rescue is my favorite breed

We have traveled a mind-boggling 900 miles by car through 8 states so far this month. I’m exhausted but my furry co-pilot seems totally unperturbed. In this photo she got to investigate the joys of the New Jersey turnpike rest stop and she went to starbucks in her little travel bag. We visited my family and her 3 cat cousins and now we are up in Vermont for my first summer rotation. I’m so luck to have a cat who is more adventurous and laid-back than I am.

Hello Peeps, it’s time for “Spacey Subject 101″ and today’s subject is “Kevin w/a dog”. My favorite Kevin dog picture is this one. First of all, it’s Kevin’s picture, Kevin’s dog and the best part is that “Boston” is a rescue.. Rescues are my favorite breed of dog. Ok, not really a breed I know but I truly believe in rescuing animals. It’s also in front of the White House and I have stood on that spot, on that curb. It’s your turn now…please re-blog and post a picture of Kevin w/any dog. Should be easy, there are lots of pics of him w/dogs. Dogs seem to be a Kevin magnet.. If I ever get anywhere close to him I’m taking my dog! I’m confidant she’s irresistible. 

Source: Kevin Spacey/Instagram/March 6, 2016