rescue pakistan youth foundation

People here i am; sharing the stage at TEDxKinnaird. Talking about how i founded Rescue Pakistan Youth Foundation and what projects it has been doing. Though it was a surprise for me that i had i was in the speaker’s lineup but somehow it went good. People were impressed, message conveyed. Shukar Alhamdulillah!

This is one of the best days in decades cause getting on this stage took me almost 2 years. Yes it means alot to me.

The drive 8 of Iftari for Poor 2012 went pretty good today. Around 200 people were served today at the slums and other areas. New plans, new strategies all being put in action to see the best we can do. This was another great drive much to learn from it. So here are our local super heroes. P.s. I was amazed that they’re from one of those families which don’t put their kids in begging field but is sending them school.

If you plan to give out Sadiqah/Zakat during the month of Ramadan. You can consider Rescue Pakistan too. We’ve our Iftari for Poor Project going on. 

Many organizations are providing free Iftari in many areas but it hardly reaches those who actually need it and this is the part where we fix in. We provide Iftari to Poor in their very own livelihood and distribute it on our own. Basically we serve in the un-tapped area’s in remote locations. We’ve been doing it since last 3 years now. 

Iftari for Poor: (2012)
This was the continuation of Iftari For Poor 2011. This year much more was achieved. We served around 8000 people throughout the month. Around 50 volunteers worked with us in this project and the project ran for full 30 days of the month.

We’re open to donations from all around the world. Contact me if you want to contribute, every penny counts. 

Ghalib Khalil: 0092-321-6111557

The donation baskets and the lil kids who were quite keen in donating their sweaters for their fellow brothers and sisters. A great Response.

The project will be run in winter. The needy/poor citizens of Sialkot would be helped via this project, they would be provided pairs of socks and sweaters so that they could survive the cold season without catching any ill-ness. Again this is a cause to promote happiness and produce smiles. 300 People would be served via this project.