playing with humans – your opposable thumbs are SO CUTE! – but I also have a game I play by myself, where I throw my rope with a ball in the middle of it up in the air and catch it.

I am super-affectionate with people and can live with a male dog, but I have to be your own and only girl dog.

So beat the rush, folks… just email and set up a meeting. And hey… TELL A FRIEND! They’ll be really upset if they find out and someone else snapped me up!



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Headcanon: FUBAR has a best dog friend at the dog park. He's an ancient rescue pittie who has a few scars from when he was fought before getting rescued. He got rescued pretty young though and actually had a long happy life with his people. Anyway, that's Foobs dog bro, can you believe it, what could he possibly see in him?