rescue me single

“So how fast do you think she can go?” Lance asked as he finally turned away from the vast space before them.

“Honestly,” Shiro started in and rested a hand on an upper console of black’s cockpit to lean a bit better over Lance’s shoulder, “I can only answer that as really, really fast. I’m sure there’s a speed gauge somewhere. If only I knew Altean.”

“Because you definitely need to know in case you get pulled over by a space cop,” Lance laughed before dropping his voice to imitate someone with authority, “‘sir do you know why I pulled you over? No? You were going thirty thousand in a twenty thousand asteroid zone. Wait a minute! Aren’t you the escape convict!? Isn’t this the emperor’s lion! I’m takin’ you in!’ “

Shiro laughed at that cracking a wide grin, “least I know if that does happen and I get taken in like that I’ve got a rather handsome blue paladin to come rescue me.”

“Mhmm every single time, babe. You know it,” Lance grinned cheekily a faint blush dusting his cheeks and ears.

“Mmm my hero.”

So I ran with that idea I had awhile ago about Shiro letting Lance sit in the black lion’s chair as a way of wooing him. So here it finally is! I had a ton of fun with the backgrounds and I hope you guys enjoy these little things I post about this au now and then.

  • Rescue: Adopter must have a fenced yard!! BUT the dog must not be left in the yard by itself!!!!
  • Rescue: Puppies under 6mos must have a care taker with them at ALL TIMES. NO CRATING EXCEPT OVERNIGHT.
  • Rescue: No tie outs!!! No chains or ropes!!
  • Rescue: Yearly home checkups required!!!!
  • Rescue: $50 application processing fee!! Note: Does not guarantee you application will be accepted!!!
  • Rescue: A signed note from your landlord and veterinarian!
  • Rescue: Two additional references required!!
  • Rescue: Dog and any other dog in household must be spayed or neutered!!! No exceptions!!
  • Rescue: Proof of puppy kindergarten or obedience classes required!
  • Rescue: Our dogs are pets!! They do not like to work nor do the jobs they were bred for!! :/
  • Rescue: No small children in household please!
  • Rescue: Oh and were gonna reject anyone under 25 too :)
  • ...
  • Me and probably a lot of other families who would love to adopt: Fuck it, i'm going to a breeder.

(For anon and faithcastiel)

Cas was a weird human. He hadn’t gotten the hang of the whole sleeping thing yet and waited until the last possible moment to sleep. This resulted in especially strange dreams. Some Dean could laugh at. Some, the bad ones, would keep them both up at night, with Cas clinging to Dean. 

Sleepwalking though? That was new.

Dean followed Cas through the halls of the bunker and watched in horror as he snatched one of the broadswords from the wall and waved it through the air. “Give Dean back to me, you vile beast!” He shouted. Sam stuck his head out the room, frowned and closed it. Moments later, Cas dropped the sword and wandered back into their bedroom and fell asleep. 

The next morning, Sam asked conversationally, “Any weird dreams, Cas?” 

“Something about a dragon.” Cas muttered. 

Dean turned pink. 

Maybe if it had happened once, Dean would be able to let it go. 

But it didn’t. The scene played out nine more times.

Dean had had enough. He was jerking the blankets out of their neatly tucked corners and angrily fluffing his pillows when Cas asked from the doorway, “Is there something wrong, Dean?” 

Dean glared at him. “I get that you- ok.” He took a deep breath. “I understand you have weird dreams, but why am I always the princess in your dragon princess dreams? What, you don’t think I can handle a dragon myself? That you need to swoop in and rescue me every single time?” Dean gestured around him. “I’m pretty sure that I could take on one little dragon, Castiel!” 

Cas furrowed his brow. “I-” He shook his head. “I have no idea what you are talking about.” 

“Every night! Every night Cas, you walk into the study, get a sword, save me from a dragon and then walk back in here. In your dreams.” 

“So you’re insulted that I’m saving you?” Cas asked slowly. “In my dreams.” He blinked at Dean. “You understand that saving you is in my DNA, don’t you? That it’s the base of what made me human?” 

Dean opened his mouth to shout some more but Castiel’s words hit him like a sledgehammer to the face. “Oh.” 

Cas rolled his eyes. “Yeah. Oh.”