rescue cow

Theo: gentle, sweet, and very tall

Theo was born on a dairy farm and was ripped from his mother within the first few hours of being born. Theo was purchased directly from the farm, meaning he was not forced to experience auction and the accompanying terror and confusion. Unfortunately, he was confined in an urban backyard with no other bovine friends. After busting out of this yard and into a neighbor’s yard, Theo was confiscated by animal control. Theo was just a month old when he arrived at Animal Place in 2012 – can’t believe how much he has grown!


Natalie: Finding Family 

Sometimes it takes a while to feel like you are home — especially if the first few tries didn’t work.

A very tiny cow named Natalie had a rough start finding her way. First of all, she was taken away from her mother and transported, along with other young cattle, to a farm in Massachusetts.  

Harris Ranch feedlot in California. The feedlot that Natalie and her friends escaped from was not this large, but it was a stopover, as this one is (and as all feedlots are) — a place to fatten up cattle so they are ready for sale.

She and two other calves were being transported to be raised in a feedlot. (These are farms, or even just buildings, where cattle are fattened up to be sold for slaughter.) On this feedlot, the tiny little family made a break for it and took off during a snowstorm just over a year ago.

Natalie on the run in a photo by Jenn Ferreira. Very sad and very lonely.

This family was going to be split up no matter what, because they were on a feedlot — but they were the only family Natalie currently had. So the three runaways, for a short time, were free and together.

Sadly, this ended when the other calves were hit by vehicles and perished. Natalie was definitely alone, very frightened, and in need of rescue. 

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ten avatars: the true story

dasavathaaram refers to the ten (dasha) avatars (forms/incarnations) that vishnu took in order to save the world. they occurred over a period of four yugas; the length of each yuga varies, but they have a total length of around 12,000 years.

the first, matsya, is a fish. tt is said to have warned the first man, manu, about a great flood. in response to this warning, manu builds an ark, as noah did. however, it is destroyed, so matsya helps pull it to shore.

the second, kurma, is a turtle. it is said to have assisted the gods in the churning of the ocean, which occurs in order to lift a curse from a sage. the gods use a mountain as a rod and the king of the snakes as a rope, but find that their rod keeps slipping, preventing them from properly completing the task. vishnu, seeing their distress, appears in the form of a giant turtle and holds the mountain on his back to allow the gods to churn the nectar.

the third, varaha, is a boar that is said to have rescued the earth goddess (bhudevi) after the demon hiranyaksha tosses her into the cosmic ocean. varaha kills the demon and lifts bhudevi out of the sea on his tusks.

the fourth, narasimha, a lion-human hybrid, is said to have killed the demon hiranyakashipu (not to be confused with his brother hiranyaksha) and rescued his son prahlada, a staunch devotee of vishnu. earlier, hiranyakashipu had asked for the ability to be killed “neither during the day or the night, neither inside nor outside, and neither by a human or animal”. narasimha, who is neither animal nor human, kills hiranyakashipu on a doorstep (neither inside nor outside) at evening (neither day nor night).

the fifth avatar is vamana, a dwarf born to the famous sage kashyapa and his wife aditi, the mother of the gods. this avatar is said to have restored indra, the king of the gods, to his throne after being deposed by the demon bali. vamana travels to indra’s throne with a wooden umbrella. When bali offers him gifts, he refuses them all and says that ownership of three steps of land that vamana takes himself would suffice. bali, seeing that he was a dwarf, agrees. vamana grows until he is a giant, the size of the cosmos. his first step covers the earth, his second covers the heavens, and the third covers and kills bali.

The sixth avatar is parashurama (parashu meaning axe), the son of a sage named jamadagni and his wife renuka. his family owns a cow that is wanted by the hundred-armed king of their province. when jamadagni refuses to give it to him, the king takes it by force. parashurama, angered by the mistreatment of the animal, kills the king while he sleeps and rescues the cow. the king’s sons go to parashurama’s house the next day while parashurama is out and kill a meditating jamadagni in his stead. parashurama, distraught, says goodbye to his family and goes to rid the earth of all wrongdoers using his holy axe. he continues killing until he has wiped out twenty-one generations of wrongdoers, after which he retires to the mountains of the himalayas.

the seventh avatar is rama, who is the son of the king dasaratha and his second wife kausalya, and is conceived as the result of a yagna (holy fire). his step-mother kaikeyi wants her son bharata to be inaugurated as king instead of rama so she invokes a promise that dasaratha had made to her on their wedding night. rama, his wife sita, and his brother lakshmana are sent into exile in the forest for 14 years. their exile is chronicled in valmiki’s epic, ramayanam.

the eighth avatar is disputed: it is either krishna, the son of devaki and vasudeva who was brought to the village of gokul to be raised by a woman named yashoda instead of being killed by his uncle kamsa, or his brother balarama, an incarnation of shesha, vishnu’s seven-headed snake companion, who was transferred into the womb of a woman named rohini using yoga maya so that he would escape the same fate. krishna goes on to kill his uncle alongside his brother, and as an adult he helps his maternal cousins, the pandavas, at kurukshetra where they defeat the kauravas. this battle and its aftermath is chronicled in the epic, mahabharata.

the ninth avatar is also disputed: it is either siddhartha gautama (the man who would later become the buddha), balarama (krishna’s brother), or another buddha whose story has been mostly forgotten.

the tenth avatar is kalki, who hasn’t arrived yet. it is said that kalki will arrive to end the kali yuga [modern day] and return us all to the first yuga.

this sequence of avatars has been said to somewhat represent the history of evolution of life; the first avatar is a fish representing the first aquatic life, the second is a turtle representing the first land animals, the third is a boar representing a more modern land animal, the fourth is a half-lion man, the fifth is a dwarf/child, the sixth is a bigger angrier child (which very loosely represents early humans,) the seventh is a “modern” man, the eighth is a god, the ninth is disputed but probably also a god, and the tenth is fucking death.

After giving birth to Panda Bob, P. Bob’s mother was left “down” and unable to stand at a small family farm that refused to provide her with the medical treatment she needed and deserved. 

Local animal control came to confiscate Panda Bob from the negligent farm, first giving him some milk. 

At the sight of Panda Bob receiving care and compassion from humans, his mother stopped crying out and struggling, dying shortly after. 

Panda Bob has only known respect from humans since then.

If you love Robin but haven’t read Superman’s ‘In the Name of the Father’ arc (issues 10-11) you should rush right out and do so now. Jon and Damian and their tween-age rivalry are adorable. Here’s some things to convince you:

  • Maya Ducard, a.k.a., Nobody, is in it and her relationship with both boys is just wonderful.
  • “I like your….um…bat-cow.” “I rescued her from a slaughter house.” “Oh, Okay.” “My dog Titus was a gift. He accompanied my father to Apokolips, where they rescued my dead corpse from the grip of Darkseid and brought me back to life. Alfred the cat is…my cat.” Actual dialog. Man, I love comics.
  • Clark and Bruce force their kids to go on a cooperative adventure in order to make them friends. Clark actually creates a hurricane over Gotham Harbor as part of it. So what if it potential endangers thousands, at least their boys learn to play nice. 
  • Clark and Bruce congratulate themselves on their parenting skills despite failing to notice when their sons started a forest fire (Jon) and kidnapped someone (Damian). I’m no fan of helicopter parenting but come on guys. This is a bit more serious than letting them ride their bikes alone to the local park. When your kids have barely controlled superpowers or ninja training and access to high tech equipment it pays to give them some parental oversight.