Meet Trench and Maple, a Human-Dog Dynamic Musical Duo

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Since Trench (@acoustictrench) was a boy growing up in New England, he’s always been drawn to music. “One of my earliest memories is playing the air guitar in the kitchen when the Beach Boys came on the radio,” he says. Fast forward 20 years, and Trench plays as many instruments — from the guitar to the ukulele, harp to cello — and has an unlikely musical partner: his dog, Maple.

“I adopted her from a rescue shelter when she was a puppy,” says Trench, “And since then, she follows me everywhere. Whenever I play the guitar, she comes over and curls up next to me. I think the music comforts her.” As Trench began recording videos of himself playing, Maple naturally appeared in the background. “She’s essentially become the face of my music,” he says. Maple even joins in on the jam sessions once in a while, tapping on a drum or a tambourine. “She’s so smart and she picks up things really fast,” says Trench. “So I always have fun with her and see if she can join in.”



Good morning!

Quick update:

Top photo is my new rescue pup. (His name is Groot. He’s eight weeks old!) Bottom photo is just your average Great Pyrenees adult–hanging out with his human. Adopting a polar bear and biting off more than I can chew is all part of my recovery plan😂

Looking forward to posting more about this sweetie after I pick him up in Dallas mid-July!

Happy Tuesday!