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Please donate to Topos, a rescue team that was formed during the 1985 earthquake in Mexico. Created by a group of young Mexican Men and Women that helped rescue people in the aftermath of a massive earthquake that killed 10,000 people. Today, at their anniversary, Mexico suffered another catastrophic earthquake that already has taken the life of at least 140 people.

YOU CAN HELP EVEN IF YOU ARENT IN MEXICO. Your money are worth almost double in Mexico, so something small as $15 has a big impact. you can donate, even a little bit, you can do it directly here:
So far, they are asking for anyone with medical and rescue experience and knowledge to come help. There is an airline ticket site that is donating flights to Mexico City for those of you who can help.

Overwatch Characters as Dog Breeds

Genji- Shiba Inu: “The Shiba Inu originated in Japan and was used primarily as a hunting dog to flush out small game and birds. A small, agile dog that copes very well with mountainous terrain, the Shiba has an independent nature and can be reserved toward strangers but is loyal and affectionate to those who earn his respect.” 

McCree- Coyote: “The coyote is a canine native to North America and one of the most adaptable animals on the planet. It is gregarious, but not as dependent on packs as more social canid species like wolves are. The coyote is a prominent character in Native American folklore (Southwestern United States and Mexico), usually depicted as a trickster. As with other trickster figures, the coyote acts as a picaresque hero which rebels against social convention through deception and humor.”

Pharah- Pharaoh Hound: “The Pharaoh Hound is an ancient dog breed who has changed little since its development more than 5,000 years ago. They were the dog of kings and may have hunted gazelles with pharaohs, hence their name. As with any hound, they can have moments of aloofness and can be strong-willed, but in the main they are gentle and get along well with others. They love human companionship and will seek out affection and attention from people while still maintaining their independence.”

Ana- Canaan Dog: “ The Canaan Dog is a pariah dog that has survived in the desert region of Israel for thousands of years. Canaan dogs have a strong survival instinct. They are quick to react and wary of strangers, and will alert to any disturbances with prompt barking, thus making them excellent watchdogs. Though defensive, they are not aggressive and are very good with children”

Reaper- Presa Canario: “ The Perro de Presa Canario, A.K.A. the Canary Mastiff, is a Molosser-type dog breed originally bred for working livestock. They are large dogs with thick and muscular bodies. Their aspect denotes power. They are especially gifted for the function of guard and defense; their impetuous temperament, fighting skill, and low, deep bark make them quite formidable. They are gentle and noble with family and distrustful with strangers.”

Tracer- Jack Russell Terrier: “Jack Russells are an energetic breed originating in England, and rely on a high level of exercise and stimulation. Jack Russells tend to be extremely intelligent, athletic, fearless, and vocal dogs. Despite their small size, they have a tremendous amount of energy, a fact which can sometimes lead to trouble involving larger animals.”

Hanzo- Akita Inu: “The Akita is a large and powerful dog breed with a noble and intimidating presence originally used for guarding royalty and nobility in feudal Japan. The Akita also tracked and hunted wild boar, black bear, and sometimes deer. A fearless and loyal guardian of his family, the Akita does not back down from challenges and does not frighten easily.”

Junkrat- Dingo: “The dingo is a wild dog found in Australia. They are opportunistic hunters, but will also scavenge from human settlements and even eat fruits and plants. Europeans regarded them as devious and cowardly, since they did not “fight bravely”. They were seen as predators that killed wantonly, rather than out of hunger. They were associated with thieves, vagabonds, and bushrangers.”

Mei- Samoyed: “ Originally bred to hunt, haul sledges, and herd reindeer, the Samoyed dog breed proved a valuable companion for northwestern Siberia’s Samoyede people. To this day, the Samoyed’s reputation as an intelligent, dignified, family dog is well deserved. They often choose to dote on one special person in the household, but are affectionate with everyone in the pack. Happiest when part of family life, this breed needs to be with people. In fact, leaving a Samoyed alone too much is the best way to make them miserable.”

Torbjörn- Schipperke: “Known for a stubborn, mischievous, and headstrong temperament, the Schipperke is sometimes referred to as the “little devil”. Schipperkes are very smart and independent; and sometimes debate listening to owners, instead choosing to do whatever benefits them. They are formidable barkers and can be aggressive with other dogs.”

Widowmaker- Standard Poodle: “The poodle is a medium sized dog that was standardized in France. Although today’s poodles seem to epitomize a life of leisure and luxury, make no mistake: These are real dogs bred to do real jobs. Poodles are renowned for a playful but dignified personality and keen intelligence, as well as what his fans call “an air of distinction”: a dignified attitude that’s hard to describe, but easy to spot in the dog.”

D.Va- Korean Jindo: “Originating in South Korea, the Jindo exhibit unmatched loyalty. They are incredibly intelligent dogs with a knack for hunting, tricks, and even agility. Renowned for their bravery and intelligence, they show diehard loyalty to their owners, making them great companions, and rather reserved with strangers, making them effective watchdogs as well. In fact, they are such good watchdogs that the Korean army frequently uses them as guard dogs for military bases.”

Reinhardt- Leonberger: “Originally from Germany, this giant breed, with their lion-like looks and deep bark, make intimidating watch dogs. First and foremost a family dog, the Leonberger’s temperament is one of their most important and distinguishing characteristics. Leonbergers are self-assured, well-composed, and self-disciplined when obliging its family or property with protection.”

Roadhog- Bullmastiff: “The Bullmastiff is a a large, quiet, fearless dog with the speed to track down poachers and the strength to hold them. While standoffish toward strangers, they have a soft spot for loved ones. Large and powerfully built, the Bullmastiff was bred to be a silent watchdog and only rarely barks; their formidable appearance is a wonderful deterrent to would-be attackers or intruders. They are determined protectors when needed and a loving family companion the rest of the time.”

Zarya- Caucasian Shepherd Dog: “Caucasian shepherd dogs are large, strongly-boned, muscular, and even-tempered molossers originating in Russia. They have existed since ancient times, and served shepherds in the Caucasus mountains as guard dogs, defending sheep from predators, mainly wolves, jackals and bears. They are still successfully served in this job.”

Lúcio- Boxer: “ Boxers are large, muscular, square-headed dogs who look imposing but are very bright, energetic, and playful. They are known to be clownish and loving to their family, but also headstrong, dignified, and self-assured, especially in guard work. They often are distrustful of strangers at first, but will not be aggressive unless they perceive a threat to their families.”

Mercy- Berger Blanc Suisse: “The Berger Blanc Suisse is a breed of dog originating in Switzerland. Most are gentle, very intelligent and learn easily. They are loyal to their family and may be wary around strangers, but are not prone to show shy or fearful behavior. They are suited for a variety of services to man from search and rescue to medical alert to therapy. They are also structured and have temperaments to succeed at performance events.”

Symmetra- Kanni: “The Kanni is a rare indigenous South Indian dog breed used mainly for hunting. Though usually shy, it will always defend its home or master, if the need arises. They are a silent breed and are not nuisance barkers. The Kanni dogs are faithful and easy to train but they will always think independently when on a hunt. They are extremely agile and strong while remaining light on their feet.” 

Soldier: 76- Yellow Black Mouth Cur: “ The Black Mouth Cur is a well-muscled rugged herding, hunting, and all around utility dog originating in America. The black mouth cur was bred as a homestead dog that would protect its family and home against intruders. This means that a well-bred black mouth cur is territorial; most off their ‘turf’ work well with other dogs, hunting or herding stock, but on their family property will chase the same dog away.”


If help is needed during Hurricane Irma, please use the following hashtags:


Include address or directions, number of people/pets the need rescue. Include disabilities and medical needs.

As Hurricane Irma barrels toward Florida via Barbuda, @CrowdRescueHQ is preparing our volunteers to help rescue victims.


Please donate to Topos, a rescue team that was formed during the 1985 earthquake in Mexico. Created by a group of young Mexican Men and Women that helped rescue people in the aftermath of a massive earthquake that killed 10,000 people. Today, at their anniversary, Mexico suffered another catastrophic earthquake that already has taken the life of at least 140 people.

YOU CAN HELP EVEN IF YOU AREN’T IN MEXICO. Your money are worth almost double in Mexico, so something small as $15 has a big impact. you can donate, even a little bit, you can do it directly here:


So far, they are asking for anyone with medical and rescue experience and knowledge to come help. There is an airline ticket site that is donating flights to Mexico City for those of you who can help.


First off, thank you to 354 followers! I’m happy people like this shit lol ;;

(So @corporalfire sent me this post about Sasha having more daughter like traits then a sig. other. I thought it’d be funny if Sasha was this cute lil chubby girl that likes seeing her dad kill people. Imagine it like a Yachiru and Kenpachi kind of duo from Bleach lol. Anyone remember the Rescue Rukia arc? There’s a reference to it there lol (And of course,,she would bully Medic))

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Something about his job made him wonder about his own God-given sense. Normal people don’t climb over broken cars at accidents and run into burning buildings. They don’t pick up sawed off body parts at construction sites, rinse them off, put them in a bag of ice and speed off to the hospital where hopefully they could be reattached. Regular, everyday people don’t dodge rotor blades while pushing a patient inside a helicopter. All in all, normal people don’t do this kind of thing, and you have to be just a little bit crazy to want to.
—  Twenty-five at the lip
Medic tip #2

How to handle multiple victim scenarios:

When mass casualties occur, like in a protest situation or in the event of a terrorist attack, you may have to sort the victims by severity of injury. This allows you to sort the victims in a manner that allows you to help as many people as possible.

Ambulatory- they are able to walk. If they are uninjured or relatively non-traumatized, they may be able to help you with first aid. Ambulatory victims can have minor injuries and still be able to assist. Be aware that there are injuries you may not be able to see, like psychological ones or internal (physical) ones, always try to check on victims multiple times to ensure they don’t become worse. Example: large scrapes, bruises, minor bleeding

Delayed- they may not have life threatening injuries (meaning you can delay treatment), but the injury is significant enough that they cannot/should not move on their own. Assess for responsiveness. Remember- delayed victims can become immediate if not watched. Keep an eye on everyone if possible and go check in on victims you’ve labeled as delayed. Example: broken leg

Immediate- they have life threatening injuries that must be treated or they will become dead/expectant. The most important part of this category is that you can correct it with as little intervention as possible. Ambulatory victims can help with this. To decipher between immediate and expectant when the victim is unresponsive, open the airway. If the person takes a breath, they are considered immediate. If they don’t, readjust the head and try to open the airway one more time. If they don’t take a breath they are considered dead/expectant. Example: Gunshot injuries, partial/complete amputation, major bleeding

Dead or expectant - No signs of life (no pulse and/or no breathing). This person is in need of CPR or they are already dead. If you are the only responder, move on. This is a terrifying reality, but they need resuscitation beyond your capability. Remember- CPR/AED will not revive a victim. You are compressing the heart in order to move blood and oxygen around the body. If you have an ambulatory victim that knows CPR/can understand your instruction to perform CPR, they can be used in this instance. Note: if someone is not breathing but has a pulse, you can consider them immediate if you have an ambulatory person that can perform rescue breaths.

LABOR DAY SECRET GISHWHES MISSION: Find a serviceperson (police, nurse, barista, cashier) who is working today. Bring them treats & a thank-you-for-your service note.

(Bonus: If you’re in an area where servicepeople are currently being overtaxed, please make sure to target them for support… For example, the hard working rescue workers, medical staff, and volunteers in Texas and Louisiana, fire fighters in L.A., Montana, or BC, and so on…)

Explosion in St Petersburg metro station 'kills 10 people and injures 50'

An explosion on the St Petersburg metro has left 10 people dead and 47 injured, according to Russia’s health minister, Veronika Skvortsova.

There was a single blast in a train carriage between Sennaya Ploshchad and Tekhnologichesky Institut stations, according to the head of Russia’s National Anti-Terrorist Committee.

Another device was discovered and made safe before it could be detonated.

Footage showed injured people lying bleeding on a platform and some being treated by emergency services. Others ran away from the platform amid clouds of smoke.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said it is not clear what the cause of the incident was.

An injured person walks outside Sennaya Ploshchad metro station following explosions in two train carriages. (Reuters)

After the blast

Police officers, rescue workers and medics work on the site of bombing at the Tekhnologichesky Institut metro station. (Alexander Koriakov/Kommersant via Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo News UK

Helicopter lands

An emergency helicopter lands outside the station where the blast occured. (Alexander Koriakov/Kommersant via Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo News UK


A woman stands outside Spasskaya station after a blast hit a train carriage. (Sergei KonkovTASS via Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo News UK

Chaos on the streets

Huge numbers of emergency services crowd the streets following the deadly blast (Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News UK

On the scene

An emergency services helicopter lands outside the location of the blast. (Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News UK

Injured people

An injured person is helped by emergency services (Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News UK

Walking wounded

An injured man stands outside the station where the blast went off. (Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News UK

Emergency response

The scene outside a station near the city’s Institute of Technology, showing the response to the blast (Storyful)

Source: Yahoo News UK


An injured person walks outside Sennaya Ploshchad metro station following explosions in two train carriages. (Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News UK

Door blown out

Footage from the scene shows a carriage door blown out of a metro carriage.

Source: Yahoo News UK

Damaged train

A damaged train is seen following an explosion at St Petersburg metro station (Twitter/mynameisphillip)

Source: Yahoo News UK

Rescue effort

Passengers reach into a train carriage (Twitter/mynameisphillip)

Source: Yahoo News UK

Sennaya Ploschad metro station in St. Petersburg

The entrance to the Sennaya Ploschad metro station in St. Petersburg where the blast took place (Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News UK

“There is something sacred inside the cab of the world’s ambulances. The small space that we inhabit after the smoke has cleared, the battles for life won or lost, babies delivered, lives changed forever, and things we will never experience in the outside world. The ambulance cab holds more secrets than a church confessional. Never are emotions as raw, honesty so vivid, and life moments exposed, disseminated, cursed, and glorified as they are moments after the call — when the only two people on earth have cleaned the truck, processed the necessary paperwork, and left the hospital behind.” ~Unknown


All right. I couldn’t resist. @a-million-chromatic-dreams; @radioactivedelorean; @witete I present to you what has been going through my head for the past couple days, in connection with your Ford Gets Brain Trauma AU.

Alternate Title: Jheselbraum Kidnaps Two Old Men With Their Permission

The hospital room was quiet with an unease that Stan was sure Ford was feeling in a different way. Considering that Ford was the one on the hospital bed instead of Stan, for one thing.

The other was the fact that Ford was trapped in his own body and there was nothing Stan could do about it.

He wished there was something he could punch, but Ford had made it quite clear from the few times he’d dove into his brother’s mind that there was nothing Stan could do to fix this. It wasn’t a punchable thing – and he definitely didn’t want to punch Ford, since this was happening inside him – and Stan didn’t know anything about fixing brains, either.

Apparently, neither did the doctors, which irked Stan to no end. He wanted to punch them, but he knew already that was a bad idea and it might get him in more trouble than Ford was.

He glared at the window that looked out of the hospital room – the window Ford couldn’t look out of, since the best he could do was stare at the ceiling and even that looked like it was taking effort now. “Damn that triangle for doing this. Damn him and every single one of those nasty, no-good–”

Something rippled in the air, cutting Stan off.

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ikickbrass101  asked:

Sorry for being such a frequent here! I was wondering how Widow, Symmetra, Tracer, and Mercy would handle finding their S/o badly wounded after Talon had interrogated them. Sorry again, i just adore this blog so much.

No need to be sorry! Anything for you, darling! 😊Also, thank you! ❤

Widowmaker -
She obliterates anyone who gets in the way of her rescuing you. She is a woman on a mission and she cannot be stopped. She finds you bruised, bloody, and with a few broken bones. Her usual cold demeanor is gone. She is completely unhinged. She scoops you up, tears in her eyes, as she leads the recuse team to the evacuation jet. She can be heard faintly muttering, “Stay with me. You can’t leave me. Please.” In a quiet, desperate tone. She’s by your side the entire time as you recover. Don’t you ever scare her like that again.

Symmetra -
She’s part of the rescue team, but honestly, the rest of the team isn’t needed. She is unstoppable. They find you unconscious and gravely wounded. Satya freezes. She’s having trouble processing the sight of you like this. She helps the team carry you out. She’s in tears the entire time. No one mentions it though, because they know she’ll slap them if they do. She stands aside and lets the doctors work on you at the hospital, but she’s overcome with worry. However, she’s with you every step of your recovery. She cares for you and doesn’t let you out of her sight for weeks.

Tracer -
Isn’t allowed to storm the building with the rest of the team. They know she would be too reckless when it came to you. She waits (impatiently) on the jet for the rescue team to come out. She’s an anxious and angry mess the entire time. She wants nothing more to be in there, saving you. But she’s stuck here. She can’t help but wonder if she’ll ever be able to hold you or see you smile again. She’s at your side as soon as the rescue team helps you limp out. She pulls you into a gentle hug as tears stream down her face. She’s so happy you’re alright.

Mercy -
Dr. Ziegler waits with the medical team who are ready to receive you from the rescue team. She wanted to go on the recuse mission, but it was deemed too risky for Overwatch to send their best medic. She’s so worried. What if they can’t save you? What if by the time the recuse team gets there, you’re already gone? Her thoughts are interrupted by the rescue team’s arrival. The medics help gather you onto the gurney. Dr. Ziegler gasps. Your condition is much worse than she could have ever imagined. She steels herself. She is going to save you, no matter what. She works tirelessly, but her and the medical team get you into stable condition. She’s with you every step of the recovery. You couldn’t be in better hands.