rescue is my favorite breed

Noodle wears all her bad luck black cats as a badge of honor, because what doesn’t kill a street dog is only absorbed and makes her more powerful.

Bring. It. On.

Collar courtesy of @k9creations, an A+ addition to our collection and very fitting!

Hello Peeps, it’s time for “Spacey Subject 101″ and today’s subject is “Kevin w/a dog”. My favorite Kevin dog picture is this one. First of all, it’s Kevin’s picture, Kevin’s dog and the best part is that “Boston” is a rescue.. Rescues are my favorite breed of dog. Ok, not really a breed I know but I truly believe in rescuing animals. It’s also in front of the White House and I have stood on that spot, on that curb. It’s your turn now…please re-blog and post a picture of Kevin w/any dog. Should be easy, there are lots of pics of him w/dogs. Dogs seem to be a Kevin magnet.. If I ever get anywhere close to him I’m taking my dog! I’m confidant she’s irresistible. 

Source: Kevin Spacey/Instagram/March 6, 2016